Monday, October 28, 2013

Swiftwick Sustain Sock Review by Timothy Pitt

Date: Monday October 28, 2013

Gear Review: Swiftwick Sock Review by Timothy Pitt

Product: New Sustain Line

Details: Made with Repreve, a post-industrial recycled nylon.

Technology Information: The new Sustain line from Swiftwick is a sock collection made with Repreve fiber. The Repreve fiber is made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles.

Pricing: $11.99 for the zero (no show) to $16.99 for the seven (mid-calf) from

Impressions: Have you ever felt like you just won the lottery? That is exactly how I felt when a Swiftwick representative sent me two pair of their new Sustain line sock for review!! I will have to admit that when I learned about this new recycled fiber material being used in Swiftwick socks, the notion of wearing pieces of plastic on my feet was not very appealing. I joke of course, however I confess that I have some prejudice when it comes to recycled materials. After all you can’t have a product that is environmentally friendly and performs superior. Or can you?? I have well over 20 pairs of Swiftwick socks that I have run many miles in over the past few years. These Sustain socks live up to the high standard that all socks from Swiftwick are held to. They offer a plush cushion for your foot bed and ample compression for your calves. They stay in place while you run and work hard to keep your foot dry and blister free. Like all other Swiftwick socks, they are one less thing you have to worry about when you run. And, here is the home run; they are environmentally friendly. They are a testament to Swiftwick's commitment to provide a far superior product while maintaining a corporate reputation of social responsibility. This Sustain line follows the path of another line that enforces that reputation, the Valor line, liner socks made for amputees. What is not to love about this company that calls Tennessee its home?

Suggestion: I have shared my passion for these socks with many other runners. The product and the company are exceptional. With the current clothing industry coming under fire for its terrible manufacturing practices in foreign countries, Swiftwick is a standout, whose product line is made in the USA, and has set the example for the entire industry.

Summary: Swiftwick builds the best socks on the market. Do your feet and lower legs a favor and buy a pair to try out. Then be proud that you are supporting such a great company.

Tim started running in the  spring of 2006 to get fit and healthy and since then has run every distance from 5km to 50km.  He is heavily involved with Fleet Feet Racing and in the promotion of running in his hometown of Arab, Alabama where he holds the distinction of being the fastest man in Arab.  His team biography can be found here.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekend Results

Each fall, the runners of Huntsville flock to downtown to run the fastest 5km course in town at Spooktacular 5km.  The local elite refer to it as the "City Championships" in a joking manner, but outside of the many colorful costumes, people take it fairly serious.

This year it was Brad Schroeder, fresh off of his fast time at the Army 10-miler, who emerged on top.  Paced through the first two miles by fellow team mate Brandon York, Brad posted a 15:56. which was his best time in the last seven years since college.  Andrew Hodges ran the exact same time as 2012 with a blazing fast 16:18 and took 2nd.

After some confusion on the scoring (some of the timing chips were not working correctly), Jill Hadley was rightfully crowned the overall female winner in 19:22, just a week away from her fast half marathon finish.  Kathy Youngren was just steps behind Jill with a 19:30, earning her 2nd female overall and Julia Clark was third fastest female.

Official Results

Photo courtesy of We Run Huntsville

Overall Male Team Results
1 Brad Schroeder 29 - 15:56.74 5:08
2 Andrew Hodges 30 - 16:18.63 5:15
3 George Heeschen 26 - 16:25.58 5:18
4 Tyrone Harris 33 - 16:40.55 5:23
5 Rob Youngren 39 - 16:42.06 5:23
6 Eric Charette 37 - 16:57.23 5:28
10 Robert Whitaker 54 - 18:28.98 5:57
11 Marty Clarke 51 - 18:39.70 6:01
17 David Rawlings 42 - 19:30.47 6:17
24 James Falcon - 20:24.73 6:35
35 Randy McFarland 52 - 21:36.49 6:58

Overall Female Team Results
2 Jill Hadley 25 - 19:22.02 6:15
3 Kathy Youngren 39 - 19:31.99 6:18
4 Julia Clark 29 - 20:20.44 6:33
6 Katie Maehlmann 36 - 20:54.09 6:44
10 Christy Scott 40 - 21:49.61 7:02

In Oklahoma City at 24 The Hard Way, which this year doubles as the the 24-hour national championship, DeWayne Satterfield notched 81.74 miles in 15:24:41, which was 85 laps of the course!!!

