Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 Fleet Feet Racing: DeWayne Satterfield

Name: DeWayne Satterfield
Date of Birth: June 23, 1964
City: Huntsville, Alabama


Brief Biography

I was raised by my grandparents in a rural farming community. They taught me the work ethic needed for life (and for running!). I now have two beautiful daughters who like to watch dad do various crazy running antics. My lovely wife shares the passion that God placed in me and between us we strive to maintain a healthy balance of family time, work, and training. It was fun having them as my "pit crew" during the last days of the cross Tennessee race and watching them realize some achievements don't come easy...but with patience they can happen. I have been blessed in the ultrarunning society...I have won an ultra every year for the last 18 years, with over 55 overall wins at the various ultra distances.

Short Term Goals

To keep running to the best of my ability while maintaining a healthy family life. Keep injury free while running several ultras per year. This year: Mountain Mist, Black Warrior, Mount Cheaha, Barkley, and perhaps a solo-unaided attempt at the 500K Vol State Road Race.

Long Term Goals

I want to run Mtn Mist 50K until I'm at least 100 years old…that is if I can still make the cutoffs! I would like to compete in the Sri Chinmoy 6 day.

Personal Records
  • 1 Mile at High School Meet Time 4:22
  • 2 Mile at High School Meet Time 9:50
  • 5km at Life College 5K / Re-Creation 5K Time 15:52
  • 4 Mile at Run For The Son Time 21:10
  • 5 Mile at Oxford Realty 8K Time 26:20
  • 10km at River City 10K Time 33:12
  • 15km at Monte Sano 15K Time 0:52
  • 10 Mile at Hoover 10 Miler Time 0:57
  • Half Marathon at Rocket City Half Time 1:12:50
  • Marathon at Rocket City Time 2:42:00
  • 50km at Langsford Canal Time 3:22:00
  • 50 Mile at Mississippi 50 Time 6:00:45
  • 100 Mile at Arkansas Traveller Time 18:34:00
  • Other at 500K Vol-State Road Race on Time 3:17:42:12  - Course Record

Goal Races
  • Mountain Mist, 50K, 1/28/12
  • Mount Cheaha, 50K, 2/26/12
  • Barkley, ????, 3/31/12
  • Vol-State, 500K, July 2012

A fun fact others might not know

Most people know that in addition to running, I love to write...poems, articles, and have recently finished a novel (yet to be edited/published); however I also love to play the guitar and doodle at songwriting as well.

How have you been an ambassador to the sport of running?

I have been in the sort of running for over 25 years now - longer if you count high school! I have experienced just about everything in the world of running and, despite the countless miles, I can honestly say I still love it. I take pride is helping others in the sport, whether it is training advice, racing advice, or even personal advice :). I want to be the smiling, friendly ambassador of running, while still pushing my aged body as far as possible.