Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 AOY Nominee - George Heeschen

Over the next few weeks we will announce the 2012 Fleet Feet Racing Team Huntsville Athlete of the Year (AOY) Nominees.  Then at the conclusion, the AOY will be announced.

The second nominee is George Heeschen.

George had a stupendous year, racking up personal best times, numerous victories and was the top local at Rocket City Marathon.  He started running in High School before going on to run Division 3 cross country at Hampden-Sydney College, a small, private college in Southern Virginia. George moved to Huntsville late in 2010 and joined the Fleet Feet Racing team a few months later.

February  14
Mercedes Half Marathon – 7th overall in 1:13:54 (new personal best)

March 19
Mooresville at the Rocket Run 10-miler – 5th overall in 59:42

March 13
Delano Park 12 hour relay (with Brad Schroeder, Erik Debolt and Tim Vinson) – 117 miles (6:09 pace)

March 25
McKay Hollow 25km – 3rd overall in 2:06:43

April 10
3M/Red Cross River City 10km – 1st overall in 34:54

May 2
National Cornbread Festival 5km – 2nd overall

June 17 
Moon Pie / RC Cola 10-miler - 57:42

July 23
Twilight 5km – 1st overall in 17:27

August 1
Paint the Streets 5km – 1st overall in 16:50

August 29
Running of the Bulls – 2nd overall in 16:55

September 17
Duck and Run 5km – 1st overall in 16:41.7

October 2
Elkmont Lions Club 10km – 1st overall in 35:35

October 21
Army 10-miler – 81st overall (of 31,500) in 56:22

November 1 
Spooktacular 5km – 3rd overall in 16:28

November  11
Huntsville Half Marathon – 3rd overall in 1:16:28

December 8
Rocket City Marathon – 8th overall (top local) - 2:41:18

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012 AOY Nominee - Brandon York

Over the next few weeks we will announce the 2012 Fleet Feet Racing Team Huntsville Athlete of the Year (AOY) Nominees.  Then at the conclusion, the AOY will be announced.

The first nominee is Brandon York

Brandon had a phenomenal year, stacking up the wins and continuing to lower his personal best times on the road and track. Brandon was born and raised in Columbus, MS and has two sisters. He began running when he was in the 8th grade and continued to compete at cross country, indoor and outdoor track on the collegiate level at The University of Alabama in Huntsville.  He has been a member of the Fleet Feet Racing Team since 2011.

February 13, 2012
Winter Winds 2 mile - 2nd overall in 9:29 (3 seconds off the win)
Winter Winds 4 mile - 2nd overall in 20:04 (7 seconds off the win)

February 19, 2012
Heart and Sole 5km - Overall win in 15:12 (Road PR)

April 15, 2012
Chick-fil-A Charity 5km - Overall win in 15:39

April 22, 2012
Vandy Invitational 5km (Track) - 2nd overall in 14:48.36 (track PR)

May 5, 2012
Steeple Chase 8km - Overall win in 24:49 (course record)

May 31, 2012
Cotton Row 10km - 10th overall in 32:46

June 3, 2012
Music City Distance Carnival 5km (track) - 5th overall in 14:41.92 (track PR)

August 29, 2012
Running of the Bulls 5km - Overall win in 16:09

September 7, 2012
Monte Sano 10km - Overall win in 32:32
Monte Sano 5km - Overall win in 16:18

October 21, 2012
Army 10-miler - 17th overall (of 30,100) in 50:44 (new PR)

October 28, 2012
Spooktacular 5km - Overall win in 15:45

November 3, 2012
Vulcan 10k - 8th overall in 31:10 (new road PR)

November 19, 2012
Jingle Bell 5km - Overall win in 15:03

December 15, 2012
Meadowbrook 5km (road) - 2nd overall in 14:50 (road PR)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Weekend Results

This weekend the Fleet Feet Racing Team started to put the finishing touches on a tremendous season.

In Chattanooga at the Lookout Mountain 50 miler, DeWayne Satterfield finished 17th overall and 3rd Men's Master with an 8:42:25.  Tim Pitt finished his first 50 mile race in 9:37:23 and Dana Overton ran 10:07:01 and was 7th female overall.

