Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team! No racing this weekend with the holidays, but the team bounces back next weekend with Recover from the Holidays 50km! There is still time to register by following this link -

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Results

David O'Keefe lead the Fleet Feet Racing Team on Saturday with a sub 17 minute performance at the Rudolph Run 5km, placing 4th overall amongst a fast field.  Marty Clarke was the first men's master in 18:14 and Kathy Youngren took yet another top female overall podium in 19:26.

4 DAVID O'KEEFE - 16:53
9 MARTY CLARKE - 18:14
10 JON ELMORE - 18:23
58 CHRISTY SCOTT - 22:26

Official Results

Monday, December 12, 2011

Rocket City Marathon

It was a great weekend for the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team from Huntsville at Rocket City Marathon.  Brad Schroeder was the top male (in his marathon debut) from the team in 14th place and Candace Jacobs was top female from the team in 4th place overall.  Many team members who did not run where heavily involved in volunteering as well.  10 members served roles as official pacers for the marathon as well.  Fleet Feet Huntsville store owners Dink and Suzanne Taylor were the race directors.

Overall Place / Chip Time / Age Group Place / Name

14 2:47:25 4 Brad Schroeder
15 2:47:31 1 Tim Vinson
16 2:49:33 5 Erik Debolt
21 2:55:09 1 Blake Thompson
26 2:57:16 2 Candace Jacobs
28 2:57:31 3 Kevin Betts
36 3:02:09 6 Brett Wilks
40 3:04:29 2 Dewayne Satterfield // pacer
45 3:05:35 8 Timothy Pitt
56 3:09:29 5 Eric Charette // pacer
71 3:14:45 7 David O'Keefe // pacer
159 3:29:58 8 Randy McFarland
261 3:43:26 37 Jon Elmore
275 3:44:53 56 David Rawlings // pacer
356 3:54:39 72 Eric Fritz // pacer
369 3:55:50 23 Katie Maehlmann // pacer
408 3:57:35 12 Christy Scott // pacer
697 4:24:51 28 Linda Scavarda // pacer
1125 5:58:55 55 Kathy Youngren // sweep
1126 5:58:55 88 Rob Youngren // sweep

Monday, December 5, 2011

Top Seeds for 2011 Rocket City Marathon

With Rocket City Marathon coming up this Saturday, the Huntsville Track Club has announced the top seeds for Men and Women.  Among them are quite a few runners from the Fleet Feet Racing Team and Fleet Feet employees who are either racing or have volunteered to be Nike Pacers as noted.

Seed / Recent Marathon Time / Marathon PR / Name / Age
17 2:41:20 2:41:20 Tim Vinson
19 2:43:40 2:43:40 Eric Charette (3:10 pacer)
20 2:44:00 2:44:00 Brandon Mader  (3:00 pacer)
22 2:48:00 2:46:00 Zachary Koch
26 2:52:00 2:42:30 Dewayne Satterfield  (3:05 pacer)
27 2:53:04 2:53:04 Blake Thompson
29 2:54:52 2:54:52 Kevin Betts
32 2:58:00 2:58:00 David O'Keefe  (3:15 pacer)

Seed / Recent Marathon Time / Marathon PR / Name / Age
1103 2:54:21 2:54:21 Candace Jacobs
1114 3:15:00 3:15:00 Katie Maehlmann  (3:55 pacer)
1126 3:28:18 3:28:18 Jillian Koch

Also serving as pacers from the Racing Team are Eric Patterson (3:30), David Rawlings (3:45), Christy Scott (4:00), Linda Scavarda (4:25), Kathy Youngren (6:00) and Rob Youngren (6:00).

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 Top Individual Performances

It has been an outstanding year for the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team from Huntsville.  In addition to all of the volunteer work that the team puts in, there have been some amazing race performances by each and every team member.  Here are the best efforts from each member for the season.

Women's Team

  • Lynn Curry - Overall female winner at the Spirit of America 5 mile by over a two minute margin
  • Candace Jacobs - Overall female winner and two state age records at Winter Winds in the 2 mile 11:23 (11:57 old state record record) and the 4 mile 23:54 (25:54 old state record)
  • Lyndsey Kulaw - Overall female winner at Mountain Mania 15km with a time of 1:14:32
  • Katie Maehlmann - Personal best at Chicago Marathon with a time of 3:15:33
  • Caitlin Morris - Overall female winner at Spooktacular 5km with a time of 17:54
  • Dana Overton - Overall female winner at Wild Irish 10km with a time of 44:28
  • Madelyn Patton - Near personal best at Boston Marathon with a time of 3:49:22
  • Lisa Rawlings - Personal record at Boston Marathon with a time of 3:36:11 
  • Linda Scavarda - 3rd female overall at the Des Plaines River Trail 50 mile with a time of 8:21:57
  • Christy Scott - 3rd female overall at Shadow of the Giants 50km with a time of 4:52:12
  • Kathy Youngren - Alabama state record (across all ages) at Delano 50 mile in 7:06:59 (7:38:58 old state record)

Men's Team

  • Sean Allan - Season best at Spooktacular 5km with a time of 18:04 
  • Donald Bowman - Overall winner at the Jesse Owens 10km (36:04) and 2-mile (11:39)
  • Kevin Betts - Season best at Spooktacular 5km with a time of 17:18 
  • Eric Charette - Overall winner at Black Warrior 25km with a time of 1:43:58 (3rd fastest time ever)
  • Marty Clarke - Season best at Spooktacular 5km with a time of 17:50 
  • Erik Debolt - Overall winner at Dizzy Fifties 50km with a time of 4:01:20
  • Jon Elmore - Season best at Liz Hurley 5k with a time of 17:49 
  • James Falcon - Sub 24 hour debut at Old Dominion 100 with a time of 22:25:00
  • Eric Fritz - Season best at Old Dominion 100 with a time of 21:36:14 
  • George Heeschen - Personal best and 25th overall at Pittsburgh Marathon with a time of 2:39:59
  • Rick Maehlmann - Personal best at Huntsville Half Marathon with a time of 1:27:03
  • Randy McFarland - Season best at Army Ten Miler with a time of 1:03:19
  • David O'Keefe - Personal best at Harry Williams All Comers Track Meet 1-mile with a time of 4:52  
  • Shane O'Neill - 6th place overall at Scenic City Road Half marathon with a time of 1:24:05
  • Eric Patterson - Personal best at Spooktacular 5km with a time of 17:46 
  • Tim Pitt - Personal best at Army Ten Miler with a time of 1:03:37
  • David Purinton - Season best at Huntsville Half Marathon with a time of 1:23:29
  • David Rawlings - Completed first half ironman in Augusta Georgia with a time of 5:53:13
  • Greg Reynolds - Overall winner at the Edward Jones Sprint Triathlon with a time of 44:19
  • DeWayne Satterfield - Overall winner at Georgia Jewel 35 mile with a time of 5:17:02
  • Eric Schotz - Personal best at Strolling Jim with a time of 5:12:52
  • Brad Schroeder - 3rd overall and personal best at Huntsville Half Marathon with a time of 1:14:54
  • Dink Taylor - 3rd overall master at JFK 50 miler with a time of 6:59:56
  • Blake Thompson - Personal best at Mountain Mist 50km with a time of 4:36:59
  • Tim Vinson - Season best at Army Ten Miler with a time of 59:21
  • Brett Wilks - Season best at Army Ten Miler with a time of 1:02:25
  • Brandon York - 23rd overall and personal best at Army Ten Miler with a time of 51:24
  • Rob Youngren - 12th overall at Badwater 135 miler with a time of 31 hours 13 minutes and 45 seconds (top 6.5% of all first time runners)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekend Results

On Thursday at the Turkey Trot 5k in Huntsville Kathy Youngren was 3rd overall female and the team placed 6 in the top 25 amongst a very fast field.  The race was staffed by many volunteers including team members Jon Elmore, Eric Fritz, Dink Taylor and James Falcon.

