Thursday, May 30, 2013

Team Results - Cotton Row Runs

Memorial Day in Huntsville, Alabama means many things to our local community and one of them is Cotton Row.  A highly competitive and hilly 10km race at 7 o'clock followed by a flat and fast 5km at 9 o'clock.  Many team members worked very hard with volunteering for this event in many capacities as it is one of the largest races in the area.  Cotton Row is directed by Suzanne and Dink Taylor of Fleet Feet Huntsville.

In the 10km, the team was lead by Andrew Hodges who ran 36:01 fresh off of Ironman Texas and Kylie Lemon who was 9th overall female.

10km Official Results

19 36:01 14 Andrew Hodges 29 (3rd AG)
22 36:27 18 Eric Charette 37 (3rd AG)
30 37:42 28 Greg Reynolds 30 (2nd AG)
37 38:17 29 Jim Clemens 45 (4th OA Master, 1st AG)
40 38:34 32 Dewayne Satterfield 48 (5th OA Master, 2nd AG)
42 38:44 2511 Kylie Lemon 26F (9th OA female, personal best)
45 39:01 94 Brett Wilks 33 (3rd AG)
57 39:57 58 Robert Whitaker 54 (2nd AG)
65 40:36 112 David Rawlings 41 (personal best)
69 40:41 27 Erik Debolt 30
84 41:45 2515 Katie Maehlmann 35F (1st AG)
90 42:10 65 Randy McFarland 52
135 44:18 2514 Kathy Youngren 38F (2nd AG)
136 44:17 17 Robert Youngren 38
233 46:56 36 Timothy Pitt 34
245 47:11 2535 Christy Scott 40F (3rd AG)
1840 1:13:13 1570 Eric Fritz 45

In the 5km, the team was lead by Eric Charette who ran 18:28 after running 36:27 in the 10km.  Though the top few raced the 5km, many others ran with their families.

5km Official Results

4 18:28 Eric Charette 37
10 19:02 Dewayne Satterfield 48
13 19:23 Eric Fritz 45 (personal best)
15 19:33 Rick Maehlmann 36
162 24:50 Jim Clemens 45
1083 36:55  Erik Debolt 30
1199 38:49 Timothy Pitt 34
1530 43:38 Christy Scott 40F

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Top Seeds at Cotton Row

The top seeds for the 2013 Cotton Row 10km have been announced and the Fleet Feet Racing Team from Huntsville has several members in the ranks.

Top 75 Men

14  Andrew Hodges, 29
17   Robert Youngren, 38
18   Eric Charette, 37
27   Erik Debolt, 30
28   Greg Reynolds, 30
29   Jim Clemens, 45
32   Dewayne Satterfield, 48
35   Marty Clarke, 51
36   Timothy Pitt, 34
52   Eric Fritz, 45
58   Robert Whitaker, 54
65   Randy McFarland, 52
80   James Falcon, 41

Top 50 Women

9 Candace Jacobs, 32
11 Kylie Lemon, 26
14 Kathy Youngren, 38
15 Katie Maehlmann, 35
24 Julia Clark, 28
35 Christy Scott, 40

Recent Results

In a final tune up for the upcoming Cotton Row 10k, the team was scorching the roads in Northern Alabama with some fast times in some hot weather.

In Arab, Alabama at the first annual running of the Poke Salat 5k, Rob Youngren and Kylie Lemon continued their winning way, each taking top honors.  Robert Whitaker was the top men's master.  Team mate Tim Pitt was the race director.  When Rob was finished he helped Tim with results/awards.
1 Rob Youngren, 38 - 17:11
2 George Heeschen, 26 - 17:50
3 Kylie Lemon, 26 - 18:45
5 Robert Whitaker, 54 - 19:02
8 Kathy Youngren, 38 - 20:38

At the Harry Williams All Comers Track meet, Brandon York put on an impressive performance in the 5000 meters, running 14:45.24!  Team mate Marty Clarke was the race director and had volunteering efforts from Rob and Kathy Youngren, George Heeschen, Eric Charette, Eric Fritz, Caitlin Morris and Greg Reynolds.

Official Results

Brandon York
5000M - 14:45.24

Eric Fritz
200M - 31.29
1 Mile - 5:40.24 (pr)

Eric Charette
1 Mile - 4:57.61 (pr)

Greg Reynolds
1 Mile - 5:00.41 (pr)

In Birmingham at the Xterra Oak Mountain Trail Races, our own Dink Taylor finished 2nd overall in the marathon with a time of 3:20:01.

Official Results

At Ironman Texas, Andrew Hodges posted a personal best time of 9:33:42 with splits of 51:52 (swim), 5:06:39 (bike) and 3:29:26 (run).  He placed 16th within his division and 29th overall.

Official Results

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gear Review: Honey Stinger Caffeinated Cherry Cola Organic Energy Chews by Eric Charette

Date: Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gear Review: Honey Stinger Caffeinated Cherry Cola Organic Energy Chew by Eric Charette

Product Details: The latest flavor of Honey Stinger organic energy chews are made from 95% organic ingredients and sweetened with organic honey.  They also contain 32mg of caffeine that comes from white tea extract.  This combination provides a natural and sustainable energy source.  A single package contains 160 calories, 39 grams of carbs, 0 fat grams and 100% of the daily requirement of vitamin C.

