Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2009 Team Performances

2009 Fleet Feet Racing Team Huntsville Performance of the Year
  • Candace Jacobs at Winter Winds 2 & 4 Mile Races setting two state age records 11:38/11:54 and 24:24/25:37
  • George Dewitt at Rocket Run 10 miler Age 50 state age record by 3:39 seconds 57:40/1:00:59
  • Linda Scarvada at Strolling Jim 42 miler winning in her first road ultra
  • David Riddle at Rocket City Marathon taking the overall win by 4:08 in 2:26:23, setting state age record
  • Kathy Youngren at Badwater 135 finishing as 5th female, 21st overall 33:49:21 and beating Dean Karnazes
  • DeWayne Satterfield at VolState 500k (311 miles) breaking his old course record by 15 hours, finishing in 3:17:42
  • David Riddle at Dizzy 50's 50km shattering old course record with 3:21:25 (10th fastest 50km time in USA this year)
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend Results - 12/13/09

What an amazing weekend for the Fleet Feet Racing Team at Rocket City Marathon! Despite a tough southern headwind for much of the first half of the course, most were able to capitalize on the late stage tailwind to run great times. David Riddle takes the overall win with a negative split 1:15/1:11 and runs away from the pack after the turn on Chaney Thompson. DeWayne Satterfield places 13th overall and is 3rd Men's Master. Caitlin Heider and Candace Jacobs finish 4th and 5th female, respectively. Overall, 12 of the 13 members who started, ran Boston Marathon qualifying times; a mark that some consider the standard for excellence. Here is the article from the Huntsville Times on the race. Website: Official Results 1 - 2:26:23 David Riddle 13 - 2:47:19 Dewayne Satterfield 27 - 2:54:52 Kevin Betts 33 - 2:57:18 Caitlin Heider 35 - 2:57:31 Candace Jacobs 36 - 2:57:34 Eric Schotz 38 - 2:58:10 Eric Charette 61 - 3:04:09 David Purinton 62 - 3:04:46 Jon Elmore 68 - 3:07:23 Brett Addington 111 - 3:14:27 Marty Clarke 151 - 3:19:44 Joe Francica 299 - 3:35:49 Linda Scavarda 452 - 3:49:07 Whitney Hollingsworth 514 - 3:54:43 Christy Scott

Friday, December 11, 2009

Rocket City Marathon

This weekend is the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, Alabama. The temperatures look perfect and Fleet Feet Huntsville Racing Team is sure to shine. Listed below are the team members who are racing, their seeded bib number and their submitted best/most recent marathon time. Many other team mates who are not racing will be out in full force as volunteers. I don't know of a single member who is not helping out in some way or another. Website:
Men 2 David Riddle, 28 - 2:27:27 16 Dewayne Satterfield, 45 - 2:46:30 22 Brett Addington, 32 - 2:53:00 23 David Purinton, 41 - 2:53:04 24 Eric Charette, 34 - 2:54:12 25 Eric Schotz, 37 - 2:54:19 34 Jon Elmore, 43 - 2:59:01 68 Marty Clarke, 47 - 3:06:00 209 Joe Francica, 53 - 3:30:00
Women 1105 Caitlin Heider, 24 - 2:53:52 1106 Candace Jacobs, 29 - 2:54:59 1161 Linda Scavarda, 26 - 3:41:14 1115 Dana Overton, 35 - 3:16:00 1202 Christy Scott, 36 - 3:57:00 1231 Whitney Hollingsworth, 45 - 4:00:00

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend Results - 12/5/09

This weekend was the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis. The weather was very cold, with temperatures unseasonable low at 32 degrees. This didn't stop Greg Reynolds from going out and running 3:02:27, placing him 55th overall. His wife Rebecca ran 4:03:49 and had the pleasure of walking with their daughter Maddie at mile 23. According to Greg, Team Maddiecakes raised close to $9000 in donations. Madeline Kate Reynolds was diagnosed with acute myeloid luekemia earlier this year. Fellow Racing Teammate Marty Clarke ran 3:15:00. Full results are here.
Locally, the Frosty Freeze 5km race was run in Decatur, Alabama on Saturday also. The temperatures were also cold, with measurable snow on the ground and winds swirling around. Frosty Freeze is a Fleet Feet Sports Huntsville sponsored race. Chris Platt managed 2nd overall and Eric Charette, Jon Elmore and Eric Schotz all grabbed first in their age group. Official Team Results Below 2 - Chris Platt - 16:39.65 4 - Eric Charette - 17:00.67 6 - Jon Elmore - 18:19.38 7 - Eric Schotz - 18:41.85

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Who's Racing This Weekend

Who's Racing This Weekend
This is a very special weekend for the team, as it is the start of back to back marathons in the region. This weekend it is the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis. But more than that, it represents the culmination of a tremendous amount of training for Marty Clarke, and a pivotal point in the emotional journey for Greg Reynolds and his wife Rebecca. Marty is out to prove that there is a sub three hour marathon in his legs and there is no doubt that he will be competitive toward that goal. For Greg, he will be running for his daughter, Madeline Kate Reynolds, who was diagnosed with acute myeloid luekemia earlier this year. Also there are several members of the Mizuno Fleet Feet Half Marathon Training Program. Please wish all of them the best of luck via Facebook. And to the rest of the team, good luck to you in whatever events you may race and wherever your travels may take you.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Weekend Results - 11/29/09

Weekend Results - 11/29/09
As we gave thanks on this annual holiday for the many blessings in our lives, we also celebrate with fast 5k races. In Nothern Alabama, that means the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot and the Living Waters Race, both of which produce personal best times.
On Thursday, the team had 7 members competing for top honors, all turning in very fast times. Overall, the team placed 3 runners in the top lead by Eric Charette taking 4th place. Donald Bowman was first men's master finisher. There were over 1100 pre-registered runners with just under 1000 finishers.
Official Results

4 Eric Charette, 33 - 17:01 pace 5:29
6 Donald Bowman, 42 - 17:11  pace 5:32
9 Robert Youngren, 35 - 17:24  pace 5:36
12 Jon Elmore, 43 - 18:19  pace 5:54
16 Joe Francica, 53 - 18:49  pace 6:04
26 Blake Thompson, 28 - 19:39  pace 6:20
53 Kathy Youngren, 35 - 21:19  pace 6:52

On Satrurday, the team had 2 members who traveled to Decatur for the Living Waters 5km. This race is directed by team members Jon Elmore and Eric Schotz. Coming back on just a few days of rest, Donald captured 3rd overall and 1st Men's Master. Carl Smith escaped timing duties and ran a very fast time for 6th place overall. There were 120 runners in the field. Official Results
3 Donald Bowman, 42 - 17:26.1
6 Carl Smith, 47 - 18:59.1

Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Results - 11/21/09

Weekend Results - 11/21/09
This weekend was the 6th running of the Dizzy Fifties in Huntsville. In the 50km, three people broke the 4 hour mark, with David Riddle crushing the old course record with an astonishing 3:21. That is 6:30 pace! Eons behind David, was fellow teammate Eric Charette who ran 3:53 for 2nd overall. In the 40M, DeWayne Satterfield edged out Eric Schotz but just 4 minutes. Jane Reneau was 4th in the 40M, running in her first ultra marathon Official Results Results 40 Mile Race 1 5:46:05 DeWayne Satterfield 2 5:50:13 Eric Schotz 4 7:54:04 Jane Reneau 50K Race 1 3:21:25 David Riddle 2 3:53:15 Eric Charette 12 4:51:31 Jon Elmore 16 5:19:36 Dana Overton 39 5:53:58 Linda Scavarda 61 7:42:58 Rob Youngren (Also competed the Krispy Kreme Donut 4 Mile concurrently) 64 8:13:13 Kathy Youngren (Also competed the Krispy Kreme Donut 4 Mile concurrently)
On a more conventional front was the Jingle Bell Run 5km, held on Sunday. Several team members competed, including one who ran Dizzy and Jingle Bell! Jon Elmore. Overall we placed 5 runners in the top 10, including 2nd place and 1st Men's Master, Donald Bowman. Official Results Results 2 Donald Bowman 17:09 4 Jason Reneau 18:14 7 Jon Elmore 18:58 8 Joe Francica 19:19 10 Randy McFarland 20:04

Friday, November 20, 2009

Who’s Racing This Weekend

Who's Racing This Weekend The main race this weekend is Dizzy Fifties in Huntsville. This is a trail ultra marathon on Monte Sano with options for runners to compete at 50k, 40Mile or 50Mile distances. It is also the first event in the Fleet Feet Grand Slam (Dizzy, RCM, FA50k, Mountain Mist) where runners complete 3 ultra marathons and a road marathon within a two month period. Team Members Involved David Riddle Eric Charette Linda Scavarda Jennifer Carter DeWayne Satterfield Jane Reneau Jon Elmore Eric Schotz Rob Youngren Kathy Youngren Blake Thompson Steve Carter Dana Overton
Good luck to the entire team in whatever events you may race and wherever your travels may take you.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