Official Results

6 Eric Charette 17:06
12 Eric Patterson 17:57
14 Tim Vinson 18:25
17 Sean Allen 18:54
18 Robert Youngren 18:57
23 Kathy Youngren 19:37
39 Lynn Curry 20:27
50 Katie Maehlmann 20:58

Christy Scott pulled a double this weekend, first finishing as 9th female (1st F35-39) in 21:21 at the Gold's Gym Turkey Day 5k.

Official Results

Then Christy ran YMCA of Jackson Turkey Trot 5k on Saturday and was 1st Female overall, 5th overall, in a time of 22:50 on a hilly course.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Results

This weekend was full of winning performances from the Fleet Feet Racing Team.

On Saturday, Eric Charette was the winner at the 3rd annual Krispy Kreme Challenge in a time of 28:53.  The KKC involves running 2 miles, eating a dozen donuts and running 2 miles back.  The previous two winners are also FFRT members (David Rawlings and Blake Thompson).

Official Results

1 Eric Charette 35 - 28:54
24 Marty Clarke 49 - 36:39
29 David Rawlings 40 - 38:12

On Monte Sano at the Dizzy Fifties, Erik Debolt was the winner of the 50km in a time of 4:01:20 and Christy Scott was the women's winner of the 50km in 5:08:58.  DeWayne Satterfield went 1-2 in the 40 mile distance in times of 5:42:38 and 6:46:05.

Official Results

40 Mile
1 90 5:42:38 40M DeWayne Satterfield 47 Huntsville AL
2 56 6:46:05 40M Eric Patterson 39 Athens AL

1 4:01:20 Erik DeBolt 28
9 5:05:17 Eric Fritz 44
10 5:08:58 Christy Scott 38F
11 5:11:27 Timothy Pitt 32
20  5:48:19 Randy McFarland 50

At the 49th annual JFK 50 miler, store owner Dink Taylor ran a 20 minute negative split to break 7 hours with a time of 6:59:56.  Blake Thompson ran 7:20:04 for a personal best.  Former Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team and Huntsville native (now living in Cincinnati, OH) David Riddle broke the course record with a time of 5:40:45.

Official Results

On Saturday at the Dam Bridge 10k in Florence, Kathy Youngren was the female overall winner in a season best time of 40:20.

Official Results

On Sunday at the Jingle Bell 5k, Candace Jacobs was the fastest female taking the victory.

Friday, November 18, 2011

This Weekend

This weekend is full of ultra running with Dink Taylor and Blake Thompson competing in the largest ultra marathon in the U.S.A at JFK50 in Maryland.

Locally DeWayne Satterfield and others will be racing Dizzy 50's (50k/40M/50M) on Monte Sano.

The Krispy Kreme Challenge will be run in Huntsville also and its pretty certain that a former champion David Rawlings will be trying to out run and out eat the other competitors.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Results

The Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team had a great day at the Huntsville Half Marathon on Saturday with the Candace Jacobs and Caitlin Morris placing 1st and 2nd for the women and the men taking 11 of the top 25 places.   Personal bests were set by Brad Schroeder, David O'Keefe, Eric Fritz, Katie Maehlmann, James Falcon, TIm Pitt, Brett Wilks, Rick Maehlmann and Christy Scott.

PLACE NAME                 AGE/SEX  TIME     
===== ===================     ===   =======  
    4 Brad Schroeder          27    1:14:54
    5 George Heeschen         24    1:16:39
    8 David O'Keefe           38    1:18:05 
    9 Erik Debolt             28    1:18:08 
   10 Donald Bowman           44    1:18:16
   14 Candace Jacobs          31F   1:21:53 
   15 Caitlin Morris          26F   1:22:31
   16 Kevin Betts             34    1:22:36 
   17 David Purinton          43    1:23:29 
   18 Tim Vinson              47    1:24:12 
   19 Brett Wilks             31    1:25:57 
   21 Rick Maehlmann          35    1:27:03 
   22 Timothy Pitt            32    1:27:05 
   26 James Falcon            40    1:28:18 
   31 Jon Elmore              45    1:30:26 
   33 Katie Maehlmann         34F   1:30:53 
   35 Kathy Youngren          37F   1:31:32 
   44 Eric Fritz              44    1:33:44
   80 Eric Charette           35    1:39:23 
   104 Christy Scott          38F   1:42:06 
   205 David Rawlings         40    1:52:26 
   261 Linda Scavarda         28F   1:56:39 
   496 Lisa Rawlings          36F   2:12:16 

Friday, November 11, 2011

HTC Awards

Congrats to Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team members who were awarded by their peers at the Huntsville Track Club awards banquet on Tuesday.  We are proud of our team mates who earned their awards through either performance or volunteering.

Award presentations can be found here.

Eric Fritz - Presidents Award
Linda Scavarda - Dedication Award
Christy Scott - Admiration Award

Donald Bowman - Male Performance Award

Candace Jacobs - Female Performance Award

Gran Prix Awards
Donald Bowman - winner men's masters
Eric Charette - runner up men's open

Candace Jacobs - winner women's open
Kathy Youngren - runner up women's open

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekend Results

Eric Charette and Marty Clarke represented the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team at the ING New York Marathon this past weekend.  Eric ran 2:54:44, finishing 664th overall and was the fastest finisher from the state of Alabama.  Marty ran 3:19:09 and was in the top 7% of all finishers.

Official Results

At the Vulcan 10km in Birmingham, Alabama, Brandon York set a new personal best with a time of 31:26, finishing 6th overall.

Official Results

In Huntsville, Erik Debolt was 2nd overall at the Attack of the Lions 5km at Legacy Elementary in Harvest.

David Rawlings ran 3:34:11 at the Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon in Savannah Georgia,

Official Results

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Results

A great weekend of fast 5km PR's for the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team at the Spooktacular 5km in Huntsville.  The team was lead by a 1-2-3 on the women's side with Caitlin Morris finishing in 17:54, followed by Candace Jacobs in 2nd and Kathy Youngren in 3rd.  George Heeschen lead the men with a 16:29 in 3rd.  Setting personal bests on this flat, fast, certified and cold day were Eric Charette, Greg Reynolds, Blake Thompson, Eric Patterson and Rick Maehlmann.

Photo Courtesy of Jen Grant at

Official Results

3 George Heeschen 16:29  5:19 
    4 Eric Charette 16:30  5:19 
    6 David O'Keefe 16:53  5:26 
    8 Kevin Betts 17:08  5:31 
   10 Donald Bowman 17:14  5:33 
   11 Gregory Reynolds 17:19  5:35 
   12 Blake Thompson 17:22  5:36 
   14 Eric Patterson 17:46  5:44 
   15 Marty Clarke 17:50  5:45 
   17 Jon Elmore 17:52  5:45 
   18 Caitlin Heider 17:54  5:46 
   19 Candace Jacobs 17:57  5:47 
   21 James Falcon 18:00  5:48 
   22 Sean Allan 18:04  5:49 
   23 Brett Wilks 18:06  5:50 
   26 Rick Maehlmann 18:30  5:58 
   29 Randy McFarland 19:01  6:08 
   33 Kathy Youngren 19:25  6:15 
   34 Eric Fritz 19:37  6:19 
   40 Katie Maehlmann 20:12  6:31 
   65 Christy Scott 22:05  7:07

Tim Vinson finished 2nd overall at the Life Without Limits 1/2 Marathon in Florence, Alabama with a time of 1:21:08.