Official Results

In Huntsville, Brad Shroeder led the men's team at the Rudolph Run 5k finishing 3rd overall in 16:47.  Candace Jacobs was the women's winner in 18:45 and 11th overall.   Volunteering at race were Dink Taylor, George Heeschen, Kathy Youngren, Blake Thompson and Eric Charette.

Official Results

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gear Review: FuelBelt Revenge R30 Review by Jim Clemens

Date: Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gear Review: FuelBelt Revenge R30 Review by Jim Clemens

Product: Revenge R30

Technology Information: The Revenge® Series from FuelBelt is touted as a breakthrough in hydration belt design given the one handed entry and exit. Instead of a “sleeve” for the bottles, the R30 sports molded holsters that hold on to the bottles preventing slipping and loose bottles. This new design allows for a super lightweight hydration belt. The R30 has 3 holsters and there is also a 2 holster version, the R20. Both the R20 and R30 come with one pocket but additional add-on pockets can also be purchased.

Pricing: $43.95 for an R30 from or locally at Fleet Feet Sports Huntsville

Impressions: After owning and liking a particular hydration belt for many years, the time had come to buy a new one. Upon investigating all options and looking at several models in running stores, the FuelBelt line of belts quickly rose to the top. The features I was most interested in were:
  • Lightweight
  • Tight fitting without having to cinch it so tight as to cut off circulation to my lower extremities
  • Comfort
  • Minimal amount of bouncing when filled
  • Storage capacity for liquids and quantity of energy gels that could be carried
The R30 met each of my criteria so I decided to give it a whirl. I had some concerns about the custom fit belts that can be purchased (2 bottle and 4 bottle) so I went with the “one size fits all” Velcro belt. Let me say that I have never been as pleased with a hydration belt as I have with the R30! The bottles stay put in the belt with no bouncing yet they are easy to remove and to put back in even when running. The belt appears to be only lightly padded when looking at it but that is the beauty of keeping the belt lightweight – I can honestly say I have never had to “think about” the belt while running which is a great thing! The belt is extremely comfortable and once you have the belt adjusted to your liking, rarely do you need to re-adjust on the fly.

I chose the 3 bottle model which provides up to 21 ounces of fluids, enough for me for even my longest of long runs. The pocket carries up to 4 (tightly packed) energy gel packets which also are enough for me.

Suggestion: Many runners prefer the hand held bottles; however, if you are like me and prefer the hydration belts for your long runs, you definitely need to check out the FuelBelt line of products. Depending on how many energy gels, keys, and other items you want to carry in the belt, you might look into also purchasing an extra pocket which can be slid onto the belt.

Summary: FuelBelt is one of the leading providers of hydration belts and that will surely continue given their high-quality, lightweight, comfortable designs. The Revenge® R30 is the perfect belt for my medium length and long runs, providing all of the liquids and gels I need during even the hottest of summer days that Alabama has to offer while at the same time fitting so comfortably and being so light as to feel like I am not even wearing one.

Jim joined the Fleet Feet Racing Team of Huntsville in 2012 but started running when he was 9 years old. He a fantastic resume of personal bests, including a 2:38 marathon in 2003.  Along with his wife Elizabeth, they have two children Matthw and Rebekah and live in Madison, Alabama.  Jim earned two Bachelor's degrees from Bowling Green and his Master's degree in Science from Clemson.  His team biography can be found here.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Nike Fleet Feet Rocket City Marathon Pace Team

2012 Nike Fleet Feet Rocket City Marathon Pace Team

After hearing some great comments of gratitude from runners and other volunteers how impressed they were with the pace team we assembled this year, I thought I would share the end results.

The teams of runners pacing 3:15, 3:25, 3:30, 3:35, 3:40, 3:45 and 3:55 were an average of 27 seconds under the goal time.  The teams are instructed to run even pace, and finish no faster than 1 minute under their goal time.  Dana Overton and first time pacer Lauren Smith were the closest, running just 6 seconds under.  Rick and Katie Maehlmann wrapped up their flawless pacing duties with a kiss at the finish line.

