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2009 Cotton Row Run

Fleet Feet Racing at 2009 Cotton Row 10k and 5k Huntsville, AL May 25, 2009 On a humid day, the Fleet Feet Racing Team of Huntsville tears up the course and posts some great times. Amongst the field, the team took David Riddle was 11th overall in 32:03, George Dewitt was 29th overall in 36:05 (and 5th overall male Master) and Madelyn Patton was 5th overall female master. David came back and took the 5k win and Jason Reneau and Eric Charette were also in the top 10. Fleet Feet owners Dink and Suzanne Taylor were race directors again this year. Cotton Row 10k 10k Official Results Cotton Row 5k 5k Official Results Full Team Results in 10k 11 David Riddle 32:03 24 Jason Reneau 34:55 29 George Dewitt 36:05 31 Eric Charette 36:31 34 Kevin Betts 36:46 35 Shane O'Neil 36:57 39 Rob Youngren 37:07 42 David Purinton 37:23 47 Marty Clarke 37:57 53 Candace Jacobs 38:34 57 Joe Francica 39:04 63 Jon Elmore 39:41 65 Conrad Meyer 39:44 85 James Falcon 41:13 112 Joey Butler 43:05 141 Kathy Youngren 44:15 196 Madelyn Patton 45:37 219 Linda Scavarda 46:18 235 Whitney Hollingsworth 46:41 248 Jane Reneau 47:04 282 Katie Maehlmann 47:59 346 Ovella Jessee 49:23 403 Ashley Cain 50:36

Friday, May 22, 2009

2009 Cotton Row Run 10k Top Seeds

2009 Cotton Row Run Among the top 50 women and top 75 men entered in the race this year are 16 Fleet Feet Racing Team members from Huntsville, AL. The full list appears on the Cotton Row website TOP 50 WOMEN 09 37:19 Candace Jacobs, 28 15 41:36 Linda Scavarda, 25 18 43:20 Kathy Youngren, 34 22 44:57 Whitney Hollingsworth, 45 TOP 75 MEN 14 31:57 David Riddle, 27 -- 34:30 George Dewitt, 50 25 34:45 Eric Charette, 33 26 34:45 Jason Reneau, 33 27 35:59 Greg Reynolds, 26 33 36:30 Robert Youngren, 34 34 36:53 Marty Clarke, 47 36 37:25 David Purinton, 41 37 37:30 Shane O'Neill, 36 40 38:00 Kevin Betts, 31 44 38:30 Joe Francica, 53 52 39:30 Conrad Meyer, 44

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TOC at Fleet Feet Sports

Tuesday May 19th at 7:00 PM Fleet Feet Sports Michael W. Cantrell. M.D. Sports Medicine Center General Orthopaedics Center Get all your sports medicine questions answered at Fleet Feet Sports with Dr. Michael Cantrell. TOC is a Proud Sponsor of the 2009 Mercedes Benz Cotton Row Runs. Location: 2750 Carl T Jones Drive Suite 1200T Huntsville, AL 35802

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2009 Cotton Row Training Runs

Every weekend from May 2nd through May 23rd, Fleet Feet Sports Huntsville and the Fleet Feet Racing Team will be coordinating training runs on the Cotton Row 10k course. These runs will start at 6:00am and 7:00am on Saturday and Sunday from the corner of Clinton Avenue and Monroe Street in downtown Huntsville. There will also be an aid station at the 3.1 mile mark, situated along Toll Gate Rd at the top of Mountainwood Dr. Water and Gatorade are provided at the aid station. If you have any questions about the training run, please contact Eric Charette.

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Welcome to the New Site

This is the first draft of the Fleet Feet Huntsville Racing Team Website. Stay tuned for additional content.

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2009 Fleet Feet Racing Team Huntsville

2009 Team: Christy Scott

Christy Scott
Email Address

Personal Records:

* 5 km at Spooktacular in Huntsville, AL on 10/30/10 - 21:57
* 5 M at Spirit of America 5 Miler on 6/27/09 - 42:15
* 13.1 M at Huntsville 1/2 Marathon on 11/8/08 - 1:49:58
* 26.2 M at Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL on 12/12/09 - 3:54:43
* 50 km at Recover from the Holidays on 12/31/08 - 5:52:54
* 50 M at Dizzy 50's on 11/22/08 - 9:45:58
* 100 M at Heartland 100 on 10/9/09 - 22:56:58

Brief Bio:

I received a degree in Exercise Science in 1999 from Wichita State University. I have worked as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor since 1998 and began running consistency approximately 7 years ago. I enjoy running all distances, but particularly love the challenge of the ultra. My favorite distance is the 50k and my favorite race, Mountain Mist. I enjoy helping others reach their fitness goals and improve their quality of life. I have helped many people train for and complete races of all distances and recently began working with Fleet Feet Sports by coaching for their training programs. I have been married to my husband, Tony since 1994 and have two children, Courtney and Brandon who are very active in sports.

Short Term Goals:

To improve in both the 50 mile and 50k distance, specifically finishing Mountain Mist in 6 hours in 2010. I would also like to complete at least one more hundred miler in 2010.

Long Term Goals:

Continue to improve on times in ultras, eventually running some of the larger races, like Western States and Hardrock. I would also like to get more involved with helping Fleet Feet continue to grow the sport of running. I want to spend more time coaching beginning runners and helping them reach their goals.

2010 Race Calendar & Goals

* Mountain Mist 50km 1/23/10 with goal to break 6 hours
* McKay Hollow Trail 1/2 Marathon on 3/27/10 with goal to break 2:30:00
* Rockin' K Trail Marathon on 4/3/10 with goal to break 4:58:00
* Brew to Brew Relay on 4/4/10
* Black Warrior 50k on 2/20/10 with goal to break 5:45:00
* New York City Marathon on 11/7/10 with a goal to break 3:50:00

2009 Team: Brad Schroeder

Brad Schroeder Email: Personal Records: * 1500m – 4:02 * 5km – 14:46 * 8km – 24:50 * 10km – 32:42 * 15km – 51:48 * 10 Mile – 55:00 Brief Bio: I was born and raised on a farm in Shelby, Ohio with a large family of four brothers and one sister. My running career started my sophomore year of high school and took me to Ohio Northern University where I competed in Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track while getting my Mechanical Engineering Degree. I then got my MBA from Texas A&M while taking some time off running. My career took me to Huntsville, AL with my wife, Elizabeth, for work opportunities at Redstone Arsenal. I am very excited to find a great running community here which has motivated me to get back into competitive running. I am looking forward to getting involved in the community and to discover what the future holds. Short Term Goals: * Run a sub 16:00 5k again Long Term Goals: * Run a fast half marathon Community Involvement: * Member of the Redstone Arsenal Ten-Mile Team * Member of the Huntsville Track Club * Volunteer at HTC events