Official Results

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weekday Results

This week was the NASA Running Club Safety & Wellness Day 5km held on Redstone Arsenal.  Rick Maehlmann was just off of his personal best and was the overall winner in 18:40.  Kathy Youngren was the female winner in a time of 20:21 and was 4th overall.  Randy McFarland was men's masters winner and 3rd overall.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Results

James Falcon was the repeat winner at the Imagination Library 5km in Fayetteville, TN with a time of 18:12.

Eric Charette and David O'Keefe finished 2nd and 3rd overall at the Xterra Monte Sano 15km trail race with times of 1:05:39 and 1:07:25.

2 Eric Charette - 1:05:39
3 David O'Keefe - 1:07:25
7 Tim Vinson - 1:15:45
34 Christy Scott - 1:29:06

Official Results

Linda Scavarda was 3rd female (19th overall) at the Des Plaines River Trail 50 mile in a time of 8:21:57.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Midweek Results

The annual AMRDEC 5km on Redstone Arsenal was held this week with Greg Reynolds and Kathy Youngren taking the overall victories.  Congrats on the fast times.

1 - 17:13 Reynolds, Greg
2 - 17:50 Wilkes, Brett
7 - 19:33 Youngren, Kathy

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Results

Great weekend for Nike Fleet Feet Racing at Liz Hurley 5km in Huntsville.  The team placed 7 men in the top 10 with Brad Schroeder leading the team in 3rd overall and 4 of the top 5 in the women's race with Candace Jacobs taking the overall win.

Men's Results

3   16:22 Brad Schroeder            27M
4   16:39 George Heeschen             24M 
5   16:56 Eric Charette             35M
6   16:57 Erik Debolt               28M
7   17:05 Donald Bowman               43M
8   17:18 Kevin Betts                34M
10   17:29 Greg Reynolds             29M
13   17:49 Jon Elmore               45M 
14   17:49 Blake Thompson             30M
15   17:49 Dink Taylor               46M
17   17:54 Tim Vinson               47M
18   17:54 Eric Patterson            39M 
20   19:01 Sean Allan                27M
26   19:54 Eric Fritz                44M

Women's Results

1   18:24 Candace Jacobs               31F
3   19:36 Kathy Youngren             37F
4   20:22 Katie Maehlmann            34F 
5   20:38 Lynn Curry                36F
75   25:16 Linda Scavarda             27F

Congrats to all who ran and supported the cause!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Results

What an amazing weekend of performances across the country for the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team!!

In Washington, DC at the Army Ten Miler, Brandon York put forth an incredible effort, finishing 22nd of 21,890 runners in a time of 51:24 (that is 5:08 pace!). Not to be outdone, Brad Shroeder, George Heeshen, Erik Debolt and Tim Vinson all broke an hour.

Official Results

21 - Brandon York 51:24
51 - Brad Schroeder 54:57
84 - George Heeschen 56:44
135 - Erik Debolt 58:37
158 - Tim Vinson 59:21
309 - Brett Wilks 1:02:25
362 - Randy McFarland 1:03:19
380 - Tim Pitt 1:03:37

In Huntsville, at the Fleet Feet 15km, Kathy Youngren was the female overall winner.  Eric Charette was the top mens runner from the team, placing 4th overall.  There were plenty of team members out on the course working as volunteers too.

4 Eric Charette 55:00
6 Donald Bowman 55:16
9 Marty Clarke 57:35
10 Dink Taylor 57:39
11 Greg Reynolds 58:44
12 David Purinton 58:54
13 Eric Patterson 58:58
16 Kathy Youngren 1:04:15
159 Linda Scavarda 1:23:54
169 David Rawlings 1:24:31
193 Lisa Rawlings 1:26:59

Official Results

In Chicago at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon Katie Maehlmann ran 3:15:33 setting a new personal best time after running 3:18:05 earlier this year.  She was 1599th overall and 212th female.  Rick Maehlmann ran 3:37:42.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This Weekend

The men of the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team have been training hard for this weekend's Army Ten Miler in Washington, DC, which is the largest 10 mile race in the US.
  • Brad Schroeder
  • Brandon York
  • George Heeschen
  • Erik Debolt
  • Randy McFarland
  • Tim Pitt
  • Brett Wilks
  • Rob Youngren (injured, not competing)

In Huntsville, the first race of the Huntsville Track Club Gran Prix 2012 is the Fleet Feet 15km on the roads around Monte Sano State Park.

In Chicago, Rick and Katie Maehlmann will be racing the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

Best of luck to the entire team in where ever their fleet feet may take them!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Results

This was a very good weekend for the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team from Huntsille.

Eric Charette competed at the Southern Tennessee Half Marathon in Winchester, TN on Saturday.  He ran 1:16:26 and finished 2nd overall.

Official Results

This weekend was the Arkansas Traveller 100 miler and Christy Scott ran an impressive 25:44:26, finishing as 6th female overall. This course has a cumulative assent of 12,000' and is very challenging.

Official Results

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weekend Results

Last weekend DeWayne Satterfield and Linda Scavarda took their skills over to the Georgia Jewel and ran the 35 mile race (There were 35/50/100 mile options).  DeWayne was 1st overall with a time of 5:17:02 and Linda was 16th overall (2nd female) in 7:40:59.

Official Results

At the Elkmont Lions CLub Rails to Trails 10k, Brandon York and Kathy Youngren were the overall male and female winners, running 32:12 and 35:32 respectively. George Heeschen and Erik DeBolt also took the podium, finishing 2nd and 3rd overall.  This race is directed by long time supporter and former racing team member Whitney Hollingsworth.

1 Brandon York - 32:12
2 George Heeschen - 35:32
3 Erik DeBolt - 35:53
5 Greg Reynolds - 37:11
6 Eric Patterson - 38:01
7 Tim Vinson - 38:34
9 Jon Elmore - 39:16
10 Rick Maehlmann - 39:22
13 Kathy Youngren - 42:25

At the Ironman Augusta 70.3 in Augusta, Georgia, Lisa Rawlings and David Rawlings raced their first half  ironman and both had strong showings.  Lisa had a swim time of 33:20, a bike time of 3:17:20 and a run time of 2:17:19 and with her transitions finished in 6:20:44.  David had a swim time of 30:59, a bike time of 2:47:59 and a run time of 2:22:15 and with her transitions finished in 6:20:44.

Friday, September 23, 2011

This Weekend

This weekend the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team from Huntsville will be lead by Greg Reynolds, Rick Maehlmann, Randy McFarland and defending champion Brandon York at the Elkmont Rails to Trails 10km.  This course runs the first half on the roads and is very fast, with the return trail on the rails to trails and slowly grinds back uphill to the finish.

In Augusta, Georgia, David Rawlings and Lisa Rawlings will be competing in their first half Ironman.  The 1.2 mile swim is in the Savannah River, followed by a hilly bike through Georgia and South Carolina before the half marathon run through downtown Augusta.

Best of luck to the entire team in where ever their fleet feet will take them.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weekend Results

On the busiest weekend for 5km races all year. the Nike Fleet Feet Team showed well all over the area!

At the Care Center 5km, Eric Charette and Kathy Youngren both repeated as winners again this year, with Eric bettering his mark from last year with a 16:43 and Kathy running a 20:39 despite bring sick.  David O'Keefe ran a strong 17:36, finishing 3rd overall and Sean Allan finished 5th in 19:12.

