Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Results - 10/26/09

Weekend Results - 10/26/09
This weekend was the inaugural running of the Xterra Monte Sano 15km trail race in Huntsville. David Riddle blazed his way to the overall victory, running 1:01:11 for a course that was more like 9.5 miles. This course had a mixture of technical trails, run able sections and a great uphill finish. Fellow teammate Eric Charette finished 3rd overall. There were quite a few other race team members that had great showings as well. Results Place - Name - Time 1 David Riddle 1:01:11.80 3 Eric Charette 1:07:02.50 9 Dink Taylor 1:13:53.50 10 Jon Elmore 1:14:35.00 21 James Falcon 1:22:10.50 25 Steve Carter 1:24:20.80 66 Dana Overton 1:39:08.60 Official Results Race Photos

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Weekend Results - 10/18/09

Weekend Results - 10/18/09
Shane O'Neill ran a personal best at the Kansas City Marathon with a time of 2:57:56 and was 16th overall and 4th in his age group. Now he and his family are off to Belize for three months to start a medical clinic.
Brett Addington ran a 3:01:31 in Ridgeland, MS at the Makeover Marathon and finished 4th overall, 1st M30-34.
Locally, David Riddle won the 6th Annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run with a time of 15:11. Brad Schroeder was 3rd, Eric Charette was 5th, Donald Bowman was 6th, Kevin Betts was 7th, Marty Clarke was 9th, Dink Taylor was 11th, Conrad Meyer was 13th, Joe Francia was 14th, Carl Smith was 18th, Eric Schotz was 20th, James Falcon was 27th, Steve Carter was 37th. Donald was 1st master and Marty was 3rd master male. There were 545 runners in the male race. In the female race, Candace Jacobs took overall honors with a time of 18:42 and Linda Scavarda rounded out the top 3. Kathy Youngren was 5th overall. On the female masters side, Whitney Hollingsworth took the win again and finished 9th overall. Ovella Jessee finished 3rd female master. There were 2127 runners in the female race. Official Results

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who's Racing This Weekend?

Who's Racing This Weekend
Shane O'Neill travels to Kansas City to take a shot at a personal best at the Kansas City Marathon. Shane has been running great lately and is sure to shave significant time off of his 2:59, which came last fall in his debut marathon at RCM in Huntsville.
Brett Addington travels to Ridgeland, MS to chase his goal of running sub 2:50 in a marathon when he competes in the Makeover Marathon.
Locally, this Saturday is the 6th Annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run, which benefits the Liz Hurley Breast Cancer Fund at Huntsville Hospital Foundation. This is a fast course and the weather looks to be perfect. Competing members are Linda Scavarda, Brad Schroeder, David Riddle, Eric Charette, Conrad Meyer, Jane Reneau, Joe Francica, Eric Schotz, Ovella Jesse, James Falcon, Kevin Betts and Whitney Hollingsworth. A last minute entry just came in and it is Carl Smith! Glad to see him racing and not timing:)
Good luck to the entire team in whatever events you may race and wherever your travels may take you.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend Results - 10/12/09

Weekend Results Final results are in from the Heartland 100 miler in Kansas. Rob Youngren ran an amazing 20:21 (that's 20 hours and 21 minutes) for 100 miles, finishing 11th overall. That's 12:12 pace (minutes per mile) for 100 miles. Amazing. Kathy Youngren competed in the 50 mile race just a week off a 50km in Chattanooga. She was 4th overall and 1st female with a time of 8 hours, 28 minutes. These two continue to amaze us as they dominate the ultramarathon world.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Results - 10/11/09

Weekend Results
Joey Butler ran strong at the Chicago Marathon, finishing in 3:28:44 in cold temperatures. Teammate Caitlin Heider clocked a 3:04:28. Official Results Here
In Huntsville, the Fleet Feet Monte Sano 15km was run in equally chilly temperatures which lead to some fast times, placing 7 times in the top 10. 2 Brad Schroeder - 54:33 3 Donald Bowman - 54:54 (1st master) 4 Eric Charette - 55:40 7 Marty Clarke - 58:49 8 Candace Jacobs - 58:56 (1st female) 9 Jon Elmore - 58:58 10 Joe Francica - 59:45 11 Brett Addington - 59:52 15 Shane O'Neill - 1:01:11 16 Dink Taylor - 1:01:31 23 James Falcon 1:04:15 26 Linda Scavarda - 1:04:47 (2nd female) 30 Randy McFarland - 1:05:49 33 Dana Overton - 1:06:24 (3rd female) 60 Whitney Hollingsworth - 1:12:16 155 Jennifer Carter - 1:23:13 158 Steve Carter - 1:23:16 Official Results Here

