Monday, December 10, 2012

Nike Fleet Feet Rocket City Marathon Pace Team

2012 Nike Fleet Feet Rocket City Marathon Pace Team

After hearing some great comments of gratitude from runners and other volunteers how impressed they were with the pace team we assembled this year, I thought I would share the end results.

The teams of runners pacing 3:15, 3:25, 3:30, 3:35, 3:40, 3:45 and 3:55 were an average of 27 seconds under the goal time.  The teams are instructed to run even pace, and finish no faster than 1 minute under their goal time.  Dana Overton and first time pacer Lauren Smith were the closest, running just 6 seconds under.  Rick and Katie Maehlmann wrapped up their flawless pacing duties with a kiss at the finish line.

While not many runners stayed with the pace group leaders in the second half, the pacers stayed even through to the end. This was tough to "leave" the runners as they slowed, but other runners (ahead) were also counting on the pacers to come in right on pace.   We did miss our mark at 4:00 hours and just slightly at 4:25, but both groups did not have any runners with them at the very end when they slowed and I did hear of any complaints.

This year we had 8 new pacers as Erik Debolt, Tim Pitt, Lauren Smith, Paige Dorr, Blake Thompson, Sarah Coleman, Cary Long and Patti Holmes joined our ranks.

I am very proud of this team as running even pace for 26.2 miles doesn't just happen on race day; it takes practice and months of training.  No matter what the ability of the athlete, running 26.2 miles on even splits, especially on a day that had tough head winds from miles to 10-15 and then heat and humidity in the second half is nothing short of a monumental effort.  If you think it is easy, just try to do it for 5 or 10 miles, let alone 26.

Many of these pacers have already asked to be involved next year. I think they felt this personally rewarding to put others needs and goals above their own.  I am excited for 2013 as we will start our 4th year of pacing at Rocket City Marathon.

3:15 Pacer
3:14:51 Erik Debolt (under by 9 seconds)

3:25 Pacer
3:24:50 Dewayne Satterfield (under by 10 seconds)

3:30 Pacer
3:29:08 Timothy Pitt  (under by 52 seconds)

3:35 Pacer
3:34:22 Blake Thompson (under by 38 seconds)

3:40 Pacers
3:39:04 John Nevels (under by 56 seconds)
3:39:04 Paige Dorr (under by 56 seconds)

3:45 Pacers
3:44:37 Rick Maehlmann (under by 23 seconds)
3:44:37 Katie Maehlmann (under by 23 seconds)

3:55 Pacers
3:53:54 Lauren Smith (under by 6 seconds)
3:53:54 Dana Overton (under by 6 seconds)

4:00 Pacers
4:04:13 Christy Scott (over by 4:13)
4:40:22 David Rawlings (dropped back late)

4:10 Pacers
4:09:32 James Falcon (under by 28 seconds)
4:27:37 Patti Holmes (dropped back late)

4:25 Pacers
4:25:13 David Coon (over by 13 seconds)
4:27:07 Shawn Smith (dropped back late)
DNF Heather Coon (illness)

4:40 Pacers
4:38:45 Cary Long (under by 1:15)
4:38:45 Sarah Coleman (under by 1:15)

6:00 Hour Sweeps
5:59:54 Kathy Youngren
5:59:54 Robert Youngren