Official Results

At the Rib Fest Run in Decatur, Jon Elmore was 3rd overall and top men's master with an 18:22.

Official Results

At the Duck and Run 5k in Athens, Alabama, Donald Bowman was 4th overall with a 16:59 and top men's master.  Caitlin Morris was top female and 8th overall with an 18:36.  This race is directed by team member Eric Patterson.

At the 5th Annual Carlos Serrano Memorial PHP 5k, Candace Jacobs and Lisa Rawlings were 1-2 with times of 18:32 and 22:14.  On the men's side, David Rawlings broke the 20 minute mark with a 19:58 and finished 3rd overall.

Official Results

At the Commodore Classic (Vanderbilt's home meet) in Nashville, Brandon York ran a Division 1 cross country race and finished 20th overall  (1st unattached runner) out of 190 in a time of 25:57 for 8km.  Brandon's last mile was 4:57!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekend Results

At the 9/11 10-Year Anniversary Run on Redstone Arsenal, Kathy Youngren was top female for the 9.11 kilometer distance and 4th overall in a time of 37:48.  Tim Pitt ran 34:40 and finished 2nd overall.

Official Results

At the Dream Center 5km in Decatur, Eric Charette ran 16:55 and finished 2nd overall.  Jon Elmore helped with race directing and provided timing services via River CIty Runners.

Official Results

In Scottsboro at Frantic Frog sprint triathlon, Caitlin Morris was the overall women's winner with a time of 1:10:48.

Official Results

11 - Gregory Reynolds 1:08:51
16 - Caitlin Morris 1:10:48
83 - David Rawlings 1:18:08
124 - Lyndsey Kulaw - 1:21:31
135 - Lisa Rawlings 1:22:34

Christy Scott was top female and 3rd overall at Bartlett Park 40 miler in 7 hours, 6 minutes.

Brandon York was the overall winner at the Kentuck 5k in Northport, Alabama on Friday night. His time of 15:15 was more than two minutes faster than the next competitor.

Official Results

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekend Results

The only game in town this weekend was the 40th running the of the Monte Sano Road Races in Huntsville, Alabama.  This difficult 10k-5k combination is run on a 5k course with several cone turn arounds, a gravel road section on the out and back and rolling hills.  The old saying is that if your 10k personal best is on this course, you haven't run many 10ks!  The 10k race starts at 8:00 am and the 5k starts just 90 minutes later.  The 10k was also the Alabama State Championship this year.

Brad Schroeder lead the men, taking 2nd place in 35:33, followed by Eric Charette who was 3rd in 35:42.  On the women's side, it was a 1-2-3 sweep with Candace Jacobs, Katie Maehlmann and Kathy Youngren running 38:45, 43:19 and 43:54 respectively.

Official Results

2 Brad Schroeder - 35:33 5:44
3 Eric Charette - 35:42 5:45
9 Candace Jacobs - 38:45 6:15
10 Eric Patterson - 39:09 6:18
11 David Purinton - 39:24 6:21
13 Timothy Pitt - 40:07 6:28
14 Randy McFarland - 40:44 6:34
15 Rick Maehlmann - 40:55 6:36
20 Katie Maehlmann - 43:19 6:59
22 Kathy Youngren - 43:54 7:04
24 James Falcon - 44:51 7:13
34 Lynn Curry - 46:00 7:25
76 David Rawlings - 51:02 8:13
89 Lisa Rawlings - 52:13 8:25
90 Christy Scott - 52:13 8:25
104 Eric Fritz - 53:11 8:34
142 Linda Scavarda - 56:28 9:06

In the men's 5k, the top 3 finishers were the same as in the 10k!  Brad Schroeder was 2nd in 17:57 and Eric Charette was 3rd in 18:16.  James Falcon finished 6th and was the top men's master with a 19:02.

Official Results

2 Brad Schroeder - 17:57 5:47
3 Eric Charette - 18:16 5:53
6 James Falcon - 19:02 6:08
8 Timothy Pitt - 19:46 6:22
11 David Purinton - 20:08 6:29
14 Eric Patterson - 20:29 6:36
17 David Rawlings - 21:09 6:49
50 Eric Fritz - 24:01 7:44

In the women's 5k, Candace Jacobs doubled up the victories with a 19:45, followed by Kathy Youngren in 2nd, running a 21:50.

Official Results

1 Candace Jacobs - 19:45 6:22
2 Kathy Youngren - 21:50 7:02
4 Lisa Rawlings - 23:06 7:26
30 Linda Scavarda - 27:23 8:49
43 Christy Scott - 29:38 9:33

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Results

Nike Fleet Feet Racing had a great weekend, which started off in Huntsville at Running of the Bulls 5km where George Heeschen captured another win in a time of 17:08.  Candace Jacobs was first female in a time of 18:30.  The team took the top 6 places and 9 of the top 10!

Official Results

1 George Heeschen - 17:08 5:31
2 Donald Bowman - 17:21 5:35
3 Kevin Betts - 17:24 5:37
4 Erik Debolt - 17:27 5:37
5 Gregory Reynolds - 18:16 5:53
6 David Okeefe - 18:18 5:54
8 Candace Jacobs - 18:30 5:58
9 Shane Oneill - 19:24 6:15
10 Randy McFarland - 19:37 6:19
11 Brett Wilks - 19:43 6:21
15 Eric Fritz - 20:19 6:33
27 Christy Scott - 23:06 7:27

At the Christian Women's Job Corps 5km in Arab, Alabama, hometown favorite Tim Pitt was the overall winner in a time of 18:57.

Official Results

At the first annual Bill Dukes 7 at 7k race in Decatur, Kathy Youngren was the overall female winner in 30:13 and Tim Vinson was the overall male master winner (2nd overall) in 28:04.

Official Results

At the Falcon 5km (not named after him!) in Smyrna, Georgia, James Falcon ran a speedy 18:02 which earned him 3rd overall.

At the Rocketman Olympic Relay, Eric Charette ran the 10km portion of Team Hodges in 35:58 as the team pulled out the relay win in 1:58:19.  Team owner Dink Taylor was on the second place relay team as he logged a 39:43.  David Rawlings set a PR with a 2:50:17 and Lisa Rawlings hit 3:09:44 and was 7th in her age group.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weekend Results

Congratulations to Greg Reynolds and Caitlin Morris for their overall wins at the Edward Jones Sprint Triathlon brought to you by the Huntsville Track Club.  Greg posted a 44:19 and Caitlin a 47:59.

Official Results

1 Gregory Reynolds
4 David O'Keefe
36 Shane Oneill
77 Randy McFarland

1 Caitlin Morris

Edward Jones was a sponsor this year, thanks to James Falcon! who also competed in the relay with his son, finishing in 47:25 for 2nd fastest family relay.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Results

With signs of fall in the forecast, the Nike Fleet Feet Racing team is still tearing the local race scene, including the events that the team raced in this weekend.

In Decatur, Eric Charette lead the pack from the start on his way to a 17:16 and overall win at the Brooke Hill 5km.  Marty Clarke had a podium finish, taking 3rd overall in 18:22.  Kathy Youngren took the overall women's win, also leading the way from the start in a time of 20:54.  Jon Elmore was the race director for this event.

