Thursday, March 31, 2011

This Weekend

This weekend kicks off the 2011 season for the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team in Huntsville with a flurry of events.

George Heeschen, Eric Charette, Lisa Rawlings, David Rawlings, James Falcon, Shane O'Neill and Dink Taylor will be running the half marathon at Oak Barrel in Lynchburg, TN.   This scenic course runs through the countryside of rural Tennessee and has a climb from from 800' at mile 3 to 1050' by mile 5.2 and continutes to climb to 1,125' at mile 7 before a fast downhill finish.

Rob Youngren and DeWayne Satterfield will be at Frozen Head State park for the 2011 "running" of the Barkley marathon.  The Barkley is considered one of the toughest 100 mile races in the world. It has 52,900 feet of climb (and 52,900 feet of descent), more than any other 100 mile race, more than the 33,000 ft. of climb at Hardrock, and more than the 45,000 ft. at Nolan's 14.  The Barkley consists of 5 20-mile loops with no aid except for water at two points. The cutoffs for the 100 mile race are 12 hours per loop. The 60 mile "fun run" has a cutoff of 40 hours, or 13:20 per loop. To prove you completed each loop, you must find 9 to 11 books (varies) at various points along the course and return a page from each book.  Here is a link to pictures from 2010, including the newly added section of running under the prison.

Greg Reynolds, Lynn Curry and Marty Clarke will be at theScholarship 8km in Huntsville.  This two loop course is in downtown Huntsville and has continually rolling terrain.

Dink Taylor will run back to back 1/2 marathons with a Sunday appearance at the Talladega 1/2 marathon.

Good luck to the entire team where ever your fleet feet take you!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Results

Dink Taylor from Nike Fleet Feet Racing Elite Team in Huntsville took the overall win at the Dispatch Dash 5km in a time of 17:50.  Not to be outdown, Lisa Rawlings took top honors for females. 

The McKay Hollow Madness 25km was canelled due to weather concerns.  Regardless, many of the team members ran the course on Saturday or Sunday.  Among them, was James Falcon who completed the first McKay double, running the course once before the scheduled race start, then again in the rain after it was cancelled.  James went on to run the 3rd loop on Sunday morning, completing all 3 loops in less than 28 hours. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

2011 Elite Team: Madelyn Patton

Madelyn Patton
Age: 48
Madison, AL

Brief Biography
48 yr old woman originally from NYC who has a passion for running. Married to Chip Patton for 24 years. 2 children: Nathaniel, 21 & Caralyn, 14. Member of St. John's Catholic Church in Madison. Substitute nurse in the Madison City School System. Part-time "bagel lady" at Bruegger's Bagels in Madison.

Short Term Goals
To be able to meet the 1/2 marathon expectation of the FF Nike Racing Team this Saturday at the Scenic City 1/2 Marathon in Chattanooga, TN. (Won the Master's in it's inaugural running….)

Long Term Goals
To run consistently to the best of my ability, to hurdle the mental roadblocks during a race, and to run with JOY, knowing the blessing it is in my life!!!

Personal Records
  • 2 Mi at Winter Winds (state record) - 13:42
  • 5km at Rudolph Run - 19:55
  • 8km at Steeplechase 8km - 35:33
  • 5mi at Spirit of America 5mi - 36:35
  • 13.1 at Cedars Of Lebanon Frostbite - 1:37:25
  • 26.2 at Wineglass Marathon - 3:47
Recent Race Results
  • 5 km Chick Fil A Jessica Elkins 5K 4/10/2010 - 21:54 1st AG
  • 10 km Run Through The Roses 5/1/2010 50:13 2nd Master
  • 10 km Cotton Row 5/31/2010 48:18 6th AG
  • 5 km Paint the Streets 7/24/2010 - 22:36
  • 10 km Elkmont Lions Rails to Trails 9/25/2010 - 51:33
  • 26.2 Mi Wineglass Marathon Corning NY 10/3/2010 - 3:47
  • 5 km Athens JROTC 12/5/2010 - 22:06 Top Master
  • 26.2 Mi Rocket City Marathon 12/11/2010 - 3:57
  • 13.1 Mi Scenic City Trail 1/2 5/22/2010 - 2:11:44
  • 5 km Tom Drake Memorial 7/10/2010 - 20:51 4th FOA
2011 Calendar
  • Scenic City 1/2M Sub 1:43
  • Wild Irish Run 10km sub 48
  • Scholarship Run 8km - Sub 39
  • Boston Marathon - ???
  • Cotton Row 10km Sub 48

2011 Elite Team: Caitlin Morris

Caitlin Heider Morris
Age: 26
Madison, AL

Brief Biography
My name is Caitlin Morris. I am a 1st grade teacher at Legacy Elementary School. At Legacy I am the cosponsor of our school's running club. I am also the co-race director of our school's 5k. I have been running since 1999, when I entered high school. I ran track and cross country throughout highschool. After I graduated I continued my running career at the University of Alabama Huntsville. I ran cross county, indoor, and outdoor track while in college. I continue to run on a regular basic it is my passion and something that I love to do. I was recently married in October 2010. I also have a beautiful dog named Ladybird!

Short Term Goals
My goal for the 2011 year is to improve. I hope to regain my confidence, stay injury free and race more regularly. I also hope to participate in a few triathalons this year as well.

Long Term Goals
I want to continue to improve. I would love to run a PR in the 10k or 1/2 marathon this year. Ultimately, I want to have a more positive attitude, regain confidence and become a stronger competitor.

Personal Records

  • 800m at Auburn Cross Country Meet 2:29
  • 5 km at Auburn Cross Country Meet 17:17
  • 10 km at Sea Rays Invitational 36:53
  • 13.1 Mi at Huntsville Half Marathon 1:20:00
  • 26.2 Mi at Rocket City Marathon 2:53:00
Recent Race Results

  • Run The Reagan 10 km 38:20 1st OA F
  • Halloween Spooktacular 5 km 18:20 2nd OA 

2011 Elite Team: Candace Jacobs

Candace Jacobs
Age: 30
Huntsville, AL

Brief Biography
I have lived in Huntsville my entire life. I've been running for 14 years. I graduated from Madison County High where I ran track and field, while there we were state champs my junior year. After highschool I received a full scholarship for cross country at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, which later led to running track and field my last three years. I graduated from UAH with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. I 've been teaching 5th grade at Holy Spirit School for eight years. In 2004 I married my husband Erik and then in 2007 we had a son named Jonathan. I've ran 6 mararthons including 1 Boston.

Short Term Goals
I want to run these races around the specified time this year 5K-17:10, 10K- 36:40, 1/2 marathon- 1:20, marathon-2:52 I want to volunteer a lot more this year!