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Who's Racing This Weekend

Who's Racing This Weekend The Fleet Feet Racing Team of Huntsville is competing in some big races both locally and nationally. Once again, we travel well.
Rob Youngren travels to Kansas for the Heartland 100 miler. Kathy Youngren will be competing in the 50 mile distance.
Fleet Feet owner Dink Taylor fresh off of another sub 3 hour race at the Portland Marathon, travels to Tennessee to run the inaugural Cumberland Trail 50km.
Joey Butler heads north to test his luck on a big city road marathon at Chicago in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Joey is looking to run a BQ time, so send him well wishes.

Locally, the Fleet Feet Monte Sano 15km road race will be contested on Saturday on Monte Sano. Amongst the team members running it are Whitney Hollingsworth, Marty Clarke, Shane O'Neill, Linda Scavarda, Joe Francica, Jon Elmore, Randy McFarland and James Falcon.
Good luck to the entire team in whatever events you may race and wherever your travels may take you.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Results - 10/2/09

Weekend Results The Team had their best weekend to date in 2009 for stellar performances. In Washington DC, the Redstone Arsenal One Team took 1st of 21 Government teams and was 13th team overall. Individual Fleet Feet Racing Team members times are below. David Riddle ran 51:31 for 16th overall Jason Reneau ran 1:04:23 for 400th overall Randy McFarland ran 1:05:39 for 490th overall Jane Reneau ran 1:19:58 for 587th overall and 169th female Full results are here.
In Chattanooga, Eric Charette ran 4:39 and finished 5th overall at Stump Jump 50km. There were 200+ finishers and national class talent in the 9th running of this great technical trail ultra marathon on Signal Mountain. Kathy Youngren also ran it as a training run for her next big 50 mile race this up coming weekend. Full results are here.
In Portland, Dink Taylor ran his 52nd sub 3 hour marathon (2:58:08) at the Portland Marathon. He finished 89th of 8091 total runners in this competitive marathon. Full results are here.
In Arkansas, Blake Thompson got some revenge against some unfinished business at Arkansas Traveller 100 miler. Blake dropped out just past half way at his last attempt at Arkansas but that would not be the case this year. His 26:03:01 placed him 29th of 66 finishers. Full results are here.
In Murfreesboro, TN, Shane O'Neill ran 1:22:11 at the half marathon. Shane mostly trained through this race as he is preparing for the Kansas City Marathon in two weeks. The time was still a new personal best for Shane at this distance. Shane was 14th overall of 2000 starters. Full results are here.
In Melbourne, FL Rick Maehlmann ran 20:56.7 at the FIREMAN'S RUN FOR PANCAKES 5K while on a work trip. Rick was 11th overall and 1st in his age group. Full results are here.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Who's Racing This Weekend

Who's Racing This Weekend The theme for Racing Team this week is all about ‘Going Back.’
Blake Thompson goes back to Arkansas looking for redemption at Arkansas Traveller 100. Since his last trip, Blake has successfully run a 100 miler at Pinhoti and his training has been top notch preparing for AT100. Fellow team member Rob Youngren and Fleet Feet regular Eric Fritz make up Blake’s crew.
Eric Charettegoes back to the mountains of Chattanooga where he had much success this summer at the Stage Race. This time Eric tries his luck at Stump Jump 50km against top talent like Mountain Mist Champion David Rindt and Rock/Creek Race Team Member Matt Sims. Along with Eric, Kathy Youngren also vies for top female honors at SJ50km and looks to beat Dean Karnazes again after besting him at Badwater 135 this summer.
Fleet Feet owner Dink Taylorgoes back to his old ways of chasing sub 3 hour marathons at the Portland Marathon. When it comes to this distance, Dink is very tough.
The Fleet Race Team has two A Team members from the Redstone Arsenal going back to the Army Ten Miler with David Riddle and Jason Reneau. Last year David ran 50:51 and finished 8th overall and Jason ran 56:59 for 67th, both of 19,000 runners. It is important to note that Greg Reynolds was also chosen to travel to Washington DC on the A Team, but can not attend due to personal reasons. Jane Reneau and Randy Dogman McFarland are also running in DC.
Good luck to the entire team in whatever events you may race and wherever your travels may take you.