Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 Fleet Feet Racing: Christy Scott

Name: Christy Scott
Date of Birth: April 9, 1973
City: Owens Cross Roads, Alabama


Brief Biography

I have been making fitness a way of life for myself and others for over 14 years. My career as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor allows me to touch many lives and introduce them to a healthy way of life. I received my degree in Exercise Science from Wichita State University in 1999. I began running consistently in 2002. I enjoy running all distances, but particularly enjoy the challenge of the ultra distances and have completed three 100-milers to date. My favorite distance is the 50k and favorite race is Mountain Mist, run right here at Monte Sano State Park. I have helped many people train for and complete races of all distances through both my career and coaching the Fleet Feet training programs. I have been married to my husband, Tony for 18 years and have two children, Courtney and Brandon who are also very active. Our entire family enjoys not only participating in races, but also volunteering and helping other runners.

Short Term Goals

My goals this season are to complete the Vermont 100 miler in July 2012 in less than 24 hours, as well as participate in more local 5 and 10k races in order to improve my overall speed. Professionally, I am excited to be adding the RRCA Running Coach certification to my portfolio in order to provide even more to my clients and running students, as well as improve my own running eduction.

Long Term Goals

Long term goals include completing one 100-miler per year, while continuing to improve on my road marathon time, working toward a sub 3:30 marathon, as well as my 50k trail times. I also hope to continue to expand my coaching experiences through Fleet Feet Huntsville.

Personal Records
  • 5km at 5 km at Gold's Gym Turkey Day 5k on November 2011 Time 21:17 - Jackson, TN
  • 5 Mile at Spirit of America 5 Miler on July 2009 Time 42:15 - Decatur, AL
  • 10km at UAH10km Time 46:31 on March 2012 - Huntsville, AL
  • Half Marathon at Huntsville 1/2 Marathon on November 2011 Time 1:42:06  - Huntsville, AL
  • Marathon at Snickers Marathon on February 2011 Time 3:40:21  - Albany, GA
  • 50km at Shadow of the Giants 50k on June 2011 Time 4:52:12  - Fish Camp, CA
  • 50 Mile at Dizzy Fifties on November 2008 Time 9:45:58  - Monte Sano, Huntsville, AL
  • 100 Mile at Heartland 100 on October 2010 Time 22:56:58  - Flint Hills, Kansas

Goal Races
  • Mountain Mist, 50k, January 2012
  • Vermont 100, 100 miles, July 2012
  • Huntsville 1/2 Marathon, Nov. 2012
  • Dizzy 50's, 50k, Nov. 2012

A fun fact others might not know

I love teaching Zumba! Considering I have absolutely no dance background, whatsoever, it was a real challenge to step outside my comfort zone and learn to teach this awesome program. I am thankful every day that I did it!

How have you been an ambassador to the sport of running?

Through my career as a Personal Trainer, as well as coaching training programs through Fleet Feet Huntsville, I am able to help people reach their goals, whether it be to run their first 5k or improve upon their marathon times. I practice what I preach and involve my entire family in an active lifestyle. My goal is to get everyone MOVING!