While not many runners stayed with the pace group leaders in the second half, the pacers stayed even through to the end. This was tough to "leave" the runners as they slowed, but other runners (ahead) were also counting on the pacers to come in right on pace.   We did miss our mark at 4:00 hours and just slightly at 4:25, but both groups did not have any runners with them at the very end when they slowed and I did hear of any complaints.

This year we had 8 new pacers as Erik Debolt, Tim Pitt, Lauren Smith, Paige Dorr, Blake Thompson, Sarah Coleman, Cary Long and Patti Holmes joined our ranks.

I am very proud of this team as running even pace for 26.2 miles doesn't just happen on race day; it takes practice and months of training.  No matter what the ability of the athlete, running 26.2 miles on even splits, especially on a day that had tough head winds from miles to 10-15 and then heat and humidity in the second half is nothing short of a monumental effort.  If you think it is easy, just try to do it for 5 or 10 miles, let alone 26.

Many of these pacers have already asked to be involved next year. I think they felt this personally rewarding to put others needs and goals above their own.  I am excited for 2013 as we will start our 4th year of pacing at Rocket City Marathon.

3:15 Pacer
3:14:51 Erik Debolt (under by 9 seconds)

3:25 Pacer
3:24:50 Dewayne Satterfield (under by 10 seconds)

3:30 Pacer
3:29:08 Timothy Pitt  (under by 52 seconds)

3:35 Pacer
3:34:22 Blake Thompson (under by 38 seconds)

3:40 Pacers
3:39:04 John Nevels (under by 56 seconds)
3:39:04 Paige Dorr (under by 56 seconds)

3:45 Pacers
3:44:37 Rick Maehlmann (under by 23 seconds)
3:44:37 Katie Maehlmann (under by 23 seconds)

3:55 Pacers
3:53:54 Lauren Smith (under by 6 seconds)
3:53:54 Dana Overton (under by 6 seconds)

4:00 Pacers
4:04:13 Christy Scott (over by 4:13)
4:40:22 David Rawlings (dropped back late)

4:10 Pacers
4:09:32 James Falcon (under by 28 seconds)
4:27:37 Patti Holmes (dropped back late)

4:25 Pacers
4:25:13 David Coon (over by 13 seconds)
4:27:07 Shawn Smith (dropped back late)
DNF Heather Coon (illness)

4:40 Pacers
4:38:45 Cary Long (under by 1:15)
4:38:45 Sarah Coleman (under by 1:15)

6:00 Hour Sweeps
5:59:54 Kathy Youngren
5:59:54 Robert Youngren

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weekend Results

This weekend was the goal race for Greg Reynolds from the Fleet Feet Racing Team who ran the St. Jude Half Marathon in Memphis, TN.  Despite unseasonably warm temperatures (60 degrees is not normal for December in Tennessee!) and a tough course, Greg finished 23rd overall of 7,000+ runners with a time of 1:24:01.

Official Results

Marty Clarke was top men's master finisher at the Frosty Freeze 5km in Decatur with a time of 18:43.

Official Results

At the First Annual Galaxy of Lights 5km on Monday night at the Huntsville Botanical Garden, it was a "Youngren Sweep" as Rob took the overall win (17:10) and Kathy was the top female (20:30) and 6th place overall.  Christy Scott also ran the race with her son.

Official Results

Photo Courtesy of Gregg Gelmis, We Run Huntsville

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gear Review: Swiftwick Sock Review by Timothy Pitt

Date: Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gear Review: Swiftwick Sock Review by Timothy Pitt

Product: Aspire Twelve Details: Made from synthetic olefin materials for compression heaven

Technology Information: The Aspire Twelve is made with many of Swiftwick’s signature technologies to include: seamless toe, olefin footbed, built in arch support, and their signature double welt compression cuff to make sure it stays up on the leg forever.

Pricing: $34.99 for a pair of the Twelve (full calf height) from or locally at Fleet Feet Sports Huntsville

Impressions: These socks are by far my favorite to wear for ANY road race, from 5k’s to marathons and every distance in between. These socks provide a competitive edge just short of super powers. Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but the benefits of compression are scientifically indisputable ! Compression increases blood flow, which helps during a race and improves recovery afterwards. I love it when I get asked about these socks at races!! The typical question is, “do you like them?” And my typical response is, “YES!! They keep the meat on the bones!!” It sounds silly, but that compression is comforting and I definitely feel like they reduce the chance of incurring a muscle injury or strain. I have tried other brands of compression socks, but these are the only ones that never slide down my calves.