Long Term Goals
Within the next 5-10 years I would like to break 2:50 for the marathon.

Personal Records
  • 2 Mi at Winter Winds 11:24
  • 5 km at Spooktackular 17:34
  • 4 Mi at Winter Winds 23:54
  • 5 Mi at Midnight Run Pegeion Forge 29:33
  • 10 km at Mono Sano 37:17
  • 15 km at Mono Sano 58:36
  • 10 Mi at Mooresville 63:08
  • 13.1 Mi at Heroes 1:21:34
  • 26.2 Mi at Rocket City Marathon 2:54:22
Recent Race Results
  • Cotton Row Run 10 km 37:57 7th OA 1st AG
  • A & M 10 km 39:55 2nd OA
  • Twilight 5 km 18:39 2nd OA
  • Midnight Run Pegion Forge 8 km 29:44 1st OA
  • Mono Sano 10 km 37:17 1st OA
  • Mono Sano 15 km 58:36 1st OA
  • Liz Hurley 5 km 17:56 1st OA
  • Spooktackular 5 km 17:34 1st OA BAGR
  • Heroes 1/2 and 5K 13.1 Mi 1:21:34 1st OA BAGR
  • Rocket City Marathon 26.2 Mi 2:54:22 1st OA
2011 Calendar
  • Rocket City Marathon 26.2 Mi 12/20011 Under 2:52
  • Spooktackular 5 km 10/1/2011 17:20 or under
  • Scholarship Run 8 km 4/2/2011 Under 30:00
  • UAH Spring Road Race 10 km 3/6/2011 Under 37:10
  • Cotton Row 10 km 5/30/2011 Under 37:15
  • Coca Cola Classic 10 km 5/2/2011 under 37
  • Heroes 13.1 Mi 11/1/2011 Under 1:20

2011 Elite Team: Donald Bowman

Donald Bowman
Age: 43
Madison, AL

Brief Biography
Wonderful wife. Great daughter. Blessed to still be able to run as fast as I can at such an old age.

Short Term Goals
Stay healthy

Long Term Goals
Stay healthy

Personal Records
  • 1 Mile 4:49
  • 2 Mile 10:22
  • 5 km 15:38
  • 4 Mile 21:58
  • 8km 27:17
  • 5 mile 27:17
  • 10 km 34:00
  • 15 km 52:35
  • 10 mile 57:00
  • 13.1 Mile 1:16:35
  • 26.2 Mile 2:47:00
  • 50 km never
  • 50 Mile never
Recent Race Results
  • Footlocker 5k National Championship 5 km 16:51:00 3rd overall
2011 Calendar
  • All distances under half marathon in huntville no injuries

2011 Elite Team: Marty Clarke

Marty Clarke
Age: 49
Huntsville, AL

Brief Biography
Began road racing in 1980. I have raced all distances from the 1 mile to the ultra-marathon.I have had success racing at most distances. I have been a member of the Fleet Feet racing team since 2004.

Short Term Goals
Race more frequently in 2011.Train more consistent, working on all aspects of training. Continue to be competetive in races. Focus on shorter races first half of the year (10mi and under) and focus on longer races in the second half of year. Continue to work with others to help them achieve their running goals.

Long Term Goals
Continue to run and race as long as possible. Continue to run when I am no longer able to race and be competitive.

Personal Records
  • 1 Mi at Jimmy Vest Mile 4:44
  • 2 Mi at Winter Winds 10:19
  • 5 km at Spirit of Halloween 16:08
  • 4 Mi at Turket Trot 21:21
  • 8 km at Scholarship 8k 27:17
  • 10 km at River City Run 33:27
  • 10 Mi at Rocket Run 56:06
  • 13.1 Mi at Huntaville Half 1:15:06
  • 26.2 Mi at Rocket City Marathon 2:48:24
Recent Race Results
  • Scholarship 8k 8 km 29:51 9th OA !st AG
  • River City 10 km 37:10 6th OA 2nd AG
  • Cookie Dash 5 km 18:13 6th OA 1st AG
  • Junior League 5k 5 km 17:45 2nd OA 1st M
  • Cotton Row 5k 5 km 18:19 10th OA 1st AG
  • Peachtree 10k 10 km 37:47 271 OA
  • Fleet Feet 15k 15 km 57:44 7th OA 2nd AG
  • Liz Hurley 5 km 17:32 14th OA 1st AG
  • Spooktacular 5 km 17:26 10th OA 1st AG
  • Dam Bridge 10 km 37:00 3rd OA
2011 Calendar
  • Germantown half 13.1 Mi 1:22
  • Scholarship 8 km 29:25
  • River City 10 km 36:50
  • Cookie Dash 5 km 17:50

2011 Elite Team: Tim Vinson

Tim Vinson
Age: 46
Madison, AL

Brief Biography
Started distance running at 40 in order to qualify for the Boston Marathon and did so. After running Boston, was hooked and transitioned my training from 3 days of running per week, up to the 70-100 miles per week now. After seeing the Mountain Mist 50K course markings while on a training run, decided to try the race the next year. 50K is now my favorite distance! I had an up and down year in 2010, with PRs at 10K, 10 mile, half marathon and marathon, but also sustained a couple of major injuries that set training back several weeks. I am excited for 2011, and hoping for more PRs in the spring and fall.

Short Term Goals
Remain injury free (or at least limit injuries), train hard, start performing well again.

Long Term Goals
Sub 2:40 marathon, sub 4:20 Mountain Mist 50K, sub 3:50 50K, finish JFK 50 mile

Personal Records
  • 5 km at Decatur Frosty Freeze 17:29
  • 10 km at River City 10K 35:29
  • 15 km at Monte Sano 15K 55:48
  • 10 Mi at Army Ten Miler 58:23
  • 13.1 Mi at Mercedes Half 1:17:32
  • 26.2 Mi at Boston Marathon 2:41:20
  • 50 km at Recovery From the Holidays 3:50:10
Recent Race Results
  • Vulcan 10 km 36:28 2nd Master
  • Berry College 10 km 36:12 1st Master
  • UCP Life Without Limits 13.1 Mi 1:18:18 3rd
2011 Calendar
  • Mountain Mist 50km 50 km 1/23/2011 Under 4:30
  • Mercedes Marathon 26.2 Mi 2/1/2010 sub 2:50
  • Cheaha 50K 50 km 3/1/2010 sub 4:45
  • Mooresville 10 Mile 10 Mi 3/1/2010 sub 59
  • River City 10 km 4/1/2010 sub 35:29
  • Boston Marathon 26.2 Mi 4/1/2010 sub 2:40

2011 Elite Team: Rob Youngren

Robert Youngren
Age: 36
Huntsville, AL

Brief Biography
Born in Woodland, California and grew up just a bit away in Sacramento. Attended the Virginia Military Institute (1997) where I graduated with a B.S. in Physics (minor in Astronomy). Met my lovely wife Kathy not long later and relocated to Alabama. Earned my M.S. in Computer Science from UAH and am currently pursuing my PhD in Computer Science. Have been working as a computer scientist / analyst for over 10 years. In addition to my passion for running, I also enjoy offroad unicycling as a means to cross-train for trail running. I hope to one day have an offroad unicycling resume that matches my ultra-marathon resume.