2009 Team: Caitlin Heider

Caitlin Heider

2009 Team: Tab Barnett

Tab Barnett

2009 Team: Donald Bowman

Donald Bowman Email: Personal Records: * 1 mile - 4:50 * 2 mile - 10:17 * 5km - 15:38 * 5 mile - 27:18 * 10km - 34:00 * 1/2 Marathon - 1:16:28 * Marathon - 2:47 * HTC Outstanding Male Performance Award in 2003 * HTC Gran Prix Open Male Award Winner in 2001 & 2003-2007 * Qualified for and ran the 2009 Boston Marathon Brief Bio: I’m married to a wonderful wife named Elizabeth. I have two children; 17 year old Chase and Aaliyah who is 9. I love spending time with my family. Short/Long Term Goals: * Stay healthy and injury free and continue to improve as I get older Community Involvement: * I volunteer at nearly every Huntsville Track Club Race that I run * I train with the Bob Jones Cross Country team and try to offer them encouragement

2009 Team: Candace Jacobs

Candace Olivia Jacobs Email: Personal Records: * 10 Mile - 1:03:08 at Rocket Run in Mooresville, AL March 21, 2009 * Marathon - 2:55:08 at Rocket City Marathon, Huntsville, AL December 2008 Brief Bio: I've been running for over 15 years. I ran on a full scholarship to UAH with Coach Cain. I am a 5th grade teacher at Holy Spirit School. My number one fans are my husband Erik and my son Jonathan. Short Term Goals: * Run a 10km in under 38 minutes Long Term Goals: * Run a 5km in under 18 minutes * Run a marathon in under 2:50 so I can run with the elite women in the Boston Marathon Community Involvement: * I help out with the Marathon and I have helped pass out packets for seversl HTC races and I definitely want to help and volunteer more of my time in 2009

2009 Team: Blake Thompson

Blake Thompson Email:; Website/Blog: My Facebook Page Personal Records: * 5km - 18:41 at Rudolph Run 5K, Huntsville, AL December 2007 * 10km - 38:43 at River City Run 10K, Decatur, AL April 2008 * Marathon - 3:08 at Rocket City Marathon, Huntsville, AL December 2006 * 50km - 4:27 at Dizzy Fifties 50K, Huntsville, AL November 2006 * 41.2 Miles - 6:18 at Strolling Jim 40 Miler, Wartrace, TN May 2008 * 50 Miles - 14:40 at San Juan Solstice 50 Miler, Lake City, CO June 2007 * 100 Miles - 27:25 at Pinhoti 100, Sylacauga, AL November 2008 * 12 Hours - 70 Miles at Delano Park 12 Hr., Decatur, AL March 2009 Brief Bio: Played Ice Hockey and Lacrosse while in high school at Culver Military Academy (Culver, IN). Had a short ice hockey career in college playing for the UAH Chargers during the 2001-2002 season. Began running in 2004, with the Monte Sano Road Race 5K being my first race. Ran my first marathon that following December at Rocket City and the rest is history. Short/Long Term Goals: * Run a sub 24 hour 100 miler * Run a sub 3 hour marathon eventually * Continue to stay healthy and injury free. Community Involvement: * Race Director of McKay Hollow Madness Trail Run * Volunteer at numerous HTC events and Pinhoti 100 (85 Mile Aid Station)

2009 Team: Dink Taylor

Dink Taylor Email: Personal Records: * 5K - 16:38 * 10K - 34:28 * Half Marathon - 1:17:28 * Marathon - 2:40:45 * 50 miles - 5:53:12 * 100 miles - 16:58:11 * 24 Hours - 118 miles Brief Bio: Although born in Texas, spent the first half of my life growing up in Gadsden, AL and have been in Huntsville for almost 23 years now. Married to Suzanne, a very energetic girl who makes every thing click, especially Fleet Feet Sports. We have a wonderful little 8 year old boy and I also have a 21 year old son who works with me and 19 year old daughter that goes to school at Alabama. Short Term Goals: * Run Mountain Masochist for the 15th time Long Term Goals: * Finish Leadville Trail 100 Miler Community Involvement: * Director of Recovery from the Holidays 50km * Co Director with Suzanne for Mountain Mist 50km, Cotton Row Run & Rocket City Marathon * Volunteer at all HTC events plus many others

2009 Team: Whitney Hollingsworth

Whitney Hollingsworth Email: None Personal Records: * 2 Mile - 13:25 at Run to Calvary in Feb 2009 * 5km - 21:27 at Liz Hurley Ribbon Run 5km in Oct 2008 * 4 Mile - 28:08 at Winter Winds in Feb 2009 * 1/2 Marathon - 1:40:45 at Huntsville Half Marathon in Nov 2008 * 10km - 44:57 at Cotton Row Run 10km in May 2008 * Marathon - 3:54:12 at Rocket City Marathon in Dec 2004 Brief Bio: Married to Curt for 23 years. We have one daughter Chloe who is 13. We stay busy watching her cheer for Elkmont High School. She also ran XC for EHS in 2008. I am lucky to have a loving family who supports my running. I have worked for Greybar Electric for 23 years. Short/Long Term Goals: * Run the Rocket City Marathon in 2009 and qualify for Boston * Continue to beat previous race PRS Community Involvement: * Race Director for Elmont Lions Club Rails to Trails 10K * Volunteer for various HTC races * Active member of Elmont Church of Christ

2009 Team: Randy McFarland

Randy McFarland Email: Personal Records: * 10km - 34:54 * 10 mile - 59:10 * 1/2 Marathon - 1:18:13 * Marathon - 2:44:54 in 1984 Brief Bio: Began running with Junior High Track and High School Cross Country teams in home town of Kettering, Ohio. After that, ran on my own. Completed first Marathon in 1980; first Ultra in 1995 ( Mountain Mist Trail Run ). To date, I have completed approximately 100 Marathons or Ultras (50th Marathon Rocket City in 2006). Also lived in Ft. Worth, Texas for 7 years where I also participated in local running and bike races. Short Term Goals: * To run under 60 minutes once more for 10 miles Long Term Goals: * Stay healthy so I can try to get that sub 60 minute 10 miler Community Involvement: * Served as race director for NYL Monte Sano 15K 2000 – 2003 * Current director of HTC New Year's Day fun runs * Founded local chapter of Hash House Harriers in November 1997 * Have been a part of the local running community since 1990

2009 Team: Madelyn Patton

Madelyn Patton Email: Personal Records: * 8km - 35:33 at Steeplechase in Decatur, AL April 2008 * 10km – 44:38 at 3M River City Run in Decatur, AL April 2008 * 1/2 Marathon – 1:37:25 at Cedars Of Lebanon Frostbite in Lebanon, TN February 2008 * Marathon - 3:57:12 at Knoxville Marathon in Knoxville, TN March 2009 Brief Bio: I was born and raised in New York City in a large Irish Catholic family. I began running as a way to lose weight after college. I started getting more serious about running 12 years ago. Racing in Pennsylvania, baby strollers were allowed so most of my racing there was done pushing my daughter and next to my husband of 23 years, Chip. Since moving back to Alabama, I've gotten more serious about running especially in recent months. I have 2 children, Nathaniel, age 19 is a sophomore at Auburn University and a daughter Caralyn, age 12. I recently ran my 1st Marathon at 46 years old at Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL December 2008 Short/Long Term Goals: Run, run, run. Always remember it is a blessing! Community Involvement: * Member of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Madison, AL * Religious education catechism * Special Minister of Holy Communion * Huntsville Track Club member * Regular volunteer at races

