Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 Team: Christy Scott

Christy Scott

Brief Biography

I received a degree in Exercise Science in 1999 from Wichita State University. I have worked as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor since 1998 and began running consistenty approximately 7 years ago. I enjoy running all distances, but particularly love the challenge of the ultra. My favorite distance is the 50k and my favorite race, Mountain Mist. I enjoy helping others reach their fitness goals and improve their quality of life. I have helped many people train for and complete races of all distances and recently began working with Fleet Feet Sports by coaching for their training programs. I have been married to my husband, Tony since 1994 and have two chilrdren, Courtney and Brandon who are very active in sports.

Short Term Goals

To improve in both the 50 mile and 50k distance, specifically finishing Mountain Mist in 6 hours in 2010. I would also like to complete at least one more hundred miler in 2010.

Long Term Goals

Continue to improve on times in ultras, eventually running some of the larger races, like Western States and Hardrock. I would also like to get more involved with helping Fleet Feet continue to grow the sport of running. I want to spend more time coaching beginning runners and helping them reach their goals.

Personal Records
  • 5 km - 21:17 at the Gold's Gym Turkey Day 5k on 11/28/10 at age 37
  • 5 Mi - 0:42:15 at Spirit of America 5 Miler on 06/27/09 at age 36
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:42:18 at Huntsville 1/2 Marathon on 11/13/10 at age 37
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:40:22 at Snickers Marathon on 03/05/11 at age 37
  • 50 km - 5:04:39 at Dizzy 50's on 11/20/10 at age 37
  • 50 Mi - 9:45:58 at Dizzy 50's on 11/22/08 at age 35
  • 100 Mi - 22:56:58 at Heartland 100 on 10/09/10 at age 37
I live and breathe fitness and running. I love fitness and healthy living so much that I have started my own training business and have a successful career in this wonderful field. I have the ability to touch many peoples' lives and help them become better runners, referring them to Fleet Feet for all of their running needs.