Friday, January 25, 2013

Gear Review: Nike Pegasus Trail Shoe by James Falcon

Check out this gear review of the Nike Pegasus Trail shoe from racing team member James Falcon on his new blog, "This Falcon Runs".  Review -

Though originally from Texas, James moved to Alabama in 1992 for two years before returning to Texas and then back to Huntsville in 2000.  Along with his wife Michelle, they have two children and have been a prominent part of the community ever since.  James is entering is 4th decade of running and owns a sub 5-minute personal best in the mile and a sub 22:30 100-mile personal best.  James is the race director for the Huntsville Track Club's Alabama A&M 5k cross country race and has been heavily involved in the local triathlon scene in racing and coaching.

 His team biography can be found here.