Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 Team: Conrad Meyer

Conrad Meyer

Brief Biography

Married to Anne, my very supportive wife. I have four children (Allison, Ryan, Hannah, and Connor). I love to run on all surfaces (road, track, and trail) and play golf. My favorite race is the Mountain Mist 50K. I have worked in the Huntsville Defense Industry, as an engineer, since graduating from Auburn University in 1989. I enjoy running local races and helping new runners with competitive racing and overall fitness. I also enjoy cycling, swimming, playing tennis, and ice hockey. I love to camp, read, and watch movies and sports on TV.

Short Term Goals

Continue to stay healthy and improve on my racing times from 2009. Continue to help other runners and perform volunteer services. I would like to get my 5k time back in the 17s and run a fast mile (five o's). I would also like to run a half marathon under 1:28 and find some time to run more trails.

Long Term Goals

Complete both a half and full Ironman. Also run a 100 mile race (Western States). Keep some speed with 1milers and 5ks. Continue to contribute to the Huntsville running community through volunteering with the HTC and Fleet Feet.

Personal Records
  • 800m - 2:25 at HTC Track Meet on 07/15/03 at age 38
  • 1 Mi - 4:59 at HTC Track Meet on 07/15/03 at age 38
  • 2 Mi - 11:58 at Winter Winds 2 Miler on 02/13/04 at age 39
  • 5 km - 17:07 at Madison Don't 5K on 05/21/03 at age 38
  • 4 Mi - 24:16 at Winter Winds 4 Miler on 02/13/04 at age 39
  • 8 km - 29:29 at HTC Scholarship Run on 04/17/05 at age 40
  • 10 km - 35:29 at River City 10K Decatur, AL on 04/10/03 at age 38
  • 15 km - 57:45 at HTC 15K on 10/09/04 at age 39
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:21:18 at Huntsville Half Marathon on 03/15/03 at age 38
  • 26.2 Mi - 2:57:46 at Rocket City Marathon on 12/10/03 at age 38
  • 50 km - 4:17:18 at Mountain Mist Trail Run on 01/30/96 at age 31
  • 50 Mi - 8:15:49 at Mississippi 50 Miler on 03/05/97 at age 32

I am a veteran local runner with loads of experience to share with all runners. I am a consistent and constant participant and volunteer at many local events (both races and Fleet Feet sponsor and team events included). I have been running for Fleet Feet since the start of the racing team and continue to promote and love the sport of running. I also interact with many triathletes and other sports type people (golf, hockey, tennis, soccer, etc.) that allows me to further promote Fleet Feet. I have always followed Fleet Feet’s expectations of wearing team uniforms and being professional and will continue to follow the guidelines of the Fleet Feet Racing Team. I feel that I can continue to be an example and provide inspiration for younger and less experienced runners. Mostly, I would continue to be a good ambassador for Fleet Feet because I love the running.