Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fleet Feet Huntsville Racing Team Results - Jan. and Feb. 2017

Fleet Feet Racing Team 2017  

 The Fleet Feet Race Team 2017 is off to a fast start--setting the stage for a great season!!  We want to welcome our new team members, Allison Ruzicka, Michele Brock, Daniel Sillivant, Ryan Donovan, and Matt Casiano, and we want to welcome back to othe team, Blake Thompson, and Brett Wilks.  We cannot wait to see what this team has in store for the year.   

Pistol Ultras--Alcoa, TN
December 31, 2016-January 1, 2017

Celebrating the New Year by running sounds like a dream for many of us, but many on the Fleet Feet Race Team got to do just that.  Aleisha Chaffin was trained up and ready to run her 1st 100 miler, and run it she did, finishing in an amazingly fast time of 18:15!! She was 5th overall.  She has thrown a time out there that many others on the team have to chase.  

Aleisha's awesome finish!!!

Aleisha looking great after the race.

The sweet set-up.....before the micro burst of wind.

Hanging in the Taylor RV awaiting Aleisha

Aleisha doesn't seem so excited about the fun horn;)

In addition to Aleisha's remarkable 100 mile finish, team members Dink Taylor, Anya Gluszek, and Todd Parsons ran the 50k.  Anya PR'd with her 3rd place female finish.

Dink Taylor : 4:26:14
Anya Gluszek: 4:36:01 
Todd Parsons: 5:20:34 

Dink finishing the 50k

Anya receiving her award

Lastly, team BABP, which consisted of Kathy Youngren, Martin Schneekloth, and Robert Youngren won the 50k relay, with a time of 3:31:04.  Then they had crewing and pacing duties the rest of the day.  Team member Eric Fritz and Aleisha's husband, Ryan, also were there cheering, crewing, and pacing. 

Rob coming in for a fast finish.

Team BABP receiving their awards.

XTERRA Monte Sano 15k, Huntsville, AL
January 14, 2017

Craig Smith: 1:14:59 (5th overall, 1st master)
Martin Schneekloth: 1:15:58 (7th overall)
Christy Scott: 1:35:08 (1st master)
Linda Scavarda: 2:43:01 (sweep)

Mountain Mist 50K
23rd Edition
January 28th, 2017
Dink Taylor, RD

The January tradition of running, walking and crawling the trails of Monte Sano and Land Trust continued with some of the best weather seen in the 23 year history. Between marking the course, volunteering, and racing (and some all three), the Fleet Feet team once again represented well at the 23rd Mountain Mist 50K. Dink’s dream of turning runners inside out continues to come true. The Fleet Feet colors were on display all along the rocky single track.  Congrats to the Fleet Feet Race Team members below for completing the arduous race:

3rd  Brett Wilks 4:29:29
4th DeWayne Satterfield 4:37:53
14th Daniel Sillivant 4:59:28
15th Martin Schneekloth 4:59:52  
20th James Falcon 5:13:41
24th Craig Smith 5:17:07
65th Greg Reynolds 5:49:40
88th Rick Maehlmann 6:06:57 (Earned 10 year jacket)
97th Christy Scott 6:09:11
98th David Moulder 6:10:21
99th Anya Gluszek 6:10:49
114th Todd Parsons 6:18:55
129th Eric Fritz 6:27:58
169th Eric Patterson 6:46:47
291st Dana Overton 7:41:43 (earned 10 year jacket)

DeWayne Satterfield

Brett Wilks

Katie and Rick Maehlmann

Martin and Anya

Eric Patterson

Todd Parsons

James Falcon

Greg Reynolds

David Moulder

Eric Fritz

Dana Overton

Mardi Gras 5k, Huntsville, AL
February 4, 2017

Martin Schneekloth: 19:24 (2nd overall, 1st master)     
Anya Gluszek: 21:42 (1st female)                
Kathy Youngren: 22:56 (2nd female, 1st master)
Dink Taylor: 22:57 (8th overall)            

Tick Ridge10k and 25k, Elkton, TN
February 11, 2017

Katie Maehlmann: 58:15 (1st female.......and pregnant!!!!!)  Go, Katie:)

Craig Smith: 2:10:59 (3rd overall, 1st master)
Dink Taylor: 2:31:11 (14th overall)                
Christy Scott: 2:45:01 (2nd female; 1st master)

Craig Smith

Christy Scott

Black Warrior 50k, Bankhead Forrest, AL
February 11, 2017

Martin Schneekloth took the overall win with a time of 4:34:42.

Martin Schneekloth

Winter Winds 2 and 4 mile run, Huntsville, AL
February 12, 2017
Team member, Linda Scavarda, RD

2 mile:
Robert Youngren: 10:53 (2nd overall, 1st master)
Martin Schnekloth: 12:10
Marty Clarke: 12:36
Kathy Youngren: 13:36 (3rd female, 1st master0

4 mile:
Robert Youngren: 23:42 (2nd overall, 1st master)
Matt Casiano: 25:23 (5th overall)
Martin Schneekloth: 26:26
Marty Clarke: 27:49
Kathy Youngren: 29:23 (3rd female, 1st master)
Eric Fritz: 32:44

Kathy Youngren

Matt Casiano

Robert Youngren

Marty Clarke

Paper Chase 5k, Huntsville, AL
February 18, 2017

Martin Schneekloth: 18:54 (2nd overall, 1st master)
Dink Taylor: 20:55 (7th overall)
Anya Gluszek: 21:08 (1st female)
Kathy Youngren: 21:43 (2nd female; 1st master)

Martin and Kathy

Carnival Frolic 13.1, Decatur, AL
February 25, 2017

Despite horrible wind for the last 6 miles, the girls and guys had fun at this first time event.  

Martin Schneekloth: 1:29:23 (2nd overall, 1st master)
Craig Smith: 1:30:39 (4th overall)
Aleisha Chaffin: 1:38:53 (3rd female)
Kathy Youngren: 1:40:39
Anya Gluszek: 1:41:16
Linda Scavarda: 1:46:06

Anya, Kathy, and Aleisha

Mt. Cheaha 50k, Cheaha State Park, AL
February 25, 2017

Brett Wilks:  5:05:30 (5th overall)
DeWayne Satterfield: 5:21:42 (13th overall)
Dink Taylor: 6:15:26
Christy Scott: 6:37:10

Start of Mt. Cheaha