Short Term Goals
Finish Barkley Marathon Fun Run in April: in April. Complete the 135 mile Badwater Ultramarathon (including summitting Mt. Whitney): in July. Race the JFK 50 mile in November: In between mix in numerous local and regional races and epics.

Long Term Goals
Run/Hike the 500 mile Colorado Trail within the next few years, return to Alaska to finish the Susitna 100 and then move on to other winter ultra-distance events: Iditarod Trail Invitational (350 mile and 1100 mile foot races). Do some overseas events including Ultra Tour de Mont Blanc, Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon, etc... Be the first person to unicycle the Colorado Trail.

Personal Records
  • 800m at High School 2:09
  • 1 Mi at High School 4:48
  • 2 Mi at Time Trial at VMI 9:56
  • 5 km at Run for Glory 5km 16:47
  • 4 Mi at Winter Winds 4 mile 22:56
  • 8 km at Wake Forest Invitational (XC) 28:10
  • 10 km at Crawfish Crawl 10km 35:19
  • 15 km at Monte Sano 15km 55:05
  • 13.1 Mi at Rocket City Half-Marathon 1:19:33
  • 26.2 Mi at Rocket City Marathon 2:50:46
  • 50 km at Peach Tree Classic 3:41:26
  • 50 Mi at Mississippi 50 Mile Run 6:12:55
  • 100 Mi at Old Dominion 100 Mile Run 17:49:18
  • Other at Pinhoti Trail 335 Mile Adventure Run 6d 8h 48m
Recent Race Results
  • Winter Winds 2 Mi 10:40 2nd OA
  • Black Warrior 25km Other 1:47:10 4th OA
  • Antarctica Marathon (The Last Marathon) 26.2 Mi 3:50:02 1st OA
  • Alabama A&M 10km 10 km 39:41:00 0
  • Pinhoti Trail Adventure Run (335 miles) Other 6d 8h 48m FKT
  • San Juan Solstice 50 mile 50 Mi 13:28:47 0
  • Lean Horse 100 Mile 100 Mi 22:36:54 0
  • Firecracker 5km 5 km 17:26 1st OA
  • Spooktacular 5km 5 km 16:53 5th OA
  • Huntsville Half-Marathon 13.1 Mi 1:19:33 8th OA
2011 Calendar
  • Mountain Mist 50km 50 km 1/22/2011 Sub 4:20 (check! ;) )
  • Barkley Marathons Other 4/2/2011 Finish Fun Run (60 miles)
  • Badwater 135 Mile Other 7/11/2011 Sub 30 hours and summit Mt. Whitney
  • JFK 50 Mile 50 Mi 11/19/2011 Sub 6:41 (course PR)
  • Mercedes Marathon 26.2 Mi 2/13/2011 Sub 3 hours
  • Delano 12 Hour Other 3/12/2011 Long catered training run
  • As many local/regional races as I can fit in.

2011 Elite Team: Katie Maehlmann

Katie Maehlmann
Age: 33
Madison, AL

Brief Biography
I love pushing myself to the limit and gravitated to running during high school since it allowed me to do that. I have been seriously training and running over the last 11 years, taking a partial break from 2006-2007 to have two children. I worked up to the marathon distance and have now run over 30 marathons and 50Ks, while also racing in almost every distance leading up to the marathon as well. I have completed marathons in 18 states in my 50 state goal, have run 6 Mountain Mists in my 10 Mountain Mists goal, and have qualified several times to run the Boston marathon (an earlier goal of mine). In 2004, I won the HTC Gran Prix Female award, was one of two women to achieve the first local "Grand Slam" award, and set several of my PR's. My husband and fellow runner, Rick, and I have two children, a son who is four and a daughter who is three. My children are my focus and my greatest life accomplishment. I have steadily been whittling away my times in every distance over the past 3 years. I started the year off on a good note in Mountain Mist 2011, where I ran a 5:37:57 and had my course PR.

Short Term Goals
attack the Go! St. Louis marathon in April for revenge for my 2010 experience, complete states 19 and 20 (and maybe more), get faster times in 2011 in every distance than my 2010 times (specifically aiming for a sub-20 minute 5 km)

Long Term Goals
Run a marathon in all 50 states, complete 10 Mountain Mists, use running as a means to stay healthy and fit and to set a good example to my children.

Personal Records
  • 2 Mi at Winter Winds 2 mile 13:16
  • 5 km at Spirit of Halloween 20:01
  • 4 Mi at Winter Winds 4 mile 26:59
  • 8 km at Scholarship Fund Run 34:02
  • 10 km at River City Run 40:43
  • 15 km at Monte Sano 15K 1:06:42
  • 13.1 Mi at Huntsville 1/2 1:34:51
  • 26.2 Mi at BiLo Myrtle Beach 3:18:05
  • 50 km at Mountain Mist 5:37:57
Recent Race Results
  • Mountain Mist 50 km 6:06:00 7th F
  • Winter Winds 4 Mile 4 Mi 28:49 5th F 2AG
  • Winter Winds 2 Mile 2 Mi 14:16 3rd AG
  • UAH Spring 10K 10 km 45:20 39 OA 2nd F
  • McKay Hollow Madness Other 2:36:27 29 OA 1st F
  • Run Through the Roses 10 km 44:30 1st F
  • Cotton Row 10K 10 km 44:01 16th F
  • Paint the Streets 5 km 20:37 2nd F
  • Monte Sano 5K 5 km 20:40 1st F
  • Marshall Marathon 26.2 Mi 3:29:25 99OA 10th F 3AG
2011 Calendar
  • Mountain Mist 50km 50 km 1/23/2011 Under 6 hours (actual time 5:37:57)
  • Myrtle Beach Marathon 26.2 Mi 2/19/2011 sub 3:30
  • UAH Spring 10K 10 km 3/6/2011 sub 44:00
  • McKay Hollow Madness 25K Other 3/26/2011 top 3
  • Go! St. Louis Marathon 26.2 Mi 4/9/2011 sub 3:30
  • Cotton Row 10K 10 km 5/30/2011 sub 44:00
  • Twilight 5 km 7/16/2011 sub 20:00
  • Monte Sano 5K 5 km 9/3/2011 sub 20:00
  • Liz Hurley 5 km 10/15/2011 sub 20:00

