Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 Team: Katie Maehlmann

Katie Maehlmann

Brief Biography

I love pushing myself to the limit and gravitated to running during high school since it allowed me to do that. I have been seriously training and running over the last 10 years, taking a partial break from 2006-2007 to have two children. I worked up to the marathon distance and have now run over 25 marathons and ultras, while also running almost every distance leading up to the marathon as well. I have completed 14 states in my 50 state goal, have run 5 Mountain Mists in my 10 Mountain Mists goal, and qualified several times to run the Boston marathon (an earlier goal of mine). In 2004, I won the HTC Grand Prix Female award, was one of two women to achieve the first local "Grand Slam" award, and set several of my PR's. My husband and fellow runner, Rick, and I have two children, a son who is three and a daughter who is two. I don't feel like my best times are behind me yet, and I am looking forward to setting new PR's in the next few years.

Short Term Goals

Qualify for Boston marathon this year (New Orleans or St. Louis), complete 15th and 16th states, complete my 6th Mountain Mist.

Long Term Goals

Run a marathon in all 50 states, complete 10 Mountain Mists, use running as a means to stay healthy and fit.

Personal Records
  • 2 Mi - 13:16:00 at Winter Winds 2 mile on 02/08/04 at age 26
  • 5 km - 20:01:00 at Spirit of Halloween on 10/23/03 at age 26
  • 4 Mi - 26:59 at Winter Winds 4 mile on 02/08/04 at age 26
  • 8 km - 34:02 at Scholarship Fund Run on 04/03/04 at age 26
  • 10 km - 40:43 at River City Run on 04/10/04 at age 26
  • 15 km - 1:06:42 at Monte Sano 15K on 10/09/04 at age 27
  • 13.1 Mi - 1:34:51 at Huntsville 1/2 on 11/11/04 at age 27
  • 26.2 Mi - 3:21:54 at Rock 'N Roll San Diego on 06/01/03 at age 25
  • 50 km - 5:46:32 at Mountain Mist on 01/24/04 at age 26
  • Other - 1:10:54 at Rocket Run 10 Miler on 02/20/04 at age 26

I believe that I am a good ambassador for Fleet Feet, mostly because of my positive attitude and the good sportsmanship I try to show others as I compete. Coming back to running after two pregnancies has involved a lot of work, but I really enjoy and appreciate each run even more now. I feel that I will a highly visible runner this year at the races and on the sidelines, and I appreciate the chance to continue to be on the Fleet Feet Racing Team.