Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 Top Individual Performances

It has been an outstanding year for the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team from Huntsville.  In addition to all of the volunteer work that the team puts in, there have been some amazing race performances by each and every team member.  Here are the best efforts from each member for the season.

Women's Team

  • Lynn Curry - Overall female winner at the Spirit of America 5 mile by over a two minute margin
  • Candace Jacobs - Overall female winner and two state age records at Winter Winds in the 2 mile 11:23 (11:57 old state record record) and the 4 mile 23:54 (25:54 old state record)
  • Lyndsey Kulaw - Overall female winner at Mountain Mania 15km with a time of 1:14:32
  • Katie Maehlmann - Personal best at Chicago Marathon with a time of 3:15:33
  • Caitlin Morris - Overall female winner at Spooktacular 5km with a time of 17:54
  • Dana Overton - Overall female winner at Wild Irish 10km with a time of 44:28
  • Madelyn Patton - Near personal best at Boston Marathon with a time of 3:49:22
  • Lisa Rawlings - Personal record at Boston Marathon with a time of 3:36:11 
  • Linda Scavarda - 3rd female overall at the Des Plaines River Trail 50 mile with a time of 8:21:57
  • Christy Scott - 3rd female overall at Shadow of the Giants 50km with a time of 4:52:12
  • Kathy Youngren - Alabama state record (across all ages) at Delano 50 mile in 7:06:59 (7:38:58 old state record)

Men's Team

  • Sean Allan - Season best at Spooktacular 5km with a time of 18:04 
  • Donald Bowman - Overall winner at the Jesse Owens 10km (36:04) and 2-mile (11:39)
  • Kevin Betts - Season best at Spooktacular 5km with a time of 17:18 
  • Eric Charette - Overall winner at Black Warrior 25km with a time of 1:43:58 (3rd fastest time ever)
  • Marty Clarke - Season best at Spooktacular 5km with a time of 17:50 
  • Erik Debolt - Overall winner at Dizzy Fifties 50km with a time of 4:01:20
  • Jon Elmore - Season best at Liz Hurley 5k with a time of 17:49 
  • James Falcon - Sub 24 hour debut at Old Dominion 100 with a time of 22:25:00
  • Eric Fritz - Season best at Old Dominion 100 with a time of 21:36:14 
  • George Heeschen - Personal best and 25th overall at Pittsburgh Marathon with a time of 2:39:59
  • Rick Maehlmann - Personal best at Huntsville Half Marathon with a time of 1:27:03
  • Randy McFarland - Season best at Army Ten Miler with a time of 1:03:19
  • David O'Keefe - Personal best at Harry Williams All Comers Track Meet 1-mile with a time of 4:52  
  • Shane O'Neill - 6th place overall at Scenic City Road Half marathon with a time of 1:24:05
  • Eric Patterson - Personal best at Spooktacular 5km with a time of 17:46 
  • Tim Pitt - Personal best at Army Ten Miler with a time of 1:03:37
  • David Purinton - Season best at Huntsville Half Marathon with a time of 1:23:29
  • David Rawlings - Completed first half ironman in Augusta Georgia with a time of 5:53:13
  • Greg Reynolds - Overall winner at the Edward Jones Sprint Triathlon with a time of 44:19
  • DeWayne Satterfield - Overall winner at Georgia Jewel 35 mile with a time of 5:17:02
  • Eric Schotz - Personal best at Strolling Jim with a time of 5:12:52
  • Brad Schroeder - 3rd overall and personal best at Huntsville Half Marathon with a time of 1:14:54
  • Dink Taylor - 3rd overall master at JFK 50 miler with a time of 6:59:56
  • Blake Thompson - Personal best at Mountain Mist 50km with a time of 4:36:59
  • Tim Vinson - Season best at Army Ten Miler with a time of 59:21
  • Brett Wilks - Season best at Army Ten Miler with a time of 1:02:25
  • Brandon York - 23rd overall and personal best at Army Ten Miler with a time of 51:24
  • Rob Youngren - 12th overall at Badwater 135 miler with a time of 31 hours 13 minutes and 45 seconds (top 6.5% of all first time runners)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekend Results

On Thursday at the Turkey Trot 5k in Huntsville Kathy Youngren was 3rd overall female and the team placed 6 in the top 25 amongst a very fast field.  The race was staffed by many volunteers including team members Jon Elmore, Eric Fritz, Dink Taylor and James Falcon.

Official Results

6 Eric Charette 17:06
12 Eric Patterson 17:57
14 Tim Vinson 18:25
17 Sean Allen 18:54
18 Robert Youngren 18:57
23 Kathy Youngren 19:37
39 Lynn Curry 20:27
50 Katie Maehlmann 20:58

Christy Scott pulled a double this weekend, first finishing as 9th female (1st F35-39) in 21:21 at the Gold's Gym Turkey Day 5k.

Official Results

Then Christy ran YMCA of Jackson Turkey Trot 5k on Saturday and was 1st Female overall, 5th overall, in a time of 22:50 on a hilly course.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Results

This weekend was full of winning performances from the Fleet Feet Racing Team.

