Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 Team: Shane ONeill

Shane O'Neill

Brief Biography

Started running a couple of 4 years ago, mostly recreationally. Started training in the fall of 2008 to run the Rocket City Marathon. I have seen all of times get faster as a result of increased training and knowledge since then. I enjoy being able to push 1 or 2 of my four boys in my jogging stroller. It has been a pleasure to have them with me at local races to cheer their Daddy on and run in the fun runs. I look forward to being able to run with them in the years to come. I am blessed to have a wife, Charity, who supports this habit.

Short Term Goals

Run mid 16's in 5k; run mid 34's in 10k; go under 2:50 in a marathon; continue to place/win in AG and challenge in overall standings.

Long Term Goals

Run Boston.

Personal Records
  • 1 Mi - 4:58 at Harry Williams All Comers Track Meet on 05/15/10 at age 37
  • 5 km - 16:59 at Icare on 09/19/09 at age 37
  • 8 km - 28:56 at FundRun on 04/03/09 at age 37
  • 10 km - 35:13 at 3M River City Run 04/10/10 at age 37
  • 15 km - 59:36 at MonteSano on 10/11/08 at age 36
  • 10 Mi - 59:55 at Mooresville on 03/20/10 at age 37
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:21:33 at Country Music Hlaf Marathon on 4/24/10 at age 37
  • 26.2 Mi - 2:57:56 at KansasCity on 10/17/09 at age 37

I have experienced first hand the expertise of the staff at Fleet Feet and the desire to promote running in Huntsville by the owners. I can therefore speak with personal knowledge as to why they should buy at Fleet Feet. Also, the improvements I have experiences over the past couple of years I can in large part attribute to Fleet Feet. For runners who are interested in improving their racing times, I can again from experience, direct them to Fleet Feet.