Friday, July 30, 2010

Spotlight of the Month: Lori Jandreau

One of the great suggestions that came in from your notes over the past few weeks was that we should have a team mate spotlight of the month. Thanks to Rick Maehlmann, we will be spotlighting a different athlete each month. The format is very open; you can talk about a race that you just ran, one that you are training intently or go in your own direction.

This month the spot light is on Lori Jandreau.  Here is what she noted for her spotlight.

1. Favorite Race - Oak Barrel 1/2 Marathon. It was pouring, my feet were soggy, and the hills were killer, but surprisingly, I enjoyed every second and took second FOA. This race taught me to enjoy running regardless of the conditions!

2. IPOD? I'm addicted. I know other runners give me dirty looks...but I just won't give up my tunes!

3. Stretching - I hate it. I'm the least flexible person (can't even touch my toes...). So I have to really force myself to stretch. Instead, I prefer ice baths post run and using 'the stick' to ease my muscles. If I could afford massages, I'd get them daily.

4. Daily Diet - I'm totally gluten free. Being a dietitian, I focus on healthy, whole foods to boost my energy and keep weight in check. Normal meals include cereal with fruits and nuts, scrambled eggs, sushi, grilled vegetables, buffalo burgers, and plenty of salads!!

5. Cheat Foods - Okay, I'm not 100% health freak. My typical indulgences are gummie bears (i buy them in 3 pound bulk bags), ice cream (edy's double churn), and I certainly can't resist a good margarita.

6. Cross Training - I'm addicted to the triathlete lifestyle! Currently I'm cycling 100+ miles a week. It really helps me increase endurance and leg strength. I also have been swimming laps... but I really don't enjoy it. But no other activity gives me the satisfaction that running does; there is no cycling or swimmers high.

7. Long Runs - I love them. Give me a 16 miler over a shorter distance speed workout any day! On long runs I can just zone out and enjoy the scenary (yes, and listen to my ipod). I focus mainly on 1/2 and full marathons but would love to do some ultra events. I've never run a 5K, and don't think I ever will! 3 miles just isn't worth putting on my shoes for.

8. Running Rituals - I won't go out for a run without applying glide, strapping on my Garmin 305, and carrying a water bottle. Before long runs, I always drink a sugar free red bull.

9. Besides Running - Currently I'm studying for my ACE personal training certification. Since I have some free time in Florida right now, I'm also trying to take up surfing. My first attempt resulted in gallons of swallowed salt water and numerous bruises, but soon I'll be riding waves with ease!

10. Next Race - I have a big line up for fall/winter including some triathlons and plenty of 1/2 marathons. But ultimately, I'm building up my endurance to compete in a half iron man next summer. I also have my sights set on being apart of a Ragnar relay event, they just sound so fun!

Stay tuned for next month when Joey Butler and Eric Fritz will share their experiences on training for and racing their first 100 miler!

Racing This Weekend

A small contingent of Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team athletes from Huntsville will be making the trek over to Jackson Mississippi for the Bug Butt 100km/50km this weekend.  This race is sponsored by the good folks at Fleet Feet Jackson.

The event will be held on the single-track trails of Butts Park in Clinton, MS, and will consist of either five or ten 6-mile loops, depending on your run. As with many other ultras these days trying to "go green", each runner is required to carry some sort of hydration device with them.

Good luck to Kathy Youngren, Rob Youngren, Blake Thompson, Eric Fritz, Joey Butler and even our Team Apparel Coordinator, Sarah Bowden as they all continue to train for distance events at Lean Horse 50km/50mi/100mi.

Elsewhere the team will be in action volunteering at the Fleet Feet Huntsville Cross Country event for area high school teams on Saturday morning.

Good luck to the entire team in where ever your fleet feet may take you!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Results

Nike Fleet Feet Racing from Huntsville dominated the streets on Saturday at the SAIC Paint the Streets 5km. The heat was very tough, but thus is summer in the south!

The team was lead by Kathy Youngren who set not only a season best, but posted her fastest 5km time in several years with a 19:48, capturing the overall female win. Kathy was 9th overall of 377 total runners.

Taking the overall victory was Brad Schroeder with a time of 17:07 in his first race in several months. The team occupied the entire podium with Donald Bowman and Dink Taylor rounding out the top 3. Donald and Madelyn Patton were overall male and female master's finishers as well.

