Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 Team: Kathy Youngren

Kathy Youngren

Brief Biography

I ran my very first race, the Marine Corp Marathon, in 1995. After running my third race ever, Strolling Jim 41.2 miler in Tennessee in 1996, I have been running races whenever possible; from 1 mile to 100 miles but I prefer ultramarathons. In 1999 I had the 5th fastest women’s 100 mile time, and recently, I was the first female at the Mother Road 100 miler in Oklahoma by running 20 hours, 57 minutes. In July of 2009, by running for 33 hours and 39 minutes, I was 5th female overall at the Badwater Ultramarathon - 135 miles through Death Valley.  In March of 2010, I was top female (2nd overall) at the Antarctica Marathon, with the only sub 4 hour female finish, ever.  I have a law degree, a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice, and a Master's Degree in Education. I have the two most wonderful dogs, Trails and Cairo.

Short Term Goals

The Antarctic Marathon in March, 2010. Then, since I minored in Classical Archaeology, I have had an affinity towards the ancient Greek culture, so I am destined to run the Spartathalon 246 km (152 miles) in Athens, Greece in September, 2010. The cut off is only 36 hours, so my goal is to finish the race in the time alloted.

Long Term Goals

In the next few years, Rob and I want to pull a sled through snow and sub-freezing temperatures in the Arrowhead 135 Mile Winter Ultra in northern MN. I would also like to run a sub 30 hour time at the Badwater Ultramarathon.

Personal Records
  • 1 Mi - 5:46:00 at Jimmy Vest Memorial Mile on 05/01/99 at age 24
  • 2 Mi - 12:25:00 at Winter Winds on 02/07/99 at age 24
  • 5 km - 18:46:00 at Run for Glory on 10/01/98 at age 24
  • 4 Mi - 26:42:00 at Winter Winds on 02/11/01 at age 26
  • 10 km - 39:43:00 at River City on 04/01/01 at age 26
  • 15 km - 1:03:00 at Monte Sano on 10/01/01 at age 27
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:31:00 at Rocket City on 11/10/01 at age 27
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:07:00 at Rocket City on 12/01/97 at age 23
  • 50 Mi - 7:25:00 at Mississippi on 03/01/00 at age 25
  • 100 Mi - 20:11:00 at Vermont on 07/01/99 at age 24
  • Other - 5:17:00 at Strolling Jim 40 on 05/01/97 at age 22

Fleet Feet is an important institution in the local running community due to its love and commitment to runners, and I feel honored to be associated with such a worthy and professional establishment. Since its opening, I have supported and encouraged others to embrace Fleet Feet, due to its devotion and loyalty to the running community. I feel that as a representative for Fleet Feet I will continue to visually promote Fleet Feet by wearing its apparel at races and throughout the town, volunteer for races, run competitively at races, and participate in Fleet Feet sponsored events at the store and throughout North Alabama. An important part of being an effective ambassador requires a commitment to run, volunteer, and to encourage others to do the same. We, together, can work to make our running community stronger and better than ever with the support of Fleet Feet and the racing team.