Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Results

Despite the tough conditions this weekend across the South with rain, mud and cooler than normal temperatures, the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team displayed some great trail running talents.

In Huntsville, the trails of Monte Sano State Park were nearing the worse conditions ever for any race (according to many who competed) as the 4th Annual McKay Hollow Madness Trail Run was contested. With a few exceptions, this race covers the most difficult parts of the mountain and this year the mud along "Slush Mile" and along Arrowhead Trail was pretty fierce. This didn't stop David Purinton or Eric Charette who finished 2nd and 3rd overall, minutes behind the leader. Dink Taylor captured the Men's Masters division. On the women's side, Fleet Feet also took places 1-2 with Katie Maehlmann winning overall and Christy Scott taking 2nd place.

This race is directed by team members Blake Thompson with assistance from Rob Yougnren and Kathy Youngren. Out there volunteering from the team were Linda Scavarda (course sweep) along with James Falcon and Josh Kennedy (Aid Station #2).

2 Purinton, David 42 - 2:02:15
3 Charette, Eric 34 - 2:02:54
6 Oneill, Shane 37 - 2:14:45
7 Wilks, Brett 30 - 2:15:09
8 Taylor, Dink 44 - 2:16:57
12 Patterson, Eric 37 - 2:17:50
14 Vinson, Tim 45 - 2:20:25
20 Butler, Joey 41 - 2:28:25
29 Maehlmann, Katie 32 - 2:36:27
36 Fritz, Eric 42 - 2:39:33
40 Scott, Christy 36 - 2:40:35
55 Overton, Dana 35 - 2:51:01

Photos will be posted by mid week on the Mckay Hollow website according to Rob Youngren.

At Frozen Head State Park, DeWayne Satterfield completed 1 loop of the Barkley Marathon (insanely difficult 20+ mile loop repeated 5 times) in 9:44:19. To give you an idea of the insanity that is "Barkley", DeWayne noted that this years course now has 12,000' of elevation climb, PER LOOP!  Last year DeWayne completed the "fun run" which is three loops.

Thanks to E. Harrington's ( updates on Twitter that kept us up to speed on the results.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Racing Team in Action

The Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team from Huntsville has many of our athletes competing this weekend on the trails of Alabama and Tennessee.

In Huntsville the team will be contesting the 4th Annual McKay Hollow Madness Trail Run. Last year the race was 1-2-3 for the Team with David Riddle, Eric Charette and DeWayne Satterfield reaching the summit of the Death Trail before any other runners. This year the top seeds competing are Charette, David Purinton, new team member Tim Vinson and new comer David O'Keefe, but don't count out Dink Taylor who looks to be running strong. This race is directed by team members Blake Thompson with assistance from Rob and Kathy Youngren.

At Frozen Head State Park, it is believed that DeWayne Satterfield is "running" Barkley, although no documentation exists to confirm this, ala Gary Cantrell. Last year DeWayne finished the 60 mile fun run and this year looks to go for 80-100.  For those of you who don't know anything about this odd ultra, here is an excerpt from Matt Mahoney's website, which chronicles the race.

The Barkley is considered one of the toughest 100 mile races in the world. It has 52,900 feet of climb (and 52,900 feet of descent), more than any other 100 mile race, more than the 33,000 ft. of climb at Hardrock, and more than the 45,000 ft. at Nolan's 14.

Since the race began in 1986, only 8 runners out of about 700 have finished within the 60 hour cutoff. Mark Williams of the UK finished first in 1995 in 59:28. Here is his race report. In 2001, after several failed attempts, Blake Wood, 42, NM, and David Horton, 50, VA, finished together in 58:21, only to be disqualified for inadvertently leaving the course to follow a parallel route for about 200 yards. This route (on the south side of the stream instead of the north side) has slightly better footing and had been the normal route until 2000.

To give you some idea of the difficulty of this course, Blake had won the 2001 Rocky Raccoon 100 in 16:13, and the 1999 Hardrock 100 in 30:11. David Horton won Hardrock in 29:35 in 1993 and in 1991 set a course record for the Appalachian Trail, 2160 miles in 52 days.

Cave Dog (Ted Keizer) finished in 56:57 in 2003. He holds the Colorado 14er speed record, 54 14,000 ft. peaks in 10 days, 20:26. He also holds speed records in the White Mountains, Adirondacks, and Catskills. (See He trained for 2 weeks on the course before the race.

In 2004 Mike Tilden and Jim Nelson finished in 57:25 and 57:28, running the last loop in opposite directions as required by a rule added the year before. Both have finished Nolan's 14.

In 2008 Flyin' Brian Robinson set a course record of 55:42. He was the first person to hike the 3 major N-S U.S. trails in a single calendar year: Appalacian, Continental Divide, and Pacific Crest, 7400 miles in 300 days.

In 2009, Andrew Thompson finished in 57:37. In 2005 he set the current speed record for the Appalachian Trail, 2160 miles in 47 days + 13:31 (breaking Pete Palmer's record of 48 days + 20:11 in 1999, who took the record from Horton).

The Barkley consists of 5 20-mile loops with no aid except for water at two points. The cutoffs for the 100 mile race are 12 hours per loop. The 60 mile "fun run" has a cutoff of 40 hours, or 13:20 per loop. To prove you completed each loop, you must find 9 to 11 books (varies) at various points along the course and return a page from each book.

Monday, March 22, 2010

This Weekend's Results

Nike Fleet Feet Racing Huntsville dominated the Huntsville Track Club 10 mile race in Mooresville, Alabama this weekend. The team took 8 of the top 10 positions including the top overall male and female and top masters make and female.

In what can only be described as an amazing finish, David Riddle edged out Josh Whitehead with a surge in the final 50 meters to win by 1 second with a time of 54:07. David noted that they started conservatively in the early miles, running in the mid 5:40's but continued to work the pace down until they were in the low 5's toward the end. Josh made a surge at mile 7, which David covered, but fellow team mate Chris Platt fell back. Josh surged again with two blocks to go for the finish, but it was just a little too early and David was able to cover and pass near the end. David's final mile was 4:48. Chris would finish in 3rd in 55:09.

New team member Tim Vinson bettered his 10 mile personal record by several seconds and in the process also set a state age record (46 years old) with a time of 58:48 and finish in 5th place overall. This was a record by one full minute.

On the women's side, new team member Heather Day was top female, running 1:10:40. The 2nd place female was also from the racing team as Lori Jandreau ran 1:11:21. Whitney Hollingsworth was top female master finisher at 1:15:10.

Many other members of the racing team were at the race in a volunteer capacity, including Eric Fritz, Carl Smith and Linda Scavarda.

Full Official Results

Fleet Feet Team Results

1 David Riddle 54:07
3 Chris Platt 55:09
5 Tim Vinson 58:48
6 Donald Bowman 59:08
7 David Purinton 59:38
8 Shane O'Neill 59:55
9 Greg Reynolds 1:01:16
14 Eric Patterson 1:05:18
18 Jon Elmore 1:07:34
24 Brett Wilks 1:08:57
28 Rick Maehlmann 1:09:49
30 Heather Day 1:10:40
34 Lori Jandreau 1:11:21
39 Kathy Youngren 1:12:10
45 Whitney Hollingsworth 1:15:10
54 James Falcon 1:18:01
61 Lisa Rawlings 1:19:13

Monday, March 15, 2010

This Weekend's Results

The weather did not disappoint this year at Delano and neither did the Fleet Feet Racing Team.

Matching previous years where it has either snowed or where runners have looped the park in torrential rains, the 2010 version of Delano 12 hour had its share of weather issues. In the morning it was a light but steady rain, which later switched to brief sunshine, before the hail rolled through in the afternoon. Toward the end of the day the sun would sporadically shine but it was molstly a cold and wet spring day in Decatur, Alabama.

The weather issues and tight and winding corners of the certified 1-mile gravel loop did not stop the Racing Team from setting some amazing times and mileage marks.

In the 12 hour race, Eric Fritz notched 67 miles on his way to 3rd overall and top masters runner. Josh Kennedy was not too far behind with 61 miles. Blake Thompson was still aching from his sub 24 hour Rocky Raccoon 100 finish last month, but turned in a gutsy performance at 46 miles. Joey Butler and Linda Scavarda ran 40 and 35 miles respectively with Linda notching a fast 50km split

The 50 mile race was closely contested as Eric Charette finished 5 minutes behind for a second place overall with a time of 7:14:16. Eric mistakenly thought that he had taken the lead at mile 42 and eased up, when in reality he was still a lap down.

On the relay side, the team that included Madelyn Patton, Lisa and David Rawlings came in 2nd overall with a lap count of 88 miles, finishing second behind the winners who also ran 88 miles but did it 30 seconds faster. Team members Tim Vinson, George Dewitt, Jason Reneau and Jane Reneau also competed on relay teams that put up some nice mileage numbers.

Directing this River City Runner's race are Racing Team members Eric Schotz and Jon Elmore and once again they did an amazing job.

Official Results

From the frozen tundra of Antarctica, final results are now in for the annual marathon on the southern polar ice cap.