2009 Team: Kevin Betts

Kevin Michael Betts Email: Personal Records: * 1 Mile - 4:17 (college track and field Atlanta, GA June 1999) * 2 Mile - 9:16 (college track and field Blacksburg, VA Feb 1999) * 5km - 15:19 (college track and field Carbondale, IL Jan 1998) * 10km - 32:42 (college cross country Birmingham, AL Nov 1997) * 10 Mile - 57:45 (Rocket 10 Miler Mooresville, AL 1995) Brief Bio: Ran cross country and track and field in college at Georgia Tech. Currently enjoying running local road races (albeit much slower time!) off of some very low mileage. My wife Tonia is also a runner and we have three wonderful young daughters (Sage, Autumn, and Rose). We feel very lucky to live in a great medium-sized city with such a well-organized running community. Short/Long Term Goals: * Get back under 17 minutes for 5K * Get back under 35 minutes for 10K * Break 3 hours in the dreaded marathon! Community Involvement: * Help out at HTC events * Member of Huntsville Track Club * Teach Sunday School to K-2 at our church (UUCH)

2009 Team: Rick Maehlmann

Frederick Nathan Maehlmann Email: Personal Records: * 5km – 18:39, Carey Woods Bash N Dash, Auburn, AL April 11, 2003 * 10km — 39:20, Cotton Row Run, Huntsville, AL, May 26, 2003 * Half-Marathon —1:28:40, Rocket City Half Marathon, Huntsville, AL, November 8, 2003 * Marathon – 3:16:28, Suzuki Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon, San Diego, CA, June 1, 2003 * 50km – 5:45:10 Dizzie Fifties, Huntsville, AL, November 20, 2004 Brief Bio: I’ve enjoyed being active all of my life. My dad and I did a lot of long distance bike riding when I was younger. I ran some track in high school, but got more focused on running after graduating from college. I was drawn in by the track club and the running culture in this town. I especially enjoy running on the mountain. I would do this every day if I could. Short Term Goals: * Train for Maui Marathon in September (complete) Long Term Goals: * Complete a marathon in every state * Complete 10 Mountain Mists Community Involvement: * HTC Member and race volunteer

2009 Team: Dana Overton

Dana Overton Email: None Personal Records: * Marathon 3:16 at Rocket City in Huntsville, AL * 50km Trail 4:30 at Mississippi 50km * 50 Mile 9:34 at Ouachita 50M * 100 Mile 25:30 at Pinhoti 100 in Alabama Brief Bio: Dana was born in Dalton, GA and grew up in Geraldine, AL. With the encouragement of her parents she played high school basketball for 4 years and was named All Country, All Area and All State Honorable Mention. She ran track and was a state medalist in the 4x100m and the 4x400m relays. Dana began running long distance events in 2003. She has run numerous marathons in the Southeast, including Grandfather Mountain in Boone, NC. However, trail running is her passion. Among those completed are Mountain Mist 50km, Mount Cheaha 50km, the Ouachita 50M and the Pinhotti 100M. In 2006/2007 Dana ran Dizzy 50's, Rocket City Marathon, Recovery from the Holidays 50km and Mountain Mist 50km and was awarded the coveted Gran Slam award. Spring Triathlons and a Half Ironman have been mixed in with her pure running events. Dana has donated her time and energy to help organize the annual Run for Hope 5km in Guntersville, which benefits the Marshall County Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Dana's motivation to run is the result of appreciation she feels for the many blessings she has been given and the friends she has made along the way. Short/Long Term Goals: * Break 3 hours in a marathon * Complete Western States 100 Miler Community Involvement: * Member Huntsville Track Club * Mountain Lakes Cycling Club Member * Co-Race Director Laranda Nichols Memorial Run For Hope * Salem United Methodist Church

2009 Team: Steve Carter

Steve Carter Email: Personal Records: * 1 Mile - 4:44 * 5km - 16:50 * 10km - 35:46 * Half Marathon - 1:21:30 * Marathon - 3:28 * 50km Trail 4:46 Brief Bio: Lived in Gadsden, Alabama for most of my life. I started running in April of 1981. I mainly enjoy running and time spent running on the trails these days. I also am a cyclist on road and mountain bikes. I have been married since 1989 to Jennifer Carter and we have a son named Davis. My favorite race is the Mountain Mist 50km. Short Term Goals: * Complete the Leadville Trail 100 mile Mountain Bike Race (now complete) Long Term Goals: * Keep doing more endurance events in running and mountain biking and some road bike racing. Community Involvement: * Help out at HTC events * Race Director of Summer Cross Country Runs * Member of Spring City Cycling Club * Manager of Fleet Feet Sports

2009 Team: Mike Greene

Kenneth Michael Greene Email: Website/Blog: Personal Records: * 1 Mile – 5:09 at “Back to School Run”, Parkway City Mall, 1992 * 2 Mile – 11:45 at “Harry Williams All Comers Track Meet”, Alabama A&M * 5k – 17:41 at “Back to School Run”, Parkway City Mall, 1992 * 10k – 38:36 at “Cotton Row Run” 1992 * 15k – 60:56 at “Monte Sano 15K” Brief Bio: Born and raised in Huntsville, AL. BS Mathematics, UAH, MS Computer Science, UAH. Short/Long Term Goals: * To consistently get back in the 18's in the 5K and sub-40's in the 10K. * Run Mtn Mist 50K. Community Involvement: * Race director (3 years so far), Alabama A&M 10K * Regular volunteer at HTC events

2009 Team: Marty Clarke

Marty Clarke Email: Personal Records: * 1 Mile - 4:44 (open) / 4:57 (masters) * 5k - 16:08 (open) / 16:32 (masters) * 4 Mile - 21:21 (open) / 22:04 (masters) * 10k - 33:27(open) / 33:40 (masters) * 10 Mile - 56:06 (open) / 58:40 (masters) * 1/2 Marathon - 1:15:06 (open) / 1:15:35 (masters) * Marathon 2:48:24 (open) / 2:55:28 (masters) Brief Bio: I was born in Memphis, TN. I have lived in Huntsville since 1989. I ran my first road race (10K) while in the Army, and I have been running ever since. I participated in Triathlons from 1986-1990 and realized that I wasn’t a good enough swimmer to be competitive. I have raced every distance from the mile up to 51 miles. I have been competitive at most distances. None of this would have been possible without my loving and understanding wife, Tina and my two daughters. They have always been there for me, no matter how good or how bad a race went. Short/Long Term Goals: * Continue running as long as possible, while slowing down as little as possible each year. * Run races that I have not run before or have not run in a long time. * I would like to race a 50mi and run a 100mi. * Since I have run my last PR unless I run a distance I have not run before, I plan to use the knowledge and experience I have gained from 29+ years of running to help other runners achieve their goals. * Beat Eric at least one more time. Community Involvement: * Member Huntsville Track Club since 1997 * Race Director All Comers Track Meet 2002- present * Meet Director Alabama Sports Festival Track and Field 2002-2003 * Participated in Fleet Feet Track workouts 2004-present * Participated in training groups for RCM, Huntsville Half-marathon and Cotton Row 10k * Cross Country Coach Westminster Christian Academy 2007-2008