Official Results

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend Results

The Fleet Feet Racing Team had a tremendous weekend of racing. with dominating performances across the country.

At the Army 10-miler in Washington D.C., Team Redstone was dominating from top to bottom.  Leading the team was Brandon York who averaged under 5 minute / mile pace to post a 49:43 and take 11th place overall.  There were in excess of 25,000 runners who toed the starting line.

11 Brandon York - 49:43
55 Brad Schroeder - 54:37
87 George Heeschen - 56:00
97 Erik Debolt - 56:37
138 Rob Youngren - 58:03
229 Gregory Reynolds - 1:00:23
297 Timothy Pitt - 1:01:54
405 Robert Whitaker - 1:03:22
444 Brett Wilks - 1:04:04

Official Results

Locally in Huntsville at the 10th annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run 5k, Kylie Lemon was the overall female winner in a time of 18:16 and 12th place overall.  Kathy Youngren was 3rd female overall for the final podium position.  On the men's side, Andrew Hodges and Eric Charette were 2nd and 3rd overall with times of 16:31 and 17:37.  Marty Clarke was the men's master winner and 9th overall.

Official Results

Photo courtesy of

2 Andrew Hodges - 16:31
3 Eric Charette - 17:37i
9 Marty Clarke - 18:13
12 Kylie Lemon - 18:16
13 Rick Maehlmann - 18:35
31 David Rawlings - 19:55
33 Kathy Youngren - 19:50
47 James Falcon - 20:52

In Chattanooga at the 7 Bridges Marathon, Aleisha Chaffin posted an outstanding 3:33:04 which earned her 10th female overall and 2nd in her age group.  The sub 3:35 also has qualified Aleisha for the Boston Marathon!!!

Jill Hadley ran 1:33:56 in the 4 Bridges Half Marathon, held along with the full marathon. Jill's time placed her as the 3rd fastest female overall.

Official Results

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weekend Results

On Sunday at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Eric Charette posted a 2:49:12, which earned him a top 1% finish (349th place out of 40,230 runners.)  This was Charette's third sub 2:50 marathon and completes his goal of running all three US Marathon Majors (Boston, New York, Chicago) in under three hours.

Official Results

In Huntsville at the challenging Fleet Feet Monte Sano 15km, Brandon York was the overall winner in a time of 49:35.  Andrew Hodges was 2nd overall.  On the women's side, the team took 2nd and 3rd overall with Aleisha Chaffin and Julia Clark running 1:08:01 and 1:08:21, respectively.

Photo courtesy of We Run Huntsville

1  Brandon York, 28 - 49:35  5:20
2  Andrew Hodges, 30 - 53:52  5:47
19  Randy McFarland, 52  - 1:07:29  7:15
21  Aleisha Chaffin, 32F - 1:08:01  7:18
24  Julia Clark , 29F  - 1:08:21  7:20
74  Kathy Youngren, 39F - 1:15:27  8:06
100  Eric Patterson, 41 - 1:18:21  8:25
224  Eric Fritz, 46 - 1:27:51  9:26

Official Results

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weekend Results

The Fleet Feet Racing Team competed this past weekend across the Tennessee Valley and performed very well.

Greg Reynolds was the overall winner of the Soggy Seals Triathlon in Huntsville.  His time of 49:02 was over 6 minutes faster than his nearest competitor.

Official Results

In Winchester, Tennessee at the Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon, Fleet Feet Store Owners Dink Taylor (3rd overall and 1st Men's Master) and  Suzanne Taylor (3rd Women's Master) both posted great times.  Kathy Youngren was 3rd overall female in 3:41:22.

Official Results

3 Dink Taylor - 3:19:47
10 Kathy Youngren - 3:41:22
16 Dana Overton - 3:45:23
27 Eric Fritz  - 4:05:36
29 Suzanne Taylor - 4:08:29