2009 Rocket City Marathon Preliminary Seeds

2009 Rocket City Marathon Preliminary Seeds Fleet Feet Racing has 6 runners seeded in the top 25 for Men and 2 of the top 5 for Women. Seed - Time - Men - Age - City ==================================== 1 2:27:12 SAMMY NYAMONGO, 34 ATLANTA 2 2:27:27 DAVID RIDDLE, 28 HUNTSVILLE 3 2:28:05 STEPHANE HETHERINGTON, 25 TROY 4 2:31:00 DEWAYNE MINER, 38 BIRMINGHAM 5 2:33:06 JAMES BEYER, 42 DAYTON 6 2:33:20 DANIEL CRAIG, 29 GYPSUM 7 2:34:17 JOHN PIGGOTT, 44 WILLIAMSBURG 8 2:37:52 SCOTT FANNING, 39 LEBANON 9 2:39:32 ROBIN ROGERS, 41 MARIETTA 10 2:39:52 JUSTIN LEACH, 22 BIRMINGHAM 11 2:39:53 NICHOLAS SELBO, 30 CHATTANOOGA 12 2:42:16 DROR VAKNIN, 41 TAMPA 13 2:45:00 JOSH WHITEHEAD, 31 MADISON 14 2:46:00 ZACHARY KOCH, 24 HUNTSVILLE 15 2:46:00 KARI SALOMAA, 32 TAMPERE 16 2:46:30 DEWAYNE SATTERFIELD, 45 HUNTSVILLE 17 2:48:35 DAN BRUNER, 44 POCATELLO 18 2:49:00 PATRICK ARNOLD, 39 METAMORA 19 2:49:26 PATRICK SHOWALTER, 39 MURFREESBORO 20 2:51:00 MATTHEW ZOPEL, 32 PEORIA 21 2:51:08 DEAN ROBERTS, 43 OWENSBORO 22 2:53:00 BRETT ADDINGTON, 32 OWENS X ROADS 23 2:53:04 DAVID PURINTON, 41 HUNTSVILLE 24 2:54:12 ERIC CHARETTE, 34 HUNTSVILLE 25 2:54:19 ERIC SCHOTZ, 37 DECATUR Seed - Time - Women - Age - City ==================================== 1101 2:37:26 JANET CHEROBON, 31 ROME 1102 2:44:32 KIM DUCLOS, 27 WORCESTER 1103 2:48:00 JILL HORST, 31 ROME 1104 2:50:16 EMILY HARDIN, 26 MADISON 1105 2:53:52 CAITLIN HEIDER, 24 HUNTSVILLE 1106 2:54:59 CANDACE JACOBS, 29 HUNTSVILLE

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weekend Results - 11/16/09

Weekend Results - 11/16/09
The Huntsville Half Marathon was held on Saturday, November 14, 2009. The racing team was lead by David Riddle, who took the overall win. Donald Bowman was 3rd overall and 1st Men's Master. Joe Francica was 1st overall Men's Grand Master. Official Results Here are the results for the team. Results Place - Name - Time 1 David Riddle - 1:10:52 3 Donald Bowman - 1:17:33 7 Kevin Betts - 1:20:33 9 Caitlin Heider - 1:22:36 11 Candace Jacobs - 1:23:09 13 Joe Francica - 1:25:52 27 Marty Clarke - 1:29:26 39 Robert Youngren - 1:31:50 51 Dana Overton - 1:34:40 73 Blake Thompson - 1:38:05 168 Jane Reneau - 1:48:20 334 Kathy Youngren - 1:59:33 Carl Smith - Racing 5km Eric Charette, Linda Scavarda and Jennifer Carter all helped to pace Mizuno/Fleet Feet 13.1 Training Group runners. Out volunteering were Joey Butler, DeWayne Satterfield and Dink Taylor.
Run in conjunction with the half marathon was the Hero's 5km race. Carl Smith took the overall win in this loop course. Official Results
Congrats to all finishers!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Who’s Racing This Weekend

Who's Racing This Weekend The Fleet Feet Racing Team will have a strong presence at the Huntsville Half Marathon and Heroes 5km this weekend. A few members are racing, while others are volunteering, pacing their training team or training through this event in preparation for Rocket City Marathon. Packet pick up is at Fleet Feet from 10-7 on Thursday and Friday. Team Members Involved Conrad Meyer - Racing 1/2M Joe Francica - Racing 1/2M Marty Clarke - Racing 1/2M Candace Jacobs - Racing 1/2M Jane Reneau - Racing 1/2M Kevin Betts - Racing 1/2M Dana Overton - Racing 1/2M Carl Smith - Racing 5km David Riddle - Training 1/2M Eric Charette - Pacing 1/2M Linda Scavarda - Pacing 1/2M Jennifer Carter - Pacing 1/2M Brad Schroeder - Pacing 1/2M Joey Butler - Volunteering DeWayne Satterfield - Volunteering
Good luck to the entire team in whatever events you may race and wherever your travels may take you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2009 HTC Awards Banquet

2009 HTC Outstanding Male Performance Award – David Riddle Speech by Eric Charette I am proud to present the Outstanding Male Performance Award this year. At our nominations meeting, I asked to present this award because of how much I respect the recipient. He represents everything that a runner and person should be, including hard work, determination and humility. Yes he has natural talent, but unlike some athletes who never reach their potential, he cultivates that ability and is always pushing his limits. You can look up his race times and think that you know him, but he is so much more than just the numbers. What I want to do is to tell you a few things that you didn't know, which show you the kind of person he really is. This years’ male performance award winner is David Riddle. Let me start with a story that I enjoy telling and after a year has passed it is difficult to remember which parts are fact and which have turned into legend, but either way it is 100% David. The stage was October of 2008 at the Liz Hurley race. I was warming up and going through my final preparations when I saw David running toward me. He seemed out of breathe, but I didn't think anything of it, as I know how hard he trains and just thought that he was doing strides before the race. Fast forward to the end of the race, in which David was the overall winner; This much is all fact. What is now legend was that the race was actually David's 3rd 5km tempo run for the day and the first two were run in the low 16's and his race time was 15:43. So he ran 3 5km's that morning and finished up running the last one faster than anyone else in the race. Knowing David's competitive nature, if he had to run the last one in the lows 15's to win, he would have dug deeper and done it. David's goal race for 2008 really was the marathon in December. Everything he did leading into the marathon, weather racing or training, was for the marathon. One of the amazing facets of David is that he can simulate race pace and intensity in his training. He doesn't have to race (every weekend, like some of us) to get mentally and physically prepared for a goal race. I don't know anyone else who is that focused that can be race ready without racing frequently. It just shows how disciplined that David is. Although it was not quite the result that David had hoped for, his 2:27:27 marathon debut was astonishing by almost every standard. His 5:38 pace for 26.2 miles earned him 5th overall. I think if nothing else, not hitting his time goal has driven him even harder in training ever since. Through the spring, David began to look at his 2009 goals, one of which was to chase his latest passion, to become a better trail runner. He was at all of the Mountain Mist training runs and showed that his endurance and strength would translate well from the road to the trail. While he didn't run the race, it is on his calendar for next year and we’ll all be watching (or some of us chasing). We already know from David's “fun run” at Recovery from the Holidays in Dec of 2007, when he ran well under 3:30 and set the course record, that he can run ultra distances. The part of that time that the results don’t show was that after each 3 mile loop, he stopped to stretch, grab something to drink, and talk with people like my dad and other aid workers. I think he also did his taxes and finished up his masters degree after the 8th loop! This shows how personable David really is. David showed his trail running prowess and development later in the spring at McKay Hollow in March. After kindly letting me lead for the first mile, he went on to dominate the rest of field. The best comment I heard about David in this race came from race director Blake Thompson, who said that as they waited at top of death trail for runners to finish, if anyone else other than David appeared at the top of the water falls in first place, that they must have cheated. For those of you who ran the race, you may have seen the course marker coming up War Path Ridge that guided (most) runners to O'Shaughnessy Point, and the one that sent David off over the cliff down into the Hollow. I am sure that with his good sense of humor this made him laugh a little. On that day, David not only defeated the field, but he conquered the course, which had thoroughly defeated everyone else. David ran a few more races throughout the year, chalking up notable wins at Winter Winds 2 & 4 Mile, and the Rocket Run 10 miler, where he set state age records at all three races. He was also the top local finisher at Cotton Row for the 10k and then came back and won the 5k later that morning. In fact, David won nearly every race he ran and was even crowned 2009 RRCA Alabama State 10km Champion with his win at the 3M River City Run in April. But it was his trip to Laurel Springs, North Carolina for the USATF 10k Trail National Championship that that showed that he has become a national class competitor. One thing I admire about David is that he doesn't just compete locally, but travels to other races to seek out better competition. He recognizes opportunities to race against others in his class and to be pushed to test his limits. David ran in 3rd place for much of the race, finally finishing 4th on a course that USATF said was the hardest 10km trail course that had ever been assembled, featuring 3100’ of elevation change and climbs of 18 and 22% grade. You know it is hard when you find out that David ran a slow 43:31 minutes. Rumor has it that a video of the event exists showing David walking with his hands on his hips! (For the online blog post only, here is the link to the video! David ended the HTC Gran Prix season with wins at the Monte Sano 10k and 5k, pushing him to an even 1000 Gran Prix points as he went 10 for 10 in HTC events. Yet amongst all of his wins, David is extremely humble and will probably have very little to say here in a second when he comes up to accept the award. If I know David, he is getting antsy now because he is going out after dinner for his second run of the day; seriously. It's what he did last year after the banquet. No matter which race it is through the year, you will either see David leading the way, or volunteering his time. I can’t recall a local race where he wasn’t doing one or the other, which shows his dedication to the sport and his commitment to the well being of running in our community. It is long overdue that we recognize the fact that we are fortunate enough to be blessed with such a talented and hard working runner. We all look for great things to come from David, including conquering the marathon and making Huntsville proud in Boston next year. No matter where you are at on the running ladder, you are always looking up. Depending on your fitness, this may change as to who you look to. One thing will never change and that is that I will always look up to David for the type of person and runner that he is. So I take great pleasure in presenting this award to a good friend, an elite runner and a true champion, David Riddle.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who's Racing This Weekend