Suggestion: I have shared my passion for these socks with many other runners. My suggestion to them when they get their first pair of Aspire Twelves is to learn the easiest way to get them on!! Max King has an awesome demonstration video on youtube!! Just follow this link:

Summary: Swiftwick builds the best full calf length compression sock on the market. Do your lower legs a favor and buy a pair to try out. After you run or race feel free to keep the sock on after to speed up the recovery process or put on a clean pair later.

Tim started running in the  spring of 2006 to get fit and healthy and since then has run every distance from 5km to 50km.  He is heavily involved with Fleet Feet Racing and in the promotion of running in his hometown of Arab, Alabama where he holds the distinction of being the fastest man in Arab.  His team biography can be found here.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Results

With the time quickly approaching until Rocket City Marathon and the Thanksgiving Holiday, there was just a speckling of short distance races in the valley, starting with the 19th annual Turkey Trot 5km.  The field was dominated by the area youth with 10 of the top 12 runners bring 19 and under.  Eric Charette was the top runner from the team with a 17:12 and Tim Vinson was the overall men's master winner.  James Falcon and Dink Taylor volunteered at the race.

Official Results

5 Eric Charette - 36 M - 17:12.2
14 Tim Vinson - 48 M - 18:49.8
27 Timothy Pitt - 33 M - 19:51.3

In Guntersville at the Skinny Turkey 5k/10k, Tim Pitt was the overall winner of the 5km with an 18:47.  Dana Overton was the women's winner in the 10km race.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Top Seeds Rocket City Marathon

Top Male Seeds for the 2013 Rocket City Marathon

Full List

18 - TIM VINSON, 48 (pacing)
23 - ERIK DEBOLT, 30 (pacing)
43 - ERIC PATTERSON, 40 (pacing)
89 - RICK MAEHLMANN, 36 (pacing)
179 - DAVID RAWLINGS, 41 (pacing)
181 - BLAKE THOMPSON, 31 (pacing)
261 - JAMES FALCON, 41 (pacing)

Top Female Seeds for the 2013 Rocket City Marathon

12 - KATIE MAEHLMANN, 35F (pacing)
55 - CHRISTY SCOTT, 39F (pacing)
95 - DANA OVERTON, 38F (pacing)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Results

Dizzy Fifties

DeWayne Satterfield and Rob Youngren (PR) lead the Fleet Feet Racing Team men at Dizzy 50's, taking the overall wins in the 50 mile and 40 mile races.  In the 50k distance, Erik Debolt (4:11:10) and Tim Pitt (PR - 4:20:45) were also podium finishers at 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The Fleet Feet ultra girls ran together for the entire 50k race and in the end, it was declared a 3-way tie for the win.  Christy Scott, Dana Overton and Kathy Youngren all ran sub 5:15.

Official Results

50 Mile Race
1 - 8:03:24 DeWayne Satterfield 48

40 Mile Race
1 - 5:55:04 Rob Youngren 38
3 - 6:48:12 Eric Patterson 40

50K Race
2 - 4:11:10 Erik DeBolt 29
3 - 4:20:45 Timothy Pitt 33
8 - 5:14:54 Christy Scott 39
9 - 5:14:56 Dana Overton 33
10 - 5:14:57 Kathy Youngren 38
19 - 5:40:32 Randy McFarland 51
26 - 6:06:56 Eric Fritz 45

Christy, Kathy and Dana

Eric Fritz and Eric Patterson

DeWayne Satterfield and Tim Pitt

Rob Youngren

Jingle Bell

On Sunday at the Jingle Bell 5k, Brandon York crushed the field, running an outstanding 15:03, while Candace Jacobs was the overall female winner.  The rest of the finishers was unknown at the time of publication.