Team members Rob Youngren and Kathy Youngren finished in 1st and 2nd place overall and in the process, defeated the Prince of the Netherlands; seriously. With over 20' swells across the Drake Passage, the Youngen's got to have one more day of vacation as the boat could not cross. This also were lucky at the beginning of the trip where they spent 3 days in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil while the massive earthquake was on the other side of the continent in Chile. In order to run this race, the Youngren's had to sign up more than two years in advance to secure a spot.

Here are the top 3 finishers by gender.

(1) Robert Youngren (3:50:02)
(2) His Royal Highness Pieter-ChristianVan Oranje-Massau (4:22:55)
(3) Peter Barbera (4:23:28)

(1) Kathryn Youngren (3:58:59)
(2) Marit Janse (4:57:40)
(3) Kelly Hansen (5:04:11)

I am sure that Rob and Kathy will have race recaps once they return, but for now there are a few good stories appearing on this blog site.

Also on Saturday in Sheffield, Alabama was the 8th Annual Huff 'N Puff on the Bluff 15km. This is one of the few certified 15km races in the state of Alabama and always draws a fast crowd.

Racing Team member Shane Oneill ran 1:01:28 for 6:36 pace, finishing 6th overall.

Official Results

2010 Team: Eric Schotz

Eric Schotz

Brief Biography

I was born in 1972 in north central Wisconsin. I have been married for 11 years to a very supportive non-running wife and have two children : Fiona, 6 and Elliott (2 yrs). I am the Co-Race Director of  Delano Park 12 Hour Run ( President of River City Runners ( e have 3 cats and 1 dog (chocolate lab). In high school, I was an slightly overweight , badly asthmatic J.V. cross country runner.  I enjoyed being part of the team but never excelled.   The summer after my freshman year in college I decided to run a marathon.  6 weeks later I ran a 3:11 at Grandma's Marathon in Duluth (1991) and I was hooked on long distance running where my asthma wasn't as much of a factor.  I have now completed 19 marathons and 16 ultramarathons. In July of 2009, I ran across alabama in 4 days to raise money and awareness for Tay Sachs research, a disease which afflicts my son.

Short Term Goals

Run strong at the Strolling Jim 40 and regain the course record at the Hot-To-Trot 8hr Run in Atlanta.

Long Term Goals

Be competitive in a 24 hour run and a hundred miler. Stay fit, stay healthy, and have fun and adventure along the way.

Personal Records
  • 1 Mi - 0:05:36 at Brooke Hill on 08/01/07 at age 35
  • 2 Mi - 0:11:31 at Winter Winds on 02/01/09 at age 37
  • 5 km - 0:18:12 at Frosty Freeze on 12/01/08 at age 36
  • 4 Mi - 0:23:58 at Winter Winds on 02/01/09 at age 37
  • 10 km - 0:37:26 at Silver Comet on 03/01/06 at age 34
  • 15 km - 0:59:59 at Monte Sano on 10/01/08 at age 36
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:26:13 at HSV Half on 11/01/05 at age 33
  • 26.2 Mi - 2:54:19 at Rocket City on 12/01/08 at age 36
  • 50 km - 4:11:40 at Bartlett Park on 08/01/09 at age 37

Honest and respected in the Decatur running community. I am competitive is most races I compete in. Believe Fleet Feet is the best running store I've ever visited so referring people and promotion comes easy. Am humble and am more comfortable speaking positively about Fleet Feet and the team as opposed to myself.

2010 Team: Candace Jacobs

Candace Jacobs

Brief Biography

I have lived in Huntsville my entire life. I went to the University of Alabama in Huntsville on a full cross country scholarship. David cain was my coach and I was part of his first recruiting team. I graduated Sum Cum Laude in 2003 with a bachelor's degree in elementary education. I landed a job at Holy Spirit Catholic School the year I graduated and I've been teaching 5th grade ever since. In 2004 I married my husband Erik Jacobs and then in 2007 I had my son Jonathan. I always told myself after college I wanted to run marathons, but I never thought I could be so competitive in this long race. I went from my first marathon of a time of 3:11 in 2004 to my 6th marathon with a time of 2:55 in 2009. I will say having a family definitely put challenges in my training, but it has been so worth it. Although my training is intense and takes time away from my family Erik my husband has been my number one fan and still pushes me to be the best. One last thing I need to say is I thank my parents for their support and encouragement for running, for their the reason I'm the runner I am today.

Short Term Goals

10K-under 37 minutes
5K-under 18 minutes
1/2 marathon- under 1:21
marathon-under 2:55

Long Term Goals

10K-under 36 minutes
1/2 marathon- under 1:20
marathon- 2:50 or better

Personal Records
  • 5 km - 18:17:00 at Spooktacular 5K on 10/31/09 at age 29
  • 4 Mi - 0:24:00 at Winter Winds on 02/15/09 at age 28
  • 5 Mi - 29:33:00 at Pegion Forge Midnight Run on 08/06/03 at age 23
  • 10 km - 37:19:00 at Coca Cola Classic on 05/02/09 at age 28
  • 15 km - 58:55:00 at Monto Sano on 10/11/08 at age 28
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:21:53 at Huntsville 1/2 on 11/08/08 at age 28
  • 26.2 Mi - 2:55:04 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/13/08 at age 28

I think that I'm a good ambassador because of my recoginition with the community and the fact that I normally place top 5 overall in races.

2010 Team: Donald Bowman

Donald Bowman

Brief Biography

Married to wonderful wife Elizabeth. Have a 9 year old daughter and 17 year old son.

Short Term Goals

Speed work tomorrow ha ha.

Long Term Goals

Not slow down too quickly with age and stay healthy and injury free.

Personal Records
  • 1 Mi - 4:50:00
  • 2 Mi - 10:17:00
  • 5 km - 15:38:00
  • 4 Mi - 21:58
  • 8 km - 3:18:00
  • 5 Mi - 3:18:00
  • 10 km - 10:00:00
  • 15 km - 5:17:00
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:16:28
  • 26.2 Mi - 2:47:00
  • 50 km - crazy
  • 50 Mi - insane
  • 100 Mi - death

Run competitively and promote the store

2010 Team: Whitney Hollingsworth

Whitney Hollingsworth

Brief Biography

I started running for exercise in high school. I would run on and off for the next 24 years. I started running competitively in 2003. I have been employed by Graybar Electric Company for 24 years. I have also been married to my wonderful and supportive husband Curt for 24 years. We have 1 daughter (Chloe) 14 who is active in cheerleading and XC and Elkmont HIgh School.You know which sport is my favorite.

Short Term Goals

My short term goals are to try to meet or exceed the PR's from last years races and equal or surpass my Cotton Row Run 10K in 2008 of 44:57. This was my best 10K time ever and I did not meet it in 2009 although I feel 2008 was a fluke of nature.

Long Term Goals

Get accepted into Boston 2011 and train to run it to beat my best marathon time from Rocket City 2009 of 3:49:07. I want to represent Fleet Feet Sports in Boston 2011. I also would like to run Mtn. Mist in 2012 and run The New York City Marathon. I want to continue running and setting new goals for myself.

Personal Records
  • 2 Mi - 13:24:44 at Run to Calvary 2 mile Run on 01/31/09 at age 44
  • 5 km - 21:25:00 at Cookie Dash 5K on 04/18/09 at age 45
  • 4 Mi - 28:08:00 at Winter Winds 4 Mile Run on 02/15/09 at age 44
  • 8 km - 35:46:00 at Scholarship Fund Run 8K on 04/04/09 at age 45
  • 10 km - 44:57:00 at Cotton Row Run 10K on 05/26/08 at age 44
  • 15 km - 1:12:16 at Monte Sano 15K on 10/10/09 at age 45
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:40:45 at Huntsville 1/2 Marathon on 11/08/08 at age 44
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:49:07 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/12/09 at age 45

I will continue to volunteer at races. I will lead running groups when needed and be a good example for the community. I always send people to Fleet Feet sports when they are wanting to get into running and I will continue to do that whether on the team or not because of what Fleet Feet does not just for the running community but the community. The employees at Fleet Feet are always ready and willing to help the customer.

2010 Team: DeWayne Satterfield

H. DeWayne Satterfield

Brief Biography

I was raised by my grandparents in a rural farming community. They taught me the work ethic needed for life (and for running!). I now have two beautiful daughters who like to watch dad do various crazy running antics. My lovely wife shares the passion that God placed in me and between us we strive to maintain a healthy balance of family time, work, and training. It was fun having them as my ""pit crew"" during the last days of the cross Tennessee race and watching them realize some achievements don't come easy...but with patience they can happen. I have been blessed in the ultrarunning society...I have won an ultra every year for the last 16 years, with over 50 overall wins at the various ultra distances.

Short Term Goals

To keep running to the best of my ability while maintaining a healthy family life. Keep injury free while running several ultras per year.

Long Term Goals

I want to run Mtn Mist 50K until I'm at least 100 years old…that is if I can still make the cutoffs! I would like to compete in the Sri Chinmoy 6 day someday.

