Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Results

Erik Debolt of Nike Fleet Feet Racing made it three victories in his last three races with a 17:15 at the HTC Cookie Dash 5km in Huntsville.  Donald Bowman and Tim Pitt (who set a new personal best in the process) rounded out the top three.  Kathy Youngren continues to dominate with another win in 19:59.  Among the many volunteers were Candace Jacobs, Victor Brown and Christy Scott.

Overall Results

1 Erik Debolt, 29 - 17:16  5:34 
2 Donald Bowman, 44 - 17:26  5:37 
3 Timothy Pitt, 33 - 18:16  5:53 
4 Robert Whitaker, 53 - 18:37  6:00 
10 Kathy Youngren, 37F - 19:59  6:26 

At Vanderbilt, TN, Brandon York ran 14:48.36 (4:45.8 min/mile) taking 2nd place overall at the Vandy Invitational.  Brandon posted a 4 second PR and his first sub 15 minute 5km race since 2006.

Official Results

Eric Charette claimed his second win in as many weeks with a 36:33 at the 32nd Annual Norway Spring Classic in Norway, WI.

Official Results

Greg Reynolds was the overall winner of the YMCA Healthy Kids 5km with a time of 18:08.

Official Results

Dink Taylor and Eric Fritz were part of the Smoky Mountain Relay.  This 208 mile relay started in Brevard, NC and ended at the Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina.

Official Results

In New Orleans at the Ochsner Ironman 70.2, Andrew Hodges posted a 16th overall finish on the weather shortened course, which forced race officials to cancel the swim and cut the bike portion to 52 miles.  

Official Results

On Tuesday at the AMRDEC AER 5km race on Redstone Arsenal, Tim Pitt ran 18:38 taking 2nd place overall.

On Monday on the nation's most prestigious marathon, Dink Taylor posted a 3:32:28 on what has been described as one of the worst weather days in Boston Marathon history.  The weather started in the 70s and ended in the upper 80's resulting in numerous DNF's, including the 2011 winner.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Results

The Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team won every race they ran in this weekend... every one!

The most competitive race was in Athens at the Chick-fil-A Charity 5km where Brandon York ran 15:39 and took the overall win.  Caitlin Morris from the team was top overall female and 7th overall in 18:11.  Eric Patterson helped with the timing.

Official Results

1 Brandon York, 26 - 15:39  5:02 
4 Victor Brown, 48 - 17:33  5:39 
5 Donald Bowman, 44 - 17:42  5:42 
7 Caitlin Morris, 27F - 18:11  5:52

In Huntsville at the NCAC Flash mile, Eric Charette narrowly missed breaking the five minute mark in taking the overall win with a time of 5:00.11.  Robert Whitaker set a state age record with his 5:19, taking second place.  Christy Scott was the top female in a time of 6:36.

Official Results

1 Eric Charette, 36M 5:00.11 
2 Robert Whitaker, 53M - 5:19*
6 Christy Scott, 39F - 6:36 

In Monrovia at the Mount Zion Lead Me to the Cross 5km, Erik Debolt won his second 5km in five days (Double Helix) with a time of 17:16.

In Albertville at the Feeding the Future 10km, Tim Pitt took the overall win with a time of 38:20.  This was also Tim's new personal best for the distance.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weekday Results

At the Double Helix Dash 5km on Tuesday night, the Nike Fleet Feet Men and Women both took victories! Erik Debolt lead the way with the overall win and Robert Whitaker taking third overall and top men's master with an 18:22.  Candace Jacobs was the female winner and 6th overall with an 18:52, while Kathy Youngren was second place female in 20:18.

Official Results


Place T5k     Pace  AgS Fname        Lname            
===== ======= ===== === ============ ================ 
    1   17:22  5:36 29  Erik         Debolt
    3   18:22  5:55 53  Robert       Whitaker
    4   18:31  5:58 39  Eric         Patterson
    6   18:52  6:05 31F Candace      Jacobs
   13   19:53  6:24 44  Eric         Fritz
   16   20:18  6:32 37F Kathy        Youngren

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekend Results

The Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team took to the roads this weekend at three area road races.

