Friday, May 1, 2009

2009 Team: Brian Robinson

Brian Michael Robinson Email: Personal Records: * 50 mile (trail): 7:21 at Carl Touchstone MS50 in Laurel, MS March 2005 * 50K (trail): 4:05 at Huntsville FatAss 50K in Huntsville, AL Dec 2006 * 50K (road): 3:59 at Strolling Jim 40M (split time) in Wartrace, TN May 2006 * Marathon: 3:01 at Andrew Jackson Marathon in Jackson, TN April 2007 * Half Marathon: 1:23 at Huntsville Half Marathon in Huntsville, AL Nov 2007 * 10 mile: 63:21 at Rocket Run Ten Miler in Mooresville, AL March 2005 * 10K: 36:51 at River City 10K in Decatur, AL April 2006 * 5K 17:08 at Halloween 5K in Huntsville, AL Oct 2005 * 1 mile: 5:01 at Harry Williams Track Meet, Madison, AL June 2007 Brief Bio: I have lived in the Huntsville area since I was a kid and attended UAH as an undergraduate and graduate student. I have two unbelievably adorable children who I encourage to run and hike. Aiden, who is five years old, has participated in three track meets and Liam who has three climbed the Fanning Trail entirely unassisted (and without prodding) when he was two. I started running because I was very bored and couldn't think of anything better to do. Once I discovered how much fun it was and what a wonderful running community we have here, there was no question I made the right decision. Running ultramarathons is much more exciting than watching television all day! Short Term Goals: Break 17 minutes in the 5K, break three hours in the marathon, and break five minutes in the mile. Long Term Goals: Break five hours at Strolling Jim 41.2 mile run, run Massanutten Mountain hundred miler, run a 4:45 mile, and coach other runners on an individual basis. Community Involvement: Member of board of directors at St. Stephens Episcopal Church Child Development Center and Vice President of Huntsville Electro-Optical Society.