2011 Elite Team: Kathy Youngren

Kathy Faulkner Youngren
Age: 36
Huntsville, AL

Brief Biography
I ran my very first race, the Marine Corp Marathon, in 1995. After running my third race ever, Strolling Jim 41.2 miler in Tennessee in 1996, I have been running races whenever possible; from 1 mile to 100 miles but I prefer ultramarathons. In 1999 I had the 5th fastest women’s 100 mile time, and recently, I was the first female at the Mother Road 100 miler in Oklahoma by running 20 hours, 57 minutes. In July of 2009, by running for 33 hours and 39 minutes, I was 5th female overall at the Badwater Ultramarathon - 135 miles through Death Valley. In March of 2010, I was top female (2nd overall) at the Antarctica Marathon, with the only sub 4 hour female finish, ever. Lastly. in Sept., 2010 I got to run my dream race, the Spartathlon, a 153 mile race from Athens to Sparta, Greece by running 33 hours and 36 minutes. I have a law degree, a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice, and a Master's Degree in Education. I have the two most wonderful dogs, Trails and Cairo.

Short Term Goals
In March, during the Delano Run in Decatur, I am going to attempt to break the Alabama State Female 50 mile record, which would require me to run 7 hours and 37 minutes. I also want to work on my lifetime grand slam, so this summer I would like to run Leadville 100, leaving just Wasatch to go. Running under 20 minutes for a 5k is another goal for the year.

Long Term Goals
In the next few years, Rob and I want to pull a sled through snow and sub-freezing temperatures in the Arrowhead 135 Mile Winter Ultra in northern MN. I would also like to run a sub 30 hour time at the Badwater Ultramarathon.

Personal Records
  • 1 Mi at Jimmy Vest Memorial Mile 5:46
  • 2 Mi at Winter Winds 12:25
  • 5 km at Run for Glory 18:46
  • 4 Mi at Winter Winds 26:42
  • 10 km at River City 10k 39:43
  • 15 km at Monte Sano 15k 1:03
  • 13.1 Mi at Huntsville 1/2 1:29:13
  • 26.2 Mi at Rocket City 3:07:00
  • 50 km at Mississippi Trail Run 4:20:00
  • 50 Mi at Mississippi Trail Run 7:24:58
  • 100 Mi at Vermont 100 20:49:00
  • Badwater Ultramarathon 135 miles 8/1/2009 33:49:00
Recent Race Results
  • Winter Winds 2 Mi 12:49 3rd female
  • Antarctica Marathon 26.2 Mi 3:58:00 1st female
  • Rocket 10 miler 10 Mi 1:12:10 4th female
  • Scholarship Fund Run 8 km 34:02 3rd female
  • River City 10 km 41:52 5th female
  • Scenic City Trail Marathon 26.2 Mi 3:47:00 1st female
  • Strolling Jim 41.2 Other 6:09:00 1st female
  • Paint the Streets 5 km 19:48 1st female
  • Spartathlon 153 mile Other 33h 36m 5th female
  • Rudolph Run 5 km 20:11 1st female
2011 Calendar
  • Mountain Mist 50km 50 km 1/23/2011 4:56 (1st female)
  • Bow Wow Fun Run 5 km 2/5/2011 Around 20 min
  • Mercedes Marathon 26.2 Mi 2/13/2011 Under 3:30
  • Delano 50 Mi 3/12/2001 50 miles in under 7:30
  • Strolling Jim Other 5/1/2011 Under 6 hours
  • River City 10 km 4/1/2011 Under 41 min
  • A&M 15 km 6/11/2011 Around 42 min
  • Twilight 5k 5 km 7/1/2011 Under 20 min
  • Leadville 100 Mi 8/1/2011 Under 25 hours
  • JFK 50 Mi 11/1/2011 Under 8 hours

2011 Elite Team: Jon Elmore

Jon Elmore
Age: 45
Decatur, AL

Brief Biography
I ran cross country and track from Jr. High right on through College at the Univ. of Wisconsin @ Stevens Point (Div. 3) and enjoyed a lot of success. After college, career, family and other activities filled my time and I didn't take up running again until I was 38. Since then I have learned more about every aspect of the sport and I'm once again enjoying all that is has to offer. I have been married to Kelly (also a runner) for over 17 years and we have 3 beautiful daughters who tolerate and encourage Mom's and Dad's slight obsession to running. I look forward to running and volunteering/race directing at runs for the rest of my life.

Short Term Goals
Run in relay and Co-Direct at Delano 12 hour. Run a hot weather Marathon. Keep trained to run consistantly sub 18 5K's. Be a helpful and encouraging influence at spring Priceville NOBO's.

Long Term Goals
Run 100k and/or 100 miles, Run Western States 100, Run Bad Water 135. Stay active and healthy to be able to do aformentioned. Assist and encourage runners of all all ages and abilities to achieve their goals.

Personal Records
  • 800m at Manitowoc Lincoln HS Track meet 2:00
  • 1500m at Manitowoc Lincoln HS Track meet 4:20
  • 1 Mi at St. Jude Run 4:55
  • 2 Mi at Winter Winds 11:10
  • 5 km at Spooktacular 17:23
  • 4 Mi at Haynes Apperson 23:20
  • 8 km at Steeple Chase 29:33
  • 5 Mi at Spirit of America 32:33
  • 10 km at Music Moves Me 36:27
  • 15 km at Huff'n'Puff on the Bluff 58:01
  • 10 Mi at Rocket Run 10 Miler 1:02:38
  • 13.1 Mi at Life w/o Limits 1:22:48
  • 26.2 Mi at Boston 2:57:46
  • 50 km at Recover from the Holidays 4:42:00
  • 50 Mi at Mountain Masochist 50+ Trail Run 9:12:22
Recent Race Results
  • Love Your Library 5 km 18:36 2nd OA 1st master
  • Bow Wow Run 5 km 18:47 1st OA
  • Mountain Mist 50 km 5:54:59 66th
  • Rocket City 26.2 Mi 3:26:47 247th
  • Frosty Freeze 5 km 17:59 2nd OA 1st master
  • Huntsville Half 13.1 Mi 1:36:37 62nd
  • Spooktacular 5 km 17:23 6th OA 1st AG
  • Doxa 3.2 miler 5 km 18:50 2nd OA 1st master
  • Monte Sano 10 km 38:57 17th OA
  • Steeple Chase 8 km 29:33 2nd o/a 1st master
2011 Calendar
  • Bow Wow Run 5 km 2/5/2011 Sub 19
  • Delano 12 Relay and Race Co-Director Other 3/12/2011 ultra distance
  • Rocket Run 10 Miler 10 Mi 3/19/2011 sub 65
  • Cotton Row 10 km 5/30/2011 sub 37
  • Huntsville Half 13.1 Mi 11/12/2011 sub 1;22
  • Rocket City 26.2 Mi 12/10/2011 Sub 3
  • Sub 18 in a 5 km
  • Sub 37 in a 10 km

2011 Elite Team: George Heeschen

George Heeschen
Age: 24
Huntsville, AL

Brief Biography
I'm a 24 year old distance runner that moved to Huntsville in early November of 2010. I got my start running in high school during my junior year and ran track and cross country for the remainder of my time in High School. I went to a small, Division III school in rural Virginia where I was a 4-year captain of the cross country team. Since graduating from college in the Spring of 2009 I've continued to train for road races of all distances. I ran my first marathon in May of 2010 but I hope to continue to train and compete in two marathons a year while staying fit for other distances as well. I moved down to Huntsville when my job transferred me to work on the Arsenal. In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, camping, and learning new things.