Who's Racing This Weekend The Fleet Feet Racing Team is sending a crew of its best runners to the 26th Annual Mountain Masochist 50 Miler in Lynchberg, Virgina. Dink Taylor is running this race for his 15th time! Eric Charette is seeded 10th amongst of field of nearly 300 runners. Jon Elmore looks to improve upon his 9:56 MMTR for a few years ago. Joey Butler is nursing an injury but has the guts to tough this one out! Close friends of the program Eric Fritz and Lonnie Vogan round out the full ccompliment of Fleet Feet representatives going to this race. Here is the full list of prerace rankings of all runners.
Good luck to the entire team in whatever events you may race and wherever your travels may take you.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend Results - 11/1/09

Weekend Results - 11/1/09
Relatively quiet weekend for the Fleet Feet Racing Team. Just one race locally as Fleet Feet brings the Boeing Halloween Run back from the dead as the Spooktacular 5k. Several members post season best times, including Kevin Betts and Marty Clarke. Donald Bowman stands on the podium as 3rd overall and Candace Jacobs takes top female honors. Official Results Here are the results for the team. Results Place - Name - Time 3 Donald Bowman - 16:56 6 Kevin Betts - 17:03 10 Marty Clarke - 17:38 11 Candace Jacobs - 18:17

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Results - 10/26/09

Weekend Results - 10/26/09
This weekend was the inaugural running of the Xterra Monte Sano 15km trail race in Huntsville. David Riddle blazed his way to the overall victory, running 1:01:11 for a course that was more like 9.5 miles. This course had a mixture of technical trails, run able sections and a great uphill finish. Fellow teammate Eric Charette finished 3rd overall. There were quite a few other race team members that had great showings as well. Results Place - Name - Time 1 David Riddle 1:01:11.80 3 Eric Charette 1:07:02.50 9 Dink Taylor 1:13:53.50 10 Jon Elmore 1:14:35.00 21 James Falcon 1:22:10.50 25 Steve Carter 1:24:20.80 66 Dana Overton 1:39:08.60 Official Results Race Photos

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Weekend Results - 10/18/09

Weekend Results - 10/18/09
Shane O'Neill ran a personal best at the Kansas City Marathon with a time of 2:57:56 and was 16th overall and 4th in his age group. Now he and his family are off to Belize for three months to start a medical clinic.
Brett Addington ran a 3:01:31 in Ridgeland, MS at the Makeover Marathon and finished 4th overall, 1st M30-34.
Locally, David Riddle won the 6th Annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run with a time of 15:11. Brad Schroeder was 3rd, Eric Charette was 5th, Donald Bowman was 6th, Kevin Betts was 7th, Marty Clarke was 9th, Dink Taylor was 11th, Conrad Meyer was 13th, Joe Francia was 14th, Carl Smith was 18th, Eric Schotz was 20th, James Falcon was 27th, Steve Carter was 37th. Donald was 1st master and Marty was 3rd master male. There were 545 runners in the male race. In the female race, Candace Jacobs took overall honors with a time of 18:42 and Linda Scavarda rounded out the top 3. Kathy Youngren was 5th overall. On the female masters side, Whitney Hollingsworth took the win again and finished 9th overall. Ovella Jessee finished 3rd female master. There were 2127 runners in the female race. Official Results

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who's Racing This Weekend?

Who's Racing This Weekend
Shane O'Neill travels to Kansas City to take a shot at a personal best at the Kansas City Marathon. Shane has been running great lately and is sure to shave significant time off of his 2:59, which came last fall in his debut marathon at RCM in Huntsville.
Brett Addington travels to Ridgeland, MS to chase his goal of running sub 2:50 in a marathon when he competes in the Makeover Marathon.
Locally, this Saturday is the 6th Annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run, which benefits the Liz Hurley Breast Cancer Fund at Huntsville Hospital Foundation. This is a fast course and the weather looks to be perfect. Competing members are Linda Scavarda, Brad Schroeder, David Riddle, Eric Charette, Conrad Meyer, Jane Reneau, Joe Francica, Eric Schotz, Ovella Jesse, James Falcon, Kevin Betts and Whitney Hollingsworth. A last minute entry just came in and it is Carl Smith! Glad to see him racing and not timing:)
Good luck to the entire team in whatever events you may race and wherever your travels may take you.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend Results - 10/12/09

Weekend Results Final results are in from the Heartland 100 miler in Kansas. Rob Youngren ran an amazing 20:21 (that's 20 hours and 21 minutes) for 100 miles, finishing 11th overall. That's 12:12 pace (minutes per mile) for 100 miles. Amazing. Kathy Youngren competed in the 50 mile race just a week off a 50km in Chattanooga. She was 4th overall and 1st female with a time of 8 hours, 28 minutes. These two continue to amaze us as they dominate the ultramarathon world.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Results - 10/11/09

Weekend Results
Joey Butler ran strong at the Chicago Marathon, finishing in 3:28:44 in cold temperatures. Teammate Caitlin Heider clocked a 3:04:28. Official Results Here
In Huntsville, the Fleet Feet Monte Sano 15km was run in equally chilly temperatures which lead to some fast times, placing 7 times in the top 10. 2 Brad Schroeder - 54:33 3 Donald Bowman - 54:54 (1st master) 4 Eric Charette - 55:40 7 Marty Clarke - 58:49 8 Candace Jacobs - 58:56 (1st female) 9 Jon Elmore - 58:58 10 Joe Francica - 59:45 11 Brett Addington - 59:52 15 Shane O'Neill - 1:01:11 16 Dink Taylor - 1:01:31 23 James Falcon 1:04:15 26 Linda Scavarda - 1:04:47 (2nd female) 30 Randy McFarland - 1:05:49 33 Dana Overton - 1:06:24 (3rd female) 60 Whitney Hollingsworth - 1:12:16 155 Jennifer Carter - 1:23:13 158 Steve Carter - 1:23:16 Official Results Here

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Who's Racing This Weekend

Who's Racing This Weekend The Fleet Feet Racing Team of Huntsville is competing in some big races both locally and nationally. Once again, we travel well.
Rob Youngren travels to Kansas for the Heartland 100 miler. Kathy Youngren will be competing in the 50 mile distance.
Fleet Feet owner Dink Taylor fresh off of another sub 3 hour race at the Portland Marathon, travels to Tennessee to run the inaugural Cumberland Trail 50km.
Joey Butler heads north to test his luck on a big city road marathon at Chicago in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Joey is looking to run a BQ time, so send him well wishes.

