Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 Team: Joey Butler

Joey Butler

Brief Biography

Graduated from UAH in 1991 with BS in Electrical Engineering. Employed by NASA as IT Manager. Started running in 2003. Have competed in over 165 events ranging from 1 mile to 12 hour races including 7 marathons and 8 ultra marathons. Coached Next Steps 10K program and Half Marathon programs at Fleet Feet. Served as Huntsville Track Club Executive Board Secretary since May 2009. Member of 2009 Rocket City Marathon committee. Voted as Fleet Feet race team Volunteer of the Year for 2009.

Short Term Goals

Recover fully from injury. Qualify for Boston. Finish a 100 miler in 2010.

Long Term Goals

Focus more on ultra marathons. Continue to coach new runners and help them meet their goals. Volunteer more.

Personal Records
  • 800m - 0:02:29 at Auburn Cross Country Meet on 01/01/99 at age 30
  • 1 Mi - 0:05:53 at All Comers Track Meet on 05/17/08 at age 40
  • 5 km - 19:55 at Turkey Trot on 11/27/08 at age 40
  • 10 km - 42:07 at Dam Bridge on 11/22/08 at age 40
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:35:27 at Huntsville Half on 11/08/08 at age 40
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:22:45 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/13/08 at age 40
  • 50 km - 5:51:03 at Mountain Mist on 01/24/09 at age 40
  • 50 Mi - 11:42:10 at Mountain Masochist on 11/07/09 at age 41

I find great satisfaction in helping out at Fleet Feet sponsored races. I know it is important for the store to put on quality races and I try to do my part to make sure the Fleet Feet races are done right (which they always are). I also enjoy coaching the store sponsored running programs. On the performance side, though I'm not the fastest person out there, I do consider myself to be one of the faster "regular" runners. A lot of the runners at races may be intimidated to speak to the lead runners, but they're not indimidated by me. I can promote the store to the "regular" runner. And finally, it is a little known fact locally, but Charette, Linda, and myself own the Shoals. As a member of the Fleet Feet team, I will proudly wear the Fleet Feet uniform in a new market to promote the store.