Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend Results

At the Music City Distance Carnival track meet in Nashville on Saturday night, Brandon York posted a phenomenal 14:33:27.  Here was his race recap...

"On a super muggy night in Nashville, I ran a PR in the 5k at the Music City Distance Carnival track meet.  We (Josh Whitehead) took it out hard the first two miles (4:35.8, 4:37.4), then kinda faded a bit the last mile (4:46.6) together before he dropped the hammer on me.  I ended up running 14:33:27 and placed 4th overall which was pretty good considering I was seeded 12th!"

In Priceville, Alabama at the PCRA 5km, Julia Clark was 5th overall and top female with a 20:18.

Official Results

Locally in Huntsville at the Eurocross 5k, Marty Clarke was 5th overall and top men's master with a  21:20.

5km Results

Later in the 8km, Eric Fritz lead the team with a 36:28 and scored 4th overall.  Kathy Youngren was top female in 38:18.

8km Results

4 Eric Fritz - 36:28
5 Marty Clarke - 36:53
7 Kathy Youngren - 38:18
9 James Falcon - 38:44

Photo by James Falcon

Out west at Bryce 100 miler, Christy Scott ran 33:56 and earned another hundred mile belt buckle.  Once Christy returns from the mountains we will hear more about her race report.