Personal Records
  • 800m - 0:01:58 at High School Meet at age 16
  • 1 Mi - 0:04:22 at High School Meet at age 17
  • 2 Mi - 0:09:50 at High School Meet at age 17
  • 5 km - 0:15:52 at Life College 5k / Re-Creation 5k on 04/01/92 at age 27
  • 4 Mi - 0:21:10 at Run for the Son at age 28
  • 8 km - 0:26:20 at Oxford Realty 8K (B'ham) at age 31
  • 10 km - 0:33:12 at River City 10K at age 32
  • 15 km - 0:51:50 at Monte Sano 15K on 10/10/92 at age 28
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:12:50 at Rocket City Half-Marathon at age 30
  • 26.2 Mi - 2:42:00 at RCM on 04/08/00 at age 35
  • 50 km - 3:22:00 at Langsford Canal 50k at age 30
  • 50 Mi - 6:00:45 at Mississippi 50 at age 32
  • 100 Mi - 18:34:00 at Arkansas Traveller at age 34
  • Other - 3:17:42:12 at Vol-State 500K / Barkley Fun Run on July/Apil 09 at age 45

I have a great deal of history, not only with Fleet Feet, but with Dink and Suzanne specifically. Dink and I have been running together for almost 25 years and we have shared much blood, sweat and tears over those years. As I am aging (read slowing) I am switching to more of a mentor role and look forward to sharing the knowledge I have garnered over the years.

2010 Team: Carl Smith

Carl Smith

Brief Biography

Hometown of Jackson, TN. Started running in 1979. Earned Mechanical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech in 1985. Worked in Los Angeles for 5 years and ;moved to the Huntsville area in 1991. Married to wife Lynn who runs, but only races occasionally. One daughter Katie, who loves basketball and swimming. Back and knee injuries led to more HTC volunteer activity in the late 1990's. Enjoys giving back to the community in support of healthy activity through running and other sports.

Short Term Goals

Race consistantly under 19:00 for 5K and 39:00 for 10K. Cross train more.

Long Term Goals

Discover ways to improve race times at shorter distances while running limited mileage (due to knee wear and tear .. i.e. cycling, soft surfaces, specific strength training). Keep running for as many years as possible while enjoying the company of good friends.

Personal Records
  • 1 Mi - 5:02:00 at All Comers Track Meet
  • 5 km - 17:30:00 at Runway Run 5K
  • 10 km - 36:30:00 at River City Run
  • 15 km - 56:00:00 at Monte Sano 15K
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:23:00 at Rocket City 1/2M
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:06:00 at Los Angeles Marathon


I have many opportunities to promote FF at the races that I help time/score (9 non-HTC events in the area in 2009). I typically wear apparel with FF logo and recommend the store to runners getting started.

2010 Team: Rick Maehlmann

Frederick "Rick" Maehlmann

Brief Biography

I've enjoyed being active all my life. My dad and I did a lot of long distance bike riding when I was younger. I ran some track in high school, but I focused more on running after graduating from college. I was drawn in by the track club and the running culture in this town. It also helps to have a wife who is supportive and has running as a hobby. I especially enjoy running on the mountain and would do this every day if I could.

Short Term Goals

Complete Mountain Mist in under 6 hours. Complete St. Louis Marathon in under 4 hours. PR at 15K to 1/2 Marathon distance.

Long Term Goals

Complete a marathon in all 50 states. Complete 10 Mountain Mists. Stay competitive and enjoy running while maintaining a balance with work and family

Personal Records
  • 2 Mi - 0:11:57 at Winter Winds on 02/08/04 at age 27
  • 5 km - 0:18:39 at Carey Woods Bash N Dash on 04/11/03 at age 26
  • 4 Mi - 0:25:57 at Winter Winds on 02/09/03 at age 26
  • 8 km - 0:31:32 at Scholarship Fund Run on 04/05/03 at age 26
  • 5 Mi - 0:31:44 at River City Run 5 Mile on 06/29/02 at age 25
  • 10 km - 0:39:20 at Cotton Row Run on 05/26/03 at age 26
  • 15 km - 1:04:40 at Monte Sano 15K on 10/09/04 at age 28
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:28:40 at Rocket City Half Marathon on 11/08/03 at age 27
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:16:28 at Suzuki Rock N Roll Marathon on 06/01/03 at age 26
  • 50 km - 5:12:30 at Trail Run from the Ranger on 12/23/09 at age 33
  • Other - 1:07:23 at Rocket Run 10 Miler on 03/19/05 at age 28

I believe I am a good ambassador of Fleet Feet because I’m down to earth as a runner. I encourage runners at all levels. I try to set a good example for other runners and encourage them. I aspire to improve as a runner as my running times have recently improved after slowing around additions to our family and two injuries. I believe I would be a good ambassador because our family is consistently competing or volunteering at races and setting a good pattern for other runners.

2010 Team: James Falcon

James Falcon

Brief Biography

I am married to Michelle going on 16 yrs, we have two kids Christian and Anna. I work as a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones Investments. Being an advisor and a runner allow me to do what I enjoy, which is help people reach their goals. I have been running since the early 80's. I started doing triathlons in 2002 and that is about the same time I started doing longer races.

Short Term Goals

Break 19 min in a 5k; Redeem myself from the poor performance I had at Mt Mist

Long Term Goals

Complete 100 miler in 2011; Attempt Barkley Fun Run in next 4yrs

Personal Records
  • 800m - 0:02:03 at Bridge City TX Track Meet on 03/26/88 at age 16
  • 1 Mi - 0:04:43 at Port Neches TX District Track Meet on 04/15/88 at age 16
  • 2 Mi - 0:11:04 at Pleasure Island Cross Country Meet TX on 10/17/87 at age 16
  • 4 Mi - 0:26:04 at Winter Winds on 02/01/04 at age 32
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:30:49 at Huntsville Half Marathon
  • 26.2 Mi - 4:47:45 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/14/02 at age 31
  • 50 km - 4:37:31 at Recover from the Holidays on 12/31/09 at age 38
  • Other - 7:11:28 at Mt Mitchell Challenge ~38.5 miles at age 39
  • Other - 11:10:50 at Ironman Florida on 11/03/07 at age 36

I believe my community involvement through the race team and as a professional are a positive for the store. Also, with my performance levels and average build (vs the typical faster runners) inspires the average joe. I am also more involved with the triathlon club which gives the store more exposure to that group. Through my work I meet many people that are not runners and at every opportunity I mention Fleet Feet.

2010 Team: Caitlin Heider

Caitlin Heider

Brief Biography

I have been running for 10 years. I went to colleged at UAH and ran on the Crosss Country and Track Teams. I have school records in the indoor and outdoor 3,000, the outdoor 5,000, cross country 5,000 and 6,000. I was all-conference 4 times and all-region 3 times in cross country. After college I have continued to run. I have done 3 1/2 marathons and 3 marathons. Hopefully, lots more to come!

Short Term Goals

I would like to PR (under 2:53) in the marathon and break 1:20 in the half.

Long Term Goals

Same as above

Personal Records
  • 800m - 0:02:29 at Auburn Cross Country Meet on 01/01/07 at age 21
  • 5 km - 17:17:00 at Auburn Cross Country Meet on 11/03/07 at age 22
  • 10 km - 36:52:00 at Tennessee Volunteer Invite on 05/01/07 at age 22
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:20:00 at Huntsville Half on 11/19/08 at age 23
  • 26.2 Mi - 2:53:00 at Rocket City on 12/13/08 at age 23

Absolutely! =)

2010 Team: Blake Thompson

Blake Thompson

Brief Biography

Played Ice Hockey and Lacrosse while in high school at Culver Military Academy (Culver, IN). Had a short ice hockey career in college, playing for the UAH Chargers during the 2001-2002 season. Began running in 2004, with the Monte Sano Road Race 5k being my first race. Ran my first marathon that following December at Rocket City and the rest is history.

Short Term Goals

Run a personal PR at Mountain Mist 50K in 2010, break 24 hours for 100 miles, and break 3 hours in the marathon.

Long Term Goals

Keep it going. Stay healthy.

Personal Records
  • 5 km - 18:41:00 at Rudolph Run 5K on 12/01/07 at age 26
  • 10 km - 38:43:00 at River City Run 10K on 04/01/08 at age 26
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:19:43 at Huntsville Half Marathon on 12/01/06 at age 28
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:08:00 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/01/06 at age 25
  • 50 km - 4:27:00 at Dizzy Fifties on 11/01/06 at age 25
  • 50 Mi - 14:40:00 at San Juan Solstice (Lake City, CO) on 06/01/07 at age 26
  • 100 Mi - 17:45 atLean Horse 100M 8/28/2010 at age 28
  • Other - 70 Miles at Delano Park 12 Hour (Decatur, AL) on 03/01/09 at age 27

Because I know my way around social gatherings, and I'm pretty handy with motivating people to get involved.

2010 Team: Heather Day

Heather Day

Brief Biography

I ran track in high school and won the 1600m State Title in 1988. I played basketball and ran cross country at UAH. The 2 years I ran cross country (we got it my junior year) I made the Gulf South Conference team and the all Regional team the first year. The second year I was the first ever Gulf South Conference Champion for UAH and I made the all Regional team once again. I still run in local races and try to make it out of town at least once or twice a year for other races.

Short Term Goals

1. Running in more trail races. 2. Decrease my time in the 5k to under 20 minutes. 3. Run a PR at the Azalea Trail race this year in the 10k.