2009 Team: Katie Maehlmann

Katie Maehlmann Email: Personal Records: • 5k - 20:01 at Spirit of Halloween 5K on October 23, 2003 • 10k - 40:43 at River City Run April 10, 2004 • Half Marathon - 1:34 at Huntsville Half on November 11, 2004 • Marathon - 3:21 at Suzuki Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon San Diego on June 1, 2003 • Mountain Mist 50k – 5:46 on January 24, 2004 Brief Bio: I love pushing myself to the limit and gravitated to running during high school since it allowed me to do that. I worked up to the marathon distance and have now run over 20 marathons and ultras (and completed 13 states of my 50 state goal). In 2004, I was first female in the HTC Gran Prix and set several of my PR’s. My husband, Rick, and I began dating while training for our first Mountain Mist together in 2003. He proposed to me at the top of McKay Hollow the following year (during a trail run!). I love having a husband who understands all of the time and dedication it takes to be a runner. We have two children, a son who is almost three and a daughter who is almost two. I get the most satisfaction from motivating other runners and receive so much encouragement from the great runners here in Huntsville. Finding time to fit in running is tough but well worth it! Favorite Quote: “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” -Michelangelo Short Term Goals: * Train for Maui Marathon in September Long Term Goals: * Complete a marathon in every state * Complete 10 Mountain Mists Community Involvement: * HTC Member and race volunteer

2009 Team: Kathy Youngren

Kathy Faulkner Youngren Email: Personal Records: * 100 Miles - 20:11 at Vermont 100 miler in Woodstock, VT, July 1999 * 50 Miles - 7:25 at Mississippi Trail Run in Laurel, MS, March, 2000 * 50k - 4:12 * Marathon - 3:07 at Rocket City in Huntsville, AL * 10k - 39:43 for 10k at River City Run in Decatur, AL * 5k - 18:46 * 1 Mile - 5:46 at Jimmy Vest Memorial Mile in Florence, AL Brief Bio: I ran my very first race, the Marine Corp Marathon, in 1995. After running my third race ever, Strolling Jim 41.2 miler in Tennessee in 1996, I have been running races whenever possible; from 1 mile to 100 miles but I prefer ultramarathons. In 1999 I had the 5th fastest women’s 100 mile time, and recently, I was the first female at the Mother Road 100 miler in Oklahoma by running 20 hours, 57 minutes. In July of 2009, I was 4th female overall at the Badwater Ultramarathon - 135 miles through Death Valley. Even though I am an attorney, I will finish my Master’s Degree in Education in December, 2009. I have the two most wonderful dogs, Trails and Cairo. Short Term Goals: In March, 2010, the Antarctic Marathon. In the next few years, Rob and I want to pull a sled through snow and sub-freezing temperatures in the Arrowhead 135 Mile Winter Ultra in northern MN. Long Term Goals: Since I minored in Classical Archaeology, I have had an affinity towards the ancient Greek culture, so I am destined to run the Spartathalon 152 miler in Athens, Greece. Community Involvement: I am the Treasure of the Huntsville Track Club and volunteer at races and events of the HTC and Fleet Feet.

2009 Team: Joe Francica

Joe Francica Email: Twitter: Personal Records: * Marathon: 2:48:40 at Rocket City, Huntsville AL 1990 * Half Marathon: 1:14:43 at Dallas White Rock, Dallas TX 1988 * 10 Mile: 57:18 at Howard Wood 10M, Sioux Falls, SD 1984 * 15K: 52:53 at Plano 15K, Plano TX 1989 * 10K: 33:34 at Turtle Creek 10K, Dallas, TX 1988 * 5K: 16:19 at Plano Pacers 5K, Plano TX 1987 * 1M: 4:49 at Dallas Trolley Mile, Dallas TX 1987 Brief Bio: Joe is father of four young men and married to Kathy for 27 years and has lived in Huntsville since 1990. He is a native of Trenton, New Jersey and a graduate of Rutgers University. He holds degrees from Dartmouth (MA) and Southern Methodist University (MBA) also. Joe is the editor in chief and vice publisher of Directions Media, which publishes information about geospatial technology. Joe was awarded the Huntsville Track Club’s Outstanding Male Runner Award in 1998, is a recipient of the HTC’s Dedication Award, and won the HTC’s Grand Prix in the Masters Division five consecutive years from 1998 to 2003. Short/Long Term Goals: * Run consistently, perform at a high level, and become the best father and husband possible, God willing. Community Involvement: * Assistant Scoutmaster-Boy Scouts of America Troop 340, Huntsville * Liturgical Minister-Good Shepherd Catholic Church * Race Director-Huntsville Hospital Autumn Chase * President, Rutgers University Alumni Club of Alabama

2009 Team: George DeWitt

Russell George DeWitt Email: None Personal Records: * Marathon - 2:37:30 at Marine Corp Marathon in D.C. on Nov 1978 * Half Marathon - 1:13:30 at Mini (half) Marathon in Indianapolis, IN on May 2006 * 10km - 33:09 at RoundAbout 10k in Indianapolis, IN on April 2000 * 15km - 15:59 at Race for the Cure 5K, Indianapolis, IN on April 1999 * 2 Mile - 9:38 Potomac, MD on May 1976 * 1 Mile - 4:32 Potomac, MD on April 1976 Brief Bio: I was born in Manhattan, raised in New Jersey and Maryland. My love was baseball as a youngster. I began running as a freshman in high school at the encouragement of a friend. As a senior I was privileged to be part of the only triple-crown season my high school has ever known. We won the Maryland state championship in cross country, indoor track and spring track during the 1975/1976 season (I know, that was a long time ago). I then pursued my electrical engineering degree at Duke University. I was not a consistent runner at Duke but I did run a 14:45 three-mile on the NC State indoor track as a sophomore. That same year I ran my first marathon (Marine Corp) and set a PR that I am still trying to beat today. I exited competitive running for nearly 20 years while I took care of some other important things in life: working, marrying Kathryn and raising 5 children together in Indianapolis. My mid-life crisis came at age 38, so I started running seriously again. We moved to Alabama in 2005. I have made many new running friends here and am thrilled to be part of the Huntsville Track Club. Short Term Goals: * Become a better cyclist. Long Term Goals: * Enjoy running, cycling, swimming with good friends for many years. Community Involvement: * Awana leader at CrossPointe church. * Build wheelchair ramps for disabled persons (CASA) with group from church. * Director of Huntsville Sprint Triathlon.

