Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Results

What a great weekend for racing in Alabama for the Nike Fleet Feet Racing team!

In Decatur, Alabama at the Spirit of America 5 miler which uses a staggered start based on age/gender grading, both Lisa Rawlings and Joe Francica place 2nd in thier gender! Timing is provided by team members Jon Elmore and Eric Schotz.

2 Lisa Rawlings

2 Joe Francica
10 Randy McFarland
16 David Rawlings

Official Results

In Huntsville at the Heel and Crank Duathlon hosted by the Rocket City Tri Club, our very own James Falcon placed 12th overall with a time of 1:04:26.  Way yo go James!

Offiicial Results

At the 2010 Run Under the Stars 10 hours endurance run held at Carson Park Horse Track in Paducah, Kentucky held on June 12-13, Christy Scott finished 2nd overall female (13th overall) with 44.5 miles.

Official Results

Friday, June 25, 2010

This Weekend

This weekend is the annual Spirit of America 5 miler in Decatur, Alabama. This race is hosted by the River City Runners and the timing is provided by Nike Fleet Feet Racing's Jon Elmore and Eric Schotz. This is a Fleet Feet sponsored event that features a staggered start based on age/gender grading which makes it a very unique race where it doesn't always come down to the fastest time. Last year our own Marty Clarke was 2nd overall. As the only race in town this weekend, there are sure to be many team members out in full force! Come on out to watch tomorrow morning at Point Mallard Park.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend Results

This Nike Fleet Feet Racing team from Huntsville had a very successful weekend from Tennessee to Wisconsin to Colorado to Alabama.

In Alabama, Jon Elmore was the overall winner at the Hoedown Hustle 5km on Saturday with a time of 17:52 in Phil Campbell, Alabama.  That marks at least 4 wins if not more for Jon this season.  

In Florence, Wisconsin, Eric Charette won the inaugural Keyes Peak Trail Marathon in a time of 3:19:58.  The course featured a river crossing at mile 18 where runners could either swim the deep section or make their way downstream to the shallow river crossing.  Being the first one to the crossing and not knowing the depth of the water, Eric chose the swim in the fast current and rapids.  After a few strokes, he floated down to the roped run cross!

Official Results

In Lake City, Colorado, team members Rob Youngren, Kathy Youngren and Josh Kennedy tackled the brutally tough San Juan Solstice 50 miler.  The entire race is run above 8500', with two climbs that ascend from 9000' to 13000'.  Early reports back from Josh were that Rob and Kathy finished in 13:28 and Josh in 13:51.  In Josh's words, "Mile for mile, toughest course I have ever been on!"

Official Results (not yet posted)

In Bell Buckle, Tennessee, Shane ONeill was 17th overall at the RC Cola / Moon Pie 10 miler in a time of 1:05:38.  The heat didn't seem to bother Whitney Hollingsworth, who was 2nd female master in 1:19:19 nor Randy McFarland who logged a 1:12:16.
Official Results

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weekend Starting Line

This weekend the Nike Fleet Feet Racing team from Huntsville takes to the trails in longer distance trails. This is highlighted by three team mates at the San Juan Solstice 50 miler (former the Lake City 50M). This is arguably the hardest 50 miler in the country. The entire race is run above 8500', with two climbs that ascend from 9000' to 13000'. Running this race are Rob Youngren, Kathy Youngren and Josh Kennedy.

Eric Charette will be up North at the inaugural Keyes Peak Trail Marathon hosted by Great Lakes Endurance in Florence WI.

Locally in the Tennessee Valley, Shane ONeill will be amongst the 1000 runners at the RC Cola Moon Pie 10 miler in Bell Buckle, TN. This is the 14th annual running of this hilly course.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weekend Results

The conditions in Huntsville this morning were about as far from ideal as it can get for racing. The temperature was 82 degrees, humidity was high, the sun was making its way out of the clouds and the course was the most difficult of any that the Huntsville Track Club has to offer.

Today was the 39th running of the Alabama A&M 10km road race. It is one of the oldest races in the state of Alabama. After an easy first 4 miles, the runners must climb a short but steep hill twice in the last two miles. The race is so tough, that race director Mike Greene has special awards for those who break 40 minutes.

