Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 Team: DeWayne Satterfield

H. DeWayne Satterfield

Brief Biography

I was raised by my grandparents in a rural farming community. They taught me the work ethic needed for life (and for running!). I now have two beautiful daughters who like to watch dad do various crazy running antics. My lovely wife shares the passion that God placed in me and between us we strive to maintain a healthy balance of family time, work, and training. It was fun having them as my ""pit crew"" during the last days of the cross Tennessee race and watching them realize some achievements don't come easy...but with patience they can happen. I have been blessed in the ultrarunning society...I have won an ultra every year for the last 16 years, with over 50 overall wins at the various ultra distances.

Short Term Goals

To keep running to the best of my ability while maintaining a healthy family life. Keep injury free while running several ultras per year.

Long Term Goals

I want to run Mtn Mist 50K until I'm at least 100 years old…that is if I can still make the cutoffs! I would like to compete in the Sri Chinmoy 6 day someday.

Personal Records
  • 800m - 0:01:58 at High School Meet at age 16
  • 1 Mi - 0:04:22 at High School Meet at age 17
  • 2 Mi - 0:09:50 at High School Meet at age 17
  • 5 km - 0:15:52 at Life College 5k / Re-Creation 5k on 04/01/92 at age 27
  • 4 Mi - 0:21:10 at Run for the Son at age 28
  • 8 km - 0:26:20 at Oxford Realty 8K (B'ham) at age 31
  • 10 km - 0:33:12 at River City 10K at age 32
  • 15 km - 0:51:50 at Monte Sano 15K on 10/10/92 at age 28
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:12:50 at Rocket City Half-Marathon at age 30
  • 26.2 Mi - 2:42:00 at RCM on 04/08/00 at age 35
  • 50 km - 3:22:00 at Langsford Canal 50k at age 30
  • 50 Mi - 6:00:45 at Mississippi 50 at age 32
  • 100 Mi - 18:34:00 at Arkansas Traveller at age 34
  • Other - 3:17:42:12 at Vol-State 500K / Barkley Fun Run on July/Apil 09 at age 45

I have a great deal of history, not only with Fleet Feet, but with Dink and Suzanne specifically. Dink and I have been running together for almost 25 years and we have shared much blood, sweat and tears over those years. As I am aging (read slowing) I am switching to more of a mentor role and look forward to sharing the knowledge I have garnered over the years.