Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Results

With the temperatures peaking in Huntsville, there was only one short distance race in the area.  Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Alabama will hosted its first annual The BIG 5K Run at Bridge Street and the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team was well represented.  Donald Bowman lead the charge, taking 2nd place overall, followed by Eric Charette in 3rd.  The runners took a wrong turn so the times appear slow but the actual distance was around 3.31 miles.

Official Results

2 Donald Bowman - 18:39
3 Eric Charette - 18:46
7 Jon Elmore - 19:46
9 Dink Taylor - 20:02
11 Timothy Pitt - 20:10

Many other team mates helped out to volunteer at the Nike Fleet Feet Cross Country event to help area high schools.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Results

Catching up from last week...

Team mate Rob Youngren posted an outstanding 31:13:45 (31 hours, 13 minutes, 45 seconds) at the hardest race on earth, Badwater 135.  Rob's time earned him 12th place overall amongst an outstanding field in which you have to qualify just to take part in.

Full Results and Splits

At Paint the Streets 5km in Huntsville, George Heeschen captured the overall win with a time of 16:59.  Not to be outdone, Katie Maehlmann took the overall win for the females with a time of 20:15.

1 16:59 5:29 24 George Heeschen
4 18:06 5:50 30 Blake Thompson
5 18:12 5:52 45 Jon Elmore
6 18:35 5:59 46 Dink Taylor
8 18:58 6:07 39 Eric Patterson
11 19:18 6:13 40 James Falcon
13 19:36 6:19 34 Rick Maehlmann
15 19:48 6:23 44 Eric Fritz
16 20:15 6:32 33F Katie Maehlmann
40 22:48 7:21 38F Christy Scott

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Results

The Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team had a great weekend all around, starting at the HTC Twilight 5km in Huntsville.  On the men's side, Brad Schroeder lead the team with a sub 17 performance, finishing 3rd.  On the women's side, the team took 1st and 2nd overall with Candace Jacobs and Katie Maehlmann earning the honors.

3 Brad Schroeder, 16:58 5:28
6 George Heeschen, 17:02 5:29
7 Erik Debolt, 17:50 5:45
9 Marty Clarke, 18:23 5:56
13 Tim Vinson, 18:47 6:03
14 Blake Thompson, 18:54 6:05
17 Brett Wilks, 19:33 6:18
18 Shane O'Neill, 19:45 6:22

1 Candace Jacobs, 18:38 6:00
2 Katie Maehlmann, 20:35 6:38
10 Christy Scott, 24:33 7:54

At the Wet Dog Triathlon in Decatur, several team members had good performances.  Lyndsey Kulaw was 1st in her age group, Lisa Rawlings was 7th in her age group, Shane O'Neill was 6th in his age group and David Rawlings was 8th in his age group.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Results

In Huntsville Katie Maehlmann took the overall win in a time of 19:55 at the Firecracker 5km despite smoking hot temperatures.  Official results are not yet posted, but we are pretty sure that Dink Taylor ran 18:44, Tim Pitt was in the top 5, Rick Maehlmann was pacing along with Katie and Lynn CurryEric Fritz, and Christy Scott all fared well.

At the Chick-fil-A 5km on Saturday, there was some mega fast competition and the team still posted 4 men in the top 10.

4 George Heeschen - 17:14 5:33
5 Donald Bowman - 17:19 5:35
7 Jon Elmore - 17:50 5:45
9 Dink Taylor - 18:42 6:01

Jon Elmore was the overall winner at the Jam on Sloss Lake 5km on Monday in a time of 19:14 for the 3.3 mile course, doubling up on races for the weekend.

In Atlanta, Greg Reynolds ran 39:04 at Peach Tree Road Race 10km for 349th place.  Caitlin Morris ran 39:41 for 407th place overall and 45th female overall.

Friday, July 1, 2011

This Weekend

This holiday weekend we celebrate our independence and take to the streets for some fast road racing.

In Atlanta, Greg Reynolds will be running in the largest race in the USA (with over 55,000 runners this year) at Peach Tree Road Race 10km.  Here is a list of other large races.  Last year the top 150 runners were under 35 minutes and the top 40 were under 30 minutes!

In Huntsville, Rick Maehlmann, Katie Maehlmann, Lynn Curry, Eric Fritz, Tim Pitt and Christy Scott will be racing the Fire Cracker 5km.

Jon Elmore will be racing twice this weekend at the Chick-fil-A 5km on Saturday and then Jam on Sloss Lake 5km on Monday.

Best of luck to the entire team!