Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mountain Mist 50k results

The Mighty Mountain Mist 50km celebrated the 20th running this weekend in Huntsville atop Monte Sano.

Eric Charette lead the team and was the top local runner, finishing 4th overall with a personal best 4:23:52.  DeWayne Satterfield has now finished all 20 Mountain Mists and was 7th overall.  Running his first Mountain Mist was race director Dink Taylor!  Christy Scott was the top female master's runner and 5th female overall in a personal best time for her as well.  It takes an army of volunteers to put on this race, both in the months leading in and on race day and we are proud of the team members who helped to make this possible.

So many great stories came out of this year that we hope you all join us again in 2015.

Official Results

4 Eric Charette 38 M - 4:23:52
7 Dewayne Satterfield 49 M - 4:39:46
8 Brett Wilks 33 M - 4:42:18
11 Dink Taylor 48 M - 4:55:45
13 Timothy Pitt 34 M - 4:58:06
23 James Falcon 42 M - 5:20:51
35 Eric Patterson 41 M - 5:29:42
38 Rick Maehlmann 37 M - 5:31:30
51 Christy Scott 40 F - 5:48:36
65 Eric Fritz 46 M - 5:54:27
118 Randy McFarland 52 M - 6:26:09
121 Patti Holmes 43 F - 6:27:37

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Recent Results

In Houston at the Chevron Houston Marathon, Tim Vinson ran another outstanding marathon, finishing in 2:45:45. Despite having stomach issues early, Tim completed his 18th marathon with 13 of them being under 3 hours and 7 of them being under 2:50. Did we mention that Tim is 49 years old? Tim was 51st overall and 1st in his age group of 45-49. #outstanding

Official Results

In Land O' Lakes, Florida at the Long Haul 100km, Rob Youngren earned his qualifier for Spartathalon 250km by posting a 9 hour 51 minute finish time.

Official Results

Last weekend in Huntsville, in conjunction with the Xterra Monte Sano 15k trail race, we missed noting the results of the 5k race.  Robert Whitaker was 2nd overall and just six seconds back from the winner!

Official Results

2 Rob Whitaker 23:48

Locally in Huntsville, the team was busy with final preparations for Mountain Mist 50km by marking the course.  Helping out were DeWayne Satterfield, Brett Wilks, Dink Taylor, Marty Clarke, Aleisha Chaffin, Kathy Youngren, James Falcon, Eric Charette and Eric Fritz.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Race Results

Last weekend in Collierville, Tennessee at the inaugural Herb Parson Trail Marathon, Christy Scott was the 3rd female and 8th place overall with a time of 4:15:20.

Official Results

This weekend in Huntsville was the Xterra Monte Sano 15k/5k trail races held inside Monte Sano State Park.  Kylie Lemon repeated as the women's overall winner in a time of 1:21:47, besting the next female by over 12 minutes!  Co-race director Eric Charette lead the men in 2nd place overall with a time of 1:11:41.

Official Results

2 Eric Charette 1:11:41
8 Tim Vinson 1:19:23
14 Kylie Lemon 1:21:47
84 Dana Overton 1:45:57
139 Christy Scott 2:01:58

Volunteering for this event from the team were Christy Scott, Eric Charette, Tyrone Harris, Dink Taylor, Randy McFarland, Greg Reynolds, Beck Mitchell, Erik Debolt and Julia Clark.

Announcing the 2014 Fleet Feet Racing Team!

The Fleet Feet Racing Team was created to increase awareness about Fleet Feet Sports, assist in marketing of the store and to provide unity amongst some of the most skilled runners in the local area. The 2014 team is a collection of runners who focus on building the sport in our community via stewardship, being a role model, participation in training programs, voluntarism and achieving competitive race results. They were selected based on the competitive performance, ambassadorship and volunteerism they demonstrated during the 2013.

Fleet Feet, along with our sponsors are proud to announce the 2014 Racing Team.Congrats and we are excited for the upcoming season!

Women's Team
Rebecca Byers*
Aleisha Chaffin
Julia Clark
Neta Ezer*
Patti Holmes*
Candace Jacobs
Kylie Lemon
Katie Maehlmann
Caitlin Morris
Dana Overton
Donna Palumbo*
Susan Ready*
Christy Scott
Loren Traylor*
Kathy Youngren

Men's Team
Eric Charette
Marty Clarke
Jim Clemens
Erik DeBolt
Andy Durr*
James Falcon
Eric Fritz
Tyrone Harris
George Heeschen
Andrew Hodges
Rick Maehlmann
Randy McFarland
Beck Mitchell*
Eric Patterson
Timothy Pitt
David Rawlings
Greg Reynolds
DeWayne Satterfield
Dink Taylor
Blake Thompson
Tim Vinson*
Robert Whitaker
Brett Wilks
Rob Youngren

*New teammate for 2014

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Recover from the Holidays 50km

For nearly 20 years, runners have been celebrating New Year's Eve in Huntsville by running laps at the running park in an effort to log a few last minute miles.  Officially dubbed Recover from the Holidays, this "fat ass 50km" is a fun atmosphere for runners to run 3 mile loops around the municipal golf course.  The race is currently directed by Christy Scott of Fleet Feet Racing.

This year the conditions were very favorable and runners took advantage of it.  Erik DeBolt lead the team by logging the 12th fastest time ever on the course with his 3:53:27 and was 4th overall.  Aleisha Chaffin, running her first ever 50km, logged the 7th fastest time for females with a 4:42:55.

Photo courtesy of Gregg Gelmis, We Run Huntsville

Official Results

4 Erik DeBolt, 31M - 3:53:27
5 Eric Charette, 38M - 4:05:15
6 DeWayne Satterfield, 49M - 4:09:30
10 Dink Taylor, 48M - 4:27:21
11 Brett Wilks, 33M - 4:35:46
13 Aleisha Chaffin, 32F - 4:42:55
18 Eric Patterson, 41M - 4:51:06
25 James Falcon, 42M - 5:13:17
28 Randy McFarland, 52M - 5:24:41