Locally, the Fleet Feet Monte Sano 15km road race will be contested on Saturday on Monte Sano. Amongst the team members running it are Whitney Hollingsworth, Marty Clarke, Shane O'Neill, Linda Scavarda, Joe Francica, Jon Elmore, Randy McFarland and James Falcon.
Good luck to the entire team in whatever events you may race and wherever your travels may take you.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Results - 10/2/09

Weekend Results The Team had their best weekend to date in 2009 for stellar performances. In Washington DC, the Redstone Arsenal One Team took 1st of 21 Government teams and was 13th team overall. Individual Fleet Feet Racing Team members times are below. David Riddle ran 51:31 for 16th overall Jason Reneau ran 1:04:23 for 400th overall Randy McFarland ran 1:05:39 for 490th overall Jane Reneau ran 1:19:58 for 587th overall and 169th female Full results are here.
In Chattanooga, Eric Charette ran 4:39 and finished 5th overall at Stump Jump 50km. There were 200+ finishers and national class talent in the 9th running of this great technical trail ultra marathon on Signal Mountain. Kathy Youngren also ran it as a training run for her next big 50 mile race this up coming weekend. Full results are here.
In Portland, Dink Taylor ran his 52nd sub 3 hour marathon (2:58:08) at the Portland Marathon. He finished 89th of 8091 total runners in this competitive marathon. Full results are here.
In Arkansas, Blake Thompson got some revenge against some unfinished business at Arkansas Traveller 100 miler. Blake dropped out just past half way at his last attempt at Arkansas but that would not be the case this year. His 26:03:01 placed him 29th of 66 finishers. Full results are here.
In Murfreesboro, TN, Shane O'Neill ran 1:22:11 at the half marathon. Shane mostly trained through this race as he is preparing for the Kansas City Marathon in two weeks. The time was still a new personal best for Shane at this distance. Shane was 14th overall of 2000 starters. Full results are here.
In Melbourne, FL Rick Maehlmann ran 20:56.7 at the FIREMAN'S RUN FOR PANCAKES 5K while on a work trip. Rick was 11th overall and 1st in his age group. Full results are here.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Who's Racing This Weekend

Who's Racing This Weekend The theme for Racing Team this week is all about ‘Going Back.’
Blake Thompson goes back to Arkansas looking for redemption at Arkansas Traveller 100. Since his last trip, Blake has successfully run a 100 miler at Pinhoti and his training has been top notch preparing for AT100. Fellow team member Rob Youngren and Fleet Feet regular Eric Fritz make up Blake’s crew.
Eric Charettegoes back to the mountains of Chattanooga where he had much success this summer at the Stage Race. This time Eric tries his luck at Stump Jump 50km against top talent like Mountain Mist Champion David Rindt and Rock/Creek Race Team Member Matt Sims. Along with Eric, Kathy Youngren also vies for top female honors at SJ50km and looks to beat Dean Karnazes again after besting him at Badwater 135 this summer.
Fleet Feet owner Dink Taylorgoes back to his old ways of chasing sub 3 hour marathons at the Portland Marathon. When it comes to this distance, Dink is very tough.
The Fleet Race Team has two A Team members from the Redstone Arsenal going back to the Army Ten Miler with David Riddle and Jason Reneau. Last year David ran 50:51 and finished 8th overall and Jason ran 56:59 for 67th, both of 19,000 runners. It is important to note that Greg Reynolds was also chosen to travel to Washington DC on the A Team, but can not attend due to personal reasons. Jane Reneau and Randy Dogman McFarland are also running in DC.
Good luck to the entire team in whatever events you may race and wherever your travels may take you.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Results - 9/20/09

Weekend Results The Fleet Feet Racing Team members had another stellar weekend on the local road racing scene. Though none of the events were held in Huntsville, there were three 5km races within a short drive from here and as always, our team travels well.
The featured event this weekend was the 2nd Annual Care Center 5km held in New Hope, AL. Though Josh Whitehead ran away with the overall win, Shane O'Neill ran a strong 2nd, as he clocked a personal best of 17:00. He was followed by Donald Bowman, who took 3rd overall and top Male Master. Ovella Jesse was top Masters Woman, 4th Woman overall and rounded out the top 20. This was a great showing for the team in a large field of 300+ finishers Official Results
In Hartselle, Eric Schotz took top honors at the Depot Days 5k, just as predicted. Schotz is coming on strong on the road racing scene, after mostly running ultra distance events this spring. No Official Results Available
In Scottsboro, the Carlos Serrano Memorial PHP 5km had the largest turnout of team members. Linda Scavarda was the top female, edging out Kathy Youngren who came in 2nd. On the men's side, in an odd turn of events with course markings toward the end of the race, Dink Taylor came out on top after trailing team mate Rob Youngren for most of the race. James Falcon was 8th place overall and earned a 2nd place age group award. Official Results
Katie Maehlmann ran a 3:53 at the Maui Marathon in Hawaii while celebrating her 5 year anniversary with her husband Rick, who ran a 4:08. Official Results Here
In Ohio, Jason Reneau ran alongside his wife and fellow team mate Jane and paced her to a great time in the Air Force Marathon. Jane notches another mark on her belt toward her 50 Marathons in 50 States quest as she ran a 4:05. Official Results

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who's Racing This Weekend

Who’s Racing This Weekend You can hardly through a rock from the top of Monte Sano without hitting a 5km road race this weekend.
In Hartselle, Eric Schotz will make a run for top honors at Depot Days 5k.
In New Hope, the 2nd Annual Care Center 5km is being held. This year Shane O'Neill and Ovella Jesse will represent Fleet Feet Racing Team.
In Scottsboro, the Carlos Serrano Memorial PHP 5km is in it's 3rd year. With the tragic passing of Carlos just a short time ago, the numbers for this race are sure to be up as people come to show their support and pay their respects to a man who gave much back to the sport. Fleet Feet is playing a big part in the race this year as well. Linda Scavarda, Dink Taylor, Rob Youngren & Kathy Youngren will be competing.
Katie and Rick Maehlmann celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary together by running in the Maui Marathon. This marathon is in the top 10 for most scenic marathons in the USA.
Jane Reneau continues her pursuit of 50 marathons in 50 states this weekend in Ohio where she will run the Air Force Marathon.
Good luck to the entire race team wherever your running takes you this weekend.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Results - 9/12/09

Weekend Results The Fleet Feet Racing Team of Huntsville competed in four local and one out-of-state race, making the leader board in each race.
At the Randolph There and Back Again 5k, the team took 4 spots in the top 10, including overall honors with Chris Platt edging out the next runner by 5 seconds. Filling out the top 10 were Shane O'Neill in 5th, Joe Francica in 9th and Conrad Meyer in 10th. Click here for the full results.
In Athens at the Duck & Run 5k, Whitney Hollingsworth took top female masters with a time of 22:23. Jon Elmore was top male masters winner and also took 2nd place overall with a time of 18:34. Great job you two! Click here for the full results.
At Sharon Johnston Park in the UAH Open Cross Country meet, George DeWitt placed 4th overall and was top masters runner. This was a small field but very fast at the top. Click here for the full results.
Greg Reynolds pulled off yet another amazing 2nd place finish at the Frantic Frog in Scottsboro, AL. Greg was one of only 2 people to run under 19 minutes for the 5k at the end of this sprint Tri. Click here for the full results.
The 'Team Cupcake' finished as the 3rd female team at Blue Ridge Relay. Jennifer Carter and Suzanne Taylor from the Race Team were part of the 12 woman team that ran the 211 mile relay from Virginia to North Carolina.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who’s Racing This Weekend

Who’s Racing This Weekend Early September in Northern Alabama brings a barrage of short distance road races to the area as the late summer heat continues to swelter. There are three local 5km races within a short drive from Huntsville this weekend, as well as one of the last triathlons of the season. As many team members begin to ramp up their mileage for a fall distance race, the team will be out this weekend at all local events. In Huntsville, the 50th Anniversary celebration of Randolph school means a commemorative 5km race that starts at the new campus and runs around Jones Valley. Joe Francica, Conrad Meyer, Shane O’Neil and Chris Platt will be competing in this event, which has the makings of a very fast race. In Athens, everyone’s favorite Duck & Run 5k is back and better than ever. Whitney Hollingsworth is committed to run in Decatur and should be amongst the fast competition at the top of the field. Sharon Johnston Park will serve as the site for the UAH open cross country meet. This race is directed UAH Cross Country Coach David Cain, husband of team mate Ashley Cain. Though a small field for this race, the competition is always fierce at the XC meet. Greg Reynolds continues his assault on the triathlon scene in Scottsboro, AL at the Frantic Frog. This sprint distance tri consists of a 400m swim, a 24km bike and a 5km run. There are 600 registrants in this year’s event. More information can be found at the event website of Jokingly referred to as ‘Team B’ by Fleet Feet Sports owner Suzanne Taylor, Team Cupcake will travel to Grayson, VA on Thursday to compete as a 12 member team in the Blue Ridge Relay. This 208 mile (actually 211 miles as measured by personal experience in 2008) rolls through the Blue Ridge Mountains and features killer climbs and even harder down hills before culminating in Asheville, NC. Team member Jennifer Carter will be amongst the Cupcakes, along with Suzanne, Laura Charette, Sara Bowden and a few others. Good luck to the entire race team wherever your running takes you this weekend. By the way, just in case you wanted to know, Dogman is not competing this weekend. LOL!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend Results - 9/6/09

