Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 Fleet Feet Racing: Eric Charette

Name: Eric Charette
Date of Birth: November 25, 1975
City: Huntsville, Alabama

Twitter: @EricCharette

Brief Biography

I was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin and grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where I attended college at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan. While there, I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and am a registered professional engineer.

In 2007 I moved to Huntsville, Alabama and that is where I now call home. Though born a Yankee, I've grown to like the way of the south and the many traditions that are embraced here.

I am a follower of Christ first and foremost, for I can do all things through Him who strengthens me (Phil 4:13). At the end of the day I am thankful for the many blessings that I have received even though I might not have been worthy of receiving them.

Running is one of my many passions, but it is only what I do, and does not define who I am. Running has made me a confident and strong man, but it also has made me humble to the gifts that I have been given. I try to return the gift to others through mentoring or coaching newer runners and passing on to them what others have passed on to me. I truly enjoy to spend time on rugged mountainous trails far off the beaten path.

I love to spend time with my beagles Prisoner of Azkaban Sirius Beagle (Siri) and Dawson’s Creek Josephine Lillian Potter (Fiina).  You can follow my ramblings on Twitter at @EricCharette or see the occasional tweet from my girls at @FiinaBeagle and @SiriusBeagle.

Short Term Goals
  • Run a sub 3:40 50k.
  • Race a sub 5 minute mile.
  • Continue to help others realize their running goals.

Long Term Goals
  • Run London Marathon. 
  • Hike Kilimanjaro
  • Run Comrades.
  • Run sub 3 at all US marathon majors.

Personal Records
  • 1 Mile at Track on 11/2011 Time 4:58 - Huntsville High School Track
  • 2 Mile at Winter Winds on 2/2010 Time 10:38 - Overall win
  • 5km at Spooktacular 5km on 10/2011 Time 16:29.83  - 4th overall
  • 5 Mile at Lake Antoine Classic on 8/2008 Time 28:01 - Overall win, 100th career race
  • 10km at Dam Bridge 10,000 meter on 11/2008 Time 34:45 - 2nd overall
  • 15km at Fleet Feet 15km on 10/2011 Time 54:59.87
  • Half Marathon at Life Without Limits on 10/2010 Time 1:15:32  - 2nd overall
  • Marathon at California International Marathon on 12/2010 Time 2:43:40  - 94th overall
  • 50km at Dizzy Fifties on 11/2009 Time 3:53:15  - 6th fastest time ever on 50km course
  • 50 Mile at Delano Park on 3/2010 Time 7:14:16
  • Other at Krispy Kreme Challenge on 11/2011 Time 28:53 - Donut King

Goal Races
  • McKay Hollow Madness 25km
  • Black Warrior 25km

A fun fact others might not know

In 7th grade during the state spelling bee semifinals, I correctly spelled TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA but when it came down to the final spell-off I mispelled SAUSAGE to finish in 2nd place.

How have you been an ambassador to the sport of running?

Coach training programs, make training plans, direct Fleet Feet Racing Team, Race director Monte Sano Xterra 15k/5k, Race director Recover from the Holidays, registrations for mountain mist, former board member HTC