Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Results

This weekend was phenomenal for the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team from Huntsville at the 17th annual Mountain Mist 50km.

Returning to try to win back-to-back titles was David Riddle, but the competition on paper was greater than ever before with a dozen runners all capable of posting fast times and some national class talent, including Hal Koerner from Ashland, OR and Josh Wheeler from Durham, NC, not to mention all of the local favorites who have notched top performances or wins at this great event.

In the end, David was not only able to hold off the competition, but also broke Dave Mackey's course record, posting a 3:42:59; that is 7:10 pace on rugged, rocky trails with tons of climbing.  But there were so many outstanding performances on this day, including Rob Youngren running a near personal best and taking 3rd overall in 4:13:57.  Then there was Dewayne Satterfield taking the men's masters title with an impressive 4:16:27 and finishing his 17th (all of them) Mist.  Eric Charette held onto a late surge by David Rindt to capture his 3rd consecutive 6th place finish.

On the women's side, Kathy Youngren managed an impressive sub 5 hour finish, including splitting the last 10km in 1:01:13 for a finishing time of 4:46:58.  Kathy was 28 minutes ahead of the next female.

Full Results

Full Results with Splits

Setting personal Mist bests on this day were Eric Charette, James Falcon, Blake Thompson, Brett Wilks, Eric Fritz, Katie Maehlmann, Josh Kennedy and Christy Scott.

1 David Riddle - 3:42:59
3 Robert Youngren - 4:13:57
5 Dewayne Satterfield - 4:16:27
6 Eric Charette - 4:28:12
8 Tim Vinson - 4:28:35
11 James Falcon - 4:29:37
14 Blake Thompson - 4:36:59
16 Brett Wilks - 4:42:23
23 Kathy Youngren - 4:56:58
30 Eric Fritz - 5:15:35
47 Dana Overton - 5:32:58
50 Katie Maehlmann - 5:37:57
53 Joshua Kennedy - 5:41:39
66 Jon Elmore - 5:54:59
68 David Purinton - 5:55:06
71 Joey Butler - 5:55:31
76 Christy Scott - 5:58:45
119 Eric Patterson - 6:30:34
126 Shane O'Neill - 6:33:58
130 Randy McFarland - 6:34:35
133 Linda Scavarda - 6:36:53

Thanks to Dink Taylor for hosting such a great race again this year!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This Weekend

This weekend marks the return of ultra running to Huntsville and the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team looks to capture the podium at the Mighty Mountain Mist 50km.  In its 17th year, Mountain Mist has grown to iconic levels in the ultra running community as it remains one of the top 10 (in size) 50km races in the entire United States and frequently draws national class talent.

Competing from the team on the women's side include last year's winner Dana Overton and past winner Kathy Youngren.  Also contesting for the top spot will be Lisa Rawlings, Katie Maehlmann, Christy Scott and Linda Scavarda.

On the men's side, it is a stellar field starting with the overall winner from last year David Riddle and the masters winner (and multiple time overall winner) Dewayne Satterfield.  Chasing these two will be Tim Vinson, Eric Charette, Rob Youngren, James Falcon, Blake Thompson, David Purinton, Brett Wilks, Jon Elmore,  Eric Fritz, Rick Maehlmann, Greg Reynolds, Randy McFarland, Eric Patterson, David Rawlings, Shane O'Neill, Joey Butler and Josh Kennedy.

It should be a great race to run and an even better race to watch.  Good luck to the entire team in where ever your fleet feet take you!

2011 Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team Sponsorship

Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team

The Fleet Feet Racing Team was created to increase awareness about Fleet Feet Sports, assist in marketing of the store and to provide unity amongst some of the most skilled runners in the local area.

The 2011 team will be a collection of runners who will focus on building the sport in our community via stewardship, being a role model, participation in training programs, voluntarism and achieving competitive race results.

2011 Selection Process

With high demand for fewer team slots, there will be an application process for the Racing Team. While it is not a fixed number, we anticipate that the team will be smaller than 2010, in which we had 40 athletes.  To be considered, you must download the application from the link below, read the team requirements, complete the required fields and e-mail it to us.

