Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 Team: Heather Day

Heather Day

Brief Biography

I ran track in high school and won the 1600m State Title in 1988. I played basketball and ran cross country at UAH. The 2 years I ran cross country (we got it my junior year) I made the Gulf South Conference team and the all Regional team the first year. The second year I was the first ever Gulf South Conference Champion for UAH and I made the all Regional team once again. I still run in local races and try to make it out of town at least once or twice a year for other races.

Short Term Goals

1. Running in more trail races. 2. Decrease my time in the 5k to under 20 minutes. 3. Run a PR at the Azalea Trail race this year in the 10k.

Long Term Goals

1. To run a half-marathon. 2. To run a marathon. 3. To run another 50k . 4. To be more competitive with my 10k time.

Personal Records
  • 800m - 0:02:29 at Auburn Cross Country Meet on 01/01/99 at age 28
  • 5 km - 0:19:18 at Gulf South Conference Championship on 11/01/94 at age 23
  • 4 Mi - 0:25:29 on 02/08/04 at age 33
  • 50 km - 5:10:46 at Dizzy Fifties on 11/23/09 at age 39

I love being a part of Fleet Feet and I'm always talking up the store and what good service customers receive. I enjoy running and enjoy being part of the running community in Huntsville.