Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2009 Team Performances

2009 Fleet Feet Racing Team Huntsville Performance of the Year
  • Candace Jacobs at Winter Winds 2 & 4 Mile Races setting two state age records 11:38/11:54 and 24:24/25:37
  • George Dewitt at Rocket Run 10 miler Age 50 state age record by 3:39 seconds 57:40/1:00:59
  • Linda Scarvada at Strolling Jim 42 miler winning in her first road ultra
  • David Riddle at Rocket City Marathon taking the overall win by 4:08 in 2:26:23, setting state age record
  • Kathy Youngren at Badwater 135 finishing as 5th female, 21st overall 33:49:21 and beating Dean Karnazes
  • DeWayne Satterfield at VolState 500k (311 miles) breaking his old course record by 15 hours, finishing in 3:17:42
  • David Riddle at Dizzy 50's 50km shattering old course record with 3:21:25 (10th fastest 50km time in USA this year)
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend Results - 12/13/09

What an amazing weekend for the Fleet Feet Racing Team at Rocket City Marathon! Despite a tough southern headwind for much of the first half of the course, most were able to capitalize on the late stage tailwind to run great times. David Riddle takes the overall win with a negative split 1:15/1:11 and runs away from the pack after the turn on Chaney Thompson. DeWayne Satterfield places 13th overall and is 3rd Men's Master. Caitlin Heider and Candace Jacobs finish 4th and 5th female, respectively. Overall, 12 of the 13 members who started, ran Boston Marathon qualifying times; a mark that some consider the standard for excellence. Here is the article from the Huntsville Times on the race. Website: Official Results 1 - 2:26:23 David Riddle 13 - 2:47:19 Dewayne Satterfield 27 - 2:54:52 Kevin Betts 33 - 2:57:18 Caitlin Heider 35 - 2:57:31 Candace Jacobs 36 - 2:57:34 Eric Schotz 38 - 2:58:10 Eric Charette 61 - 3:04:09 David Purinton 62 - 3:04:46 Jon Elmore 68 - 3:07:23 Brett Addington 111 - 3:14:27 Marty Clarke 151 - 3:19:44 Joe Francica 299 - 3:35:49 Linda Scavarda 452 - 3:49:07 Whitney Hollingsworth 514 - 3:54:43 Christy Scott

Friday, December 11, 2009

Rocket City Marathon

This weekend is the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, Alabama. The temperatures look perfect and Fleet Feet Huntsville Racing Team is sure to shine. Listed below are the team members who are racing, their seeded bib number and their submitted best/most recent marathon time. Many other team mates who are not racing will be out in full force as volunteers. I don't know of a single member who is not helping out in some way or another. Website:
Men 2 David Riddle, 28 - 2:27:27 16 Dewayne Satterfield, 45 - 2:46:30 22 Brett Addington, 32 - 2:53:00 23 David Purinton, 41 - 2:53:04 24 Eric Charette, 34 - 2:54:12 25 Eric Schotz, 37 - 2:54:19 34 Jon Elmore, 43 - 2:59:01 68 Marty Clarke, 47 - 3:06:00 209 Joe Francica, 53 - 3:30:00
Women 1105 Caitlin Heider, 24 - 2:53:52 1106 Candace Jacobs, 29 - 2:54:59 1161 Linda Scavarda, 26 - 3:41:14 1115 Dana Overton, 35 - 3:16:00 1202 Christy Scott, 36 - 3:57:00 1231 Whitney Hollingsworth, 45 - 4:00:00

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend Results - 12/5/09

This weekend was the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis. The weather was very cold, with temperatures unseasonable low at 32 degrees. This didn't stop Greg Reynolds from going out and running 3:02:27, placing him 55th overall. His wife Rebecca ran 4:03:49 and had the pleasure of walking with their daughter Maddie at mile 23. According to Greg, Team Maddiecakes raised close to $9000 in donations. Madeline Kate Reynolds was diagnosed with acute myeloid luekemia earlier this year. Fellow Racing Teammate Marty Clarke ran 3:15:00. Full results are here.
Locally, the Frosty Freeze 5km race was run in Decatur, Alabama on Saturday also. The temperatures were also cold, with measurable snow on the ground and winds swirling around. Frosty Freeze is a Fleet Feet Sports Huntsville sponsored race. Chris Platt managed 2nd overall and Eric Charette, Jon Elmore and Eric Schotz all grabbed first in their age group. Official Team Results Below 2 - Chris Platt - 16:39.65 4 - Eric Charette - 17:00.67 6 - Jon Elmore - 18:19.38 7 - Eric Schotz - 18:41.85

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Who's Racing This Weekend

Who's Racing This Weekend
This is a very special weekend for the team, as it is the start of back to back marathons in the region. This weekend it is the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis. But more than that, it represents the culmination of a tremendous amount of training for Marty Clarke, and a pivotal point in the emotional journey for Greg Reynolds and his wife Rebecca. Marty is out to prove that there is a sub three hour marathon in his legs and there is no doubt that he will be competitive toward that goal. For Greg, he will be running for his daughter, Madeline Kate Reynolds, who was diagnosed with acute myeloid luekemia earlier this year. Also there are several members of the Mizuno Fleet Feet Half Marathon Training Program. Please wish all of them the best of luck via Facebook. And to the rest of the team, good luck to you in whatever events you may race and wherever your travels may take you.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Weekend Results - 11/29/09

Weekend Results - 11/29/09
As we gave thanks on this annual holiday for the many blessings in our lives, we also celebrate with fast 5k races. In Nothern Alabama, that means the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot and the Living Waters Race, both of which produce personal best times.
On Thursday, the team had 7 members competing for top honors, all turning in very fast times. Overall, the team placed 3 runners in the top lead by Eric Charette taking 4th place. Donald Bowman was first men's master finisher. There were over 1100 pre-registered runners with just under 1000 finishers.
Official Results

4 Eric Charette, 33 - 17:01 pace 5:29
6 Donald Bowman, 42 - 17:11  pace 5:32
9 Robert Youngren, 35 - 17:24  pace 5:36
12 Jon Elmore, 43 - 18:19  pace 5:54
16 Joe Francica, 53 - 18:49  pace 6:04
26 Blake Thompson, 28 - 19:39  pace 6:20
53 Kathy Youngren, 35 - 21:19  pace 6:52

On Satrurday, the team had 2 members who traveled to Decatur for the Living Waters 5km. This race is directed by team members Jon Elmore and Eric Schotz. Coming back on just a few days of rest, Donald captured 3rd overall and 1st Men's Master. Carl Smith escaped timing duties and ran a very fast time for 6th place overall. There were 120 runners in the field. Official Results
3 Donald Bowman, 42 - 17:26.1
6 Carl Smith, 47 - 18:59.1