Weekend Results 2009 Monte Sano Road Race - 10k Huntsville, AL September 5, 2009 Fleet Feet Racing Takes Overall Male, Female, Masters Male, Masters Female The final two races of the Huntsville Track Club Gran Prix season are held annually on the Saturday before Labor day. Monte Sano Road Races have been going on for 37 years and feature a 10k at 8am and a 5k that starts 90 minutes later. The 10k course is two loops of the 5k course and features rolling hills and a portion of gravel road on the out and back section. In the 10km race, David Riddle took overall honors with George DeWitt winning the male masters and placing 3rd overall. On the women's side, Candace Jacobs was first female (14th overall) and Whitney Hollingsworth won the female masters title. The team took 7 of the top 10 spots and 13 of the top 20. Full Results Team Results 1 David Riddle - 33:19 3 George Dewitt - 36:02 4 Donald Bowman - 36:46 5 Eric Charette - 36:48 6 Shane O'Neill - 37:08 7 Gregory Reynolds - 37:22 8 Kevin Betts - 37:42 11 David Purinton - 38:30 12 Eric Schotz - 38:43 13 Conrad Meyer - 38:45 14 Candace Jacobs - 38:47 15 Joe Francica - 38:51 18 Dink Taylor - 39:32 23 Randy McFarland - 40:58 36 Joey Butler - 42:58 50 Steve Carter - 44:48 54 Katie Maehlmann - 45:05 57 Linda Scavarda - 45:12 77 Dana Overton - 46:47 90 Kathy Youngren - 48:11 94 Whitney Hollingsworth - 48:31 157 Robert Youngren - 53:09 158 James Falcon - 53:10 159 Blake Thompson - 53:10 291 Jennifer Carter - 1:01:19
2009 Monte Sano Road Race - 5k Men Huntsville, AL September 5, 2009 Fleet Feet Racing Takes Overall Male and Masters Male In the men's 5k, David Riddle takes the overall win in dominating fashion and Donald Bowman wins the men's masters. Shane O'Neill, Eric Charette and Greg Reynolds help to give the team the top 5 spots. Full Results Team Results 1 David Riddle - 16:26 2 Shane O'Neill - 18:13 3 Eric Charette - 18:30 4 Donald Bowman - 18:46 5 Gregory Reynolds - 18:50 7 Eric Schotz - 19:27 10 Joe Francica - 19:40 14 James Falcon - 20:27 21 Randy McFarland - 21:18 22 Rick Maehlmann - 21:19 94 Dink Taylor - 26:22 116 Robert Youngren - 27:52 122 Joey Butler - 27:57 139 Conrad Meyer - 29:14
2009 Monte Sano Road Race - 5k Women Huntsville, AL September 5, 2009 Fleet Feet Racing Takes Overall Male and Masters Male In the women's 5k, the team places five times in the top 60 as the rain pours down. Full Results Team Results 13 Linda Scavarda - 25:39 14 Kathy Youngren - 25:40 15 Dana Overton - 25:41 58 Whitney Hollingsworth - 29:23 60 Jennifer Carter - 29:34

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who's Racing This Weekend

August 5-6, 2009 Huntsville, AL The Fleet Feet Racing Team of Huntsville will be wearing the new Team Nike gear at the Monte Sano 10k/5k this weekend. This is the last event in the HTC Gran Prix for 2008-2009. All in all, there are 22 members of the team running either the 10k, the 5k or both races. The weather looks manageable so let's see lots of Red, White and Blue at the top of the results! Tab Barnett - 10k Kevin Betts - 10k Donald Bowman - 10k/5k Joey Butler - 10k/5k Eric Charette - 10k/5k George DeWitt - 10k Joe Francica - 10k/5k Whitney Hollingsworth - 10k/5k Candace Jacobs - 10k Randy McFarland - 10k/5k Katie Maehlmann - 10k Rick Maehlmann - 5k Conrad Meyer - 10k/5k Shane O'Neill - 10k/5k David Purinton - 10k Greg Reynolds - 10k/5k David Riddle - 10k/5k Linda Scavarda - 10k/5k Eric Schotz - 10k/5k Dink Taylor - 10k Kathy Youngren - 10k/5k Rob Youngren - 10k/5k

Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Results - 8/30/09

Weekend Results 2009 USATF 10km Trail National Championships Laurel Springs, NC August 29, 2009 David Riddle turned in an amazing 4th place performance against the best talent in the country at the USATF 10km Trail National Championships. David made the money list (top 5) on a very difficult course. Runners competing at this level are either Olympic/Olympic Trials/National Sponsor levels, so for David to place this high shows how much talent he has. Congrats on a great race. Results: Click Here
2009 Running of the Bulls 5K Hampton Cove, AL August 29, 2009 Fleet Feet Race Team places 6 runners in the to 10 overall spots at Running of the Bulls and has 10 finishers in the top 36 overall. This race was directed by Fleet Feet owner Suzanne Taylor. Results: Click Here PLACE / NAME / TIME 3 Donald Bowman - 17:06 4 Chris Platt - 17:21 5 Shane O'Neill - 17:30 6 Gregory Reynolds - 17:43 8 Conrad Meyer - 18:27 9 Joe Francica - 18:39 11 Randy McFarland - 20:06 17 Joey Butler - 20:52 21 Linda Scavarda - 21:43 36 Ovella Jessee - 23:23
2009 Brooke Hill Run for Awareness 5k Decatur, AL August 29, 2009 Race director and Team Member Jon Elmore has a very successful day for this race with well over 200 runners. Results: Click Here
2009 Rocketman Triathlon Huntsville, AL August 30, 2009 Team Member James Falcon was the race director for this triathlon held on Redstone Arsenal. finished 2nd overall in this very competitive field. Results: Click Here

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who's Racing This Weekend

August 28-30, 2009 Huntsville, AL The Fleet Feet Racing Team of Huntsville will be out in full force this weekend both racing and volunteering.
Headlining this weekend is David Riddle who will be traveling to Laurel Springs, North Carolina for the USA Track & Field 10km Trail Championships. David will be competing against some tough completion, as most of these athletes are National Class caliber. Check out this stout field of entries and be rooting David on!
The Running of the Bulls 5k is on Saturday in Hampton Cove (Huntsville) and is directed by Fleet Feet Sports owner Suzanne Taylor. This is a very flat and fast course that starts on the Big Cove Greenway and finishes at Hampton Cove School. The turn around of this out and back is a sweeping cul-de-sac and times from this course are expected to be fast. Team members who are racing 'The Bulls' include: Brett Addington Conrad Meyer Donald Bowman Greg Reynolds Chris Platt Joe Francica Joey Butler Kathy Youngren Linda Scavarda Marty Clarke Ovella Jesse Randy 'Dog-Man' McFarland Rob Youngren Shane O'Niell
In Decatur, Jon Elmore is race directing Brooke Hill Run for Awareness 5k and will be aided by friend and fellow Racing Team member Eric Schotz. There is still room available to run this race for a good cause put on by the River City Runners with Fleet Feet as a sponsor.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Results - 8/23/09

Weekend Results - 8/23/09 This was a great weekend of the Racing Team all over the state and country. 2009 USAT Age group Nationals Tuscaloosa AL August 22, 2009 Official Results Greg Reynolds competed at the USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals and placed 20th in his age group and 49th overall. This was against the best competition in the country at the Olympic Tri distance. Greg was the top Alabama finisher in his age group and 2nd Alabama finisher at any age. Quite the showing, but Greg was not done. 2009 Rocketman Triathlon Huntsville, AL August 23, 2009 Official Results On Sunday, Greg competed locally in Huntsville at the Rocketman Triathlon and finished 2nd overall. What a weekend of running, biking and swimming for Greg! This event was directed by Race Team member James Falcon. 2009 Marquette Trail 50km Marquette, MI August 22, 2009 Official Results Coming Soon On Saturday, Eric Charette competed in the inaugural running of the Marquette Trail 50km. This race used large sections of the newly competed North Country Trail around Sugarloaf Mountain. Eric snared the last spot on the podium, finishing 3rd overall. His race report write up is on his blog. 2009 Leadville Trail 100M Leadville, CO August 22, 2009 Official Results Coming Soon On Saturday, Dink Taylor tested his limits at the Leadville Trail 100 miler. Karl Meltzer gave Dink 10:1 odds of pulling off the overall win on his blog. Dink battled temperatures in the 80's all day and ran strong for more than half of the race. Dink was met by fellow race team member Rob Youngren for pacing. Rob and Dink ran through 60 miles before Dink had to drop out for stomach issues. He recognized his own limits and made the right call.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fleet Feet Racing this Weekend