2009 Team: Jason Reneau

Jason Reneau Email: None Personal Records: * 50km - 3:58:59 at Dizzy 50’s Trail Run in Huntsville in Nov 2006 * Marathon - 2:38:56 at Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon in 2008 * Half Marathon – 1:15:37 at Huntsville Half Marathon in Nov 2008 * 10 Miles - 56:59 at Army 10 Mile in 2008 * 10km - 34:40 at Northwest Missouri State University in 1999 Brief Bio: I began running cross-country and track as a sophomore in high school, and then continued on during college. I have kept it up since then with some breaks here and there to the present. I enjoy running unique races and have done everything from 200 mile ultra relays to the 800m. I have had the opportunity to travel to several places around the country and like to make it out for a run where ever I go. It helps me find my bearings and lets me get to see a place in a way I wouldn’t otherwise see. Since I’ve moved to Huntsville, I’ve found a partner who loves to run at least as much as I do and doesn’t mind incorporating running into the schedule and understands the getting out when its miserable to be outside. We have a great time together and for that I am thankful. Short/Long Term Goals: My short term goals are to lower my marathon time just a bit more and hopefully the rest of my times too. Long term I’d like to keep running as long as I can. Community Involvement: My wife and I are involved @ Mayfair Church of Christ.

2009 Team: James Falcon

James Falcon Email: Personal Records: * 800 - 2:03 in 1988 * 1600 - 4:43 in 1988 * 2 mile - 11:04 in 1987 * 3 mile - 16:28 in 1988 * 5k - 19:11 in 2007 * 4 mile - 26:04 in 2004 * 8k - 32:09 * 10k - 38:51 in 2004 * 10 mile - 1:07:03 * ½ Marathon - 1:30:49 * Marathon - 4:47 in 2002 * Mountain Mist 50k - 4:48 in 2006 * Mt Mitchell Challenge 40 (38 miles) - 7:11 in 2009 * Ironman Triathlon - 11:10:50 in 2007 Brief Bio: Married to Michelle, we have two kids Christian & Anna. I am a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones Investments. I enjoy helping people reach their goals. I have been running since the early 80’s and really enjoy running on the trails. I started doing triathlons around 2002 and that is about the same time I started doing longer races. Short Term Goals: * Break 19 minutes in 5k in 2009 Long Term Goals: * Complete 100 miler in next 3 years * Complete fun run at Barkley in next 5 years Community Involvement: * Rocketman Triathlon Race Director * Active member of Huntsville Track Club and Team Rocket Triathlon Club

2009 Team: Greg Reynolds

Gregory M. Reynolds Email: Personal Records: * 1/2 Marathon 2:02:36 McKay Hollow Trail Half in Huntsville, AL March 2009 * 10 Miler 61:31 at Rocket Run in Moorseville, AL March 2009 * 10k 35:59.4 at 3M River City Run in Decatur, AL in April 2009 * 4 Mile 23:25 at Winter Winds 4 Mile in Huntsville, AL Feb 2009 * 5k (Unofficial Split) 17:54 at Winter Winds 4 Mile in Huntsville, AL Feb 2009 Brief Bio: I was born in Huntsville, AL on July 31, 1982. I grew up in Overland Park, Kansas as a swimmer and swam in college at the University of Missouri-Rolla. I moved to Huntsville when I graduated with an electrical engineering degree and started running to participate in triathlons. I became addicted to running soon after and have been steadily improving my times ever since then. I have been married to my wife Rebecca since Aug 7, 2004. We have 2 little girls who are a blessing and they love to watch their Daddy and Mommy compete. Short Term Goals: * Break 60 minutes the 10 Mile * Break 36 in the 10km (completed in April) * Break 1:20 in the half marathon * Break 3 hours in the marathon Long Term Goals: * Run Mountain Mist 50km Community Involvement: * Active member of the HTC * Member of the Redstone Arsenal Army Ten-Miler Team * Provide access to free race photos through and * Volunteer at races.

2009 Team: Carl Smith

Carl Smith Email: Personal Records: * Marathon in 3:06 * 1/2 Marathon in 1:23 * 15km in 56:00 * 10k in 36:15 * 5k in 17:30 * Mile in 5:02 Brief Bio: Hometown of Jackson, TN. Started running in 1979. Earned Mechanical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech in 1985. Worked in Los Angeles for 5 years and moved to the Huntsville area in 1991. Married to wife Lynn who runs, but only races occasionally. One daughter Katie, who loves basketball and swimming. Back and knee injuries led to more HTC volunteer activity in the late 90’s. Enjoys giving back to the community in support of healthy activity through running and other sports. Short/Long Term Goals: * Maintain fitness through targeted workouts, off-road, bike and strength training Community Involvement: * Maintains HTC volunteer database * Involved with timing/scoring for HTC and other local events * Coordinates Cotton Row Run finish area set up * Active in Asbury United Methodist Church * Supports daughter Katie’s basketball team and Girl Scout activities.

2009 Team: Brett Addington

Brett Addington Email: Personal Records: * Marathon in 2:50:36 at Rocket City Marathon in 2007 * 1/2 Marathon in 1:18:15 at Huntsville Half Marathon in 2007 * 10 miler in 58:36 at Army Ten Miler in 2006 * 10k in 36:49 at River City 10K in 2006 Brief Bio: Married since 2002 to Kelly. Work for the Army as a Logistician. Raised in Klamath Falls, Oregon, but have lived in Phoenix, AZ, Ft Bragg, NC, and Texarkana, TX. Short Term Goals: * Run sub 2:50 in the marathon. Long Term Goals: * Run 100 marathons (15 so far) and win another marathon. * Direct or establish a new race. Community Involvement: * HTC member, volunteer at races.

2009 Team: David Riddle

David Riddle Email: Personal Records: * Marathon: 2:27:27 at Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL Dec 2008 * Half Marathon: 1:08:11 at Huntsville Half Marathon in Huntsville, AL Nov 2008 * 10 mile: 50:51 at Army Ten Miler in Washington, DC Oct 2008 * 10k: 31:27 at Azalea Trail Run in Mobile, AL March 2007 * 5k 14:38 at Penn Relays, 2005 * 1500m 3:56.82 at 2008 Tiger Classic in Auburn, AL April 208 Brief Bio: I was born in Anniston, AL on September 25, 1981 and first started running in the 4th grade shortly after my family moved to the Huntsville area. While in the 7th grade, I began running competitively at Liberty Middle School and continued running track and cross-country throughout my high school career at Bob Jones in Madison. My senior year, I was chosen as the HTC Male Outstanding High School Cross Country Runner of the year and was all-state in track and cross-country. In 2000, I began attending Auburn University and walked on to the varsity cross-country and track teams. After red shirting my freshman year, I was a four-year letter winner while working toward a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Following the completion of my undergraduate degree and athletic eligibility I hung around Auburn for another year and a half to continue training with the team and to earn my Master’s degree. Early in 2007 I moved back to Huntsville and began working for the Army. My wife Stefanie, also from Madison, were married in June 2008. Short Term Goals: Break 4 hours at Mountain Mist 50km in January 2010. Long Term Goals: Continue learning how to run fast on the trails, while maintaining decent leg speed for road races. Community Involvement: Volunteer at various races, Autumn Chase Run volunteer, Community support activities with the Redstone Arsenal Army Ten-Miler Team.