Official Results

1 Eric Charette - 17:16.5 5:34/M
3 Marty Clarke - 18:22.4 5:55/M
4 Eric Patterson - 18:46.7 6:03/M
9 Kathy Youngren - 20:50.4 6:43/M

In Madison at the Downtown Run to Rescue Donald Bowman was 3rd overall with a 16:59 and Erik Debolt was 4th overall in 17:18.

Official Results

Donald Bowman - 16:59.24
Erik Debolt - 17:18.34

At the Mountain Lakes Triathlon, Shane O'Neill was 14th in his age group with a 1:21:01.  David Rawlings was 18th in his age group with a 1:21:10.  Lisa Rawlings was 8th in her age group with a 1:32:13.

Official Results

Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Results

Congrats around to several of the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team who won the events that they competed in. Starting with Tim Pitt, who was 1st overall at the Blessings in a Backpack 5K with a time of 18:51.
Elsewhere, Greg Reynolds set the course standard in the inaugural Soggy Seal Triathlon put on by the Huntsville SE YMCA. The event was a 5km run, 8 mile bike, 300 yard swim. Greg posted a 49:07 and won by over two minutes. Official Results
At the Dog Trot 5km at the Huntsville Running Park, James Falcon ran 19:30 and finished 2nd OA for the 2nd year in a row. Official Results

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Results

With the temperatures peaking in Huntsville, there was only one short distance race in the area.  Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Alabama will hosted its first annual The BIG 5K Run at Bridge Street and the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team was well represented.  Donald Bowman lead the charge, taking 2nd place overall, followed by Eric Charette in 3rd.  The runners took a wrong turn so the times appear slow but the actual distance was around 3.31 miles.

Official Results

2 Donald Bowman - 18:39
3 Eric Charette - 18:46
7 Jon Elmore - 19:46
9 Dink Taylor - 20:02
11 Timothy Pitt - 20:10

Many other team mates helped out to volunteer at the Nike Fleet Feet Cross Country event to help area high schools.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Results

Catching up from last week...

Team mate Rob Youngren posted an outstanding 31:13:45 (31 hours, 13 minutes, 45 seconds) at the hardest race on earth, Badwater 135.  Rob's time earned him 12th place overall amongst an outstanding field in which you have to qualify just to take part in.

Full Results and Splits

At Paint the Streets 5km in Huntsville, George Heeschen captured the overall win with a time of 16:59.  Not to be outdone, Katie Maehlmann took the overall win for the females with a time of 20:15.

1 16:59 5:29 24 George Heeschen
4 18:06 5:50 30 Blake Thompson
5 18:12 5:52 45 Jon Elmore
6 18:35 5:59 46 Dink Taylor
8 18:58 6:07 39 Eric Patterson
11 19:18 6:13 40 James Falcon
13 19:36 6:19 34 Rick Maehlmann
15 19:48 6:23 44 Eric Fritz
16 20:15 6:32 33F Katie Maehlmann
40 22:48 7:21 38F Christy Scott

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Results

The Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team had a great weekend all around, starting at the HTC Twilight 5km in Huntsville.  On the men's side, Brad Schroeder lead the team with a sub 17 performance, finishing 3rd.  On the women's side, the team took 1st and 2nd overall with Candace Jacobs and Katie Maehlmann earning the honors.

3 Brad Schroeder, 16:58 5:28
6 George Heeschen, 17:02 5:29
7 Erik Debolt, 17:50 5:45
9 Marty Clarke, 18:23 5:56
13 Tim Vinson, 18:47 6:03
14 Blake Thompson, 18:54 6:05
17 Brett Wilks, 19:33 6:18
18 Shane O'Neill, 19:45 6:22

1 Candace Jacobs, 18:38 6:00
2 Katie Maehlmann, 20:35 6:38
10 Christy Scott, 24:33 7:54

At the Wet Dog Triathlon in Decatur, several team members had good performances.  Lyndsey Kulaw was 1st in her age group, Lisa Rawlings was 7th in her age group, Shane O'Neill was 6th in his age group and David Rawlings was 8th in his age group.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Results

In Huntsville Katie Maehlmann took the overall win in a time of 19:55 at the Firecracker 5km despite smoking hot temperatures.  Official results are not yet posted, but we are pretty sure that Dink Taylor ran 18:44, Tim Pitt was in the top 5, Rick Maehlmann was pacing along with Katie and Lynn CurryEric Fritz, and Christy Scott all fared well.

At the Chick-fil-A 5km on Saturday, there was some mega fast competition and the team still posted 4 men in the top 10.

4 George Heeschen - 17:14 5:33
5 Donald Bowman - 17:19 5:35
7 Jon Elmore - 17:50 5:45
9 Dink Taylor - 18:42 6:01

Jon Elmore was the overall winner at the Jam on Sloss Lake 5km on Monday in a time of 19:14 for the 3.3 mile course, doubling up on races for the weekend.

In Atlanta, Greg Reynolds ran 39:04 at Peach Tree Road Race 10km for 349th place.  Caitlin Morris ran 39:41 for 407th place overall and 45th female overall.

Friday, July 1, 2011

This Weekend

This holiday weekend we celebrate our independence and take to the streets for some fast road racing.

In Atlanta, Greg Reynolds will be running in the largest race in the USA (with over 55,000 runners this year) at Peach Tree Road Race 10km.  Here is a list of other large races.  Last year the top 150 runners were under 35 minutes and the top 40 were under 30 minutes!

In Huntsville, Rick Maehlmann, Katie Maehlmann, Lynn Curry, Eric Fritz, Tim Pitt and Christy Scott will be racing the Fire Cracker 5km.

Jon Elmore will be racing twice this weekend at the Chick-fil-A 5km on Saturday and then Jam on Sloss Lake 5km on Monday.

Best of luck to the entire team!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Results

At the Spirit of America 5 mile, which features an age-graded style, Lynn Curry was the overall female winner by over a two minute margin.

At the Heel and Crank , Lisa Rawlings (1:11:33), Sean Allan (1:00:46) and David Rawlings (1:03:52) were all first place in their age groups.  Full results can be found here.

Results from the Helen Keller 5 miler in the Shoals have not been posted.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shadow of the Giants 50km

Shadow of the Giants 50k
June 4th, 2011 Fish Camp, CA
by Christy Scott

I had two goals going into this race.
  1. Break 5 hours
  2. Finish in top 3 women

I am thrilled that I was able to meet both of these goals. This was one of my goal races for the year and was a good lead into my next 100-mile training. We planned a family vacation around the race and starting planning all of our outdoor activities, including hiking and whitewater rafting.

The pre-race dinner was at the race location, which was in Fish Camp, approximately 2 miles outside of the Yosemite gate. Tony, the kids and I all went and had a great time. We med the RD, Baz, who was quite the character. He greeted everyone with a big hug, as if we were all old friends. He went over the new race course, which came about due to the extreme amounts of snow that they had there. He told us about the “Quad Killer” section at mile 9, which was not only a steep downhill, but was also part of a dirt bike trail, which meant that there were ruts and constant rolling “bumps” to contend with. It also meant that we would have to keep our ears open to make sure that we didn’t get run over by a motorcycle while running. Hooray. He was also kind enough to tell us about the huge black bear that he had seen on the course the day before.

Saturday morning was drizzly and a cool 41 degrees. Really, this was great running weather for me. All that I needed to add was a pair of light gloves, which I had been sure to bring along on the trip.

The only person that I recognized was Michelle Barton. I had seen her picture on the race website and knew that she had won the race a several times. I went into the race hoping to be in the top three women, and she was one of the ones that I would need to be watching for.