Official Results

Team Results
1 Brad Schroeder, 26 - 17:06
2 Donald Bowman, 42 - 17:58
3 Dink Taylor, 45 - 18:30
4 Blake Thompson, 29 - 18:50
7 Rick Maehlmann, 33 - 19:31
8 James Falcon, 39 - 19:46
9 Kathy Youngren, 35 - 19:48
13 Katie Maehlmann, 32 - 20:37
28 Joey Butler, 42 - 22:26
32 Madelyn Patton, 47 - 22:38

Friday, July 23, 2010

This Weekend

This weekend the Nike Fleet Feet Huntsville Racing team will be in action locally at the Paint the Streets 5km held in Research Park. This flat and fast race is sponsored by Fleet Feet Sports. James Falcon is confirmed to be racing and I'm sure you will see many others there as well.

Good luck to the entire team and where ever your fleet feet take you.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekend Results

The Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team of Huntsville had a very successful weekend of racing on Saturday. In the highly competitive Twilight 5km, the team took 3 of the top 10 places, lead by with Eric Charette running 17:14. Donald Bowman was top male master and 6th overall finisher.

Full Results

4 Eric Charette, 34 - 17:14
6 Donald Bowman, 42 - 17:27
10 Dink Taylor, 45 - 18:26
11 Marty Clarke, 48 - 18:32
12 Eric Schotz, 38 - 18:49
13 Greg Reynolds, 27 - 18:57
14 Randy McFarland, 49 - 19:04
15 Joe Francica, 54 - 19:20
18 Rick Maehlmann, 33 - 19:46
22 James Falcon, 39 - 20:09

In the seperate women's race, the team managed even better results as they took 5 of the top 7 places! Candace Jacobs and Kathy Youngren were both podium finishers with 2nd and 3rd placements, respectively.

Official Results

2 Candace Jacobs, 30 - 18:39
3 Kathy Youngren, 35 - 20:01
4 Dana Overton, 35 - 20:47
5 Katie Maehlmann, 32 - 21:09
7 Lisa Rawlings, 34 - 22:15
15 Christy Scott, 37 - 24:30

Earlier in the day, James Falcon also competed in the Wet Dog Triathlon in Decatur. James noted that he had a good day in the water, on this saddle and on foot.

Friday, July 16, 2010

This Weekend

This weekend is full of local events in the great Huntsville area and the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team will be contending for top spots in each of them.

On Saturday night on the campus of University of Alabama Huntsville, is the annual HTC Twilight 5km.  This race always draws a fast crowd and the course will reward those who have been training in the heat as the men's and women's events begin at  6:30 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. respectively.  Confirmation from Greg Reynolds, Tim Vinson, Dink Taylor, Rick Maehlmann and Katie Maehlmann have been received that they will be testing the course and conditions.

Tis the season for triathlons and the 2010 Wet Dog Triathlon will be held in Decatur on Saturday morning.  The format is 400 meter swim in a tributary of the Tennessee River, a 15km out and back bike course to Rhodes Ferry Park and a 5km loop run along the Point Mallard Trail.  James Falcon will be representing the team at this event.

Good luck to all team members where ever your fleet feet take you this weekend.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Athlete of the Month - June

With the hot summer in full swing, there were not as many races in June as compared to other months this year, but the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team members still had some outstanding performances all month long.  After reviewing race results and blog posts for the month of June, here are the top Nike Fleet Fleet Racing Team athletes of the month, as voted by on by the team directors.  Included are the events that earned each athlete this distinction. Athletes of the month are slightly different than top performances, as these runners had great showings at multiple events in the month. The top athlete of each month will be honored at the year end Christmas Party.

The top performer of May is Eric Charette.  His overall win at the Keyes Peak trail marathon in Florence, Wisconsin helped to spread the Fleet Feet name outside of our normal reaches of the Tennessee Valley.  Eric ran 3:19:55 for this 26.2 mile trail marathon, which featured rolling terrain, sandy and rocky trails and a 50 yard swim across the Pine River at mile 18.  Earlier in the month, Eric finished 3rd overall at the very hot and humid Alabama A&M 10km.  These two performances have earned him the distinction of the Athlete of the Month for June.

