Friday, July 30, 2010

Spotlight of the Month: Lori Jandreau

One of the great suggestions that came in from your notes over the past few weeks was that we should have a team mate spotlight of the month. Thanks to Rick Maehlmann, we will be spotlighting a different athlete each month. The format is very open; you can talk about a race that you just ran, one that you are training intently or go in your own direction.

This month the spot light is on Lori Jandreau.  Here is what she noted for her spotlight.

1. Favorite Race - Oak Barrel 1/2 Marathon. It was pouring, my feet were soggy, and the hills were killer, but surprisingly, I enjoyed every second and took second FOA. This race taught me to enjoy running regardless of the conditions!

2. IPOD? I'm addicted. I know other runners give me dirty looks...but I just won't give up my tunes!

3. Stretching - I hate it. I'm the least flexible person (can't even touch my toes...). So I have to really force myself to stretch. Instead, I prefer ice baths post run and using 'the stick' to ease my muscles. If I could afford massages, I'd get them daily.

4. Daily Diet - I'm totally gluten free. Being a dietitian, I focus on healthy, whole foods to boost my energy and keep weight in check. Normal meals include cereal with fruits and nuts, scrambled eggs, sushi, grilled vegetables, buffalo burgers, and plenty of salads!!

5. Cheat Foods - Okay, I'm not 100% health freak. My typical indulgences are gummie bears (i buy them in 3 pound bulk bags), ice cream (edy's double churn), and I certainly can't resist a good margarita.

6. Cross Training - I'm addicted to the triathlete lifestyle! Currently I'm cycling 100+ miles a week. It really helps me increase endurance and leg strength. I also have been swimming laps... but I really don't enjoy it. But no other activity gives me the satisfaction that running does; there is no cycling or swimmers high.

7. Long Runs - I love them. Give me a 16 miler over a shorter distance speed workout any day! On long runs I can just zone out and enjoy the scenary (yes, and listen to my ipod). I focus mainly on 1/2 and full marathons but would love to do some ultra events. I've never run a 5K, and don't think I ever will! 3 miles just isn't worth putting on my shoes for.

8. Running Rituals - I won't go out for a run without applying glide, strapping on my Garmin 305, and carrying a water bottle. Before long runs, I always drink a sugar free red bull.

9. Besides Running - Currently I'm studying for my ACE personal training certification. Since I have some free time in Florida right now, I'm also trying to take up surfing. My first attempt resulted in gallons of swallowed salt water and numerous bruises, but soon I'll be riding waves with ease!

10. Next Race - I have a big line up for fall/winter including some triathlons and plenty of 1/2 marathons. But ultimately, I'm building up my endurance to compete in a half iron man next summer. I also have my sights set on being apart of a Ragnar relay event, they just sound so fun!

Stay tuned for next month when Joey Butler and Eric Fritz will share their experiences on training for and racing their first 100 miler!