Tony was there with me to send me off, and then ended up working the aid station at mile 5/16. It was nice to see him during my race and have him cheer me on. He always enjoys working races and is great at encouraging everyone. He ended up having to help a runner who decided to bash his head on a branch and talked him into going to the hospital. Just like most of us, the stubborn runner thought he could continue. HA! Check out the picture in my report of this poor guy. He actually came back to the awards to let us know that he was ok after having staples put in his head. Ouch!

We started the race around 7 AM and right away started climbing uphill and running through some snow. I could feel the effects of the altitude, as we had only arrived there on Thursday and was obviously not acclimated to it yet. Each time we climbed I could feel my lungs burning and throat tighten up, but nothing too terrible. The first 8 miles wasn’t too bad and was pretty uneventful. That all changed at mile 9. The “Quad Killer” lived up to Baz’s description quite well. It was a very steep downhill mile with the dirt bike ruts and hills to contend with. Mile 10 went straight back up the mountain at a steep incline. The rest of the race was constant climbing up and down. There was nothing flat for the remainder of the race. Mile 22 took us through the start area, which always kills me mentally. Then, uphill again to the last turnaround where Baz had seen the black bear he told us about. Thank goodness there was no bear around here today. Whew! I kept reminding myself to push hard on the uphill sections, knowing that the last 2 miles of the race would be steep downhill, which I feel is one of my strengths on the trails. We were able to see the leaders on the last 4 mile section and I saw Michelle come barreling down the mountain as I was going up. She was on fire and looked awesome. I knew that there was no way I would get even close to her! I kept an eye out for the next woman and was thrown off a little, as a couple of people had taken the option to start the race an hour early. These people were mixed in with those of us that started at 7, which made it harder to figure out who was in what place. I was pretty sure that two of the women I saw right behind Michele had started early, since I didn’t remember seeing them at the start line. One other woman was behind them and I knew that she was in second place. There was a younger woman close behind me and I was determined not to let her pass me. The last 4 miles was my most painful for me. I pushed hard on the climbs to keep my position in the top 3. The last 2 miles was the nice, steep downhill that I had been looking forward to. I flew down the mountain, calling out positive words to the people climbing up the section that I had just finished, thankful that I was done with that. The last ¼ mile or so was on the asphalt leading back to the camp and it was raining harder by now. I worried a little about slipping, but kept up my pace. I was thrilled when I saw the clock showing me that I had finally broken 5 hours. Tony and the kids were waiting there taking pictures and I was almost in tears. I was thrilled that I had met my goals and that my family was there to support me.

3rd place award

Snow along the course at mile 23

Wounded runner at Tony's aid station

Some of the awseome scenery

On the course

Coming into the finish

Weekend Results

Rob Youngren finished the Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race with a time of (2:33:11 + 3:06:18 + 3:20:13) 8:59:42 this weekend, placing 11th overall for the 3-day 60 mile race, though with his training for Badwater 135, he probably doubled up the mileage on at least one of the days.  Linda Scavarda ran the first two stages of the event in 7:16:45.

Rick Maehlmann finished 27th overall and 3rd in his age group at the hot and hilly RC Cola / Moon Pie 10 miler in Bell Buckle, TN in 1:09:16.

At the HTC Cross Country 3 mile run this week, Donald Bowman lead the way in 17:54 and Kathy Youngren was top female in 22:36.

2 17:54 5:58 Donald Bowma
4 18:51 6:17 Marty Clarke
8 19:20 6:27 Brett Wilks
9 19:54 6:38 Eric Patterson
26 22:36 7:32 Kathy Youngren
28 22:41 7:34 Rob Youngren
53 26:38 8:53 Linda Scavarda

At the HTC Cross Country 2 mile run this week, Eric Charette lead the way in 11:53 and Brett Wilks was 3rd in 12:42.

1 11:53 5:57 Eric Charette
3 12:42 6:21 Brett Wilks
4 12:56 6:28 Eric Patterson
40 18:57 9:29 Linda Scavarda
41 18:57 9:29 Kathy Youngren
57 20:24 10:12 Eric Fritz

Results from the Phil Campbell 5km and Living Waters 5km were unknown at the time of this post.

Friday, June 17, 2011

This Weekend

Team members Linda Scavarda and Rob Youngren are racing the Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race this weekend. This 3-day event runs a total of 60 miles on three different mountains in the area and has grown in popularity and competition in its short 5 year span.
Rick Maehlmann will be at the hot and hilly RC Cola / Moon Pie 10 miler in Bell Buckle, TN. This race typically draws more than a thousand runners.
Best of luck to the team in Phil Campbell and at Living Waters 5ks this weekend as well.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Results

The Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team survived the heat this weekend to post some excellent finishes around the Tennessee Valley.

Fresh off of a 50km in Colorado, David O'Keefe topped the field at the inagural Mountain Mania 15km in Decatur with a sizzling time of 58:38.  Jon Elmore was 3rd overall and top master with a 1:05:06 and new comer to Fleet Feet Racing, Lyndsey Kulaw took her first win of the season with a 1:14:32.

1 David O'Keefe 58:38
3 Jon Elmore 1:05:06
9 Lyndsey Kulaw 1:14:32
10 David Rawlings 1:14:46
15 Lisa Rawlings 1:21:16

At the equally challenging Alabama A&M 10km in Huntsville, Donald Bowman lead the team to a 2nd place finish and top master in 37:39, while the women swept the podium with Candace Jacobs taking 1st, Kathy Youngren in 2nd and Dana Overton in 3rd.

Official Results

2 Donald Bowman 37:39
4 Erik Debolt 38:20
6 Eric Charette 38:58
8 Greg Reynolds 39:09
9 Candace Jacobs 39:40
10 Tim Vinson 39:45
11 Sean Allan 41:19
12 Eric Patterson 41:44
15 Randy McFarland 42:40
18 James Falcon 43:21
21 Kathy Youngren 45:10
23 Dana Overton 46:48
32 39 Linda Scavarda 49:10
33 94 Timothy Pitt 7:57

Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekend Results

Work travels have delayed the results from last weekend, but here they are!

At Old Dominion 100 Miler, Eric Fritz, Blake Thompson, and Dink Taylor finished in 21:36:14 and James Falcon (his first 100 miler) finished in 22:25:00.

In Huntsville at Eurocross 5km Kevin Betts and Donald Bowman finished 2nd and 3rd and Kathy Youngren was 2nd OA female.

2 Kevin Betts 19:40
3  Donald Bowman 19:43
5  Marty Clarke 20:44
9  Brett Wilkes 21:03
10 Sean Allan  21:06
12 Tim Vinson 21:22
21 Kathy Youngren 24:23
39 Linda Scavarda 27:23

Then a little while later in the Eurocross 8km, Donald finished 2nd and Brett Wilks came in 3rd, while Kathy notched another 2nd place finish!

2 Donald Bowman 32:48
3 Brett Wilkes 33:42
4 Tim Vinson 33:55
5 Marty Clarke 34:23
9 Robert Youngren 37:47
16 Kathy Youngren 41:09
32 Linda Scavarda 50:04

At Shadow of the Giants 50km, Christy Scott finished in 4:52:12 for 3rd OA female. Here are the official results.

In Colorado at Golden Gate Dirty Thirty 50km, David O'Keefe posted a 6:09 to place 30th overall. Official results are here.

Friday, June 3, 2011

This Weekend

The Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team will be sending 4 members to Old Dominion 100 miler in Woodstock, Virginia, including James Falcon (his first hundred miler), Eric Fritz (his first mountain hundred), Blake Thompson (coming off of a 2nd OA at Lean Horse 100) and Dink Taylor (ultra running veteran).  These guys have been training since the beginning of the year for this race and Eric Fritz summed it up well by saying: "I brought a pair of pants to wear after the race that are 2 sizes too big for me and I brought a belt with no buckle."  This race has 14 major climbs totalling 14,000' of climb.