Applications should be sent to

Incomplete applications will not be considered. The team will then be comprised of runners who will be selected based on how well you meet all of the documented criteria as listed below

2011 Team Season

The new season begins on April 1 of each year. The application window is from January 20 to February 26 and members will be selected and notified by March 1. At that time, the team will be announced and the additional communications will be sent with instructions for the upcoming season.

2011 Member Requirements

A Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team Member is someone who:
  • Regularly finishes in the top 5% of events that they are racing or are likely to place in their age/gender group and meet the competitive performance guidelines listed below.
  • Frequently volunteers for Fleet Feet sponsored events, including races, fun runs, social events or training runs.
  • Supports Fleet Feet by being an ambassador to the brand and encouraging people by referring them to shop at the store.
  • Is a member of the Huntsville Track Club and promotes HTC events through racing and/or volunteering

Competitive Performance Guidelines

These standards are not absolute requirements for membership. They are intended to provide a guideline for potential applicants. These results should have been within the last calendar year. We appreciate interest, but if you do not meet the competitive requirements, we ask that you please do not apply.
  • Men 5k - 20:00, 10k - 42:00, ½ Marathon - 1:35:00, Marathon - 3:20:00
  • Female 5k - 22:30, 10k – 47:00, ½ Marathon - 1:43:30, Marathon 3:35:00
2011 Team Code of Conduct

If selected as a Race Team Member, you agree to:
  • Understand that wearing Fleet Feet branded apparel for training is important and in races is mandatory.
  • Exclusively wear Nike footwear in all road racing events in which you are representing the Racing Team and be encouraged to train in Nike footwear as well.
  • Understand that there are not minimum requirements for the number of races you compete in per year or the number of times that you volunteer, but that our members typically race 6 or more times per year and volunteer just as often.
  • Regularly communicate with the Team Captain via email.
  • Complete an updated bio, including personal records and future goals (part of the application) that will be featured on the Racing Team Website.
  • Not participate in running for, or support of, any other specialty running or athletic store in the local area.
  • Conduct in an appropriate manner during the time you are in a Nike Fleet Feet uniform and act as a role model to other participants, no matter the circumstance.
  • Understand that your personal behavior matters and Fleet Feet reserves the rights at anytime to remove you from the team.
  • Recognize the importance of your visibility at races in Nike & Fleet Feet apparel from the time you arrive through the award ceremonies to show your support.
2011 Team Benefits

If selected as a Race Team Member, you will receive:
  • A Nike Fleet Feet Team uniform which will include a top and shorts
  • Gift certificates to Fleet Feet Sports
  • Free entry to compete in the Cotton Row 10k and 5k, Rocket City Marathon, Liz Hurley Ribbon Run 5k, Spooktacular 5k and Running of the Bulls 5k
  • Discounts on Nike products purchased at, or ordered online through Fleet Feet Sports in Huntsville.
  • Your own personalized web page on the Fleet Feet Racing Team website
  • Year End Christmas/Awards Party
  • Other incentives or promotional items as the year progresses
2011 Team Membership Dues

Despite many racing teams charging annual dues in excess of $100 per year, Fleet Feet Racing Team Huntsville remains free of charge for those who are selected to the team. It is our belief that your participation, volunteerism and ambassadorship to the store are valuable and worth the investment that you receive in team benefits

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weekend Results

This weekend was the 14th? Annual Recover from the Holidays 50km held at the Cross Country Running Park in Huntsville, Alabama.  The Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team had a great showing with DeWayne Satterfield taking the overall victory in a time of 4:01:14.  Personal bests were set by Blake ThomponJames Falcon and Brett Wilks.  On the women's side, Linda Scavarda was 3rd female in a time of 5:48:22.

This race was directed by team member Eric Charette.

1 DeWayne Satterfield 4:01:14
4 Rob Youngren 4:10:35
5 Blake Thompson 4:14:33
6 James Falcon Male 4:21:08
7 Brett Wilks 4:23:59
24 Linda Scavarda 5:48:22