Brandon York, photo courtesy We Run Huntsville

Magic City Half Marathon

In Birmingham at the Magic City Half Marathon, Eric Charette lead from the start en route to the overall win with a time of 1:19:52.

Official Results

Eric Charette photo courtesy of David Christy Photography

Krispy Kreme Race

David Rawlings was 3rd overall in the Krispy Kreme 4-miler non challenge event (not choosing to eat all 12 donuts before returning back to the start.)

Official Results

Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon

Last weekend at the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon, Dana Overton posted a speedy 3:24:34 which placed her 27th overall and 3rd female.

Official Results

27 Dana Overton 37 F 3:24:34

Pensacola Marathon

In his substitute marathon after New York was cancelled, Jim Clemens was the 2nd overall finisher and top men's master, running a stellar 2:51:33 last weekend.

Official Results

2 Jim Clemens - 2:51:33

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team from Huntsville had a great weekend of racing starting at the Huntsville Half Marathon on Saturday.  The team placed 7 of the top 10 men with Brad Schroeder (1:15:44) and George Heeschen (1:16:28) taking 2nd and 3rd overall on the podium.  Tim Vinson was top men's master and set a state age record by 1 second.

Men's Results

2 - Brad Schroeder M28 - 1:15:44
3 - George Heeschen M25 - 1:16:28
6 - Tim Vinson M48 - 1:19:16
7 - Eric Charette M36 - 1:19:17
8 - Robert Youngren M38 - 1:20:48
9 - Erik Debolt M29 - 1:21:27
10 - Gregory Reynolds M30 - 1:22:52
11 - Timothy Pitt M33 - 1:23:36 (personal best)
14 - Rick Maehlmann M36 - 1:26:56 (personal best)
16 - Dink Taylor M47 - 1:27:33
21 - Robert Whitaker M54 - 1:30:19
22 - Randy McFarland M51 - 1:30:44
24 - James Falcon M41 - 1:31:06
43 - David Rawlings M41 - 1:36:37

Photo by Gregg Gelmis, We Run Huntsville

Photo by Gregg Gelmis, We Run Huntsville

On the women's side, Kathy Youngren lead the way once again, this weekend running 1:29:11 and finishing 2nd overall in a near personal best.

Women's Results

2 - Kathy Youngren F38 -1:29:11
4 - Katie Maehlmann F35 - 1:31:17
6 - Jillian Koch F24 - 1:32:48

Photo by Gregg Gelmis, We Run Huntsville

Photo by Gregg Gelmis, We Run Huntsville

In California at the Santa Barbara Marathon, Christy Scott ran 3:41:04 and finished 29th in her age group.

Official Results

In Tennessee, Eric Patterson was part of an ultra team that ran the Ragnar Tennessee relay that took first place overall (196.3 miles) tie with another ultra team in just under 24 hours.

Last weekend in Birmingham, the team also had two runners who competed in the competitive Vulcan 10km. Brandon York was 8th overall in a personal best 31:10 and Tim Vinson ran 36:20.

Official Results

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekend Results

This was a bridge weekend for the racing team between the ultra competitive Spooktacular 5km and the Huntsville Half marathon and was filled with just a few races, but topped by some great performances.

In Athens at the Sherri Adams Pink Ribbon 5k Run, Kathy Youngren had her best 5km ever, lowering her personal record to 18:38 and finishing 2nd overall.  Coming off of the last two weekends where Kathy ran low 19's, she broke 19 and her PR in grand fashion.  Rob Youngren was 3rd overall, just a step behind Kathy having paced along with her.

Official Results

On Saturday morning in Huntsville, Eric Charette (17:04) and Eric Fritz (19:41) finished 2nd and 4th overall at the Liz Waggett Memorial 5km.  The course was not certified and ran just short.

Official Results

In Huntsville just a block away and two hours later, Eric Charette finished 2nd overall at the Hawk 5km, a benefit for the Wounded Warrior Project in Huntsville.  The course was not certified and ran long.

Official Results

In Madison at the Attack of the Lions 5k for Legacy Elementary, Erik Debolt was the overall winner with a time of 17:21.  This race has been directed for a number of years by team member Caitlin Morris.

At the Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon, Blake Thompson ran 3:39:50 finishing 300th overall.

