Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 Team: Josh Kennedy

Joshua Kennedy

Brief Biography

Josh is an Army Civilian and supervisory aerospace engineer on Redstone Arsenal, AL; he is currently the Chief of Operations Analysis for the Army's Aviation & Missile Command. Born and bred in Northern California, Josh is a graduate of the US Military Academy (USMA) at West Point, NY. He holds two masters in aerospace science and operations research. Josh is an Army helicopter pilot with active duty tours in the USA, the Middle East, and South Korea; he remains an Army Reserve officer. Josh took up marathoning in his 20s as a way to feed his competitive instinct, and got into trail/ultra and adventure running in his 30s. He is happily married to Kirsten and they are the proud parents of three fine sons: Matthew (10), Andrew (7), and Luke (5).

Short Term Goals

2010: Increase speed and power. Planning for a Colorado summer with the San Juan Solstice 50 and Leadville 100. Volunteer in my community, be a force in my boys' lives.

Long Term Goals

Continue a rock-solid marriage with my beautiful wife, raise three boys into men of character! Stay healthy and strong, see new sights and places. 10 Mtn Mist finishes, another try at WS100, another sub-3hr marathon. Run Pinhoti Trail end-to-end, explore other trails in SE USA. Make new acquaintances, develop deep friendships, solidify current acquaintances. Retire and thru-hike Pinhoti/Appalachian Trail from Alabama to Maine.

Personal Records
  • 800m - 0:02:03 at Sac-Joaquin Section Championships on 05/01/90 at age 18
  • 1 Mi - 0:04:33 at League Championships on 04/01/90 at age 17
  • 2 Mi - 0:10:50 at League Championships on 04/01/90 at age 17
  • 10 km - 0:38:01 at Trick or Trek, Panama City on 10/01/94 at age 22
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:18:30 at Tallahassee Half-Marathon on 09/01/95 at age 23
  • Other - 1:51:10 at Draggin Tail 18mi (Sunny Hills, FL) on 10/01/95 at age 23
  • Other - 2:10:05 at Mike Hannon 20-Miler (NYC Central Park) on 03/01/94 at age 21
  • 26.2 Mi - 2:59:12 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/11/95 at age 23
  • 50 km - 5:20:00 at Bartlett Park on 08/08/09 at age 37
  • 50 Mi - 8:23:00 at Sunmart on 12/01/01 at age 29
  • Other - 10:12:00 at Withlacoochee 100km on 02/01/01 at age 28
  • 100 Mi - 21:45:45 at Arkansas Traveller 100 on 10/04/09 at age 37
  • 100 Mi - 27:25:25 at Pinhoti 100 on 11/07/08 at age 36
  • 100 Mi - 29:04:00 at Western States 100 on 06/24/02 at age 30

Being a 'good ambassador' simply reflects my personal leadership philosophy, which, at its core, is a philosophy of basic human interaction. The most important facets of our lives are our relationships with each other. Daily, I try to set an explicit and implicit example of how I would choose to interact with other human beings, and how I hope my example would be emulated by those I come into contact with. So being a good ambassador for Fleet Feet is a matter of treating others with respect and developing strong personal rapport; the fact that I might be wearing Fleet Feet on my clothese (or Army or Redstone Arsenal or whatever) can hopefully influence others to recognize the quality and class of the Fleet Feet Huntsville (or other) organization.