Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Results

At the Spirit of America 5 mile, which features an age-graded style, Lynn Curry was the overall female winner by over a two minute margin.

At the Heel and Crank , Lisa Rawlings (1:11:33), Sean Allan (1:00:46) and David Rawlings (1:03:52) were all first place in their age groups.  Full results can be found here.

Results from the Helen Keller 5 miler in the Shoals have not been posted.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shadow of the Giants 50km

Shadow of the Giants 50k
June 4th, 2011 Fish Camp, CA
by Christy Scott

I had two goals going into this race.
  1. Break 5 hours
  2. Finish in top 3 women

I am thrilled that I was able to meet both of these goals. This was one of my goal races for the year and was a good lead into my next 100-mile training. We planned a family vacation around the race and starting planning all of our outdoor activities, including hiking and whitewater rafting.

The pre-race dinner was at the race location, which was in Fish Camp, approximately 2 miles outside of the Yosemite gate. Tony, the kids and I all went and had a great time. We med the RD, Baz, who was quite the character. He greeted everyone with a big hug, as if we were all old friends. He went over the new race course, which came about due to the extreme amounts of snow that they had there. He told us about the “Quad Killer” section at mile 9, which was not only a steep downhill, but was also part of a dirt bike trail, which meant that there were ruts and constant rolling “bumps” to contend with. It also meant that we would have to keep our ears open to make sure that we didn’t get run over by a motorcycle while running. Hooray. He was also kind enough to tell us about the huge black bear that he had seen on the course the day before.

Saturday morning was drizzly and a cool 41 degrees. Really, this was great running weather for me. All that I needed to add was a pair of light gloves, which I had been sure to bring along on the trip.

The only person that I recognized was Michelle Barton. I had seen her picture on the race website and knew that she had won the race a several times. I went into the race hoping to be in the top three women, and she was one of the ones that I would need to be watching for.

Tony was there with me to send me off, and then ended up working the aid station at mile 5/16. It was nice to see him during my race and have him cheer me on. He always enjoys working races and is great at encouraging everyone. He ended up having to help a runner who decided to bash his head on a branch and talked him into going to the hospital. Just like most of us, the stubborn runner thought he could continue. HA! Check out the picture in my report of this poor guy. He actually came back to the awards to let us know that he was ok after having staples put in his head. Ouch!

We started the race around 7 AM and right away started climbing uphill and running through some snow. I could feel the effects of the altitude, as we had only arrived there on Thursday and was obviously not acclimated to it yet. Each time we climbed I could feel my lungs burning and throat tighten up, but nothing too terrible. The first 8 miles wasn’t too bad and was pretty uneventful. That all changed at mile 9. The “Quad Killer” lived up to Baz’s description quite well. It was a very steep downhill mile with the dirt bike ruts and hills to contend with. Mile 10 went straight back up the mountain at a steep incline. The rest of the race was constant climbing up and down. There was nothing flat for the remainder of the race. Mile 22 took us through the start area, which always kills me mentally. Then, uphill again to the last turnaround where Baz had seen the black bear he told us about. Thank goodness there was no bear around here today. Whew! I kept reminding myself to push hard on the uphill sections, knowing that the last 2 miles of the race would be steep downhill, which I feel is one of my strengths on the trails. We were able to see the leaders on the last 4 mile section and I saw Michelle come barreling down the mountain as I was going up. She was on fire and looked awesome. I knew that there was no way I would get even close to her! I kept an eye out for the next woman and was thrown off a little, as a couple of people had taken the option to start the race an hour early. These people were mixed in with those of us that started at 7, which made it harder to figure out who was in what place. I was pretty sure that two of the women I saw right behind Michele had started early, since I didn’t remember seeing them at the start line. One other woman was behind them and I knew that she was in second place. There was a younger woman close behind me and I was determined not to let her pass me. The last 4 miles was my most painful for me. I pushed hard on the climbs to keep my position in the top 3. The last 2 miles was the nice, steep downhill that I had been looking forward to. I flew down the mountain, calling out positive words to the people climbing up the section that I had just finished, thankful that I was done with that. The last ¼ mile or so was on the asphalt leading back to the camp and it was raining harder by now. I worried a little about slipping, but kept up my pace. I was thrilled when I saw the clock showing me that I had finally broken 5 hours. Tony and the kids were waiting there taking pictures and I was almost in tears. I was thrilled that I had met my goals and that my family was there to support me.

3rd place award

Snow along the course at mile 23

Wounded runner at Tony's aid station

Some of the awseome scenery

On the course

Coming into the finish

Weekend Results

Rob Youngren finished the Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race with a time of (2:33:11 + 3:06:18 + 3:20:13) 8:59:42 this weekend, placing 11th overall for the 3-day 60 mile race, though with his training for Badwater 135, he probably doubled up the mileage on at least one of the days.  Linda Scavarda ran the first two stages of the event in 7:16:45.

Rick Maehlmann finished 27th overall and 3rd in his age group at the hot and hilly RC Cola / Moon Pie 10 miler in Bell Buckle, TN in 1:09:16.

At the HTC Cross Country 3 mile run this week, Donald Bowman lead the way in 17:54 and Kathy Youngren was top female in 22:36.