Short Term Goals
PR in every distance from the 5k up to the Marathon in 2011. Currently training to run the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 15th with a goal of running Sub-2:42.

Long Term Goals
Go sub 2:40 in the marathon and sub 1:14 in the half. Run the Boston Marathon in 2012.

Personal Records

  • 2 Mi at Kelly Watt Memorial Cross Country race 10:36
  • 5 km at Boars Head Turkey Trot 16:32
  • 8 km at Maroon Invitational Cross Country Meet-Roanoke, VA 27:56
  • 10 km at Pepsi 10k Charlottesville VA
  • 10 Mi at Charlottesville Ten Miler 57:44
  • 13.1 Mi at mercedes half marathon 1:14:08
  • 26.2 Mi at Vermont City Marathon 2:44:15

Recent Race Results
  • Village to Village 10k 10 km 34:51 1 OA/ 1 AG
  • Boars Head Turkey Trot Charlottesville, VA 5 km 16:32 2 OA/ 1 AG
  • Huntsville Half Marathon 13.1 Mi 1:15:52 3 OA/ 1 AG
  • Charlottesville Ten-Miler 10 Mi 57:44 10 OA/ 1 AG
  • Vermont City Marathon 26.2 Mi 2:44:15 25 OA/10 AG
  • Mercedes Half-marathon 13.1 Mi 1:14:08 15 OA/ 7TH AG
2011 Calendar
  • Village to Village 10k Birmingham 10 km 1/22/2011 34:51 (complete)
  • Mercedes Half-Marathon 13.1 Mi 2/13/2011 1:16:00
  • UAH 10K spring race 10 km 3/6/2011 34:30
  • Rocket Run Ten Miler 10 Mi 3/19/2011 58:00
  • Oak Barrel Half-Marathon 13.1 Mi 4/2/2011 1:17:00
  • Pittsburgh Marathon 26.2 Mi 5/15/2011 2:42:00
  • Huntsville Half-Marathon 13.1 Mi 11/12/2011 1:15:00

2011 Elite Team: DeWayne Satterfield

H DeWayne Satterfield
Age: 46
Huntsville, AL

Brief Biography
I was raised by my grandparents in a rural farming community. They taught me the work ethic needed for life (and for running!). I now have two beautiful daughters who like to watch dad do various crazy running antics. My lovely wife shares the passion that God placed in me and between us we strive to maintain a healthy balance of family time, work, and training. It was fun having them as my "pit crew" during the last days of the cross Tennessee race and watching them realize some achievements don't come easy...but with patience they can happen. I have been blessed in the ultrarunning society...I have won an ultra every year for the last 16 years, with over 50 overall wins at the various ultra distances.

Short Term Goals
To keep running to the best of my ability while maintaining a healthy family life. Keep injury free while running several ultras per year.

Long Term Goals
I want to run Mtn Mist 50K until I'm at least 100 years old…that is if I can still make the cutoffs! I would like to compete in the Sri Chinmoy 6 day

Personal Records
  • 800m at High School Meet 1:58
  • 1 Mi at High School Meet 4:22
  • 2 Mi at High School Meet 9:50
  • 5 km at Life College 5k / Re-Creation 5k 15:52
  • 4 Mi at Run for the Son 21:10
  • 8 km at Oxford Realty 8K (B'ham) 26:20
  • 10 km at River City 10K 33:12
  • 15 km at Monte Sano 15K 51:50
  • 10 Mi at Hoover 10 Mile 56:32
  • 13.1 Mi at Rocket City Half-Marathon 1:12:50
  • 26.2 Mi at RCM 2:42:00
  • 50 km at Langsford Canal 50k 3:22:00
  • 50 Mi at Mississippi 50 6:00:45
  • 100 Mi at Arkansas Traveller 18:34:00
  • Vol-State 500km 3:17:42:12
Recent Race Results
  • JFK 50 50 Mi 7:17:44 38th
  • Recovery 50K 50 km 4:01:14 1st OA
  • Mountain Mist 50K 50 km 4:16:27 5th OA (1st Master)
2011 Calendar
  • Mountain Mist 50km 50 km 1/23/2011 Under 5 hours
  • Black Warrior 50km 50 km 2/19/2011 Top 3
  • Mount Cheaha 50 km 2/26/2011 Top 5
  • Barkley Other 4/2/2011 Survive as long as possible
  • Strolling Jim Other 5/7/2011 Top 5
  • A 100 miler sometime this year 100 Mi
  • A few other ultras here and there

2011 Elite Team: David Purinton

David Purinton
Age: 43
Huntsville, AL

Brief Biography
David began running seriously in his native state of Maine and has been running for close to 30 years. He has raced every distance from the 1 mile to the ultra, on the roads, tracks and trails. He has been the top local finisher in the Rocket City Marathon a number of times and has won the HTC Grand Prix 6 times, consecutively. He has been recognized by the Huntsville Track Club with the Male Performance Award, the Comeback Award, and the Norm Harris Outstanding Achievement Award, recognizing not only his running ability but his contributions to the running community as a volunteer. He has twice been nominated for the RRCA Scott Hamilton Award which recognizes the outstanding club president in the nation and in 2010 he won the award at the RRCA National Convention. David has trained consistently throughout this period, except for a time of close to a year in 1999-2000 when he was diagnosed with a navicular stress fracture that required surgical intervention. His return to running was accompanied by a renewed interest in cycling which he now incorporates into his training. David has served the Huntsville Track Club as a race director, treasurer, and is currently serving his sixth term as president. He is happily married to his wife, Clare, and they have two children, Ben and Maggie.

Short Term Goals
Mix up my running by trying some new events. Continue to train effectively while maintaining balance with work, family, church, etc and remaining competitive.

Long Term Goals
Similar to short term goals above with a focus on keeping running fun and enjoyable while trying some new challenges such as different events. Continue to run to the best of my ability while staying healthy and learning to run smartly and appropriately for where I am.