Background Information: Honey Stinger Organic energy chews are formulated specifically for health-conscious individuals and athletes seeking a great tasting energy snack.  The were the first energy chew to provide naturally occurring fiber and protein that's derived from tapioca syrup and honey.  The previous flavors include Pink Lemonade, Caffeinated Lime-Ade, Fruit Smoothie, Cherry Blossom, Pomegranate Passion Fruit and Orange Blossom.

Pricing: $26.28 for a box of 12 available from Honey or locally at Fleet Feet Sports Huntsville.

Impressions: A few weeks ago Honey Stinger launched the latest flavor in their highly popular organic energy chews line.  I was already a fan of the other flavors offered by Honey Stinger so I dropped by Fleet Feet Sports in Huntsville and picked up a box.  I didn't even manage to get out of the store before I had a pack open and was eating them like candy.  This was the best energy chew I had ever tasted and instantly determined that it was my new energy supplement of choice for running and other endurance sports.  While in theory it was that easy to say, I still needed to put them to the test.

Testing: Last weekend I was helping out with the Fleet Feet Huntsville trail running group at Monte Sano State Park.  My role was to run ahead of the trainees and mark the route, which included a super fast downhill section along War Path Ridge, a muddy open route under the power lines, then a stout climb back up K2 before returning to the start.  This route had lots of side trails and not wanting people to get lost, I was placing quite a few markers.  This became problematic as I ran low on markers before the final climb.  I decided I needed to retrace my steps and redo some of the markings, and improvise in a few places.  The end result was that the planned 7 mile route turned into 11 miles for me and I was running very low on energy.  When we returned to the parking lot, I reached for the Cherry Cola Energy Chews and ate about half of the package.  Within minutes, the minor bonk I was feeling went away and the slight dizziness I was experiencing from going three hours without fuel cleared up.  We were going back out to remove the markings so I packed the rest of the package in my pocket and took them on the run.  I was able to easily eat them while running due to their small size and didn't have trouble breathing or having to choke them down like some other oversized brands.  After the 18 mile day I was so happy that I had them along with me or things would have been quite miserable.

Summary: While the new cherry cola energy chews meet my needs for providing the right amount of carbohydrates, it was the taste and the extra boost of caffeine that sold me.  They are gluten and dairy free which I don't have issues with, but for some people this may make a difference.  To summarize, these were the main points from my experience with the new energy chews.
  • Great taste
  • Boost from caffeine
  • Small size makes them easy to chew and swallow and eat just a few of them and store the package in your pocket to take more later
  • Not overly sticky and don't leave residue on your fingers
It has been a week since I first tried the new energy chews and have gone through an entire box and have already picked up more for my next run!  

Eric has been a member of the Fleet Feet Racing Team since 2006 and was also a member of the U.S.A. inov-8 ultrarunning team in 2010 and 2011.  He also directs operations for the Racing Team along with friend and teammate Marty Clarke.  Eric's personal bests include a 16:29 5km, 34:45 10km, 1:15:32 1/2 marathon, 2:43:40 marathon and 3:53:15 trail 50km.  In his spare time he loves to spend time with his beagles Siri and Fiina.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend Results

In War Trace, Tennessee with rainy conditions the entire day, Dink Taylor lead the Fleet Feet Racing Team with a 5th overall place at Strolling Jim 41.2 miler.  DeWayne Satterfield was not far behind in 9th and Christy Scott set a person best as 5th overall female.

Official Results

5 Dink Taylor, 47 - 5:27:42
9 DeWayne Satterfield, 48 - 5:48:07
25 Christy Scott, 40 - 6:33:37

At the 2012 Run through the Roses 10km, Kylie Lemon and Eric Charette repeated as overall winners on back to back weekends.  Amidst 40 degree temps and a driving rain, Kylie lead the women on this hilly course with a near personal best 39:05 and was 2nd place overall behind Charette, who ran 36:36. Kylie had to rush off so she could make it to UAH Graduation for her Masters Degree!

Official Results

1 Eric Charette, 37 - 36:36
2 Kylie Lemon, 26 - 39:05
5 Katie Maehlmann, 35 - 42:26
7 Julia Clark, 28 - 42:52

At the SteepleChase 8km in Decatur under similar conditions, Brandon York also won on back to back weekends and repeated as the 3-time champion of this race.

At the 55th annual RRCA National Convention HTC President Eric Fritz ran 1:34 for the half marathon, finishing 25th overall and 3rd in his age group.

At the Homespun Wheels and Deals Charity 5K run in Athens, Eric Patterson notched his first career victory!

At the Spring Zing 5km in South Huntsville, Kylie Lemon notched another spring win with an 18:30 and taking 2nd place overall.

Official Results

In New Hope, Alabama, Eric Charette made it back to back to back overall wins at the Care Center 5km with a season best 17:16.  Eric previously won this race in 2010 and 2011 (was not held in 2012 due to date change.  Christy Scott was 2nd female overall and top women's master with a 21:41.  Dink and Suzanne Taylor volunteered for the event.

Official Results

In Muscle Shoals at the Swampers 5km, Robert Whitaker was top men's master and 6th place overall.

Brandon York was the overall winner at the Mayor's Cup 5km in Tuscaloosa, AL against nearly 1,600 people.  The story from can found here as well as some pictures.

At the National Cornbread Festival, Eric Fritz was top male master with a 20:37.

Official Results