Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 Team: Chris Platt

Chris Platt

Brief Biography

I was born January 26th 1984 in New Jersey. I started running when I was little with my dad in local road races. I ran track in middle school and attended Haddonfield Memorial high school 1999-2003. During high school I was a 9 time State Champion, three time all American and two time Nation Champion. In highschool i ran 800m- 1:56, 1600m- 4:14, 3200m 9:26 and cross country 5k 15:11. I jgraduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree with geography. I now work for Intergraph since 2008. I ran at University of Tennessee from 2003-2008. At UT I became a 4 time letter man. I have the freshman school record in 3000m at 8:16. Lately I seem to be getting hurt. I didn’t make it through one of my 5 season in college without having to sit out one because of getting hurt. I have been mostly healthy for a year now with lower milage and keeping it low key. I would really like to turn things around and get back to training much harder once again. I have run as many as 112 miles a week and a 10 week average of 98. But my focus isn’t on mileage right now, it’s getting healthy and getting into a steady running routine.

Short Term Goals

My main focus is trying to build up my milage to be able to run some faster times and maybe be able to compete in some bigger races.

Long Term Goals

Stay healthy so that I don't have to take a lot of time off from running. Improve on my currenty conditioning and hopefully get into some fun longer races.

Personal Records
  • 800m - 1:53 at University of Arizona on 3/15/05 at age 21
  • 1500m - 3:50 at SEC outdoor championships on 05/14/05 at age 21
  • 2 Mi - 8:47 at NY Armory College Inv. 3k* 8:14 coverted (indoors) on 02/09/08 at age 24
  • 5 km - 14:25 at Penn Relays College Section 5k on 04/26/07 at age 23
  • 8 km - 23:52 at SEC Cross Country Championships on 10/30/06 at age 22
  • 10 km - 31:37 at Ncaa Cross Country Championships on 11/09/05 at age 21
  • Other - 52:40 at Sea Isle Beach 10 miler on 08/10/06 at age 22

I feel like I am a good ambassador for Fleet feet because I always push everyone at work to stay fit and eat right. I also try to get everyone to run and keep them motived about the spot because I love it so much!