Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 Team: Whitney Hollingsworth

Whitney Hollingsworth

Brief Biography

I started running for exercise in high school. I would run on and off for the next 24 years. I started running competitively in 2003. I have been employed by Graybar Electric Company for 24 years. I have also been married to my wonderful and supportive husband Curt for 24 years. We have 1 daughter (Chloe) 14 who is active in cheerleading and XC and Elkmont HIgh School.You know which sport is my favorite.

Short Term Goals

My short term goals are to try to meet or exceed the PR's from last years races and equal or surpass my Cotton Row Run 10K in 2008 of 44:57. This was my best 10K time ever and I did not meet it in 2009 although I feel 2008 was a fluke of nature.

Long Term Goals

Get accepted into Boston 2011 and train to run it to beat my best marathon time from Rocket City 2009 of 3:49:07. I want to represent Fleet Feet Sports in Boston 2011. I also would like to run Mtn. Mist in 2012 and run The New York City Marathon. I want to continue running and setting new goals for myself.

Personal Records
  • 2 Mi - 13:24:44 at Run to Calvary 2 mile Run on 01/31/09 at age 44
  • 5 km - 21:25:00 at Cookie Dash 5K on 04/18/09 at age 45
  • 4 Mi - 28:08:00 at Winter Winds 4 Mile Run on 02/15/09 at age 44
  • 8 km - 35:46:00 at Scholarship Fund Run 8K on 04/04/09 at age 45
  • 10 km - 44:57:00 at Cotton Row Run 10K on 05/26/08 at age 44
  • 15 km - 1:12:16 at Monte Sano 15K on 10/10/09 at age 45
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:40:45 at Huntsville 1/2 Marathon on 11/08/08 at age 44
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:49:07 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/12/09 at age 45

I will continue to volunteer at races. I will lead running groups when needed and be a good example for the community. I always send people to Fleet Feet sports when they are wanting to get into running and I will continue to do that whether on the team or not because of what Fleet Feet does not just for the running community but the community. The employees at Fleet Feet are always ready and willing to help the customer.