Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekend Results

Work travels have delayed the results from last weekend, but here they are!

At Old Dominion 100 Miler, Eric Fritz, Blake Thompson, and Dink Taylor finished in 21:36:14 and James Falcon (his first 100 miler) finished in 22:25:00.

In Huntsville at Eurocross 5km Kevin Betts and Donald Bowman finished 2nd and 3rd and Kathy Youngren was 2nd OA female.

2 Kevin Betts 19:40
3  Donald Bowman 19:43
5  Marty Clarke 20:44
9  Brett Wilkes 21:03
10 Sean Allan  21:06
12 Tim Vinson 21:22
21 Kathy Youngren 24:23
39 Linda Scavarda 27:23

Then a little while later in the Eurocross 8km, Donald finished 2nd and Brett Wilks came in 3rd, while Kathy notched another 2nd place finish!

2 Donald Bowman 32:48
3 Brett Wilkes 33:42
4 Tim Vinson 33:55
5 Marty Clarke 34:23
9 Robert Youngren 37:47
16 Kathy Youngren 41:09
32 Linda Scavarda 50:04

At Shadow of the Giants 50km, Christy Scott finished in 4:52:12 for 3rd OA female. Here are the official results.

In Colorado at Golden Gate Dirty Thirty 50km, David O'Keefe posted a 6:09 to place 30th overall. Official results are here.