Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 Team: David Rawlings

David Rawlings
Age: 39
Decatur, AL

Brief Biography
I was born and raised in central Kansas.There, I ran track for a few years in middle and high school. I didn't take running seriously, though, until I joined the Army. There, I learned that I had a natural gift for endurance. I ran mainly because it was part of the Army's physical training program, but I admit to liking it. At one of my duty stations, we had to do an annual 20K ruck march as part of a yearly fitness qualification. I chose to run it. and it was then that I understood the challenge of endurance running. I left the Army and took some time off from running. My mistake, like so many of us, was that my sedentary lifestyle allowed me to gain too much weight. I resolved to lose that weight and running seemed the most effective way. Iit has helped my other concerns for fitness: a better diet and other types of activities, like weight training. Running seems to be my mainstay activity for staying in shape but I also enjoy bicycling and swimming.

Short Term Goals
For 2011, new PRs in all distances in 2011, comlete in more triathlons, and perhaps run a 50K.

Long Term Goals
Keep my weight under control through running, maintain and increase endurance and strength, continue to run marathons in all 50 states, and complete a half-Ironman triathlon.

Personal Records
  • 5 km at Cookie Dash 19:42
  • 4 Mi at Winter Winds 26:32
  • 5 Mi at Fitness Festival 5-mile, Salina, KS 33:00
  • 10 km at Cotton Row 42:16
  • 13.1 Mi at Life Without Limits Half Marathon 1:34:02
  • 26.2 Mi at Rocket City Marathon 3:21:41
  • Other at Delano Park 12-Hour Run (Team Competition) N/A
Recent Race Results
  • Frosty Freeze 5 km 20:29 2nd AG; 12nd OF
  • Monte Sano Run 10 km 42:24 5th AG; 32nd OF
  • Carlos Serrano Memorial PHP Run 5 km 20:28 2nd AG; 6th OF
  • Running of the Bulls 5 km 20:23 4th AG; 14th OF
  • Brooke Hill Run 5 km 20:03 2nd AG; 7th OF
  • Spirit of America Run 5 Mi 33:39 1st AG; 11th OF
  • Cookie Dash 5 km 19:42 3rd AG; 13th OF
  • Oak Barrel Half Marathon 13.1 Mi 1:36:46 6th AG; 32nd OF
2011 Calendar
  • Love Your Library Run 5 km 2/26/2011 1st in age group
  • UAH Spring Road Race 10 km 3/6/2011 sub 42:15
  • Delano Park 12-Hour Relay Other 3/12/2011 1st place team
  • Rocket Run 10-Miler Other 3/19/2011 sub 1:07:30
  • Oak Barrel Half Marathon 13.1 Mi 4/2/2011 sub 1:35
  • River City Run 10 km 4/9/2011 sub 42:00
  • ?Marathon? 26.2 Mi 4/18/2011 sub 3:15
  • Cotton Row Run 10 km 5/30/2011 sub 42:00
  • Monte Sano Run 10 km 9/3/2011 sub 42:00