2009 Team: Brian Robinson

Brian Michael Robinson Email: Personal Records: * 50 mile (trail): 7:21 at Carl Touchstone MS50 in Laurel, MS March 2005 * 50K (trail): 4:05 at Huntsville FatAss 50K in Huntsville, AL Dec 2006 * 50K (road): 3:59 at Strolling Jim 40M (split time) in Wartrace, TN May 2006 * Marathon: 3:01 at Andrew Jackson Marathon in Jackson, TN April 2007 * Half Marathon: 1:23 at Huntsville Half Marathon in Huntsville, AL Nov 2007 * 10 mile: 63:21 at Rocket Run Ten Miler in Mooresville, AL March 2005 * 10K: 36:51 at River City 10K in Decatur, AL April 2006 * 5K 17:08 at Halloween 5K in Huntsville, AL Oct 2005 * 1 mile: 5:01 at Harry Williams Track Meet, Madison, AL June 2007 Brief Bio: I have lived in the Huntsville area since I was a kid and attended UAH as an undergraduate and graduate student. I have two unbelievably adorable children who I encourage to run and hike. Aiden, who is five years old, has participated in three track meets and Liam who has three climbed the Fanning Trail entirely unassisted (and without prodding) when he was two. I started running because I was very bored and couldn't think of anything better to do. Once I discovered how much fun it was and what a wonderful running community we have here, there was no question I made the right decision. Running ultramarathons is much more exciting than watching television all day! Short Term Goals: Break 17 minutes in the 5K, break three hours in the marathon, and break five minutes in the mile. Long Term Goals: Break five hours at Strolling Jim 41.2 mile run, run Massanutten Mountain hundred miler, run a 4:45 mile, and coach other runners on an individual basis. Community Involvement: Member of board of directors at St. Stephens Episcopal Church Child Development Center and Vice President of Huntsville Electro-Optical Society.

2009 Team: Ashley Cain

Ashley Cain Email: None Personal Records: * 41:30 10K at Cotton Row 1994 * 18:12 5K on the track at Texas Relays 1995 * 18:36 5k Cross Country 1994 * 2:23 in 800m Brief Bio: I was born in Laurel, MS where I was introduced to running in Jr. High. I ran the 800 meters my senior year and won the state championship in the 4A Division. This was when I really started to love running. I received a running scholarship to Mississippi State University and graduated with a degree in Child Life. I married my husband David in August of 1995, and we now have three children. My whole family has a love for running. My husband, David Cain, is the UAH Cross Country and Track Coach. Short and Long Term Goals: My short term goal for running is to get into better shape and feel like a real runner again. Long term goals are to break all of my records. Some will be easier than others. Community Involvement: My family and I are members of the Huntsville Track Club. My husband David and I are directors of the Huntsville Twilight 5k held in July on the campus of UAH. I am VP of Programs for the Huntsville Track Club. I help with my family at several of the other HTC events handing out water or stuffing packets. I attend Willowbrook Baptist Church, and I am the director of the Great Expectations Ministry. I am also a leader for Cub Scouts-Wolves in pack 304 that meets at Monte Sano Methodist Church. I help my husband with fundraising for the UAH Cross Country and Track Teams, and I help with the Fleet Feet Sports/Earl Jacoby Memorial Cross Country Meet and Open 5k in September.

2009 Team: Jon Elmore

Jon Paul Elmore Email: Website/Blog: Personal Records: * 9:56 Mountain Masochist 50 mile+ * 5:34 Mountain Mist 50K * 4:45 50k * 8 hours 42 miles * 2:57 Boston Marathon in 2007 * 1:24 1/2 Marathon * 1:02 10 mile * 58:01 15k * 37:04 10k * 23:20 4 mile * 17:35 5k * 11:10 2 mile * 4:55.86 1 mile Alabama State record holder for 42yr old male. * HTC Masters Grand Prix winner 2008 Brief Bio: I ran cross country and track in Jr. and Sr. High in Manitowoc WI, as well as NCAA DIV 3 at UW-Stevens Point. After graduating I hung up my running shoes until I turned 38. I have been married to my wife Kelly (now also a runner) since 1992 and we have 3 beautiful daughters; Lily, Camille, and Avanelle. Short and Long Term Goals: Run Across Alabama- 4 days-180 miles-July 09, run a 100K and 100miler (sub 24hrs). Stay healthy and promote running and its health benefits to all ages. Community Involvement: * Track coach for ST ANN School * Race Director for Living Waters 5K * Co-Race Director for Delano 12 Hour, Brooke Hill 5K, Spirit of America 5 mile * VP River City Runners Club * HTC member * Volunteer for Austin HS track and cross country events * Elder at Westminster Presbyterian Church

2009 Team: Rob Youngren

Robert William Youngren Email: Website/Blog: Personal Records: 17:49:18 100 Mile at Old Dominion 100, Woodstock, VA May 1997 6:12:55 50 Mile at Mississippi 50, Laurel, MS March 2000 3:41:26 50 Km at Peach Tree Classic, Peach Tree, GA Nov 2002 2:50:46 Marathon at Rocket City, Huntsville, AL Dec 1999 1:20:58 ½ Marathon at Rocket City, Huntsville, AL Nov 2001 0:58:51 10 Mile at Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL Mar 2001 0:55:05 15 Km at Monte Sano, Huntsville, AL Oct 1999 0:35:19 10 Km at Crawfish Crawl, Birmingham, AL May 1999 0:16:47 5 Km at Run for Glory, Athens, AL Oct 1998 0:09:55 2 Mile 0:04:48 1 Mile 0:02:08 1/2 Mile 0:00:54 1/4 Mile Brief Bio: Computer Scientist for Simulation Technologies Inc., Computer Science PhD Student at UAH. Married to lovely wife Kathy. Short and Long Term Goals: Attempting 4th Hardrock 100 finish this July (5th next year), Antarctic Marathon March 2010, Arrowhead 135 Mile Winter Ultra, Ultra Trail Tour du Mont Blanc, Iditarod Trail Invitational. Community Involvement: Huntsville Track Club Volunteer at many events, Co-RD McKay Hollow Madness Trail Run

