Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 Fleet Feet Racing: Brett Wilks

Name: Brett Wilks
Date of Birth: March 28, 1980
City: Huntsville, Alabama

Brief Biography

Got inspired by my young children to start running in 2008 and have been logging miles since. Best race to date was probably the 2011 Army Ten Miler with a finishing time of 1:02:25.

Short Term Goals
  • So close to a sub-3hr marathon it hurts.
  • Run 10 mph for an hour.
  • Do a longer race.
  • Shave some more time off my PR's.
  • Stay healthy.

Long Term Goals
  • Sub-4hr 50k.
  • 100 miler (maybe).

Personal Records
  • 5km at 2011 Spooktacular on 10/2011 Time 18:06 - Fresh off Army Ten Miler training and not expecting anything special to happen.
  • 10km at 2010 Cotton Row on 05/2010 Time 40:46 - Cotton Row has my name. I don't feel like I have ever raced well there. I actually crush my 10k PR as a split in the 2011 Army Ten Miler (sub-39)
  • 10 Mile at 2011 Army Ten Miler on 10/2011 Time 1:02:25  - Great race. Trained hard. Set a tough target time and nailed it.
  • Half Marathon at 2011 Huntsville Half on 11/2011 Time 1:25:57  - Had a rough week of training leading up to this race and didn't have high expectations. Never felt good, but never really felt bad either. I was able to finish this one very strong which I haven't done in previous 1/2's.
  • Marathon at 2011 Rocket City on 12/2011 Time 3:02:09  - Thought the training was there to go under 3 hours, but there were lessons to be learned. Split the 1/2 in 1:27:30 and felt confident. At mile 19, twinges started in the right hamstring and cramps were soon to follow. Proud that I didn't give up because that would have been very easy to do that day. Next time.
  • 50km at 2011 RFH on 12/2011 Time 4:12:25  - Shocked with this one. The week this happened, I logged more miles in a single week than I ever had before with 83 miles. The next week, I squeezed out 90 miles.

Goal Races
  • Mountain Mist 50k in January 2012
  • Cotton Row 10k in May 2012
  • Army Ten Miler in October 2012

A fun fact others might not know

I've been told I have an accent.

How have you been an ambassador to the sport of running?

I have put 4 years into the sport and subtracted about 40 pounds of blood, sweat and tears from my former self. I have been involved with both the Huntsville and Redstone Arsenal running communities. If I'm not racing, I am typically on the course helping in some form.