Christy Scott will be running Shadow of the Giants 50km, which is 33 magic miles of scenic trails through the Sierra National Forest. Last minute updates on the website indicate there was tons of residual deep snow and it was impossible to cross giant fallen trees...

David O'Keefe will be running the Golden Gate Dirty Thirty 50km on meandering single track trails through peaceful aspen groves, grassy meadows, tranquil pine forests and rocky ridges with majestic views of snow capped mountains in Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Colorado.

Best of luck to the entire team in where ever your Fleet Feet take you.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011 Cotton Row Runs

Nike Fleet Feet Racing smoked the already hot Cotton Row Runs on Memorial Day, lead by Brandon York's personal course best 32:01, earning him 5th overall and a strong showing by Candace Jacobs who was 2nd overal female in the 10km.  The team racked up 11 overall or age group awards.

Photo by Rick Maehlmann

Photo by Rick Maehlmann

Photo by Rick Maehlmann

In the 5km, David O'Keefe set a personal best with a 16:45 for a 3rd place finish and Donald Bowman was the Men's Master winner.  The team racked up 9 overall or age group awards.

2011 Cotton Row 10km Team Results

Full Results - 1879 Finishers

5 32:01 Brandon York (Top 5)
17 36:47 Donald Bowman (5th Masters)
18 37:28 Eric Charette (2nd AG)
21 37:38 Candace Jacobs (2nd OA)
22 37:51 Erik Debolt (2nd AG)
23 37:55 Kevin Betts (1st AG)
32 38:39 Greg Reynolds
39 39:00 David Purinton (2nd AG)
47 40:07 Caitlin Morris (1st AG)
57 40:56 Eric Schotz (3rd AG)
59 40:58 Timothy Pitt
60 41:02 Jon Elmore
62 41:21 Brett Wilks
74 42:17 Randy McFarland
76 42:25 Brad Schroeder
87 43:16 Katie Maehlmann (2nd AG)
115 44:46 Lynn Curry (1st AG)
128 45:19 David Rawlings
169 46:40 Lyndsey Kulaw
228 48:28 Christy Scott
342 51:27 Madelyn Patton
477 53:29 Linda Scavarda

2011 Cotton Row 5km Team Results

Full Results - 1833 Finishers

3 16:45 David Okeefe (1st AG)
4 18:02 Donald Bowman (Men's master 1st OA)
6 18:35 Marty Clarke (1st AG)
8 18:56 Eric Charette (2nd AG)
12 19:18 Rick Maehlmann (2nd AG)
19 19:54 Greg Reynolds (1st AG)
25 20:24 Jon Elmore
36 21:07 Timothy Pitt (3rd AG)
43 21:46 David Rawlings (3rd AG)
52 22:05 Brett Wilks
68 22:40 Lisa Rawlings (1st AG)

Many other team members who did not race were out to volunteer and those are too many to name and we wouldn't want to leave anyone out!  Your work and volunteering is much appreciated!

Also this weekend, Linda Scavarda ran the 12 hour Run for Kids Challenge at Veteran's Park in Hoover, AL on Saturday. Despite temperatures in the low 90's, Linda completed 45 miles (in 11:32) and earned 1st Overall Female.

Official Results

Monday, May 23, 2011

Top Seeds for Cotton Row 10km

As of May 27, 2011

The Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team looks to have a strong showing at the 2011 Cotton Row 10km as they currently have 5 women in the top 25 seeds and 15 of the top 75 for the men.
2503 36:53 Candace Jacobs
2507 38:20 Caitlin Morris
2512 42:44 Katie Maehlmann
2517 44:00 Lisa Rawlings
2522 45:00 Linda Scavarda
2526 45:00 Madelyn Patton

18. 33:09 Brandon York
24. 34:30 Brad Schroeder
25. 34:45 Eric Charette
28. 35:30 Donald Bowman
36. 36:45 Kevin Betts
39. 37:00 Shane O'Neill
41. 37:15 Greg Reynolds
42. 37:18 Marty Clarke
43. 37:22 Jon Elmore
44. 37:30 Erik Debolt
54. 39:00 Timothy Pitt
58. 39:15 Eric Schotz
59. 39:40 Robert Youngren
70. 40:04 Randy McFarland
76. 40:20 Brett Wilks

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Results

It was an unbelievable weekend around the Tennessee Valley for the Nike Fleet Feet Racing team who either won outright or was in serious contention for the races in which they ran.

Blake Thompson was the overall winner at the David McKannan Run for Research 5km in a time of 18:07. Lisa Rawlings was 2nd overall female in a time of 22:17.

1 Blake Thompson`18:07
11 David Rawlings 21:01
18 Lisa Rawlings 22:17

Greg Reynolds was first overall at the Gurley Library Challenge in a time of 17:45.

Eric Patterson raced to a first place in his age group, placing 13th overall at the Xterra Oak Mountain Half Marathon in a time of 1:47.

Tim Vinson was the 2nd place master (age 45+ in this event) at Scenic City Trail Marathon atop Raccoon Mountain in Chattanooga, TN in a time of 3:21.  

David O'Keefe continues to improve his speed and ran 4:52 in the mile at the Harry Williams All Comers Track Meet, directed by team manager Marty Clarke.  Not to be outdone, Brandon York ran 15:05 later in the evening in the 5km.

Jon Elmore was the overall winner of the WMES Rebel Run 5km in a time of 18:43.

Donald Bowman was 1st overall at the Jesse Owens 10km and also in the 2-mile!

Friday, May 20, 2011

This Weekend

Eric Patterson will be racing the Xterra Oak Mountain Half Marathon this weekend.  Held within Oak Mountain State Park, runners navigate through weaving dirt pathways, leap over roots, and skate down pine-studded ridges through the lush green forest.

Tim Vinson will be racing the star studded Scenic City Trail Marathon atop Raccoon Mountain in Chattanooga, TN.

Best of luck to the entire team in where ever their Fleet Feet take them!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Results

George Heeschen lead the way for the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team this weekend with an outstanding performance at the Pittsburgh Marathon.  Results seem to be down, but unofficial posts have George at 2:40:00!  A new personal best.

Official Results

In Huntsville after just a week of recovery from a strong finish at Strolling Jim, Eric Schotz placed 2nd overall in the 10km, followed by Tim Vinson in 3rd. Official results are not available at this time but should be posted on thier website. Eric then went on to win the 5km race as well!

