Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Results

On a windy day in Mooresville, Donald Bowman and Eric Charette finished 2nd and 3rd overall at the Rocket Run 10 miler, while Caitlin Morris and Kathy Youngren finished 1st and 3rd for the females. Caitlin set a stage age record with her 1:03:25, besting the old mark by 3 minutes and 35 seconds. Donald was top men's master and Whitney Hollingsworth was top women's master.

Official Results

2 Donald Bowman, 58:33
3 Eric Charette, 59:56
8 Dink Taylor, 1:02:25
10 Caitlin Morris, 1:03:25
11 Greg Reynolds, 1:03:47
12 Blake Thompson, 1:03:50
15 Sean Allan, 1:04:21
17 Jon Elmore, 1:06:22
18 Shane O'Neill, 1:07:10
20 Rick Maehlmann, 1:09:39
21 Eric Fritz, 1:10:05
27 Kathy Youngren, 1:11:16
31 Whitney Hollingsworth, 1:13:37

In Guntersville, Alabama, Dana Overton finished 1st overall female with a time of 44:14 at the Wild Irish 10km. This was the 33rd annual running of the Irish.

At Oak Mountain 50k, Randy McFarland ran a solid 6:36:50 for the race, which is commonly known as a long course.

In Germantown at the 13th annual Germantown Half Marathon, Marty Clarke ran 1:23:15 and finished 2nd in the age group 45-49. There were over 1200 finishers in the race.