On Saturday, Eric Charette was the winner at the 3rd annual Krispy Kreme Challenge in a time of 28:53.  The KKC involves running 2 miles, eating a dozen donuts and running 2 miles back.  The previous two winners are also FFRT members (David Rawlings and Blake Thompson).

Official Results

1 Eric Charette 35 - 28:54
24 Marty Clarke 49 - 36:39
29 David Rawlings 40 - 38:12

On Monte Sano at the Dizzy Fifties, Erik Debolt was the winner of the 50km in a time of 4:01:20 and Christy Scott was the women's winner of the 50km in 5:08:58.  DeWayne Satterfield went 1-2 in the 40 mile distance in times of 5:42:38 and 6:46:05.

Official Results

40 Mile
1 90 5:42:38 40M DeWayne Satterfield 47 Huntsville AL
2 56 6:46:05 40M Eric Patterson 39 Athens AL

1 4:01:20 Erik DeBolt 28
9 5:05:17 Eric Fritz 44
10 5:08:58 Christy Scott 38F
11 5:11:27 Timothy Pitt 32
20  5:48:19 Randy McFarland 50

At the 49th annual JFK 50 miler, store owner Dink Taylor ran a 20 minute negative split to break 7 hours with a time of 6:59:56.  Blake Thompson ran 7:20:04 for a personal best.  Former Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team and Huntsville native (now living in Cincinnati, OH) David Riddle broke the course record with a time of 5:40:45.

Official Results

On Saturday at the Dam Bridge 10k in Florence, Kathy Youngren was the female overall winner in a season best time of 40:20.

Official Results

On Sunday at the Jingle Bell 5k, Candace Jacobs was the fastest female taking the victory.

Friday, November 18, 2011

This Weekend

This weekend is full of ultra running with Dink Taylor and Blake Thompson competing in the largest ultra marathon in the U.S.A at JFK50 in Maryland.

Locally DeWayne Satterfield and others will be racing Dizzy 50's (50k/40M/50M) on Monte Sano.

The Krispy Kreme Challenge will be run in Huntsville also and its pretty certain that a former champion David Rawlings will be trying to out run and out eat the other competitors.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Results

The Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team had a great day at the Huntsville Half Marathon on Saturday with the Candace Jacobs and Caitlin Morris placing 1st and 2nd for the women and the men taking 11 of the top 25 places.   Personal bests were set by Brad Schroeder, David O'Keefe, Eric Fritz, Katie Maehlmann, James Falcon, TIm Pitt, Brett Wilks, Rick Maehlmann and Christy Scott.

PLACE NAME                 AGE/SEX  TIME     
===== ===================     ===   =======  
    4 Brad Schroeder          27    1:14:54
    5 George Heeschen         24    1:16:39
    8 David O'Keefe           38    1:18:05 
    9 Erik Debolt             28    1:18:08 
   10 Donald Bowman           44    1:18:16
   14 Candace Jacobs          31F   1:21:53 
   15 Caitlin Morris          26F   1:22:31
   16 Kevin Betts             34    1:22:36 
   17 David Purinton          43    1:23:29 
   18 Tim Vinson              47    1:24:12 
   19 Brett Wilks             31    1:25:57 
   21 Rick Maehlmann          35    1:27:03 
   22 Timothy Pitt            32    1:27:05 
   26 James Falcon            40    1:28:18 
   31 Jon Elmore              45    1:30:26 
   33 Katie Maehlmann         34F   1:30:53 
   35 Kathy Youngren          37F   1:31:32 
   44 Eric Fritz              44    1:33:44
   80 Eric Charette           35    1:39:23 
   104 Christy Scott          38F   1:42:06 
   205 David Rawlings         40    1:52:26 
   261 Linda Scavarda         28F   1:56:39 
   496 Lisa Rawlings          36F   2:12:16 

Friday, November 11, 2011

HTC Awards

Congrats to Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team members who were awarded by their peers at the Huntsville Track Club awards banquet on Tuesday.  We are proud of our team mates who earned their awards through either performance or volunteering.

Award presentations can be found here.

Eric Fritz - Presidents Award
Linda Scavarda - Dedication Award
Christy Scott - Admiration Award

Donald Bowman - Male Performance Award

Candace Jacobs - Female Performance Award

Gran Prix Awards
Donald Bowman - winner men's masters
Eric Charette - runner up men's open

Candace Jacobs - winner women's open
Kathy Youngren - runner up women's open

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekend Results

Eric Charette and Marty Clarke represented the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team at the ING New York Marathon this past weekend.  Eric ran 2:54:44, finishing 664th overall and was the fastest finisher from the state of Alabama.  Marty ran 3:19:09 and was in the top 7% of all finishers.

Official Results

At the Vulcan 10km in Birmingham, Alabama, Brandon York set a new personal best with a time of 31:26, finishing 6th overall.

Official Results

In Huntsville, Erik Debolt was 2nd overall at the Attack of the Lions 5km at Legacy Elementary in Harvest.

David Rawlings ran 3:34:11 at the Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon in Savannah Georgia,

Official Results