Long Term Goals

1. To run a half-marathon. 2. To run a marathon. 3. To run another 50k . 4. To be more competitive with my 10k time.

Personal Records
  • 800m - 0:02:29 at Auburn Cross Country Meet on 01/01/99 at age 28
  • 5 km - 0:19:18 at Gulf South Conference Championship on 11/01/94 at age 23
  • 4 Mi - 0:25:29 on 02/08/04 at age 33
  • 50 km - 5:10:46 at Dizzy Fifties on 11/23/09 at age 39

I love being a part of Fleet Feet and I'm always talking up the store and what good service customers receive. I enjoy running and enjoy being part of the running community in Huntsville.

2010 Team: Randy McFarland

Randy McFarland

Brief Biography

Began running with Junior High Track and High School Cross Country teams in home town of Kettering, Ohio. After that, ran on my own. Completed first Marathon in 1980; first Ultra in 1995 (Mnt. Mist Trail Run). To date, I have completed well over 100 Marathons or Ultras (50th Marathon Rocket City in 2006). Also lived in Ft. Worth, Texas for 7 years where I also participated in local running and bike races.

Short Term Goals

Improve fitness sufficiently to get 10K time down below 40 minutes.

Long Term Goals

Improve consistency and try to be injury free.

Personal Records
  • 5 km - 0:17:30 at Redstone Arsenal 5K on 03/25/95 at age 34
  • 5 Mi - 0:27:30 at WNCI Night Moves on 06/05/82 at age 21
  • 10 km - 0:34:54 at River City Run, Decatur AL on 04/01/95 at age 34
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:18:13 at River Corridor, Dayton OH on 10/01/82 at age 21
  • 26.2 Mi - 2:44:54 at Dallas White Rock Marathon on 12/01/84 at age 23
  • 50 km - 3:56:41 at Fat Ass 50K on 12/30/95 at age 34
  • 50 Mi - 6:24:50 at Oak Mountain on 02/10/96 at age 34

No response.

2010 Team: Joe Francica

Joe Francica

Brief Biography

Mr. Francica is the editor-in-chief and vice-publisher of Directions Media, and serves as the chief operating officer for the company’s day to day operations. He has been a geospatial technology professional for over 30 years, has authored over 250 articles and is sought by professional organizations and the national media for his insights on geospatial technology. In addition, he is the conference chairman for two events: the Location Intelligence Conference the Rocket City Geospatial Conference. Personally, Mr. Francica received his Bachelors Degree from Rutgers University (New Brunswick, New Jersey) in Geology in 1978, followed by a Master's Degree in Earth Science from Dartmouth College (Hanover, New Hampshire) in 1980, and a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the Edwin L. Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University (Dallas, Texas) in 1989.

Short Term Goals

Excel as a nationally ranked grand masters runner.

Long Term Goals

Maintain a competitive presence in the long distance running of Huntsville.

Personal Records
  • 1 Mi - 4:49 at Trolley Mile, Dallas TX on 06/07/87 at age 31
  • 2 Mi - 10:49 at Winter Winds on 02/06/90 at age 33
  • 5 km - 16:18 at Bachman Lake 5K, Dallas TX on 10/31/87 at age 31
  • 4 Mi - 22:23 at Winter Winds on 02/06/90 at age 33
  • 8 km - 27:12 at Plano Balloonfest 8K, Plano TX on 09/28/85 at age 29
  • 5 Mi - 27:12 at Summer Sizzler 5M, Trenton NJ on 08/30/87 at age 31
  • 10 km - 33:34 at Turtle Creek 10K, Dallas, TX on 10/08/88 at age 32
  • 15 km - 53:53 at Plano Pacer's 15K, Plano, TX on 03/26/88 at age 32
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:14:43 at Dallas White Rock 1/2 Marathon on 11/05/88 at age 32
  • 26.2 Mi - 2:48:40 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/08/90 at age 34

I volunteer at HTC functions and maintain other civic associations such as being an assitant Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 340 (Huntsville, AL); as a liturgical minister for Good Shepherd Catholic Church; as a loyal supporter of the Grissom High School Marching Band.

2010 Team: Dana Overton

Dana Overton

Brief Biography

Dana was born in Dalton, Georgia and grew up in Geraldine, Alabama. With the encouragement of her parents she played high school basketball for four years and was named All County, All Area and All State Honorable Mention. She ran track and was a State Medalist in the 4x100 and 4x400 relays. Dana began running long distance in 2003. She has run marathons throughout the Southeast including Grandfather Mountain in Boone, NC. However trail runs are her favorite. Among those completed are Mountain Mist 50k, The Mt. Cheaha 50k, The Ouachita 50 Miler and The Pinhoti 100 Miler. Sprint triathlons and a half Ironman have been mixed in with her pure running events. Dana has donated her time and energy to help organize the annual Run for Hope 5k which benefits The Marshall County Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Dana's motivation to run is the result of appreciation she feels for the many blessings she has been given and the friends she has made along the way!

Short Term Goals

Run a sub 20 min. 5K and a sub 40 min. 10k

Long Term Goals

Run a sub 3 hour marathon, run The Western States 100 Endurance Run, Complete an Ironman Triathlon

Personal Records
  • 5 km - 0:20:38 at Spirit of Halloween 5k on 10/31/06 at age 31
  • 15 km - 1:06:24 at Monte Sano 15k on 10/10/09 at age 34
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:33:00 at Huntsville half marathon on 11/12/05 at age 31
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:16:00 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/09/06 at age 32
  • 50 km - 4:30:59 at Carl Touchstone MS50 on 03/12/05 at age 30
  • 50 Mi - 9:34:00 at Quachita 50 on 04/16/05 at age 30
  • 100 Mi - 25:30:00 at Pinhoti 100 on 11/08/08 at age 33

It comes naturally for me to encourage current runners and potential new runners of Marshall county to participate in Fleetfeet sponsored events. I frequently make a point to discuss training plans and race preparation for fellow runners. This interaction gives me the opportunity to refer everyone to Fleetfeet Huntsville!

2010 Team: Tim Vinson

Tim Vinson

Brief Biography

I ran as much as necessary to complete the two mile run in under 12 minutes for the twenty-one years that I was in the Army, then decided to qualify for the Boston Marathon at age forty. I qualifed on the first attempt at Rocket City 2005, then ran Boston 2006 and was hooked on long distance running. Frequent exposure to native ultra runners necessitated an attempt at the 2007 Mountain Mist 50K, which immediately became my favorite race. Since then, I've worked hard to improve my PRs at distances from 5K to 50K.

Short Term Goals

Sub 4:30 Mountain Mist 50K, sub 17 5K, sub 35 10K

Long Term Goals

Sub 2:40 marathon; sub 1:16 half marathon

Personal Records
  • 5 km - 17:29:00 at Living Waters 5K on 11/28/09 at age 45
  • 10 km - 35:49:00 at Vulcan 10K on 11/07/09 at age 45
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:17:32 at Mercedes Half Maraton on 2/14/10 at age 45
  • 26.2 Mi - 2:41:20 at Boston Marathon on 4/19/10 at age 45
  • Other - 58:48:00 at Mooresville Ten Miler on 3/21/10 at age 45

I have a great attitude and lead by example.

2010 Team: Kevin Betts

Kevin Betts

Brief Biography

Been running competitively since 8th grade. AL State Champ in the 1600 m and runner-up in the 800 m (Class 5A for Eufaula High School). Ran cross country and indoor/outdoor track for 4 years in college at Georgia Tech; captain of the cross country team my junior and senior year. First team GTE Academic All-American for outdoor track in 1999; second team in 1998.

Married to Tonia Betts (also ran for Georgia Tech) and have three wonderful daughters (Sage, Autumn, and Rose). Currently working at SAIC as engineering director for the Space System Development Division for various NASA and DoD programs. Board member for our church (UUCH) and also teach Sunday School in our Religious Education program.

Short Term Goals

Would like to break 17 minutes for 5K and 35 minutes for 10K in the next 1-2 years. Also would like to race a few local triathlons for a change of pace.

Long Term Goals

Continue enjoying running and racing and remain injury free to the best of my ability. Give back to running community as an assistant coach with one of the local high schools as well as becoming more involved with track club activities as our children grow older. Run a couple of the major marathons that I haven't been to (Chicago and New York).

Personal Records
  • 800m - 1:59:00 at AL State Meet 1995 on 05/01/95 at age 17
  • 1500m - 3:59:00 at Georgia Tech Invitational on 06/14/99 at age 21
  • 1 Mi - 4:21:00 at Kentucky Indoor Classic on 02/01/99 at age 21
  • 2 Mi - 9:17:00 at ACC Indoor Championshiop on 02/14/99 at age 21
  • 5 km - 15:19:00 at Southern Illinois Indoor Classic on 01/15/98 at age 20
  • 5 Mi - 25:37:00 at Tuscaloosa Classic on 10/15/97 at age 20
  • 10 km - 32:41:00 at Southeastern District XC Championships on 11/15/97 at age 20
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:19:45 at Huntsville Half Marathon on 11/01/05 at age 28
  • 26.2 Mi - 2:54:52 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/14/09 at age 32

I try to encourage runners of all ages and abilities, and do my best to present running as a lifelong activity that is a great way to stay in shape, meet other committed people, and as an important part of a balanced lifestyle. I do my best to train hard and race well in the local events that I enter, and I try to look at competition as a chance for all of us to help each other do our best on that given day, rather than in a more adversarial light.