Who is Racing this weekend? August 21-23, 2009 With the temperatures in Northern Alabama still at brutally hot levels, the road racing scene is fairly non-existent. This will change in the weeks to come with Running of the Bulls and then Monte Sano Road Races. That said, Greg Reynolds is our best triathlete and will be contesting two events this upcoming weekend. On Saturday, August 22, he will compete in Tuscaloosa, AL at the USAT Age Group National Championship. Then on Sunday, Greg will compete in the Rocketman Triathlon here in Huntsville, AL. Rocketman is directed fellow race team member James Falcon. Dink Taylor makes his return to Leadville, Colorado to have another shot at the Leadville Trail 100 mile run. This year Dink will be paced late in the race by fellow teammate and veteran ultra runner Rob Youngren. Also on Saturday, Eric Charette will be running in the Inaugural Marquette Trail 50km in Marquette, MI. Marquette is along the Lake Superior shoreline and just a short drive from Eric's hometown. Wish all of our team members this weekend in races and training.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who's Racing This Weekend

August 14-17, 2009 Huntsville, AL There is one local 5km road race this weekend that many Fleet Feet Racing Team Huntsville members are contesting. That is the Midnight Run in Cullman. This race starts at 12:00 am on Saturday morning and is run on a rolling hill course. Registration is still open. The second event is the 29th Annual Huntsville Track Club HiWAAY Sprint Triathlon. This unique sprint triathlon starts with a 3 mile run on the Huntsville Cross Country course, is followed by a 6 mile bike course ends at the Natatorium with a 400m swim. Racing team member Greg Reynolds is expected to compete individually, and Dink Taylor and David Riddle will compete on relay teams. George DeWitt, leading masters runner on the team is the race director. This event is sold out!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Results - 7/26/09

Weekend Results - 7/26/09 This was a relatively low key weekend for racing, given the heat of the Alabama summers. There were just two races on the books for this weekend's results. 2009 Survivor Outback 5k Sheffield, AL July 25, 2009 Official Results Eric Charette 3rd OA & 1st M30-34 in 17:27 Shane O'Neill 5th OA & 1st M34-39 in 18:14 Joey Butler 20th OA & 3rd M40-44 in 20:48 2009 San Francisco Marathon & 1/2 Marathon San Francisco, CA July 26, 2009 Official Results Jason Reneau 31st OA & 8th M30-34 in 2:51:18 Jane Reneau 695th OA & 57th F20-29 in 1:49:04

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Results - 7/18/09

Fleet Feet Racing Huntsville has a great weekend of racing around the Tennessee Valley area! W.C. Handy DaDooRunRun 5K Saturday, July 18, 2009 8:00 am Florence, AL Full Results 3 Eric Charette 17:08 13th overall 19:22 253 total runners HTC Twilight 5k Saturday, July 18, 2009 6:30 pm Huntsville, AL Mens Race 4 Chris Platt 16:54 7 Eric Charette 17:15 8 Shane O'Neill 17:21 9 Donald Bowman 17:24 11 Jason Reneau 17:45 12 David Purinton 17:53 13 Marty Clarke 17:57 16 Joe Francica 18:46 57 Rick Maehlmann 21:57 Womens Race 7 Linda Scavarda 21:44 11 Katie Maehlmann 7:10 15 Jane Reneau 22:52 16 Ovella Jessee 22:53 34 Jennifer Carter 25:55 Vol State 500k July 16-19, 2009 Tennessee 1 DeWayne Satterfield 3:17:42:12 Course Record by 14 hours & King of the Road Wet Dog Triathlon July 18, 2009 Decatur, AL George Dewitt, Greg Reynolds and Madelyn Patton all competed. Results not available yet.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Who's Racing This Weekend

Twilight 5k Huntsville, AL Many Fleet Feet Racing Team members will be running this fast 5k out and back course on the campus of University of Alabama - Huntsville. At this time, the official list is not available. The men and women race separately for this night time race. Vol State 500k Tennessee DeWayne Satterfield begins the 315 mile trek across Tennessee on Thursday, July 16. He hopes to break his own course record of 4 days 8 hours.

Monday, May 25, 2009

2009 Cotton Row Run

Fleet Feet Racing at 2009 Cotton Row 10k and 5k Huntsville, AL May 25, 2009 On a humid day, the Fleet Feet Racing Team of Huntsville tears up the course and posts some great times. Amongst the field, the team took David Riddle was 11th overall in 32:03, George Dewitt was 29th overall in 36:05 (and 5th overall male Master) and Madelyn Patton was 5th overall female master. David came back and took the 5k win and Jason Reneau and Eric Charette were also in the top 10. Fleet Feet owners Dink and Suzanne Taylor were race directors again this year. Cotton Row 10k 10k Official Results Cotton Row 5k 5k Official Results Full Team Results in 10k 11 David Riddle 32:03 24 Jason Reneau 34:55 29 George Dewitt 36:05 31 Eric Charette 36:31 34 Kevin Betts 36:46 35 Shane O'Neil 36:57 39 Rob Youngren 37:07 42 David Purinton 37:23 47 Marty Clarke 37:57 53 Candace Jacobs 38:34 57 Joe Francica 39:04 63 Jon Elmore 39:41 65 Conrad Meyer 39:44 85 James Falcon 41:13 112 Joey Butler 43:05 141 Kathy Youngren 44:15 196 Madelyn Patton 45:37 219 Linda Scavarda 46:18 235 Whitney Hollingsworth 46:41 248 Jane Reneau 47:04 282 Katie Maehlmann 47:59 346 Ovella Jessee 49:23 403 Ashley Cain 50:36

Friday, May 22, 2009

2009 Cotton Row Run 10k Top Seeds

2009 Cotton Row Run Among the top 50 women and top 75 men entered in the race this year are 16 Fleet Feet Racing Team members from Huntsville, AL. The full list appears on the Cotton Row website TOP 50 WOMEN 09 37:19 Candace Jacobs, 28 15 41:36 Linda Scavarda, 25 18 43:20 Kathy Youngren, 34 22 44:57 Whitney Hollingsworth, 45 TOP 75 MEN 14 31:57 David Riddle, 27 -- 34:30 George Dewitt, 50 25 34:45 Eric Charette, 33 26 34:45 Jason Reneau, 33 27 35:59 Greg Reynolds, 26 33 36:30 Robert Youngren, 34 34 36:53 Marty Clarke, 47 36 37:25 David Purinton, 41 37 37:30 Shane O'Neill, 36 40 38:00 Kevin Betts, 31 44 38:30 Joe Francica, 53 52 39:30 Conrad Meyer, 44

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TOC at Fleet Feet Sports

Tuesday May 19th at 7:00 PM Fleet Feet Sports Michael W. Cantrell. M.D. Sports Medicine Center General Orthopaedics Center Get all your sports medicine questions answered at Fleet Feet Sports with Dr. Michael Cantrell. TOC is a Proud Sponsor of the 2009 Mercedes Benz Cotton Row Runs. Location: 2750 Carl T Jones Drive Suite 1200T Huntsville, AL 35802

Thursday, May 14, 2009

2009 Cotton Row Training Runs

Every weekend from May 2nd through May 23rd, Fleet Feet Sports Huntsville and the Fleet Feet Racing Team will be coordinating training runs on the Cotton Row 10k course. These runs will start at 6:00am and 7:00am on Saturday and Sunday from the corner of Clinton Avenue and Monroe Street in downtown Huntsville. There will also be an aid station at the 3.1 mile mark, situated along Toll Gate Rd at the top of Mountainwood Dr. Water and Gatorade are provided at the aid station. If you have any questions about the training run, please contact Eric Charette.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome to the New Site

This is the first draft of the Fleet Feet Huntsville Racing Team Website. Stay tuned for additional content.

