Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Results

This weekend was phenomenal for the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team from Huntsville at the 17th annual Mountain Mist 50km.

Returning to try to win back-to-back titles was David Riddle, but the competition on paper was greater than ever before with a dozen runners all capable of posting fast times and some national class talent, including Hal Koerner from Ashland, OR and Josh Wheeler from Durham, NC, not to mention all of the local favorites who have notched top performances or wins at this great event.

In the end, David was not only able to hold off the competition, but also broke Dave Mackey's course record, posting a 3:42:59; that is 7:10 pace on rugged, rocky trails with tons of climbing.  But there were so many outstanding performances on this day, including Rob Youngren running a near personal best and taking 3rd overall in 4:13:57.  Then there was Dewayne Satterfield taking the men's masters title with an impressive 4:16:27 and finishing his 17th (all of them) Mist.  Eric Charette held onto a late surge by David Rindt to capture his 3rd consecutive 6th place finish.

On the women's side, Kathy Youngren managed an impressive sub 5 hour finish, including splitting the last 10km in 1:01:13 for a finishing time of 4:46:58.  Kathy was 28 minutes ahead of the next female.

Full Results

Full Results with Splits

Setting personal Mist bests on this day were Eric Charette, James Falcon, Blake Thompson, Brett Wilks, Eric Fritz, Katie Maehlmann, Josh Kennedy and Christy Scott.

1 David Riddle - 3:42:59
3 Robert Youngren - 4:13:57
5 Dewayne Satterfield - 4:16:27
6 Eric Charette - 4:28:12
8 Tim Vinson - 4:28:35
11 James Falcon - 4:29:37
14 Blake Thompson - 4:36:59
16 Brett Wilks - 4:42:23
23 Kathy Youngren - 4:56:58
30 Eric Fritz - 5:15:35
47 Dana Overton - 5:32:58
50 Katie Maehlmann - 5:37:57
53 Joshua Kennedy - 5:41:39
66 Jon Elmore - 5:54:59
68 David Purinton - 5:55:06
71 Joey Butler - 5:55:31
76 Christy Scott - 5:58:45
119 Eric Patterson - 6:30:34
126 Shane O'Neill - 6:33:58
130 Randy McFarland - 6:34:35
133 Linda Scavarda - 6:36:53

Thanks to Dink Taylor for hosting such a great race again this year!