Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 Team: Eric Fritz

Eric Fritz

Brief Biography

I grew up in Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC and moved to Huntsville right out of college in 1989. Having never run competitively before, I started running when I was 35 to get more fit and try to increase my stamina for volleyball tournaments. I'm now 42 and quit playing volleyball a couple years back to focus on my running. I have two wonderful daughters that keep me quite busy and a very supportive wife who lets me get a way with much more than I should.  I love the outdoors and feel most at home in the woods.

Short Term Goals

For the near term, I'm working towards volunteering as much as possible. I'd also like to break 20 minutes in a 5k race. I feel that I am in shape to do so but lately I have been focusing on longer distances. My real goal for 2010 though, is to run a 100 mile ultra. Currently I'm targeting Arkansas Traveller 100, but if another opportunity presents itself, I may jump on it.

Long Term Goals

My long term goals include being fit enough to run the Hardrock 100 mile race. I consider this one of the hardest 100 mile races around, particularly when you consider the elevations. I plan to run "significant distance" on the Appalachian Trail, but due to family and work, that will stay a goal for a while. And lastly, as with every runner I know, the only true long term goal is to have the ability to continue to run for many more years.

Personal Records
  • 5 km - 19:54 at Cotton Row Run 5km on 05/31/10 at age 42
  • 10 km - 42:54 at UAH 10K on 3/07/10 at age 42
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:45:31 at Huntsville Half Marathon on 11/10/07 at age 40
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:22:52 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/12/09 at age 42
  • 50 km - 4:58:15 at Dizzy 50s on 11/22/08 at age 41
  • 50 Mi - 9:30:50 at Mountain Masochist on 11/07/09 at age 42

Having never really run before walking into Fleet Feet Huntsville, I consider myself a product of Fleet Feet and it's training programs. All of my running development and training can be directly related back to Fleet Feet. I will always be indebted to Fleet Feet for this and will continue to share my experience and training with other runners through formal and informal training groups and fun runs.