2010 Team: Brad Schroeder

Brad Schroeder

Brief Biography

I was born and raised on a farm in Shelby Ohio with a large family of four brothers and one sister. My running career started my sophomore year of high school and took me to Ohio Northern University where I competed in Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track while getting my Mechanical Engineering Degree. I then got my MBA from Texas A&M while taking some time off running. My career took me to Huntsville, AL with my wife, Elizabeth, where I am working at Redstone Arsenal. I am very excited to find a great running community here which has motivated me to get back into running. I am looking forward to getting involved in the community and to discover what the future holds.

Short Term Goals

Run a sub-16:00 5k

Long Term Goals

Run a fast half-marathon

Personal Records
  • 800m - 0:01:59 at Ohio Northern University Joe Banks Meet on 04/02/05 at age 20
  • 1500m - 0:04:02 at Ohio Athletic Conference Meet at Marietta on 05/13/06 at age 22
  • 5 km - 0:14:46 at North Central (IL) Gregory Invitational on 05/19/06 at age 22
  • 8 km - 0:24:50 at NCAA Regional's at Wilmington on 11/22/05 at age 21
  • 10 km - 0:32:42 at All-Ohio Championships at Ohio Wesley University on 04/16/04 at age 19
  • 15 km - 0:51:48 at Fleet Feet Monte Sano 15k Road Race on 10/11/08 at age 24
  • Other - 0:55:00 at Army 10 Miler in Washington DC on 10/05/08 at age 24

I am a very positive and hard working individual who is always willing to take the time to talk and help fellow runners. I really enjoy the atmosphere of running and racing and would do my best to help other people enjoy this wonderful sport.

2010 Team: Chris Platt

Chris Platt

Brief Biography

I was born January 26th 1984 in New Jersey. I started running when I was little with my dad in local road races. I ran track in middle school and attended Haddonfield Memorial high school 1999-2003. During high school I was a 9 time State Champion, three time all American and two time Nation Champion. In highschool i ran 800m- 1:56, 1600m- 4:14, 3200m 9:26 and cross country 5k 15:11. I jgraduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree with geography. I now work for Intergraph since 2008. I ran at University of Tennessee from 2003-2008. At UT I became a 4 time letter man. I have the freshman school record in 3000m at 8:16. Lately I seem to be getting hurt. I didn’t make it through one of my 5 season in college without having to sit out one because of getting hurt. I have been mostly healthy for a year now with lower milage and keeping it low key. I would really like to turn things around and get back to training much harder once again. I have run as many as 112 miles a week and a 10 week average of 98. But my focus isn’t on mileage right now, it’s getting healthy and getting into a steady running routine.

Short Term Goals

My main focus is trying to build up my milage to be able to run some faster times and maybe be able to compete in some bigger races.

Long Term Goals

Stay healthy so that I don't have to take a lot of time off from running. Improve on my currenty conditioning and hopefully get into some fun longer races.

Personal Records
  • 800m - 1:53 at University of Arizona on 3/15/05 at age 21
  • 1500m - 3:50 at SEC outdoor championships on 05/14/05 at age 21
  • 2 Mi - 8:47 at NY Armory College Inv. 3k* 8:14 coverted (indoors) on 02/09/08 at age 24
  • 5 km - 14:25 at Penn Relays College Section 5k on 04/26/07 at age 23
  • 8 km - 23:52 at SEC Cross Country Championships on 10/30/06 at age 22
  • 10 km - 31:37 at Ncaa Cross Country Championships on 11/09/05 at age 21
  • Other - 52:40 at Sea Isle Beach 10 miler on 08/10/06 at age 22

I feel like I am a good ambassador for Fleet feet because I always push everyone at work to stay fit and eat right. I also try to get everyone to run and keep them motived about the spot because I love it so much!

2010 Team: Kathy Youngren

Kathy Youngren

Brief Biography

I ran my very first race, the Marine Corp Marathon, in 1995. After running my third race ever, Strolling Jim 41.2 miler in Tennessee in 1996, I have been running races whenever possible; from 1 mile to 100 miles but I prefer ultramarathons. In 1999 I had the 5th fastest women’s 100 mile time, and recently, I was the first female at the Mother Road 100 miler in Oklahoma by running 20 hours, 57 minutes. In July of 2009, by running for 33 hours and 39 minutes, I was 5th female overall at the Badwater Ultramarathon - 135 miles through Death Valley.  In March of 2010, I was top female (2nd overall) at the Antarctica Marathon, with the only sub 4 hour female finish, ever.  I have a law degree, a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice, and a Master's Degree in Education. I have the two most wonderful dogs, Trails and Cairo.

Short Term Goals

The Antarctic Marathon in March, 2010. Then, since I minored in Classical Archaeology, I have had an affinity towards the ancient Greek culture, so I am destined to run the Spartathalon 246 km (152 miles) in Athens, Greece in September, 2010. The cut off is only 36 hours, so my goal is to finish the race in the time alloted.

Long Term Goals

In the next few years, Rob and I want to pull a sled through snow and sub-freezing temperatures in the Arrowhead 135 Mile Winter Ultra in northern MN. I would also like to run a sub 30 hour time at the Badwater Ultramarathon.

Personal Records
  • 1 Mi - 5:46:00 at Jimmy Vest Memorial Mile on 05/01/99 at age 24
  • 2 Mi - 12:25:00 at Winter Winds on 02/07/99 at age 24
  • 5 km - 18:46:00 at Run for Glory on 10/01/98 at age 24
  • 4 Mi - 26:42:00 at Winter Winds on 02/11/01 at age 26
  • 10 km - 39:43:00 at River City on 04/01/01 at age 26
  • 15 km - 1:03:00 at Monte Sano on 10/01/01 at age 27
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:31:00 at Rocket City on 11/10/01 at age 27
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:07:00 at Rocket City on 12/01/97 at age 23
  • 50 Mi - 7:25:00 at Mississippi on 03/01/00 at age 25
  • 100 Mi - 20:11:00 at Vermont on 07/01/99 at age 24
  • Other - 5:17:00 at Strolling Jim 40 on 05/01/97 at age 22

Fleet Feet is an important institution in the local running community due to its love and commitment to runners, and I feel honored to be associated with such a worthy and professional establishment. Since its opening, I have supported and encouraged others to embrace Fleet Feet, due to its devotion and loyalty to the running community. I feel that as a representative for Fleet Feet I will continue to visually promote Fleet Feet by wearing its apparel at races and throughout the town, volunteer for races, run competitively at races, and participate in Fleet Feet sponsored events at the store and throughout North Alabama. An important part of being an effective ambassador requires a commitment to run, volunteer, and to encourage others to do the same. We, together, can work to make our running community stronger and better than ever with the support of Fleet Feet and the racing team.

2010 Team: Greg Reynolds

Greg Reynolds

Brief Biography

I grew up swimming from age 5 through college at a D2 school. I began running about 9 years ago to compete in triathlons. I just recently started running more seriously about a year ago and have seen a great deal of improvement in my best times at all distances. I enjoy the socialization that comes with running that I never had swimming. My best time drop so far over the past year is my 10K from a high 39 to breaking 36. My triathlon races have also seen a great deal of improvement as I placed 2nd twice and 3rd once at local events last year and well as qualifying for USAT nationals. I still think I have more time to drop at every race distance and I am going to start trying more trail races.

Short Term Goals

I would like to improve my running abilities at every distance. I have only been running seriously for a relatively short time so I still feel I have more potential at each distance.

Long Term Goals

My long term goals are to continue to improve my speed and indurance. I have found that I have a major weakness in downhill trail running that I'd like to improve to compete at the 50K distance.

Personal Records
  • 800m - 2:26:00 at Huntsville High Track on 03/10/09 at age 26
  • 1 Mi - 5:21:00 at Huntsville High Track on 03/24/09 at age 26
  • 5 km - 17:43:00 at Running of the Bulls on 08/29/09 at age 27
  • 4 Mi - 23:21:00 at Winter Winds on 02/15/09 at age 26
  • 10 km - 35:59:00 at River City on 04/11/09 at age 26
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:22:33 at Memphis Track Club Road Series on 11/08/09 at age 27
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:02:27 at St Jude Marathon on 12/05/09 at age 27
  • Other - 2:02:36 at McKay Hollow Half Trail Race on 03/21/09 at age 26

I regularly place in the top 10 at the races I run, both running events and triathlon. I am not a superstar but I am fairly consistent and am still improving my times at all distances. I enjoy training with groups and can run at any speed to accomadate the slower runners or people interested in starting. Based on preference and my location I buy all my running gear at Fleet Feet and enjoy the store atmosphere and the friendly employees. After being in Memphis for a short time I have seen how vastly different the running community is here. The Fleet Feet group in Huntsville really is a top notch group and I would love to continue to be a part of it.

2010 Team: Madelyn Patton

Madelyn Patton

Brief Biography

Married to Chip Patton for 23 years. Two children: Nathaniel, 20, Carayn, 13. I was raised in a large Irish Catholic family on Staten Island in NYC. I am a member of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Madison. I have my BSN & substitute as a nurse in the Madison City School System. I began running as a way to lose weight but now run because I love it. It is a huge blessing in my life. For me, running is not about what the finish line clock says, but the journey on my way there. It's noticing the butterflies along the path!

