Friday, May 1, 2009

2009 Team: Chris Platt

Chris Platt Email: Personal Records: * 800m 1:53 in 2004 * 1500m 3:50 in 2005 * 3000m 8:14 in 2008 * 5000m 14:25 in 2006 * 4 mile 19:12 * 8k cross country 23:52 in 2005 * 10k cross country 31:20 in 2006 * 10 miles on the beach 52:40 in 2006 Brief Bio: I was born January 26th 1984 in New Jersey. I started running when I was little with my dad in local road races. I ran track in middle school and attended Haddonfield Memorial high school 1999-2003. During high school I was a 9 time State Champion, three time all American and two time Nation Champion. I just graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree with geography. I now work for Intergraph. I ran at UT from 2003-2008. At UT I became a 4 time letter man. I have the freshman school record in 3000m at 3:16. Lately I seem to be getting hurt. I didn’t make it through one of my 5 season in college without having to sit out one because of getting hurt. I am very motivated to lower my PR’s and establish new goals. This will all happen if I can stay healthy. I have run as many as 112 miles a week and a 10 week average of 98. But my focus isn’t on mileage right now, it’s getting healthy and getting into a steady running routine. Short and Long Term Goals: Short term is to get healthy and run some road races, Long term; I want to train to break 14 in the 5k. When I am done with those goals I will make new goals or go after new ones such as the half marathon and then soon the marathon. Community Involvement: I look forward to meeting the community and getting involved with the races. The running community here seems very strong and supportive; I hope continue to strengthen the running community by getting more involved and motivate people to run.