Friday, May 1, 2009

2009 Fleet Feet Racing Team Huntsville

2009 Team: Christy Scott

Christy Scott
Email Address

Personal Records:

* 5 km at Spooktacular in Huntsville, AL on 10/30/10 - 21:57
* 5 M at Spirit of America 5 Miler on 6/27/09 - 42:15
* 13.1 M at Huntsville 1/2 Marathon on 11/8/08 - 1:49:58
* 26.2 M at Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL on 12/12/09 - 3:54:43
* 50 km at Recover from the Holidays on 12/31/08 - 5:52:54
* 50 M at Dizzy 50's on 11/22/08 - 9:45:58
* 100 M at Heartland 100 on 10/9/09 - 22:56:58

Brief Bio:

I received a degree in Exercise Science in 1999 from Wichita State University. I have worked as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor since 1998 and began running consistency approximately 7 years ago. I enjoy running all distances, but particularly love the challenge of the ultra. My favorite distance is the 50k and my favorite race, Mountain Mist. I enjoy helping others reach their fitness goals and improve their quality of life. I have helped many people train for and complete races of all distances and recently began working with Fleet Feet Sports by coaching for their training programs. I have been married to my husband, Tony since 1994 and have two children, Courtney and Brandon who are very active in sports.

Short Term Goals:

To improve in both the 50 mile and 50k distance, specifically finishing Mountain Mist in 6 hours in 2010. I would also like to complete at least one more hundred miler in 2010.

Long Term Goals:

Continue to improve on times in ultras, eventually running some of the larger races, like Western States and Hardrock. I would also like to get more involved with helping Fleet Feet continue to grow the sport of running. I want to spend more time coaching beginning runners and helping them reach their goals.

2010 Race Calendar & Goals

* Mountain Mist 50km 1/23/10 with goal to break 6 hours
* McKay Hollow Trail 1/2 Marathon on 3/27/10 with goal to break 2:30:00
* Rockin' K Trail Marathon on 4/3/10 with goal to break 4:58:00
* Brew to Brew Relay on 4/4/10
* Black Warrior 50k on 2/20/10 with goal to break 5:45:00
* New York City Marathon on 11/7/10 with a goal to break 3:50:00

2009 Team: Brad Schroeder

Brad Schroeder Email: Personal Records: * 1500m – 4:02 * 5km – 14:46 * 8km – 24:50 * 10km – 32:42 * 15km – 51:48 * 10 Mile – 55:00 Brief Bio: I was born and raised on a farm in Shelby, Ohio with a large family of four brothers and one sister. My running career started my sophomore year of high school and took me to Ohio Northern University where I competed in Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track while getting my Mechanical Engineering Degree. I then got my MBA from Texas A&M while taking some time off running. My career took me to Huntsville, AL with my wife, Elizabeth, for work opportunities at Redstone Arsenal. I am very excited to find a great running community here which has motivated me to get back into competitive running. I am looking forward to getting involved in the community and to discover what the future holds. Short Term Goals: * Run a sub 16:00 5k again Long Term Goals: * Run a fast half marathon Community Involvement: * Member of the Redstone Arsenal Ten-Mile Team * Member of the Huntsville Track Club * Volunteer at HTC events

2009 Team: Caitlin Heider

Caitlin Heider

2009 Team: Tab Barnett

Tab Barnett

2009 Team: Donald Bowman

Donald Bowman Email: Personal Records: * 1 mile - 4:50 * 2 mile - 10:17 * 5km - 15:38 * 5 mile - 27:18 * 10km - 34:00 * 1/2 Marathon - 1:16:28 * Marathon - 2:47 * HTC Outstanding Male Performance Award in 2003 * HTC Gran Prix Open Male Award Winner in 2001 & 2003-2007 * Qualified for and ran the 2009 Boston Marathon Brief Bio: I’m married to a wonderful wife named Elizabeth. I have two children; 17 year old Chase and Aaliyah who is 9. I love spending time with my family. Short/Long Term Goals: * Stay healthy and injury free and continue to improve as I get older Community Involvement: * I volunteer at nearly every Huntsville Track Club Race that I run * I train with the Bob Jones Cross Country team and try to offer them encouragement

2009 Team: Candace Jacobs

Candace Olivia Jacobs Email: Personal Records: * 10 Mile - 1:03:08 at Rocket Run in Mooresville, AL March 21, 2009 * Marathon - 2:55:08 at Rocket City Marathon, Huntsville, AL December 2008 Brief Bio: I've been running for over 15 years. I ran on a full scholarship to UAH with Coach Cain. I am a 5th grade teacher at Holy Spirit School. My number one fans are my husband Erik and my son Jonathan. Short Term Goals: * Run a 10km in under 38 minutes Long Term Goals: * Run a 5km in under 18 minutes * Run a marathon in under 2:50 so I can run with the elite women in the Boston Marathon Community Involvement: * I help out with the Marathon and I have helped pass out packets for seversl HTC races and I definitely want to help and volunteer more of my time in 2009

2009 Team: Blake Thompson

Blake Thompson Email:; Website/Blog: My Facebook Page Personal Records: * 5km - 18:41 at Rudolph Run 5K, Huntsville, AL December 2007 * 10km - 38:43 at River City Run 10K, Decatur, AL April 2008 * Marathon - 3:08 at Rocket City Marathon, Huntsville, AL December 2006 * 50km - 4:27 at Dizzy Fifties 50K, Huntsville, AL November 2006 * 41.2 Miles - 6:18 at Strolling Jim 40 Miler, Wartrace, TN May 2008 * 50 Miles - 14:40 at San Juan Solstice 50 Miler, Lake City, CO June 2007 * 100 Miles - 27:25 at Pinhoti 100, Sylacauga, AL November 2008 * 12 Hours - 70 Miles at Delano Park 12 Hr., Decatur, AL March 2009 Brief Bio: Played Ice Hockey and Lacrosse while in high school at Culver Military Academy (Culver, IN). Had a short ice hockey career in college playing for the UAH Chargers during the 2001-2002 season. Began running in 2004, with the Monte Sano Road Race 5K being my first race. Ran my first marathon that following December at Rocket City and the rest is history. Short/Long Term Goals: * Run a sub 24 hour 100 miler * Run a sub 3 hour marathon eventually * Continue to stay healthy and injury free. Community Involvement: * Race Director of McKay Hollow Madness Trail Run * Volunteer at numerous HTC events and Pinhoti 100 (85 Mile Aid Station)

2009 Team: Dink Taylor

Dink Taylor Email: Personal Records: * 5K - 16:38 * 10K - 34:28 * Half Marathon - 1:17:28 * Marathon - 2:40:45 * 50 miles - 5:53:12 * 100 miles - 16:58:11 * 24 Hours - 118 miles Brief Bio: Although born in Texas, spent the first half of my life growing up in Gadsden, AL and have been in Huntsville for almost 23 years now. Married to Suzanne, a very energetic girl who makes every thing click, especially Fleet Feet Sports. We have a wonderful little 8 year old boy and I also have a 21 year old son who works with me and 19 year old daughter that goes to school at Alabama. Short Term Goals: * Run Mountain Masochist for the 15th time Long Term Goals: * Finish Leadville Trail 100 Miler Community Involvement: * Director of Recovery from the Holidays 50km * Co Director with Suzanne for Mountain Mist 50km, Cotton Row Run & Rocket City Marathon * Volunteer at all HTC events plus many others

2009 Team: Whitney Hollingsworth

Whitney Hollingsworth Email: None Personal Records: * 2 Mile - 13:25 at Run to Calvary in Feb 2009 * 5km - 21:27 at Liz Hurley Ribbon Run 5km in Oct 2008 * 4 Mile - 28:08 at Winter Winds in Feb 2009 * 1/2 Marathon - 1:40:45 at Huntsville Half Marathon in Nov 2008 * 10km - 44:57 at Cotton Row Run 10km in May 2008 * Marathon - 3:54:12 at Rocket City Marathon in Dec 2004 Brief Bio: Married to Curt for 23 years. We have one daughter Chloe who is 13. We stay busy watching her cheer for Elkmont High School. She also ran XC for EHS in 2008. I am lucky to have a loving family who supports my running. I have worked for Greybar Electric for 23 years. Short/Long Term Goals: * Run the Rocket City Marathon in 2009 and qualify for Boston * Continue to beat previous race PRS Community Involvement: * Race Director for Elmont Lions Club Rails to Trails 10K * Volunteer for various HTC races * Active member of Elmont Church of Christ

2009 Team: Randy McFarland

Randy McFarland Email: Personal Records: * 10km - 34:54 * 10 mile - 59:10 * 1/2 Marathon - 1:18:13 * Marathon - 2:44:54 in 1984 Brief Bio: Began running with Junior High Track and High School Cross Country teams in home town of Kettering, Ohio. After that, ran on my own. Completed first Marathon in 1980; first Ultra in 1995 ( Mountain Mist Trail Run ). To date, I have completed approximately 100 Marathons or Ultras (50th Marathon Rocket City in 2006). Also lived in Ft. Worth, Texas for 7 years where I also participated in local running and bike races. Short Term Goals: * To run under 60 minutes once more for 10 miles Long Term Goals: * Stay healthy so I can try to get that sub 60 minute 10 miler Community Involvement: * Served as race director for NYL Monte Sano 15K 2000 – 2003 * Current director of HTC New Year's Day fun runs * Founded local chapter of Hash House Harriers in November 1997 * Have been a part of the local running community since 1990