Athlete of the Month
  • Eric Charette - 1st overall Keyes Peak Marathon and 3rd overall at Alabama A&M 10km

Other Nominees for Athlete of the Month
  • Donald Bowman - 2nd overall at Alabama A&M 10km, 4th overall at Eurocross 8km, 3rd overall at Eurocross 5km
  • Jon Elmore - 5th OA Alabama A&M 10km, 1st OA Hoedown Hustle 5km

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Results

This past week was the annual AMRDEC 5km held on Restone Arsonel for all employees or relatives with security access.  The Fleet Feet Racing Team has numerous employees that work there and it was clear by the race results.  Topping the leaderboard was Brad Schroeder, who recently returned to Huntsville from working in the Middle East.  Brad's 17:53 was nearly 30 seconds faster than the 2nd place finisher, former Fleet Feet Teamer Jason Reneau.  Rounding out the podium finishers was DeWayne Satterfield wtih an 18:46.  Kathy Youngren once again showed her dominance on the female side of the coin, taking overall honors and 10th place overall.  There were 194 total finishers and this event was directed by team members Rob Youngren and Brett Wilks.

1 Brad Schroeder 17:53
3 DeWayne Satterfield 18:46
4 Greg Reynolds 19:11
6 Tim Vinson 19:37
10 Kathy Youngren 20:57
17 Joey Butler 22:07

Official Results

In Copper Harbor, Michigan, Eric Charette competed in Run The Keweenaw, a 3-event, 2-day stage race.  The format was a 6km hill climb on Saturday morning at 9am from the shores of Lake Superior to the summit of Mount Lookout.  (Runners have to run back down the hill as there is no crew access).  Then there is a 12km trail run at 5pm on the Copper Harbor ski/hike/bike trails, followed by a 25km trail run on Sunday morning at 8am, totalling just over a marathon in distance. 

Eric finished 4th in the hill climb, 3rd in the 12km and 3rd in the 25km, totalling 10 points which earned him 3rd place overall for the entire RTK stage race weekend.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend Results

Battling the mid summer heat, the Fleet Feet Racing Team of Huntsville, Alabama posted some very fast times this weekend.

At the Firecracker 5km, Rob Youngren and Kathy Youngren took top male and female honors at this inaugural event with a 17:26 and a 20:10, respectively.  Blake Thompson rounded out the podium in 3rd place with an 18:05.

Official Results Here

1 Robert Youngren 17:26
3 Blake Thompson 18:05
4 Conrad Meyer 19:15
6 Dink Taylor 19:39
9 Kathy Youngren 20:10
20 Eric Fritz 22:19
38 Joey Butler 24:25
89 Linda Scavarda 31:18

In Atlanta at the Peach Tree Road Race hosted by the Atlanta Track Club, Jon Elmore and Marty Clarke posted great times with Marty just edging out Jon with a 37:47 to Jon's 37:52.  Greg Reynolds ran 38:14 chip time and Tim Vinson proved that he is on the comeback trail post injury with a 39:43.  There were 50,044 finishers this year!

Full Results Here

In Gladstone, Michigan, Eric Charette lined up against 300 other runners at the 28th annual Firecracker 5 Miler.  Eric finished 4th overall with a 28:45 and was 3rd in his age division.

In Murray, Kentucky, Christy Scott ran a personal best 23:30 at the Freedom Fest 5km

Results are still pending for the Peavine Falls run in Birmingham where a few team members competed.

Friday, July 2, 2010

This Weekend's Starting Line

This weekend is full of short distance road races being contested by the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team from Huntsville.

Headlining the weekend is Jon Elmore who will be in Hot-lanta for the Peach Tree Road Race hosted by the Atlanta Track Club.  This race draws more than 50,000 participants each year and according to, is the largest road race in the United States.  Here is a link to that feature article

In Murray, Kentucky, Christy Scott will be racing the Freedom Fest 5km.  This lollipop style course starts and ends at the Primary Care Medical Center in Murray.

In Gladstone, Michigan, Eric Charette will be racing the annual Firecracker 5 Miler.  This looped course runs through the streets of Gladstone and along the Lake Michigan shoreline.  

Back in Huntsville, Alabama, Fleet Feet is a sponsor of the Firecracker 5km, which is certain to draw some team members as well.

Good luck to the entire team in where ever your fleet feet take you this weekend, racing or otherwise!