Personal Records
  • 1 Mi at Harry Williams Track Meet 4:51
  • 2 Mi at Harry Williams Track Meet 10:07
  • 5 km at Riverfest Run (no longer run) 15:53
  • 4 Mi at Winter Winds 21:15
  • 8 km at Scholarship Fund Run 26:37
  • 10 km at Vulcan Run 10K 33:31
  • 15 km at Monte Sano 15K 52:06
  • 10 Mi at Rocket Run 56:20
  • 13.1 Mi at Rocket City Half Marathon 1:13:54
  • 26.2 Mi at Rocket City Marathon 2:37:32
  • 50 km at Mountain Mist Trail Run 4:03:46
Recent Race Results
  • Mountain Mist Trail Run 50 km 4:49:24 10th OA 3rd Mas
  • Winter Winds 4 Mi 23:24 7th OA 2nd AG
  • UAH Spring Run 10 km 36:31 5th OA 1st AG
  • McKay Hollow Madness 13.1 Mi 2:02:15 2nd OA 1st Mas
  • Cookie Dash 5 km 17:36 4th OA 1st AG/Mas
  • Race the Lakes 10 km 36:27 2nd OA 1st Mas
  • Monte Sano 10K 10 km 37:43 14th OA 2nd AG
  • Monte Sano Fleet Feet 15K 15 km 58:26 10th OA 1st AG
  • Huntsville Half Marathon 13.1 Mi 1:21:08 16th OA 3rd AG
  • Rocket City Marathon 26.2 Mi 2:57:54 33rd OA 3rd AG
2011 Calendar
  • Mountain Mist 50km 50 km 1/22/2011 4:40-4:50
  • Winter Winds 4 Mi 2/14/2010 23 minutes
  • Rocket Run 10 Mi 3/20/2010 sub 59
  • Cotton Row 10 km 5/31/2010 sub 37
  • Monte Sano 10K 10 km 9/4/2010 sub 37
  • Rocket City Marathon 26.2 Mi 12/11/2010 mid 2:50s
  • TBD as time/schedule permit Other

2011 Elite Team: Dana Overton

Name: Dana Overton Age: 36 Albertville, AL Brief Biography Dana is from Geraldine, Alabama where with the encouragement of her parents she played high school basketball and ran track. Short Term Goals Run a sub 20 min. 5k and a sub 40 min 10k and a 3:10 marathon Long Term Goals Sub 3 hour marathon, run The Western States Endurance Run Personal Records
  • Spirit of Halloween 5k 5 km 20:38
  • Monte Sano 15k 15 km 1:06:24
  • Huntsville Half Marathon 13.1 Mi 1:33:00
  • Rocket City Marathon 26.2 Mi 3:16:00
  • Carl Touchstone MS50 50 km 4:30:59
  • Quachita 50 50 Mi 9:34:00
  • Pinhoti 100 100 Mi 25:30:00
  • Strolling Jim 40 6:52:00
Recent Race Results
  • Mountain Mist 50 km 5:21:00
  • Mercedes Marathon 26.2 Mi 3:22:38
  • Black Warrior 25k 2:25:00
  • Mt Cheaha 50 km 5:57:00
  • Peavine Falls 8.2 Mi 1:01:00
  • Twilight 5k 5k 20:46
  • Running of The Bulls 5k 20:53
  • Huntsville Half Marathon 13.1 Mi 1:39:35
  • Dizzy 50’s 50 km 4:37:25
  • Rocket City Marathon 26.2 Mi 3:33:23
2011 Calendar
  • Mountain Mist 50km 50 km 1/21/2011 Have fun!!
  • Mt Cheaha 50 km 2/26/2011 Under 6 hours
  • Delano 50 Mi 3/12/2011 50 Mi
  • McKay Hollow 25k 3/26/2011 Run with Wayne
  • The Boston Marathon 26.2 Mi 4/19/2011 3:20 ish
  • Strolling Jim 40 Mi 5/7/2011 Under 6 hours
  • Cotton Row 6.2
  • Monte Sano 15k 15 km 10/8/2011 under 1:05:00
  • Dizzy 50’s 50 km 11/19/2011 course record
  • Rocket City Marathon 26.2 Mi 12/10/2011 ???

2011 Elite Team: Brandon York

Brandon York
Age: 25
Huntsville, AL

Brief Biography
Born on an Air Force Base in Mississippi. Moved to Japan when I was 2 - played soccer solely for the snacks and Hawaiian punch after games. Moved to California when I was 6; played tether ball and basketball at recess alot and got schooled. Moved to Tuscaloosa when I was 10; wanted to play football and tried out for the basketball team a couple times and got denied every time. Finally resorted to running track when I was 13 (8th grade). Started running cross country the next year. Almost started playing soccer again in high school, but decided to stick with running (see previous failed attempts at other sports). Good choice, too, because I graduated high school with a running scholarship to UAH. Moved to Huntsville for college. Ran cross country and indoor/outdoor track for 4 full seasons over 5 years. Set a couple of school records, won a conference title, qualified for nationals. Stopped running and had a major brain fart for 2 years and tried to get jacked - didn't work (see previous failed attempts at other sports). Started running again. Won several races, got athlete of the month once, respectfully beat a top local runner. End of story.

Short Term Goals
Stay healthy. Run Sub-16 5k's and sub 33:15 10k's again. Volunteer at races.

Long Term Goals
Stay healthy. PR in the 5k and 10k. Qualify for big college track meets in the summer. Break 50 minutes in the 15k. Race a half-marathon. Volunteer more.

Personal Records
  • 800m at Alabama Relays 1:58
  • 1500m at JSU Invitational 4:01
  • 2 Mi at Clemson Tiger Classic (Indoor) (converted) 9:12
  • 5 km at Georgia Tech Invitational 14:52
  • 8 km at Brooks Memphis Twilight XC Classic 24:39
  • 10 km at Sea Ray Relays 31:52
  • 15 km at Fleet Feet Monte Sano 15k 50:04
Recent Race Results
  • The Spooktacular 5k Run 5 km 15:19 1st OA
  • Liz Hurley Ribbon Run 5k 5 km 15:43 2nd OA
  • Fleet Feet Monte Sano 15k 15 km 50:04 1st OA
  • Elkmont Lions Club 10k Run 10 km 33:09 1st OA
  • Fleet Feet Sports/Earl Jacoby Memorial 5 km 16:22 1st OA
  • Mercedes-Benz Cotton Row Run 10 km 33:10 10th OA
  • Cookie Dash 5k 5 km 15:47 1st OA
  • Scholarship Fund Run 8k 8 km 26:49 2nd OA
  • Winter Winds Road Races 4 Mi 22:27 3rd OA
  • Winter Winds Road Races 2 Mi 11:02 6th OA
2011 Calendar
  • UAH Spring 10K Road Race 10 km 3/6/2011 Sub 33:30
  • Scholarship Fund Run 8K 8 km 4/2/2011 Sub 26 minutes
  • Cookie Dash 5k 5 km 4/23/2011 15:30
  • Cotton Row Run 10 km 5/30/2011 32:30