Official Results

The Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team dominated results both on the men's and women's side. Although top honors went to Josh Whitehead, the team took 7 of the top 10 places, including 2 men in the top 3 with Donald Bowman and Eric Charette and top women in the top 3 with Candace Jacobs and Kathy Youngren.  Whitney Hollingsworth was top female master and Donald doubled up with top male master as well.  Overall it was a great day for the team.

Many team athletes were there volunteering as well, including Eric Fritz, Carl Smith, Madelyn Patton, Eric Patterson and more.

Here is Donald at the finish line.

2 Donald Bowman - 36:33
3 Eric Charette - 37:59
5 Jon Elmore - 38:59
7 Robert Youngren - 39:41
8 Candace Jacobs - 39:55
9 Gregory Reynolds - 41:20
10 Joe Francica - 41:22
11 Dewayne Satterfield - 41:31
12 Randy McFarland - 41:36
13 Blake Thompson - 41:39
17 Kathy Youngren - 42:52
18 Brett Wilks - 43:08
22 Rick Maehlmann - 44:36
32 Whitney Hollingsworth - 48:21
36 Joey Butler - 50:04

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Racing This Weekend

This weekend is the 2010 Alabama A&M 10km road race. It is one of the oldest races in the state of Alabama. This course features a hill that most claim is harder to climb than Mountainwood during Cotton Row and the participants get to climb it twice in the last 3 miles of the race.

Competing in this event are Greg Reynolds, Eric Charette, Randy MacFarland, Rick and Katie Maehlmann.

In Paducah, Kentucky, Christy Scott has entered the 50 mile distance at the Run Under the Stars Endurance Run. This is a tune up for Christy as she prepares for another fall 100 miler.

Good luck to all Fleet Feet Racing team members in whereever your travels make take you.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Athlete of the Month - May

The month of May had some stellar performances by so many of the Nike Fleet Feet Racing Team members that it was one for the ages. After reviewing race results and blog posts for the month of May, here are the top Nike Fleet Fleet Racing Team athletes of the month. Included are the events that earned them this distinction. Athletes of the month are slightly different than top performances, as these runners had great showings at multiple events in the month. The top athlete of each month will be honored at the year end Christmas Party.

The top performer of May is Rob Youngren. His multi-day effort on the Pinhoti Trail to start the month paved the way into the history books as he became the fastest person ever to complete the entire trail. Starting at the southern terminus atop Flagg Mountain in Alabama, Rob ran 335 miles to the northern terminus at the Benton MacKaye Trailhead in Georgia in a time of 6 days 8 hours and 48 minutes. This gargantuan effort has earned him the distinction of the Athlete of the Month for May and certainly will be a vote getter for performance of the year.

Athlete of the Month
  • Rob Youngren - Set the fastest known time on the 335 mile Pinhoti Trail in a time of 6 days 8 hours 48 minutes

Other Nominees for Athlete of the Month
  • David Riddle – 4th OA Cotton Row 10km 31:37
  • Kathy Youngren – 1st FOA / Course record Scenic City Trail Marathon, 1st FOA Strolling Jim 40 Mile

Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Results

In Dayton, Ohio, David Riddle ran a course record at Another Dam 50km.

From the race director: "Another Another Dam 50K is in the books. A record setting day despite the terrible trail conditions. David Riddle crushed the old race record by almost 9 minutes finishing in a very fast 3:34:34."

Keep in mind that David just finished 4th overall in a personal best time at Cotton Row 10km five days prior to this 50km event.

This past weekend was the local mudfest known as Eurocross in Huntsville and many of the team athletes competed in either the 5km, 8km or both distances.

In the 5km, Kevin Betts was 2nd overall and Donald Bowman was first Men's master. The women's results are still pending, but it is believed that Kathy Youngren was the first woman to complete all five 1km loops.

Many team members ran with their kids in this fun race.