2009 Team: Eric Schotz

Eric Schotz Email: Website/Blog: Personal Records: * 18:13 5K at Frosty Freeze in Decatur, AL on Dec 2008 * 37:26 10K at Silver Comet in Mableton, GA on March 2006 * 2:54:19 Marathon at Rocket City in Huntsville, AL on Dec 2008 * 51.34 miles: 8 Hour timed ultra Hot to Trot in Decatur, GA on Aug 2008 Brief Bio: In high school, I was a slightly overweight, badly asthmatic J.V. cross country runner. I enjoyed being part of the team but never excelled. The summer after my freshman year in college I decided to run a marathon; 6 weeks later, I ran a 3:11 at Grandma's Marathon in Duluth (1991) and I was hooked on long distance running where my asthma wasn't as much of a factor. So far, I've done 18 marathons and 18 ultras. Short Term Goals: Run across Alabama in 4 days to raise awareness for Tay Sachs, which my son Elliott Schotz suffers from. Long Term Goals: In 4-5 years when I have a little more time to train, I'd like to be competitive in 100 mile ultras and 24 hour races. My dream goal is to achieve the qualifying standard for the U.S. National 24 Hour team – 135 miles. Community Involvement: * President of River City Runners in Decatur, AL. * Co-Race director of Delano Park 12 Hour and Spirit of America 5 miler.

2009 Team: Linda Scavarda

Linda S. Scavarda

Post College Personal Records:

* Marathon: 3:41:14 at Chicago in October 2009
* 50k: 5:20.56 at Recovery from the Holidays 50k, Dec 2008
* 13.1 Mi - 1:40:23 at Women's Magazine Half Marathon, Sept 2010
* 10 Mile: 1:11.08 at Rocket Run in March 2009
* 10k 41:36 at Cotton Row 10k in May 2008
* 5k (track) 19:36.7 at Harry Williams All Comer Track meet in May 2008
* 5k (road) 19:48 at Swampers 5k in April 2008

Brief Bio:

I ran for UAH’s Cross Country and Track team from 2002 – 2006. I also ran for Cullman’s Cross Country and Track team from 1998 – 2002. I was born in Waukegan, IL moved to Cullman in October of 1992 and now live in Madison County. I am currently working on getting my Masters of Accountancy along with working as a full time General Ledger Accountant.

Short and Long Term Goals:

Right now I’m still trying to find the right distance race for myself. I hope to focus more on Running and volunteering when I’m done with school. Hopefully I will get faster with in the next few years.

Community Involvement:

I am currently a volunteer for the Next Steps 10k program, I have also helped out with the No Boundaries Program through Fleet Feet and will be coaching runners in the half marathon program also. I am very active in going to the HTC Races. I love to help motivate people in any way possible.

2009 Team: Chris Platt

Chris Platt Email: Personal Records: * 800m 1:53 in 2004 * 1500m 3:50 in 2005 * 3000m 8:14 in 2008 * 5000m 14:25 in 2006 * 4 mile 19:12 * 8k cross country 23:52 in 2005 * 10k cross country 31:20 in 2006 * 10 miles on the beach 52:40 in 2006 Brief Bio: I was born January 26th 1984 in New Jersey. I started running when I was little with my dad in local road races. I ran track in middle school and attended Haddonfield Memorial high school 1999-2003. During high school I was a 9 time State Champion, three time all American and two time Nation Champion. I just graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree with geography. I now work for Intergraph. I ran at UT from 2003-2008. At UT I became a 4 time letter man. I have the freshman school record in 3000m at 3:16. Lately I seem to be getting hurt. I didn’t make it through one of my 5 season in college without having to sit out one because of getting hurt. I am very motivated to lower my PR’s and establish new goals. This will all happen if I can stay healthy. I have run as many as 112 miles a week and a 10 week average of 98. But my focus isn’t on mileage right now, it’s getting healthy and getting into a steady running routine. Short and Long Term Goals: Short term is to get healthy and run some road races, Long term; I want to train to break 14 in the 5k. When I am done with those goals I will make new goals or go after new ones such as the half marathon and then soon the marathon. Community Involvement: I look forward to meeting the community and getting involved with the races. The running community here seems very strong and supportive; I hope continue to strengthen the running community by getting more involved and motivate people to run.

2009 Team: Jane Reneau

Jane McGuire Reneau Email: Website/Blog: Personal Records: * 5k 22:45 at Turkey Trot 5k in Huntsville, AL on November 27, 2008 * 10k 47:45 at UAH 10K in Huntsville, AL on March 1, 2009 * Marathon 3:58:57 at Snickers Marathon Bar Marathon in Albany, GA on March 7, 2009 Brief Bio: Originally from Panama City, FL, I am an Auburn graduate who now works as a Project Coordinator for Jacobs Technology, supporting the Upper Stage Organization within NASA. I began running at the age of 14 and I have loved it ever since. I ran my first half-marathon when I was 16 and my first marathon when I was 23. Since then I have run 19 marathons, traveling all over the United States, and slowly but surely chiseling away at my finishing time. In 2007, I married a man who loves running as much as I do, and together we continue to enjoy the ever-changing adventure that is running. Short and Long Term Goals: Short Term: I would like to qualify for the Boston Marathon (which requires a finishing time of 3:40 until I am 35 years old). I would like to run a 5k in 21:40, and a 10k in 45:00. After these goals are achieved, I will see what is next. Long Term: I would like to run a marathon in all 50 States of the USA. I have 17 down, 33 to go. Community Involvement: My husband and I attend Mayfair Church of Christ where we teach 1st grade Sunday school classes. I am also coaching a team of runners in the No Boundaries 5k program.

2009 Team: Joey Butler

Joey Butler Email: Personal Records: * 19:55 5K @ Turkey Trot, Huntsville, AL Nov 2008 * 42:07 10K @ Dam Bridge, Florence, AL Nov 2008 * 1:35:27 Half Marathon @ Huntsville Half, Huntsville, AL, Nov 2008 * 3:22:45 Marathon @ Rocket City, Huntsville, AL Dec 2008 * 5:51:03 Mountain Mist 50K, Huntsville, AL Jan 2009 * 55 miles in 12 hours, Delano 12 Hour Race, Decatur, AL March 2009 Brief Bio: Graduated from UAH in 1991 with BS in Electrical Engineering. Employed by NASA as IT Manager. Started running in 2003. Have competed in over 145 events ranging from 1 mile to 12 hour races including 6 marathons and 6 ultra marathons. Short and Long Term Goals: Short: Consistently break 20 minutes in 5K; Break 40 minutes in 10K; Qualify for and run Boston Marathon Long: Do more 50 milers and possibly a 100 miler; Stay healthy, get faster, and enjoy running with my friends; Continue to coach new runners and help them meet their goals. Community Involvement: * HTC Board - Secretary & Member * Volunteer at various races including Cotton Row, Rocket City, and Autumn Chase * Coach Next Steps 10K Training Group and Half Marathon program at Fleet Feet