Short Term Goals

To run for the love of it!

Long Term Goals

To be running in my 70s and 80s to appreciate all the people, places and experiences along the way!

Personal Records
  • 2 Mi - 13:24 SR at Winter Winds on 02/15/09 at age 46
  • 5 km - 19:55:00 at Rudolph on 12/20/08 at age 46
  • 8 km - 11:33:00 at Steeplechase 8K on 05/10/08 at age 45
  • 5 Mi - 12:35:00 at Spirit of America on 06/28/08 at age 45
  • 10 km - 44:38:00 at River City Run on 04/12/08 at age 45
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:37:25 at Cedars of Lebanon Frostbite on 02/16/08 at age 45
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:57:43 at Knoxville Marathon on 03/29/09 at age 46

Need you ask? I love running and am joyful when I'm running and around running events! Win or lose, I finish with a smile! I encourage runners of all levels to enjoy the journeys running puts them on. Positive, upbeat, love running, but don't sweat the #s on the clock. It truly is about what I see and experience along the way. I think that is contagious to those around me!! And most all of those times, I'm wearing some sort of Fleet Feet attire, so my attitude reflects positively toward the store and owners of the store.

2010 Team: Marty Clarke

Marty Clarke

Brief Biography

I was born in Memphis, TN. I have lived in Huntsville since 1989. I ran my first road race (10K) in 1980 while in the Army and have been running ever since. I participated in Triathlons from 1986-1990 and realized that my lack of swimming ability kept me from being competetive. I have raced every distance from the mile to 51 miles. I have been competitive at most distances. I would not have been able to compete all these years without the support of my wife, Tina and my two daughters. I have been a member of Huntsville track club since 1997and I have directed the HTC All-comers Track meet since 2002. I have been a member of the Fleet Feet Racing team since 2004. I have coached Cross-Country at Westminster Christian Academy since 2007. I have participated in Fleet Feet Tuesday Track workouts since 2004. I have participated in training groups for RCM, Huntsville Half-marathon and Cotton Row 10k. I also coached the first Mizuno Half marathon training. I am a member of the Alabama High School Athletic Directors and Coaches Association.

Short Term Goals

Focus on training for specific distances and races. Work on total fitness not just running fitness. Work on any weaknesses in my running training. Attempt to break 1 Mile State Age Record for 48 year olds. Improve race times from the last two years.

Long Term Goals

Continue running as long as possible, while slowing down as little as possible. Use the experience I have gained over 30 years of running to help others to reach their running goals.

Personal Records
  • 1 Mi - 0:04:44 at Jimmy Vest Mile on 09/18/99 at age 37
  • 2 Mi - 0:10:18 at Winter Winds on 02/08/99 at age 36
  • 5 km - 0:16:08 at Halloween 5k on 10/30/99 at age 37
  • 4 Mi - 0:21:21 at Turket Trot on 11/23/99 at age 37
  • 8 km - 0:27:17 at Scholarship Fund Run on 04/03/02 at age 40
  • 10 km - 0:33:27 at River City Run on 04/10/00 at age 38
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:15:06 at Rocket City Half Marathon on 11/04/99 at age 37
  • 26.2 Mi - 2:48:24 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/13/98 at age 36
  • 50 km - 4:10:30 at Dizzy Fifties on 11/19/05 at age 43
  • Other - 0:56:06 at Rocket Run 10 Mi on 03/19/00 at age 38

I feel I would be a good ambassador for Fleet Feet because of my long time involvement with the Huntsville Track Club and the Huntsville running community. I have a good knowledge of running and training methods and I am willing to share this information with all runners who are interested. From working in the store I have good product knowledge. I also have knowledge of the shoe fitting process and how it applies to biomechanics.

2010 Team: Rob Youngren

Robert Youngren

Brief Biography

Born in Woodland, California and grew up just a bit away in Sacramento. Attended the Virginia Military Institute (1997) where I graduated with a B.S. in Physics (minor in Astronomy). Met my lovely wife Kathy not long later and relocated to Alabama. Earned my M.S. in Computer Science from UAH and am currently pursuing my PhD in Computer Science. Have been working as a computer scientist / analyst for over 10 years. In addition to my passion for running, I also enjoy offroad unicycling as a means to cross-train for trail running. I hope to one day have an offroad unicycling resume that matches my ultra-marathon resume.

Short Term Goals

Finish in the top 3 at the Antarctica Marathon, run the 325 Mile Pinhoti trail in less than a week and finish in the top 3 at the Mother Road 100 Mile.

Long Term Goals

Be the first person to unicycle the Colorado Trail, finish the Iditasport Trail Invitational 350 Mile and 1100 Mile foot races, finish the 60 Mile Barkley Fun Run, finish the Ultra Tour de Mont Blanc, finish the Badwater 135 Mile, run sub 24 hours at the Wasatch Front 100 (Crimson Cheetah).

Personal Records
  • 800m - 0:02:09 in High School
  • 1 Mi - 0:04:48 in High School
  • 2 Mi - 0:09:56 in College
  • 5 km - 0:16:47 at Run for Glory 5km on 10/24/98 at age 24
  • 4 Mi - 0:22:56 at Winter Winds on 02/07/99 at age 24
  • 8 km - 0:28:10 at Wake Forest Invitational (XC) on 10/05/96 at age 22
  • 10 km - 0:35:19 at Crawfish Crawl on 05/07/99 at age 24
  • 15 km - 0:55:05 at Monte Sano on 10/09/99 at age 25
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:19:33 at Rocket City Half-Marathon on 11/13/10 at age 23
  • 26.2 Mi - 2:50:46 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/11/99 at age 25
  • 50 km - 3:41:26 at Peach Tree Classic on 11/10/02 at age 28
  • 50 Mi - 6:12:55 at Mississippi 50 Mile Run on 03/04/00 at age 25
  • 100 Mi - 17:49:18 at Old Dominion 100 Mile Run on 05/31/97 at age 22
  • Other - 107:36:03 at Grand Slam of Ultrarunning on 09/12/98 at age 24

Whether I'm racing to the best of my ability or simply helping out at the finish line of a local event, I am a very visible member of the Huntsville running community. As a Fleet Feet ambassador I'll help promote Fleet Feet as the place to go for new and veteran runners alike (as I have many, many times in the past).

2010 Team: Brett Wilks

Brett Wilks

Brief Biography

My wife, Amanda, and I live/work in Huntsville, Alabama. We have two small children. Jax (our son) will be 4 years-old in Febuary and Dylan (our daughter) will be 2 years-old in April. When Dylan was born, I decided it was time to get fit, so I started a consistent running routine. I ran a couple of 5k's prior to that time, but on little to no training. I have had some good races toward the end of 2009 and look forward to the 2010 season (which will start with Mountain Mist).

Short Term Goals

5k - 18:38 (or 6:00min/mile pace); 10k under 40:00; 10-miler under 65:00; 1/2 marathon under 1:30

Long Term Goals

marathon under 3:00; Mountain Mist under 5:00

Personal Records
  • 2 Mi - 12:12:00 at Winter Winds on 02/14/10 at age 29
  • 5 km - 18:44 at Liz Hurley on 10/16/10 at age 30
  • 4 Mi - 27:02 at Winter Winds on 02/14/10 at age 29
  • 10 km - 42:15 at Cotton Row on 05/25/09 at age 29
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:28:21 at Huntsville Half Marathon on 11/13/10 at age 30
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:04:08 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/11/10 at age 30
  • 50 km - 4:31:59 at Dizzy Fifties on 11/20/10 at age 30
  • Other - 1:04:47 at Army 10-miler on 10/24/10 at age 30

2009 was a great running year for me. The sport has introduced me to a great group of people in the Huntsville community that have a positive, encouraging attitude toward me and the sport. I think I represent a good demographic for the Huntsville runner (a young married guy with 2 small children). I tend to have a positive attitude regardless of the situation.

2010 Team: Conrad Meyer

Conrad Meyer

Brief Biography

Married to Anne, my very supportive wife. I have four children (Allison, Ryan, Hannah, and Connor). I love to run on all surfaces (road, track, and trail) and play golf. My favorite race is the Mountain Mist 50K. I have worked in the Huntsville Defense Industry, as an engineer, since graduating from Auburn University in 1989. I enjoy running local races and helping new runners with competitive racing and overall fitness. I also enjoy cycling, swimming, playing tennis, and ice hockey. I love to camp, read, and watch movies and sports on TV.

Short Term Goals

Continue to stay healthy and improve on my racing times from 2009. Continue to help other runners and perform volunteer services. I would like to get my 5k time back in the 17s and run a fast mile (five o's). I would also like to run a half marathon under 1:28 and find some time to run more trails.

Long Term Goals

Complete both a half and full Ironman. Also run a 100 mile race (Western States). Keep some speed with 1milers and 5ks. Continue to contribute to the Huntsville running community through volunteering with the HTC and Fleet Feet.