Official Results 5km

2 Kevin Betts 19:58
4 Donald Bowman 20:30
5 Blake Thompson 20:32
6 Dewayne Satterfield 21:34
7 Robert Youngren 21:35
10 Eric Schotz 21:57
14 Brett Wilks 22:25
23 James Falcon 13:37
24 Kathy Youngren 24:04
50 Linda Scavarda 26:48
53 Lisa Rawlings 27:03
54 David Rawlings 27:05
81 Josh Kennedy 29:58
143 Christy Scott 37:29
179 Shane O'Neill 41:39
181 Eric Fritz 41:50

Official Results 8km

In the 8km, Donald Bowman was 3rd overall and first men's master finisher. Another win for Kathy Youngren who took top honors for the females.

3 Donald Bowman 32:36
4 Shane O'Neill 34:08
10 Dewayne Satterfield 38:06
11 Eric Fritz 38:25
12 Brett Wilks 39:19
13 David Rawlings 39:38
15 Kathy Youngren 40:42
16 Blake Thompson 40:43
21 Joey Butler 43:12
24 Lisa Rawlings 44:27
40 Linda Scavarda 49:11
41 Christy Scott 49:12
42 Robert Youngren 49:47

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Team Results from Cotton Row

Nike Fleet Feet Racing of Huntsville places twice in the top 10 and 9 in the top 50 overall.  The team was lead by David Riddle in his last race at a Huntsville resident, he set a personal best for this course with a 31:37 and placing 4th overall.  There were 2048 participants this year.

The team was also heavily involved in volunteering for this race in so many ways and some of the team members who are coaches for the Fleet Feet 5k and 10k programs, paced runners during the races.

10km Overall Results


4 31:37 17 David Riddle 28 Huntsville AL
10 33:10 21 Brandon York 24 Huntsville AL
21 35:23 10 Chris Platt 26 Madison AL
27 36:16 27 Eric Charette 34 Huntsville AL
31 36:49 37 Kevin Betts 32 Lacey's Spring AL
37 37:22 54 Jon Elmore 44 Decatur AL
39 37:30 35 David Purinton 42 Huntsville AL
44 37:57 3010 Candace Jacobs 29F Huntsville AL
47 38:31 40 Shane O'Neill 37 Huntsville AL
56 39:41 55 Conrad Meyer 45 Huntsville AL
61 39:58 50 Joe Francica 54 Huntsville AL
64 40:26 68 Randy McFarland 49 Huntsville AL
67 40:36 76 Eric Patterson 38 Athens AL
68 40:46 112 Brett Wilks 30 Huntsville AL
87 41:39 77 James Falcon 38 Huntsville AL
99 42:16 138 David Rawlings 38 Decatur AL
126 43:27 3018 Heather Day 39F Athens AL
143 44:04 3025 Katie Maehlmann 32F Madison AL
175 44:58 154 Josh Kennedy 38 Big Cove AL
219 45:51 3032 Whitney Hollingsworth 46F Elkmont AL
240 46:23 3016 Lori Jandreau 25F Huntsville AL
279 47:06 3033 Lisa Rawlings 34F Decatur AL
331 48:18 3648 Madelyn Patton 47F Madison AL
492 51:16 3023 Linda Scavarda 26F Toney AL
887 56:37 129 Joey Butler 42 Madison AL
1052 58:46 128 Eric Fritz 42 Huntsville AL

In the 5km, the team was lead by Eric Charette who like many others, doubled up after the 10km earlier in the morning and finished 8th overall.  Charette ran 18 flat in the 5km and 36:15 in the 10km.  There were 1976 participants this year.

5km Overall Results 


8 18:00 1853 Eric Charette 34 Huntsville AL
10 18:19 1864 Marty Clarke 48 Huntsville AL
14 19:15 2370 Carl Smith 47 Madison AL
23 19:54 1967 Eric Fritz 42 Huntsville AL
24 19:56 2156 Rick Maehlmann 33 Madison AL
25 19:59 2203 Conrad Meyer 45 Huntsville AL
33 20:19 2263 Eric Patterson 38 Athens AL
34 20:20 1943 James Falcon 38 Huntsville AL
35 20:22 2474 Brett Wilks 30 Huntsville AL
42 20:58 1828 Joey Butler 42 Madison AL
131 23:47 4739 Linda Scavarda 26F Toney AL
186 25:07 1937 Jon Elmore 44 Decatur AL
359 28:05 4635 Madelyn Patton 47F Madison AL
398 28:37 4753 Christy Scott 37F Owens X Roads AL