2 17:54 5:58 Donald Bowma
4 18:51 6:17 Marty Clarke
8 19:20 6:27 Brett Wilks
9 19:54 6:38 Eric Patterson
26 22:36 7:32 Kathy Youngren
28 22:41 7:34 Rob Youngren
53 26:38 8:53 Linda Scavarda

At the HTC Cross Country 2 mile run this week, Eric Charette lead the way in 11:53 and Brett Wilks was 3rd in 12:42.

1 11:53 5:57 Eric Charette
3 12:42 6:21 Brett Wilks
4 12:56 6:28 Eric Patterson
40 18:57 9:29 Linda Scavarda
41 18:57 9:29 Kathy Youngren
57 20:24 10:12 Eric Fritz

Results from the Phil Campbell 5km and Living Waters 5km were unknown at the time of this post.

Friday, June 17, 2011

This Weekend

Team members Linda Scavarda and Rob Youngren are racing the Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race this weekend. This 3-day event runs a total of 60 miles on three different mountains in the area and has grown in popularity and competition in its short 5 year span.
Rick Maehlmann will be at the hot and hilly RC Cola / Moon Pie 10 miler in Bell Buckle, TN. This race typically draws more than a thousand runners.
Best of luck to the team in Phil Campbell and at Living Waters 5ks this weekend as well.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Results

The Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team survived the heat this weekend to post some excellent finishes around the Tennessee Valley.

Fresh off of a 50km in Colorado, David O'Keefe topped the field at the inagural Mountain Mania 15km in Decatur with a sizzling time of 58:38.  Jon Elmore was 3rd overall and top master with a 1:05:06 and new comer to Fleet Feet Racing, Lyndsey Kulaw took her first win of the season with a 1:14:32.

1 David O'Keefe 58:38
3 Jon Elmore 1:05:06
9 Lyndsey Kulaw 1:14:32
10 David Rawlings 1:14:46
15 Lisa Rawlings 1:21:16

At the equally challenging Alabama A&M 10km in Huntsville, Donald Bowman lead the team to a 2nd place finish and top master in 37:39, while the women swept the podium with Candace Jacobs taking 1st, Kathy Youngren in 2nd and Dana Overton in 3rd.

Official Results

2 Donald Bowman 37:39
4 Erik Debolt 38:20
6 Eric Charette 38:58
8 Greg Reynolds 39:09
9 Candace Jacobs 39:40
10 Tim Vinson 39:45
11 Sean Allan 41:19
12 Eric Patterson 41:44
15 Randy McFarland 42:40
18 James Falcon 43:21
21 Kathy Youngren 45:10
23 Dana Overton 46:48
32 39 Linda Scavarda 49:10
33 94 Timothy Pitt 7:57

Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekend Results

Work travels have delayed the results from last weekend, but here they are!

At Old Dominion 100 Miler, Eric Fritz, Blake Thompson, and Dink Taylor finished in 21:36:14 and James Falcon (his first 100 miler) finished in 22:25:00.

In Huntsville at Eurocross 5km Kevin Betts and Donald Bowman finished 2nd and 3rd and Kathy Youngren was 2nd OA female.

2 Kevin Betts 19:40
3  Donald Bowman 19:43
5  Marty Clarke 20:44
9  Brett Wilkes 21:03
10 Sean Allan  21:06
12 Tim Vinson 21:22
21 Kathy Youngren 24:23
39 Linda Scavarda 27:23

Then a little while later in the Eurocross 8km, Donald finished 2nd and Brett Wilks came in 3rd, while Kathy notched another 2nd place finish!

2 Donald Bowman 32:48
3 Brett Wilkes 33:42
4 Tim Vinson 33:55
5 Marty Clarke 34:23
9 Robert Youngren 37:47
16 Kathy Youngren 41:09
32 Linda Scavarda 50:04

At Shadow of the Giants 50km, Christy Scott finished in 4:52:12 for 3rd OA female. Here are the official results.

In Colorado at Golden Gate Dirty Thirty 50km, David O'Keefe posted a 6:09 to place 30th overall. Official results are here.

Friday, June 3, 2011

This Weekend

The Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team will be sending 4 members to Old Dominion 100 miler in Woodstock, Virginia, including James Falcon (his first hundred miler), Eric Fritz (his first mountain hundred), Blake Thompson (coming off of a 2nd OA at Lean Horse 100) and Dink Taylor (ultra running veteran).  These guys have been training since the beginning of the year for this race and Eric Fritz summed it up well by saying: "I brought a pair of pants to wear after the race that are 2 sizes too big for me and I brought a belt with no buckle."  This race has 14 major climbs totalling 14,000' of climb.

Christy Scott will be running Shadow of the Giants 50km, which is 33 magic miles of scenic trails through the Sierra National Forest. Last minute updates on the website indicate there was tons of residual deep snow and it was impossible to cross giant fallen trees...

David O'Keefe will be running the Golden Gate Dirty Thirty 50km on meandering single track trails through peaceful aspen groves, grassy meadows, tranquil pine forests and rocky ridges with majestic views of snow capped mountains in Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Colorado.

Best of luck to the entire team in where ever your Fleet Feet take you.