Personal Records
  • 800m - 2:25 at HTC Track Meet on 07/15/03 at age 38
  • 1 Mi - 4:59 at HTC Track Meet on 07/15/03 at age 38
  • 2 Mi - 11:58 at Winter Winds 2 Miler on 02/13/04 at age 39
  • 5 km - 17:07 at Madison Don't 5K on 05/21/03 at age 38
  • 4 Mi - 24:16 at Winter Winds 4 Miler on 02/13/04 at age 39
  • 8 km - 29:29 at HTC Scholarship Run on 04/17/05 at age 40
  • 10 km - 35:29 at River City 10K Decatur, AL on 04/10/03 at age 38
  • 15 km - 57:45 at HTC 15K on 10/09/04 at age 39
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:21:18 at Huntsville Half Marathon on 03/15/03 at age 38
  • 26.2 Mi - 2:57:46 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/10/03 at age 38
  • 50 km - 4:17:18 at Mountain Mist Trail Run on 01/30/96 at age 31
  • 50 Mi - 8:15:49 at Mississippi 50 Miler on 03/05/97 at age 32

I am a veteran local runner with loads of experience to share with all runners. I am a consistent and constant participant and volunteer at many local events (both races and Fleet Feet sponsor and team events included). I have been running for Fleet Feet since the start of the racing team and continue to promote and love the sport of running. I also interact with many triathletes and other sports type people (golf, hockey, tennis, soccer, etc.) that allows me to further promote Fleet Feet. I have always followed Fleet Feet’s expectations of wearing team uniforms and being professional and will continue to follow the guidelines of the Fleet Feet Racing Team. I feel that I can continue to be an example and provide inspiration for younger and less experienced runners. Mostly, I would continue to be a good ambassador for Fleet Feet because I love the running.

2010 Team: David Rawlings

David Rawlings Brief Biography I was born and raised in central Kansas. I ran track for a few years in middle and high school. I really didn't begin running until I joined the Army in 1992. There, I learned that I had a natural gift for endurance running. I ran because it was part of the Army's physical training program, but I do admit to liking that portion of it. In fact, while in the 18th Airborne Corps, we had to do an annual 20km-ruck march as part of a fitness qualification; I chose to run it. I left the Army in 1999 and took some time off from running. Over the years, I had gained wight and in May 2000, I resolved that I needed to lose weight and running seemed the most effective way. Thus began my modern running career. This has spawned other concerns for fitness: diet, excercise, and other types of activities, like weightlifting. I have discovered that the two together produce the best results for me. I try to stay in shape and running seems to be my mainstay activity. I am intersted in other fitness activities but, for now, running dominates. Short Term Goals Qualify for the Boston Marathon and lower my current PRs. Long Term Goals Stay healthy and fit and run a marathon in all 50 states. Personal Records
  • 5 km - 19:48 at Frosty Freeze Run on 12/05/09 at age 38
  • 4 Mi - 32:37 at Krispy Kreme Donut Challenge on 11/20/09 at age 38
  • 5 Mi - 32:30 at the Fitness Festival 5 in Salina , KS on 06/12/10 at age 38
  • 10 km - 42:27 at 3M River City Run 10k on 04/10/10 at age 38
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:34:02 at Life Without Limits Half Marathon on 10/31/09 at age 38
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:21:41 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/12/09 at age 38
Ambassadorship I feel like I am a good ambassador for Fleet Feet because I know the store well and am informed about the products it offers to the running community. Also, my wife and I attend a wide range of running events and are faithful about our commitment to be advocates of the sport. I enthusiastically encourage my friends and colleagues to take advantage of a healthy life style, including the joys and benefits of running.

2010 Team: Brandon York

Brandon York

Brief Biography

I started running competitively in the 8th grade (Track - in the Spring of 1999) at Eastwood Middle School in Tuscaloosa. I ran cross country for the first time the following year in 9th grade at Central High School. My high school coach, although extremely motivating and encouraging, was not particularly fit to coach distance runners as he specialized in sprinting and field events. As such, I was subjected to a lot more speed-oriented workouts (i.e. 200 and 400 repeats during XC season) and hardly no emphasis on mileage base training. During cross country season, I probably peaked at 25 miles a week. Yet, I was still able to run decent times in high school (4:28 1600; 9:49 3200; 16:09 5k). I continued running each year throughout high school and eventually received an athletic scholarship to run at UAH under Coach David Cain. My experience there was a lot better in terms of training and results, largely due to Coach Cain's knowledge of distance running. I even experienced the joy of running in shorty shorts for the first time in college (as opposed to basketball shorts in high school)! I had a lot more structured training regimen and had access to trainers and expert advice. The crowning moment of my college career came in my last season of eligibility for cross country. I helped lead my XC team to it's first Gulf South Conference Championship title, beating a Harding team that had won 7 straight. And then to follow that, I helped lead UAH to it's first ever mens team berth to the NCAA Division II Cross Country National Championship meet, finishing 2nd place at the Regional Championships. My college PRs can be seen under the "Personal Records" section below.

Short Term Goals

Just to get my legs back under me. It's been a couple years since I last raced - due in part to medical issues as well as a period of indecisiveness (not knowing whether I wanted to focus primarily on weight training or primarily on running). My short term goal is to slowly make training and racing a part of my life again.

Long Term Goals

Get back into the shape I was in college, and be capable of racing as fast and possibly faster. I know that, potentially, my best years of running are still ahead of me, so I want to try to take advantage of that. I've been told the talent is there, but I've just got to put in the work. I really want to try to improve on my 5k and 10k PRs.

Personal Records
  • 800m - 1:58 at Alabama Relays on 03/19/06 at age 20
  • 1500m - 4:01 at JSU Invitational on 04/07/07 at age 21
  • 2 Mi - 9:12 at Clemson Tiger Classic (Indoor) (converted) on 02/10/07 at age 21
  • 5 km - 14:52 at Georgia Tech Invitational on 05/13/06 at age 20
  • 8 km - 24:40 at Brooks Memphis Twilight XC Classic on 10/07/06 at age 21
  • 10 km - 31:52 at Sea Ray Relays on 04/14/07 at age 21

I bring to the table a competitve spirit and love for running. I'm also open to making new friends and having a team to run with again. I'm all about team unity. I think a good ambassador for Fleet Feet should have those qualities.

2010 Team: Eric Fritz

Eric Fritz

Brief Biography

I grew up in Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC and moved to Huntsville right out of college in 1989. Having never run competitively before, I started running when I was 35 to get more fit and try to increase my stamina for volleyball tournaments. I'm now 42 and quit playing volleyball a couple years back to focus on my running. I have two wonderful daughters that keep me quite busy and a very supportive wife who lets me get a way with much more than I should.  I love the outdoors and feel most at home in the woods.

Short Term Goals

For the near term, I'm working towards volunteering as much as possible. I'd also like to break 20 minutes in a 5k race. I feel that I am in shape to do so but lately I have been focusing on longer distances. My real goal for 2010 though, is to run a 100 mile ultra. Currently I'm targeting Arkansas Traveller 100, but if another opportunity presents itself, I may jump on it.

Long Term Goals

My long term goals include being fit enough to run the Hardrock 100 mile race. I consider this one of the hardest 100 mile races around, particularly when you consider the elevations. I plan to run "significant distance" on the Appalachian Trail, but due to family and work, that will stay a goal for a while. And lastly, as with every runner I know, the only true long term goal is to have the ability to continue to run for many more years.

Personal Records
  • 5 km - 19:54 at Cotton Row Run 5km on 05/31/10 at age 42
  • 10 km - 42:54 at UAH 10K on 3/07/10 at age 42
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:45:31 at Huntsville Half Marathon on 11/10/07 at age 40
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:22:52 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/12/09 at age 42
  • 50 km - 4:58:15 at Dizzy 50s on 11/22/08 at age 41
  • 50 Mi - 9:30:50 at Mountain Masochist on 11/07/09 at age 42

Having never really run before walking into Fleet Feet Huntsville, I consider myself a product of Fleet Feet and it's training programs. All of my running development and training can be directly related back to Fleet Feet. I will always be indebted to Fleet Feet for this and will continue to share my experience and training with other runners through formal and informal training groups and fun runs.

2010 Team: David Riddle

David Riddle

Brief Biography

I was born in Anniston, AL on September 25, 1981 and first started running in the 4th grade shortly after my family moved to the Huntsville area. While in the 7th grade, I began running competitively at Liberty Middle School and continued running track and cross-country throughout my high school career at Bob Jones in Madison. My senior year, I was chosen as the HTC Male Outstanding High School Cross Country Runner of the year and was all-state in track and cross-country. In 2000, I began attending Auburn University and walked on to the varsity cross-country and track teams. After red shirting my freshman year, I was a four-year letter winner while working toward a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Following the completion of my undergraduate degree and athletic eligibility I hung around Auburn for another year and a half to continue training with the team and to earn my Master’s degree. After graduation I moved back to Huntsville, began working for the Army and got married to Stefanie Lycans. I have continued running competively, moving up in distance to the marathon and have recently begun running trails more often with promising results. In arguably my great running achievement, I won the 2009 Rocket City Marathon. I also won the 2009 Dizzy Fifties 50k, 2009 Recover from the Holidays 50k and the 2010 Mountain Mist 50k to be the first person to win all of the "Grand Slam" races in a single season.

Short Term Goals

Run under 32 minutes at Cotton Row in the 10k and be the top local finishers again.

