Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 Team: Tim Vinson

Tim Vinson

Brief Biography

I ran as much as necessary to complete the two mile run in under 12 minutes for the twenty-one years that I was in the Army, then decided to qualify for the Boston Marathon at age forty. I qualifed on the first attempt at Rocket City 2005, then ran Boston 2006 and was hooked on long distance running. Frequent exposure to native ultra runners necessitated an attempt at the 2007 Mountain Mist 50K, which immediately became my favorite race. Since then, I've worked hard to improve my PRs at distances from 5K to 50K.

Short Term Goals

Sub 4:30 Mountain Mist 50K, sub 17 5K, sub 35 10K

Long Term Goals

Sub 2:40 marathon; sub 1:16 half marathon

Personal Records
  • 5 km - 17:29:00 at Living Waters 5K on 11/28/09 at age 45
  • 10 km - 35:49:00 at Vulcan 10K on 11/07/09 at age 45
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:17:32 at Mercedes Half Maraton on 2/14/10 at age 45
  • 26.2 Mi - 2:41:20 at Boston Marathon on 4/19/10 at age 45
  • Other - 58:48:00 at Mooresville Ten Miler on 3/21/10 at age 45

I have a great attitude and lead by example.