2011 Elite Team: Brad Schroeder

Brad Schroeder
Age: 26
Owens Crossroads, AL

Brief Biography
I was born and raised on a farm in Shelby Ohio with a large family of four brothers and one sister. My running career started my sophomore year of high school and took me to Ohio Northern University where I competed in Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track while getting my Mechanical Engineering Degree. I then got my MBA from Texas A&M while taking some time off running. My career took me to Huntsville, AL with my wife, Elizabeth, where I am working at Redstone Arsenal. I am very excited to find a great running community here which has motivated me to get back into running. I am looking forward to getting involved in the community and to discover what the future holds.

Short Term Goals
Run a sub-16:00 5k

Long Term Goals
Run a fast half-marathon

Personal Records
  • 800m at Ohio Northern University Joe Banks Meet 1:59
  • 1500m at Ohio Athletic Conference Meet at Marietta 4:02
  • 5 km at North Central (IL) Gregory Invitational 14:46
  • 8 km at NCAA Regional's at Wilmington 24:50
  • 10 km at All-Ohio Championships at Ohio Wesley University 32:42
  • 15 km at Fleet Feet Monte Sano 15k Road Race 51:48
  • 10 Mi at Army 10 Miler in Washington DC 55:00
Recent Race Results
  • Paint the Streets 5k 5 km 17:06 1st OA
  • Monte Sano 10k 10 km 35:27 4th OA
  • Monte Sano 5k 5 km 17:30 2nd OA
  • PHP 5k 5 km 17:15 1st OA
  • Monte Sano 15k 15 km 53:59 3rd OA
  • Liz Hurley 5 km 16:09 3rd OA
  • Army Ten Miler 10 Mi 55:31 56th OA
  • Spooktacular 5K Run 5 km 16:08 4th OA
  • Krispy Kream Challenge 4 Mi 30:28 5th OA
2011 Calendar
  • HTC Twilight 5K and Men's 5k Runs 5 km 7/16/2011 Sub 16
  • Monte Sano 10K Road Race 10 km 9/3/2010 Sub 34
  • Monte Sano 5K Road Race 5 km 9/3/2010 Sub 16
  • Fleet Feet Monte Sano 15K 15 km 10/8/2010 Sub 52
  • 7th Annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run 5 km 10/15/2010 Sub 16
  • Huntsville Half Marathon 13.1 Mi 11/12/2011 Sub 1:20

2011 Elite Team: Eric Charette

Eric Charette
Age: 35
Huntsville, AL

Brief Biography
I grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and attended college at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan. While there, I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and am a Registered Professional Engineer. I began running at age 27, but it was not until moving to Huntsville, AL in 2006 when I began to run trails, ultramarathons and compete at a competitive level. I have two dogs, Prisoner of Azkaban Sirius Beagle (Siri) and Dawson’s Creek Josephine Lillian Potter (Fiina) who enjoy trail running with me. I enjoy writing about my running adventures and maintain an online running blog, which can be found at I am driven through hard work and determination to realize my dreams and find the upper limits of my abilities.

Short Term Goals
In the short term my goals include several ultra events this spring, training for a sub 7 hour 50 miler at Delano Park, a fast time at Strolling Jim 40 Miler, a win at Keyes Peak 50km this summer. Then in the fall I would like to get back into fast road shape in preperation for the New York City Marathon.

Long Term Goals
In the long term, I would like to log 100,000 miles of running in my lifetime. I would also like to attempt a 100-mile race in 2011 and run 100 ultra marathons, all competitively. I would like to run all of the Marathon Majors (Chicago - 2006, Boston 2008, 2009, New York 2011, London 2012?, Berlin 2013?).

Personal Records
  • 2 Mi at Winter Winds 2 Mile 10:38
  • 5 km at Liz Hurley 5km 16:36
  • 5 Mi at Lake Antoine Classic 28:01
  • 10 km at Dam Bridge 10,000 meter 34:45
  • 15 km at Fleet Feet 15km 55:40
  • 13.1 Mi at Life Without Limits Half Marathon 1:15:32
  • 26.2 Mi at California International Marathon 2:43:40
  • 50 km at Dizzy Fifties 3:53:15
  • 50 Mi at Delano Park 7:14:16
Recent Race Results
  • California International Marathon 26.2 Mi 2:43:40 93rd OA
  • HELPLine Turkey Trot 5 km 16:41 1st OA
  • Life Without Limits 1/2 Marathon 13.1 Mi 1:15:32 2nd OA
  • Liz Hurley 5km 5 km 16:36 5th OA
  • Windsor Rodeo 10km 10 km 35:56 1st OA
  • Winter Winds 2 Mile 2 Mi 10:38 1st OA
  • Xterra Monte Sano 5km 18:55 1st OA
  • Squawk Mountain Trail 1/2 Marathon 13.1 Mi 1:55:05 2nd OA
  • Run the Keeweenaw Weekend (6km/12km/25km) Other 3rd OA
  • Keyes Peak Trail Marathon 26.2 Mi 3:19:55 1st OA
2011 Calendar
  • Mountain Mist 50km 50 km 1/23/2011 Sub 4:30
  • Strolling Jim 41M 5/7/2011 Top 5 finish, sub 5:15
  • Keyes Peak Trail 50km 50 km 6/25/2011 Overall Win
  • NY Marathon 26.2 Mi 11/6/2011 Sub 2:45

This Weekend

This weekend is the 5th Annual McKay Hollow Madness trail race atop Monte Sano State park in Huntsville, Alabama. This ever-changing course has finally settled into a great 25km featuring four climbs, with the final ascent to the finish up a waterfall along Death Trail. This race has been won by the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team in 2008 (Rob Youngren), in 2009 (David Riddle) and joining the Racing Team this season is the winner from 2010 (David O'Keefe). Last year Katie Maehlmann took the women's title. There are many race team members who will compete on Saturday, including Eric Charette, Dink Taylor and others. Rumor has it that Eric Fritz and James Falcon will attempt the first McKay Hollow double! The race is directed by team member Blake Thompson and is sponsored by Fleet Feet.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Results

On a windy day in Mooresville, Donald Bowman and Eric Charette finished 2nd and 3rd overall at the Rocket Run 10 miler, while Caitlin Morris and Kathy Youngren finished 1st and 3rd for the females. Caitlin set a stage age record with her 1:03:25, besting the old mark by 3 minutes and 35 seconds. Donald was top men's master and Whitney Hollingsworth was top women's master.

