Saturday, March 21, 2015

Motivational Signs

A few weeks ago our Fleet Feet Racing Team got together for a meeting to kick off the new season. As part of the meeting, they were randomly paired up and given 15 minutes to create signs for the upcoming Bridge Street Half Marathon. Some were funny, some where motivational, some were not something to show your mom, but fun was had by all.

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Linda Scavarda and Eric Patterson
"The elite runners quit hours ago"

Marty Clarke, Susi Bowermaster, Nate and Clara Maehlmann
"Don't quit runners"

Donna Palumbo and Eric Fritz
"Quit now and go shopping @FleetFeetHSV"

Julia Clark and Rick Maehlmann
"Your perspiration is my inspiration"

Aleisha Chaffin
"Half marathoners do it 'til it hurts"

Todd Parsons
"I am not running half of anything.  I am crushing the whole 13.1"

Katie Maehlmann and Rob Youngren
"You can be sorry or sore tomorrow.  Your choice!"

Eric Charette and Alison Doyle
"You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that... Neil Armstrong only took one step #25,000Steps"

Greg Reynolds and Dana Overton
"You're running better than the government"

Lauren Mitchell and Erik DeBolt
"As you pass we are checking out your @FleetFeetHSV"

James Falcon and Andy Durr
"It's long.  It's hard.  So do it faster"

Kelcy Brunner and Julie Mason
"If you collapse I will pause your Garmin"