Official Results

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weekend Results

At the 2012 Spooktacular 5km, the Fleet Feet Racing Team from Huntsville had a stellar morning despite windy conditions.  Loosely dubbed by many as the "Huntsville City Championships", the team placed 6 of the top 10 and captured 13 of the top 25 spots.  Sweeping the podium for men were Brandon York, Andrew Hodges and George Heeschen with the women taking the top two spots with Candace Jacobs and Kathy Youngren.  Tim Vinson was the men's master's winner.  There were 5 people who set personal bests including Rob Youngren, Tim Pitt, Rick Maehlmann, David Rawlings and Katie Maehlmann.

5km Official Results 

1 Brandon York, 27 M 15:45 5:05
2 Andrew Hodges, 29 M 6:18 5:15
3 George Heeschen, 25 M 16:28 5:18
4 Robert Youngren, 38 M 16:41 5:23 (PR)
6 Eric Charette, 36 M 17:21 5:35
9 Gregory Reynolds, 30 M 17:42 5:42
11 Tim Vinson, 48 M 17:47 5:44
13 Timothy Pitt, 33 M 17:59 5:48 (PR)
15 Marty Clarke, 50 M 18:02 5:49
18 Rick Maehlmann, 36 M 18:17 5:53 (PR)
20 Robert Whitaker, 53 M 18:31 5:58
22 Eric Patterson, 40 M 18:34 5:59
24 Candace Jacobs, 32 F 18:41 6:01
28 David Rawlings, 41 M 18:49 6:04 (PR)
31 Kathy Youngren, 38 F 19:01 6:08
35 Katie Maehlmann, 35 F 19:33 6:18 (PR)
47 James Falcon, 41 M 20:21 6:33
52 Dana Overton, 37 F 20:40 6:40
58 Eric Fritz, 45 M 20:55 6:44
73 Christy Scott, 39 F 22:00 7:05

Photo by We Run Huntsville

Photo by We Run Huntsville

Photo by We Run Huntsville

Photo by We Run Huntsville

Photo by We Run Huntsville

Photo by We Run Huntsville

Photo by We Run Huntsville

Eric Charette captured the Monster Mile with a time of 5:18.

1 Mile Official Results

Photo by We Run Huntsville

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Results

At the Army 10-miler in Washington, DC, the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team ran for Redstone Arsenal and made Huntsville proud.  Brandon York again lead the way with a blazing fast 50:44 which earned him 17th overall out of 30,100 runners.  Redstone One was also first overall in the all-comers division with a 5-man time of 3:55:01.

Official Results

17 - Brandon York 50:44
81 - George Heeschen - 56:22
94 - Brad Shroeder - 56:46
155 - Rob Youngren - 58:27
158 - Tim Vinson - 58:31
162 - Erik DeBolt - 58:39
343 - Tim Pitt - 1:02:02
487 - Robert Whitaker - 1:03:58
674 - Randy McFarland - 1:06:12
790 - Brett Wilks - 1:07:18

At the 9th annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run 5km, Candace Jacobs took the top honors with an 18:22 and Kathy Youngren had a near personal best with a fast 19:04, earning second place overall. Katie Maehlman just a week off her personal best marathon, set a personal best in the 5km.  There were nearly 5,000 women running!

Women's 5km - Official Results

1 - Candace Jacobs 32F - 18:22 5:56
2 - Kathy Youngren 38F - 19:04 6:09
4 - Katie Maehlmann 35F - 19:40 6:21
9 - Lisa Rawlings 37F - 22:05 7:07

Photo courtesy of Gregg Gelmis, We Run Huntsville

Photo courtesy of Gregg Gelmis, We Run Huntsville

On the men's side Eric Charette ran 17:16 and earned 2nd place overall against a field of just under a 1,000 runners.  David Rawlings earned top honors as the men's master winner with an 18:51, reducing his personal best from by 51 seconds! David also finished 4th overall.

Men's 5km - Official Results

2 - Eric Charette 36M - 17:16 5:34
4 - David Rawlings 41M - 18:51 6:05

Photo courtesy of Gregg Gelmis, We Run Huntsville