Official Results

2 Donald Bowman, 58:33
3 Eric Charette, 59:56
8 Dink Taylor, 1:02:25
10 Caitlin Morris, 1:03:25
11 Greg Reynolds, 1:03:47
12 Blake Thompson, 1:03:50
15 Sean Allan, 1:04:21
17 Jon Elmore, 1:06:22
18 Shane O'Neill, 1:07:10
20 Rick Maehlmann, 1:09:39
21 Eric Fritz, 1:10:05
27 Kathy Youngren, 1:11:16
31 Whitney Hollingsworth, 1:13:37

In Guntersville, Alabama, Dana Overton finished 1st overall female with a time of 44:14 at the Wild Irish 10km. This was the 33rd annual running of the Irish.

At Oak Mountain 50k, Randy McFarland ran a solid 6:36:50 for the race, which is commonly known as a long course.

In Germantown at the 13th annual Germantown Half Marathon, Marty Clarke ran 1:23:15 and finished 2nd in the age group 45-49. There were over 1200 finishers in the race.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend Results

The Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team from Huntsville had a great weekend of racing, starting in Decatur, Alabama at Delano Park 12hr/50mile.  Winning the 50 mile event with a time of 7:06:59 and setting a state record was Kathy Youngren.  Kathy broke the old mark (7:38:58) by 31 minutes and 59 seconds.  Store owner Dink Taylor won the overall 50 mile event with a 6:51:02.


12 Hour
21 James D. Falcon - 52 miles in 8:25:29
29 Eric Fritz - 50 miles in 8:02:55
34 Josh Kennedy - 48 miles in 8:32:11
35 Christy Scott - 48 miles in 9:20:51
41 Robert Youngren - 40 miles in 5:50:25
52 Eric Charette - 35 miles in 4:55:58
76 Blake Thompson - 23 miles in 3:38:54
77 shane o'neill - 22 miles in 3:04:11
79 Dana Overton - 20 miles in 2:46:37

2 True Grit (David Rawlings, Lisa Rawlings and others) 90 miles in 11:57:06

In Sheffield, Alabama at Huff and Puff on the Bluff 15km Brandon York found the podium with a 52:20, placing him 3rd overall.

Overall Results

3 Brandon York - 52:20
34 Joey Butler - 1:12:47

Friday, March 11, 2011

This Weekend

This weekend will feature the coveted rematch between two of the areas fastest runners, Josh Whitehead versus Brandon York of Nike Fleet Feet Racing Huntsville with the venue of Huff and Puff on the Bluff 15km in Sheffield, Alabama.  Brandon won the last meeting in October of 2010 at Spooktacular but Josh has experience racing in the Shoals so this should be a good duel.

In Decatur, team mates Eric Schotz and Jon Elmore will be directing the Delano Park 12hr/50mile.  Racing will be Kathy Youngren, Rob Youngren, Eric Fritz, Josh Kennedy, Dana Overton, Dink Taylor, James Falcon, Shane O'Neill, Blake Thompson, Eric Charette, Lisa Rawlings, David Rawlings and Christy Scott.

Good luck to the entire team where ever your fleet feet take you!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

2011 Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team

Fleet Feet Huntsville would like to announce the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team for the 2011 season. There were many great applicants making the process very difficult for the selection committee, but in the end we feel that we have the right mix of new and veteran runners for us to have a successful season. Members were selected based on recent racing times, volunteerism and ambassadorship qualities, demonstrated on a frequent basis. New this year is the elite classification of the team, represented by the top tier of our racing team.

2011 Elite Team
Candace Jacobs
Katie Maehlmann
Caitlin Morris
Dana Overton
Madelyn Patton
Kathy Youngren

Donald Bowman
Eric Charette
Marty Clarke
Jon Elmore
George Heeschen*
David Purinton
DeWayne Satterfield
Brad Schroeder
Dink Taylor
Tim Vinson
Brandon York
Robert Youngren

2011 Team
Lynn Curry
Lyndsey Kulaw*
Lisa Rawlings
Linda Scavarda
Christy Scott

Sean Allan*
Kevin Betts
Joey Butler
Erik DeBolt*
James Falcon
Eric Fritz
Rick Maehlmann
Randy McFarland
David O'Keefe*
Shane O'Neill
Eric Patterson
Timothy Pitt*
David Rawlings
Gregory Reynolds
Eric Schotz
Blake Thompson
Brett Wilks

*New member for the 2011 season

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Team blog updated!

New for the 2011 Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team season is an updated team blog, featuring our team captain, Marty Clarke!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Results

Christy Scott posted a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon by running 3:40:21.04 at the Snickers Marathon in Albany, Georgia.

Official Results

At the Walk to Remember 5km in Boaz, Alabama, Dink Taylor was 4th overall (1st Men's Master) with a time of 18:20 and Blake Thompson was right behind him in 5th, posting a time of 18:23.

On Saturday, Rob Youngren got his foot into the Tennessee River a split second ahead of the competition as he posted a course record 5:54:24 at the Bushwhacker Johnston Trail Marathon.  In its second year, this point to point course starts atop Monte Sano in Huntsville and traverses the ridgeline, often times off trail with miles of bushwhacking before to drops down to the Tennessee River.  Eric Charette and Eric Fritz rounded out the podium.

On Sunday at the UAH Spring Road Race 10km, Eric Charette lead the team to a 3rd place overall finish with a time of 35:36.  Donald Bowman was the 1st Men's Master finisher and 4th overall.  On the women's side, Candace Jacobs was top female in 37:43 and Katie Maehlmann was second.  Personal records were set by both Blake Thompson and Eric Fritz.  This race is directed by team member Conrad Meyer.

Photo by Gregg Gelmis

Official Results

3 Eric Charette - 35:36
4 Donald Bowman - 35:40
5 David O'Keefe - 37:01
7 Dink Taylor - 37:39
8 Candace Jacobs - 37:43
9 Greg Reynolds - 38:08
10 Blake Thompson - 38:11
15 Eric Fritz - 40:26
17 Joe Francica - 41:10
18 Randy McFarland - 41:23
23 Katie Maehlmann - 42:46

Friday, March 4, 2011

This Weekend

Christy Scott headlines for the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team from Huntsville this weekend as she takes to the roads for the Snickers Marathon in Albany, Georgia.  This race is one of the nation's fastest marathons and is ranked as one of the top Boston qualifiers in the country with 22% of all marathon finishers qualifying.

Good luck to the entire team in where ever your fleet feet take you!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reverse Double Mount Cheaha - Josh Kennedy

Check out the write up from Josh Kennedy on his Reverse Double Mount Cheaha 100km here.