Long Term Goals

Continue running trails and ultras and see where that takes me. Run more regional and national level races to continue challenging myself.

Personal Records
  • 1500m - 0:03:57 at 2008 Springtime Invite, Auburn University on 01/01/08 at age 26
  • 5 km - 0:14:38 at 2005 Penn Relays on 01/01/05 at age 23
  • 10 km - 0:31:27 at 2007 Azelea Trail Run on 01/01/07 at age 25
  • Other - 0:50:51 at 2008 Army Ten-Miler on 10/01/08 at age 27
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:08:11 at 2008 Huntsville Half Marathon on 11/01/08 at age 27
  • 26.2 Mi - 2:26:23 at 2009 Rocket City Marathon on 12/12/08 at age 27
  • 50 km - 3:21:25 at 2009 Dizzy Fifties on 11/15/09 at age 28

My performances and high profile within the local running community allow me a great opportunity to be a positive role model and an ambassador for the Fleet Feet brand. I am ale to use my years of experience and coaching to provide training advice to fellow team members and others in the community who want to increase their performance. I participate in events encouraging kids to be physically fit and actively at schools like Hampton Cove Elementary. I also have volunteered at the Autumn chase runs and other local races. I plan to continue to use my positive attitude and passion for the sport of distance running to be a powerful ambassador for Fleet Feet.

2010 Team: Linda Scavarda

Linda Scavarda

Brief Biography

I was born in Waukegan, IL and we moved to Cullman, AL in October of 1992. My first official race was the Hershy Track meet in 5th grade. From there I played basketball from 7th grade to 10th grade and also attempted track in Middle school where I throw the shot put and discuss. One day I was asked by the high school coach to come out and run over the summer. I walked most of the 2 mile course, but continued to go back. I ran XC and Track all through high school and help set some records. I was 2nd at the XC state meet my senior year and 8th my junior year. I got a college scholarship to UAH for XC. Ran 4 years of XC and Track, set several personal records and was close to qualifying for the track nationals. For XC I helped the team to 2 Conference Championships and 2 trips to Nationals. I am now a grad student getting my Masters of Accountancy after getting my Bachlor's in 2006. Currently working as a General Ledger Accountant.

Short Term Goals

Currently my short term goal is to get back into shape and be healthy physically. I would really like to run sub 20 again this year.

Long Term Goals

Long term goals would be to eventually break 6 hours at Mt. Mist, run sub 19 again in a 5k, run a 100, and to do some crazy adventure running.

Personal Records
  • 5 km - 18:47 at Vanderbilt Invitational on 04/23/05 at age 21
  • 10 km - 38:25 at Alabama Relays on 03/19/05 at age 21
  • 15 km - 1:04:47 at Monte Sano 15k on 10/10/09 at age 25
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:35:49 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/12/09 at age 26
  • 50 km - 5:20:56 at Recoverer from the Holiday on 12/31/08 at age 25

Because it is not just about racing and trying to win, it is about getting out there, having fun, encouraging others, volunteering, and remembering that sometimes it is not about you but helping someone else accomplish a goal you have already accomplished.

2010 Team: Jon Elmore

Jon Elmore

Brief Biography

I ran cross country and track from Jr. High right on through College at the Univ. of Wisconsin @ Stevens Point (Div. 3) and enjoyed a lot of success. After college, career, family and other activities filled my time and I didn't take up running again until I was 38. Since then I have learned more about every aspect of the sport and am once again enjoying all that is has to offer. I have been married to Kelly (also a runner) for over 17 years and we have 3 beautiful daughters who tolerate and encourage Mom's and Dad's slight obsession to running. I look forward to running and volunteering/race directing at runs for the rest of my life.

Short Term Goals

Finish Mtn Mist 50K to earn Fleet Feet Grand Slam Jacket. Set Alabama State record for 44 yr old male in 1 mile. Run another sub 3 hr. Marathon. Assist and encourage runners of all all ages and abilities to achieve their goals.

Long Term Goals

Run 100k and/or 100 miles, Run Western States 100, Run Bad Water 135. Stay active and healthy to be able to do aformentioned. Assist and encourage runners of all all ages and abilities to achieve their goals.

Personal Records
  • 800m - 0:02:00 at Manitowoc Lincoln HS Track meet on 05/10/84 at age 18
  • 1 Mi - 0:04:20 at Manitowoc Lincoln HS Track meet on 05/16/84 at age 18
  • 1 Mi - 0:04:55 at St. Jude Run on 07/11/08 at age 42
  • 2 Mi - 0:11:10 at Winter Winds on 02/12/06 at age 40
  • 5 km - 0:17:23 at Spooktacular 5km on 10/30/10 at age 44
  • 4 Mi - 0:23:20 at Haynes Apperson on 06/30/07 at age 41
  • 8 km - 0:30:02 at Steeple Chase on 05/09/09 at age 43
  • 5 Mi - 0:32:33 at Spirit of America on 07/02/05 at age 39
  • 10 km - 0:37:06 at Dam Bridge Run on 11/22/08 at age 42
  • 15 km - 0:58:01 at Huff'n'Puff on the Bluff on 03/10/07 at age 41
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:22:48 at Life w/o Limits on 10/31/09 at age 43
  • 26.2 Mi - 2:57:46 at Boston on 04/16/07 at age 41
  • 50 km - 4:42:00 at Recover from the Holidays on 12/31/09 at age 43
  • 50 Mi - 9:12:22 at Mountain Masochist 50+ Trail Run on 11/07/09 at age 43
  • 50 km - 5:34:52 at Mountain Mist 50k Trail Run on 01/24/09 at age 43

My past and future running career will show others what they can also achieve with the right guidence and equipment and motivation. My active volunteerism and numerous Race Directorships gives back to the community.

2010 Team: Lori Jandreau

Lori Jandreau

Brief Biography

I am a Registered Dietitian, runner, cyclist, and triathlete. My love for endurance sports began 3 years ago when I began riding my bicycle to the beach and back (40mi) while living in Florida. I quickly went from casual riding to group rides and races. To improve my cycling, I wanted to cross train with some running. A friend suggested I try a 1/2 marathon, so I trained and ran a 2:10. That was my first competitive running event. Unimpressed with that time, I trained harder and did the same race a year later with a time of 1:45 and have continuted to improve since then. Cycling has now taken a backseat to running! I find that getting a 'runners high' is the best feeling ever and that running is a great way to maintain health/fitness and is a nice social outlet. Since I am pretty new to the sport, I don't have an extensive race history and have mainly raced 1/2 marathons. So far I have PRed on every single event I've commpeted in. This constant improving gives me motivation to continue racing! My nutrition background definitely helps with my training and desire to keep myself (and others) healthy.

Short Term Goals

To run a 1:30 (or less) 1/2 marathon, a 3:20 (or less) full marathon, and to start trail running.

Long Term Goals

To run larger races such as the Boston and NYC marathons. I would also love to run ultra distances. As far as time goals, I am striving towards being the top overall woman finisher at events, not just age group top.

Personal Records
  • 5 km - 20:49:00 at FAU Wellness Triathlon (5k not open) on 04/14/09 at age 24
  • 8 km - 10:02:00 at Turkey Day 8k on 09/26/09 at age 25
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:34:26 at HTC 1/2 Marathon on 09/14/09 at age 25
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:25:31 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/12/09 at age 25

I am an energetic, upbeat person! I'm also very involved in the health community and love attending health fairs/seminars. I have good morals and an optimistic outlook on life. Professionally and personally I practice what I preach and always enjoy helping others with their health/fitness goals. I also think it is important to show people that you don't have to have a high school or college racing history to be a good runner. I do frequently go to races outside the Huntsville area and therefore can show off the Fleet Feet name locally as well as in a larger geographic area.

2010 Team: Lisa Rawlings

Lisa Rawlings

Brief Biography

I was born and raised in a very large family in Western New York, on the shores of Lake Erie. Although I ran track in high school, I did not really acquire a true love for the sport until I was in my early twenties. After receiving my Bachelor's Degree at SUNY Buffalo, I attended graduate school at Fordham University in the Bronx, New York. While at Fordham, my love for running flourished, as I was able to fall in love with running through the enchanting Central Park. I ran my first marathon in New York City in 1998. In 2003, I met my husband and he convinced me to leave my life in New York City behind, so I packed my belongings and headed to Huntsville, Alabama. I have been a Catholic school teacher for the past ten years and currently teach at St. Bernard Preparatory School in Cullman, Alabama.

Short Term Goals

Achieve new PRs at all distances in 2010.

Long Term Goals

Run a stellar Boston Marathon in 2011.
Run a marathon in all 50 states.

Personal Records
  • 5 km - 20:51 at Liz Hurley 5km on 10/16/2010 at age 35
  • 10 km - 44:56 at 3M River City Run 10k on 4/10/10 at age 34
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:41:04 at Huntsville Half Marathon on 11/15/10 at age 34
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:37:11 at Spinx Run Fest Marathon in Greenville, SC on 10/30/10 at age 35  

I am a good ambassador for Fleet Feet because I know the store well and am informed about the products it offers to the running community. Also, my husband and I attend a wide range of running events this year and are faithful about our commitment be advocates of the sport. I am goal-driven and enthusiastically introduce family and friends to take advantage of the joys and health benefits of running.