Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 Team: David Rawlings

David Rawlings Brief Biography I was born and raised in central Kansas. I ran track for a few years in middle and high school. I really didn't begin running until I joined the Army in 1992. There, I learned that I had a natural gift for endurance running. I ran because it was part of the Army's physical training program, but I do admit to liking that portion of it. In fact, while in the 18th Airborne Corps, we had to do an annual 20km-ruck march as part of a fitness qualification; I chose to run it. I left the Army in 1999 and took some time off from running. Over the years, I had gained wight and in May 2000, I resolved that I needed to lose weight and running seemed the most effective way. Thus began my modern running career. This has spawned other concerns for fitness: diet, excercise, and other types of activities, like weightlifting. I have discovered that the two together produce the best results for me. I try to stay in shape and running seems to be my mainstay activity. I am intersted in other fitness activities but, for now, running dominates. Short Term Goals Qualify for the Boston Marathon and lower my current PRs. Long Term Goals Stay healthy and fit and run a marathon in all 50 states. Personal Records
  • 5 km - 19:48 at Frosty Freeze Run on 12/05/09 at age 38
  • 4 Mi - 32:37 at Krispy Kreme Donut Challenge on 11/20/09 at age 38
  • 5 Mi - 32:30 at the Fitness Festival 5 in Salina , KS on 06/12/10 at age 38
  • 10 km - 42:27 at 3M River City Run 10k on 04/10/10 at age 38
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:34:02 at Life Without Limits Half Marathon on 10/31/09 at age 38
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:21:41 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/12/09 at age 38
Ambassadorship I feel like I am a good ambassador for Fleet Feet because I know the store well and am informed about the products it offers to the running community. Also, my wife and I attend a wide range of running events and are faithful about our commitment to be advocates of the sport. I enthusiastically encourage my friends and colleagues to take advantage of a healthy life style, including the joys and benefits of running.