In Lynchburg, Tennessee at the Oak Barrel Half Marathon, Eric Charette lead the men's team with a 6th overall place in 1:20:20.  Dana Overton was also the 6th fastest woman, leading the team in 1:37:25.  Tim Pitt sliced over a minute off of his personal best.

6 Eric Charette, 36 - 1:20:20
11 Tim Vinson, 47 - 1:24:11
13 Timothy Pitt, 33 - 1:25:58
23 Eric Fritz, 44 - 1:31:58
48 Dana Overton, 37 - 1:37:25
72 Christy Scott, 38 - 1:42:41
97 David Rawlings, 40 - 1:45:43
185 Lisa Rawlings, 36 - 1:53:07

Photo courtesy of Gregg Gelmis

Photo courtesy of Gregg Gelmis

Photo courtesy of Gregg Gelmis

At the flat and fast 3M/Red Cross River City 10km in Decatur, Brandon York unfortunately took a wrong turn so George Heeschen took the overall win in 34:54.  Blake Thompson continued to scorch the roads this spring with another personal best of 35:31.  Lynn Curry was second overall female in 41:40.

1 George Heeschen, 25 - 34:54.7 5:38/M
2 Blake Thompson, 31 - 35:31.3 5:44/M
4 Victor Brown, 48 - 35:53.3 5:47/M
5 Greg Reynolds, 29 - 36:52.1 5:57/M
7 Rick Maehlmann, 35 - 38:20.3 6:11/M
15 Lynn Curry, 36 - 41:40.7 6:43/M

Official Results

Photo courtesy of Decatur Daily

Photo courtesy of Decatur Daily

Photo courtesy of Decatur Daily

Here is the article from the Decatur Daily.

Locally in Huntsville, Donald Bowman was the overall winner at the  HTC Scholarship 8km Fund Run in a time of 28:53.  It was a 1,2,3 sweep for the men with Dink Taylor and Eric Patterson finishing 2nd and 3rd.  On the women's side, Candace Jacobs finished 5th overall and took the female honors and Kathy Youngren was second female and 11th overall.

1 Donald Bowman, 44 - 28:53 5:49
2 Dink Taylor, 46 -29:47 6:00
3 Eric Patterson, 39 - 30:14 6:05
4 Robert Whitaker, 53 - 30:53 6:13
5 Candace Jacobs, 31F - 31:09 6:16
11 Kathy Youngren, 37F - 33:59 6:51
12 Randy McFarland, 51 - 34:08 6:52

Friday, April 6, 2012

This Weekend

This weekend the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team will be in action at three area road races.

Brandon York and Lynn Curry will be racing the flat and fast 3M/Red Cross River City 10km in Decatur.

In Lynchburg, Tennessee, Eric CharetteEric Fritz, Christy Scott, Lisa Rawlings, David Rawlings and Dana Overton will be racing the Oak Barrel Half Marathon.

Locally in Huntsville, there are sure to be quite a few from the team running the HTC Scholarship 8km Fund Run.

Good luck to the team wherever their Fleet Feet take them!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weekend Results

What a great weekend for ultra distance running for Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team!

Rob Youngren posted an outstanding time of 35 hours, 36 minutes for the Barkley Fun Run.  This cult classic 100 mile race started 40 and had only 3 finishers, which is much more than in most years.  DeWayne Satterfield completed the first loop in 10:47 and dropped at the Pillars of Death in the second loop.  For results and to learn more about the torture of Frozen Head, click here.

Elsewhere, Randy Dogman McFarland competed at Oak Mountain 50km and posted a 6:59:06, finishing 39th of 95 finishers.  The official results are here.

Andrew Hodges posted an early season triathlon victory at the 4th Annual Alpha Delta Pi-athlon.  Andrew's time for the 300 yard swim, 10 mile bike and 5km run was 45:41.