Official Results

At the Marine Corps Historic Half marathon, Dink Taylor ran 1:26:14 to finish 36th overall while Eric Fritz ran 1:32:31 and was 94th overall (a new personal best!). Dink Taylor was also selected to receive the 2010 RRCA Rod Steele Award for the most outstanding club volunteer in the nation. The award was presented to Dink at the 53rd Annual RRCA Convention in Fredericksburg, VA that took place along with the half marathon.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Results

This was a very good weekend for the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team, starting off in Decatur, where Brandon York smashed the course record at the Steeplechase 8km with a time of 25:32 and captured the $100 bonus for bettering the old mark of 27:44. George Heeschen was 2nd overall with a 28:05. Jon Elmore was the first men's master and 3rd overall. 1 Brandon York 25:32 2 George Heeschen 28:05 3 Jon Elmore 29:46 5 Tim Vinson 30:26 9 Eric Patterson 33:07 33 Lisa Rawlings 38:28 Official Results
In Wartrace, TN, there was a female winner for the first time in the 33 year history of Strolling Jim, but the real story of the day was the race run by Eric Schotz who lead the team with a stellar 5:12. Schotz ran a very smart race and let the leaders go early before beginning to pick them off one at a time before claiming a 5th place. DeWayne Satterfield was overall men's master. 5 Eric Schotz - 5:12:52.0 7:36/M 6 Robert Youngren - 5:18:51.0 7:44/M 7 Blake Thompson - 5:23:47.7 7:52/M 8 Dewayne Satterfield - 5:28:12.8 7:58/M 10 Eric Charette - 5:31:17.5 8:02/M 14 Eric Fritz - 5:41:30.1 8:17/M 18 Dink Taylor - 5:46:46.2 8:25/M 60 Christy Scott - 7:33:47.9 11:01/M Official Results
In Corinth, Candace Jacobs was the top female at the Coca Cola Classic 10km with a 36:50 and also took home a cool $600 in winnings. Official Results

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Results

During a time when the focus was on anything but running with the storms that passed through Northern Alabama, a few people tried to find some normalcy by taking part in area races.

In Nashville at the Country Music Marathon, Lynn Curry ran 1:39:07 placing 78th female of of 25,000 runners.  Lyndsey Kulaw ran 1:41:03.

Full Results Here

In Florence, Eric Charette placed 3rd overall at Swampers 5km.  Timing services were provided by team members Eric Schotz and Jon Elmore.

Our thoughts and prayers are with DeWayne Satterfield who lost his grandparents in the storm.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Results

This was a great weekend for racing in Huntsville as the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team took 11 of the top 12 places at the Cookie Dash 5km, including all of the top 9 and overall male, female and masters male awards!  The effort was lead by Brandon York who repeated as overall winner, lowering his mark from last (15:47) year down to 15:41 this year.  Eric Charette and Kevin Betts were also on the men's podium, finishing 2nd and 3rd overall.  Donald Bowman was 4th overall and men's master while Kathy Youngren ran away with the women's overall title in 20:51.

Photo by Gregg Gelmis

This race had over 500 registered (max capacity) and had 468 official finishers.

Official Results

1 Brandon York 15:41
Eric Charette 17:33
3 Kevin Betts 17:42
4 Donald Bowman 17:48
5 Greg Reynolds  17:56
6 Erik DeBolt 17:59
7 Marty Clarke 18:09
8 Sean Allan 18:14
9 Dink Taylor 18:28
11 David Purinton 18:40
12 Tim Pitt 19:31
22 Kathy Youngren 20:46

Friday, April 22, 2011

This Weekend

This weekend is the hottest ticket in town, the Cookie Dash 5km.  The CD5k course is held in south east Huntsville and involves running around two cones and a cul-de-sac, making it tough to post fast times.  The Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team will be represented by many volunteers and in the race by HTC Gran Prix points leader Greg Reynolds, followed by Erik DeBolt, Sean Allan, Donald Bowman, Marty Clarke, David O'Keefe, Shane O'Neill, Tim Pitt, David Purinton, Dink Taylor, Brandon York, Kathy Youngren and Eric Charette.

Good luck to the entire team where ever your fleet feet take you!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Results

A great weekend of running included a new world best marathon time of 2:03:02 by Kenya's Geoffrey Muta and a new American Record time of 2:04:58 by Ryan Hall at the Boston Marathon. Not to be out done, the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team posted some very good times as well.

728 Tim Vinson - 2:52:29
1197 Dink Taylor - 2:57:46
1507 Shane O'Neill - 2:59:54
3541 Eric Patterson - 3:13:05
9445 Lisa Rawlings - 3:36:11 (PR by 35 seconds)
13208 Madelyn Patton - 3:49:22
15231 Linda Scavarda - 3:56:25

Full Results Here

Back in Huntsville, Greg Reynolds was the overall winner of the YMCA Healthy Kids Day 5km in a time of 18:13.

Friday, April 15, 2011

This Weekend

For a select few runners, this weekend marks the culmination of a long journey and countless hours of training.  What started possibly as long as 18 months ago with a qualifying marathon will come to fruition on Monday as they board the buses in Boston and head west toward Hopkinton, MA to compete in the legendary Boston Marathon.  While nearly ALL of our team members made the qualifying standards, only few chose to enter and test their limits against the best runners in the world.  Shown below are the team members and their bib numbers if you want to follow along on Monday morning. 

Tim Vinson - 325
Dink Taylor - 1545
Shane O'Neill - 1639
Eric Patterson - 3669
Dana Overton - 8965 (Injured)
Linda Scavarda - 13971
Lisa Rawlings - 15502
Suzanne Taylor - 17089
Madelyn Patton - 18317

Elsewhere, Eric Charette will be running the fast, downhill course that is the Salt Lake City Marathon.  Eric will be pacing Anne Noble as she looks to be amongst the top female runners in the field. 

Good luck to all of you where ever your fleet feet take you!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Army Ten Miler Team 2011 for Redstone Arsenal

Congrats to the members of the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team from Huntsville who were selected to represent the Redstone Arsenal on the 2011 Army Ten Miler Team on October 9th.  None of the competitive positions ran less than about 65 minutes to make the team but one person that ran right at 70 minutes. This will be the fastest two teams they have ever had.

From the Fleet Feet Elite Team
  • George Heeschen
  • Brad Schroeder
  • Brandon York
  • Rob Youngren
From the Racing Team
  • Erik DeBolt
  • Randy McFarland
  • Tim Pitt
  • Brett Wilks

Weekend Results

At the 3M River City Run in Decatur, Alabama, Candace Jacobs set a personal best for 10km enroute to a 5th place overall finish and top female despite unseasonably warm temperatures for early April.  Caitlin Morris was 2nd female overall in 39:54.  Donald Bowman outlasted the other men's masters with a 35:56 and finish 2nd overall.  David O'Keefe set a personal best and rounded out the podium in 3rd place with a time of 35:59.9.

2 Donald Bowman - 35:56.8 5:47/M
3 David O'Keefe - 35:59.9 5:48/M
4 Eric Charette - 36:39.5 5:54/M
5 Candance Jacobs - 36:53.4 5:56/M
8 Greg Reynolds - 37:53.8 6:06/M
9 Sean Allan - 38:06.6 6:08/M
10 Marty Clarke - 38:25.3 6:11/M
14 Jon Elmore - 39:37.4 6:23/M
15 Caitlin Morris - 39:54.0 6:26/M
16 Eric Fritz - 40:00.3 6:26/M
19 Timothy Pitt - 40:51.1 6:35/M
22 Randy McFarland - 42:24.9 6:50/M
27 David Rawlings - 44:34.3 7:11/M
42 Lisa Rawlings - 47:41.4 7:41/M

Erik Debolt ran strong at the GO! St. Louis Half Marathon on Sunday.  Amongst some great talent and over 11,500 runners, he posted a 1:25:54 finishing time, earning him 42nd place overall.  In the full marathon, Katie Maehlmann posted a 3:35:43 which was a great time in the Sunday heat, earning her 27th female of 1,904 finishers.

Former team member and long time Huntsville resident (now living in Cincinnati) David Riddle ran the MadCity 100km on Saturday and placed 2nd overall with a time of 6:59:12, which should earn David a place on the world 100km championship team, representing the United States when this event is held in the Netherlands this fall.  Amazingly, this was David's first 100km!  Be sure to check in with his blog for a post race recap.  According to, this was the 184th fastest 100km time, ever.