2009 Team: H. DeWayne Satterfield

H. DeWayne Satterfield Email: Website/Blog: INOV-8 Ultra Team Personal Records * 1 Mile-4:22 * 2 Mile-9:50 * 5K-15:52 * 10K-33:15 * 15K-51:50 * 1/2 Mar-1:13 * Mar-2:42 * 50K(Rd)-3:22 * 50K(trail)-3:33 * 50Mile-6:00 * 100Mile-18:35 * 12Hour-75 Miles * 310 Mile Vol-State Road Race-3 days 17 hours * 9 time winner Mountain Mist 50K * 16 consecutive years of winning an ultra * 50 overall ultra wins. Brief Bio I was raised by my grandparents in a rural farming community. They taught me the work ethic needed for life (and for running!). I now have two beautiful daughters who like to watch dad do various crazy running antics. My lovely wife shares the passion that God placed in me and between us we strive to maintain a healthy balance of family time, work, and training. It was fun having them as my "pit crew" during the last days of the cross Tennessee race and watching them realize some achievements don't come easy...but with patience they can happen. Community Involvement * Teach Sunday School at The Rock Family Worship Center * Served on HTC Executive Board 10 years * HTC Grand Prix Coordinator * HTC Nomination Committee * Aided in numerous course certifications * Volunteer for various school committees and activities at Blossomwood Elementary Short term and Long Term Running Goals: To keep running to the best of my ability while maintaining a healthy family life. Keep injury free while running several ultras per year. Complete the Cantrell Slam (Barkley, Strolling Jim, The 500K Vol-State Road Race). Keep enjoying the pain and pleasure of long distance running. In the long term, I want to run Mtn Mist 50K until I'm at least 100 years old or until I can't make the cutoffs! Also complete the Vol-State 500K in under 4 days.

2009 Team: Shane O'Neill

Shane O’Neill Email: Personal Records: 5k – Care Center 5k in 2009 = 16:59:47 10k – Cotton Row 10k in 2009 – 36:57 15k – Monte Sano 15k in 2008 – 59:36 ½ Marathon – Murfreesboro Half Marathon in 2009 – 1:22:11 Marathon – Rocket City Marathon in 2008 - 2:59:40 Brief Bio: Born and raised in Canada. Played hockey into college. Moved to the States in the 90’s to go to medical school and have now worked at Huntsville Hospital for 5 years as an ER doctor. Began running a couple of years ago to get in some shape. Started running seriously in 2008 as part of training for the Rocket City Marathon. Married to Charity who supports/tolerates my running. We have four boys, Hudson (5), Bram (4), Grattan (2) and Athan (6mo) and two jogging strollers. Short and Ling Term Goals: - Drop some PR’s so that all are not from 2008! - Run Boston Marathon - Continue to place in age-group - Help friends and family enjoy and excel in running - Never lose to Marty Clarke again

2009 Team: Eric Charette

Eric J. Charette Email: Personal Records * 5km – 16:42 Nov 08 at Living Waters 5km in Decatur, AL * 5mi – 28:01 Aug 08 at Lake Antoine Classic in Iron Mountain, MI * 10km – 34:45 Nov 08 at Dam Bridge Run 10km in Florence, AL * ½ Marathon - 1:16:38 Nov 08 at Huntsville Half Marathon in Huntsville, AL * Marathon - 2:54:12 Dec 08 at Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL * 50km – 3:53:54 Mar 09 at Delano 12 Hour in Decatur, AL Brief Bio Eric grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and attended college at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan. While there, he earned a BS in Electrical Engineering and is a registered professional engineer. Eric is married to his wife Laura and has a wonderful dog, Prisoner of Azkaban Sirius Beagle ('Siri'). They have made Huntsville their home since 2006. Eric began running at age 27 and has been racing competitively ever since. In this short time, he has completed 133 races, of which he has finished in the top 5% of all runners three quarters of the time and owns 88 top 10 overall finishes and has finished in the top 5 spots 60 times. He also recently went over the 14,000-mile mark for his career. In 2008, his peers recognized him as the Huntsville Track Club (HTC) Male Performer of the Year, an honor that he is very proud of because of the hard work he put in during the year. Other highlights of 2008 included breaking three hours in a marathon for the first time (2:54:12 at Rocket City Marathon), running in his first Boston Marathon, winning his first ever race (28:01 at Lake Antoine Classic 5 Mile), running 3600 miles in a calendar year, running 40 races and setting personal time records at every distance that he raced. Eric enjoys writing about his running adventures and maintains an online running blog, which can be found at Short and Long Term Running Goals In short term, Eric will be focusing on a few goal races, which include the 2009 Boston Marathon and Strolling Jim. He will also be trying to win the open division of the HTC Gran Prix. Beyond that, Eric would like to run more ultra distance events, compete in larger races with an increased level of competition and push harder than ever before to find the upper limits of his abilities. Community Involvement Eric is the VP Races/Equipment for the Huntsville Track Club and volunteers his time to work at most of the races. Eric helps to coach runners through Fleet Feet for the 5k, 10k and half marathon programs. He enjoys running with his friends and helping them to maximize their abilities through training runs. Eric continues to play an active role in the local running community.

2009 Team: David Purinton

David C. Purinton Email: Personal Records 2:37:32 Marathon (Rocket City 1994) 1:13:54 Half-marathon (Rocket City Half Marathon 1996) 33:31 10K (Vulcan 1996) 15:53 5K (Riverfest Run 1995) Brief Bio: David began running seriously in his native state of Maine and has been running for close to 30 years. He has raced every distance from the 1 mile to the ultra, on the roads, tracks and trails. He has been the top local finisher in the Rocket City Marathon a number of times and has won the HTC Grand Prix 6 times, consecutively. He has been recognized by the Huntsville Track Club with the Male Performance Award, the Comeback Award, the Norm Harris Outstanding Achievement Award, and has been nominated for the RRCA Scott Hamilton Award for the most outstanding club president in the nation. These awards recognize not only his running ability but his contributions to the running community as a volunteer. David has trained consistently throughout this period, except for a period of close to a year in 1999-2000 when he was diagnosed with a navicular stress fracture that required surgical intervention. His return to running was accompanied by a renewed interest in cycling which he now incorporates into his training. David has served the Huntsville Track Club as a race director, treasurer, and is currently serving his sixth term as president. He is happily married to his wife, Clare, and they have two children, Ben and Maggie. David is very involved with his church both in Huntsville and abroad. He enjoys being outside whether it be running, biking, hiking or backpacking and is very often enjoying these activities with his family. Short and Ling Term Goals Run to the best of my ability and continue to be a liaison for running in the Huntsville community. Glorify God through the talents and abilities He has given me. Community Involvement Huntsville Track Club President, webmaster, and race volunteer. Active member of Southwood Presbyterian Church where I serve as a deacon, property steward, usher, Jr. High Sunday school teacher, Jr. High ministry leader and foreign mission trip leader. I have coached basketball and baseball for my son’s teams as well as my daughter’s softball teams. I have also served as a coach for the Whitesburg Middle School Track Team.