2009 Team: Madelyn Patton

Madelyn Patton Email: Personal Records: * 8km - 35:33 at Steeplechase in Decatur, AL April 2008 * 10km – 44:38 at 3M River City Run in Decatur, AL April 2008 * 1/2 Marathon – 1:37:25 at Cedars Of Lebanon Frostbite in Lebanon, TN February 2008 * Marathon - 3:57:12 at Knoxville Marathon in Knoxville, TN March 2009 Brief Bio: I was born and raised in New York City in a large Irish Catholic family. I began running as a way to lose weight after college. I started getting more serious about running 12 years ago. Racing in Pennsylvania, baby strollers were allowed so most of my racing there was done pushing my daughter and next to my husband of 23 years, Chip. Since moving back to Alabama, I've gotten more serious about running especially in recent months. I have 2 children, Nathaniel, age 19 is a sophomore at Auburn University and a daughter Caralyn, age 12. I recently ran my 1st Marathon at 46 years old at Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL December 2008 Short/Long Term Goals: Run, run, run. Always remember it is a blessing! Community Involvement: * Member of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Madison, AL * Religious education catechism * Special Minister of Holy Communion * Huntsville Track Club member * Regular volunteer at races

2009 Team: Kevin Betts

Kevin Michael Betts Email: Personal Records: * 1 Mile - 4:17 (college track and field Atlanta, GA June 1999) * 2 Mile - 9:16 (college track and field Blacksburg, VA Feb 1999) * 5km - 15:19 (college track and field Carbondale, IL Jan 1998) * 10km - 32:42 (college cross country Birmingham, AL Nov 1997) * 10 Mile - 57:45 (Rocket 10 Miler Mooresville, AL 1995) Brief Bio: Ran cross country and track and field in college at Georgia Tech. Currently enjoying running local road races (albeit much slower time!) off of some very low mileage. My wife Tonia is also a runner and we have three wonderful young daughters (Sage, Autumn, and Rose). We feel very lucky to live in a great medium-sized city with such a well-organized running community. Short/Long Term Goals: * Get back under 17 minutes for 5K * Get back under 35 minutes for 10K * Break 3 hours in the dreaded marathon! Community Involvement: * Help out at HTC events * Member of Huntsville Track Club * Teach Sunday School to K-2 at our church (UUCH)

2009 Team: Rick Maehlmann

Frederick Nathan Maehlmann Email: Personal Records: * 5km – 18:39, Carey Woods Bash N Dash, Auburn, AL April 11, 2003 * 10km — 39:20, Cotton Row Run, Huntsville, AL, May 26, 2003 * Half-Marathon —1:28:40, Rocket City Half Marathon, Huntsville, AL, November 8, 2003 * Marathon – 3:16:28, Suzuki Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon, San Diego, CA, June 1, 2003 * 50km – 5:45:10 Dizzie Fifties, Huntsville, AL, November 20, 2004 Brief Bio: I’ve enjoyed being active all of my life. My dad and I did a lot of long distance bike riding when I was younger. I ran some track in high school, but got more focused on running after graduating from college. I was drawn in by the track club and the running culture in this town. I especially enjoy running on the mountain. I would do this every day if I could. Short Term Goals: * Train for Maui Marathon in September (complete) Long Term Goals: * Complete a marathon in every state * Complete 10 Mountain Mists Community Involvement: * HTC Member and race volunteer

2009 Team: Dana Overton

Dana Overton Email: None Personal Records: * Marathon 3:16 at Rocket City in Huntsville, AL * 50km Trail 4:30 at Mississippi 50km * 50 Mile 9:34 at Ouachita 50M * 100 Mile 25:30 at Pinhoti 100 in Alabama Brief Bio: Dana was born in Dalton, GA and grew up in Geraldine, AL. With the encouragement of her parents she played high school basketball for 4 years and was named All Country, All Area and All State Honorable Mention. She ran track and was a state medalist in the 4x100m and the 4x400m relays. Dana began running long distance events in 2003. She has run numerous marathons in the Southeast, including Grandfather Mountain in Boone, NC. However, trail running is her passion. Among those completed are Mountain Mist 50km, Mount Cheaha 50km, the Ouachita 50M and the Pinhotti 100M. In 2006/2007 Dana ran Dizzy 50's, Rocket City Marathon, Recovery from the Holidays 50km and Mountain Mist 50km and was awarded the coveted Gran Slam award. Spring Triathlons and a Half Ironman have been mixed in with her pure running events. Dana has donated her time and energy to help organize the annual Run for Hope 5km in Guntersville, which benefits the Marshall County Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Dana's motivation to run is the result of appreciation she feels for the many blessings she has been given and the friends she has made along the way. Short/Long Term Goals: * Break 3 hours in a marathon * Complete Western States 100 Miler Community Involvement: * Member Huntsville Track Club * Mountain Lakes Cycling Club Member * Co-Race Director Laranda Nichols Memorial Run For Hope * Salem United Methodist Church

2009 Team: Steve Carter

Steve Carter Email: Personal Records: * 1 Mile - 4:44 * 5km - 16:50 * 10km - 35:46 * Half Marathon - 1:21:30 * Marathon - 3:28 * 50km Trail 4:46 Brief Bio: Lived in Gadsden, Alabama for most of my life. I started running in April of 1981. I mainly enjoy running and time spent running on the trails these days. I also am a cyclist on road and mountain bikes. I have been married since 1989 to Jennifer Carter and we have a son named Davis. My favorite race is the Mountain Mist 50km. Short Term Goals: * Complete the Leadville Trail 100 mile Mountain Bike Race (now complete) Long Term Goals: * Keep doing more endurance events in running and mountain biking and some road bike racing. Community Involvement: * Help out at HTC events * Race Director of Summer Cross Country Runs * Member of Spring City Cycling Club * Manager of Fleet Feet Sports

2009 Team: Mike Greene

Kenneth Michael Greene Email: Website/Blog: Personal Records: * 1 Mile – 5:09 at “Back to School Run”, Parkway City Mall, 1992 * 2 Mile – 11:45 at “Harry Williams All Comers Track Meet”, Alabama A&M * 5k – 17:41 at “Back to School Run”, Parkway City Mall, 1992 * 10k – 38:36 at “Cotton Row Run” 1992 * 15k – 60:56 at “Monte Sano 15K” Brief Bio: Born and raised in Huntsville, AL. BS Mathematics, UAH, MS Computer Science, UAH. Short/Long Term Goals: * To consistently get back in the 18's in the 5K and sub-40's in the 10K. * Run Mtn Mist 50K. Community Involvement: * Race director (3 years so far), Alabama A&M 10K * Regular volunteer at HTC events

2009 Team: Marty Clarke

Marty Clarke Email: Personal Records: * 1 Mile - 4:44 (open) / 4:57 (masters) * 5k - 16:08 (open) / 16:32 (masters) * 4 Mile - 21:21 (open) / 22:04 (masters) * 10k - 33:27(open) / 33:40 (masters) * 10 Mile - 56:06 (open) / 58:40 (masters) * 1/2 Marathon - 1:15:06 (open) / 1:15:35 (masters) * Marathon 2:48:24 (open) / 2:55:28 (masters) Brief Bio: I was born in Memphis, TN. I have lived in Huntsville since 1989. I ran my first road race (10K) while in the Army, and I have been running ever since. I participated in Triathlons from 1986-1990 and realized that I wasn’t a good enough swimmer to be competitive. I have raced every distance from the mile up to 51 miles. I have been competitive at most distances. None of this would have been possible without my loving and understanding wife, Tina and my two daughters. They have always been there for me, no matter how good or how bad a race went. Short/Long Term Goals: * Continue running as long as possible, while slowing down as little as possible each year. * Run races that I have not run before or have not run in a long time. * I would like to race a 50mi and run a 100mi. * Since I have run my last PR unless I run a distance I have not run before, I plan to use the knowledge and experience I have gained from 29+ years of running to help other runners achieve their goals. * Beat Eric at least one more time. Community Involvement: * Member Huntsville Track Club since 1997 * Race Director All Comers Track Meet 2002- present * Meet Director Alabama Sports Festival Track and Field 2002-2003 * Participated in Fleet Feet Track workouts 2004-present * Participated in training groups for RCM, Huntsville Half-marathon and Cotton Row 10k * Cross Country Coach Westminster Christian Academy 2007-2008