Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gear Review: Honey Stinger Waffle by Eric Charette

The Waffle from Honey Stinger... tasty treat best suited for coffee or valid fueling option for running long distances?  How about both!

The Product:  Waffle from Honey Stinger.  Comes in regular, vanilla and strawberry flavors.

Ingredients: Organic wheat flour, organic palm fruit oil, organic rice syrup, organic cane sugar, organic honey, organic whole wheat flour, organic soy flour, sea salt, organic soy lecithin, organic spices, baking soda.

Nutritional Information: 180 calories, 7 grams of fat, 55mg of sodium, 21 grams of carbs (from 14 grams of sugar).  They are certified organic also.

Pricing: They come for $22.24 on the Honey Stinger website for a box of 16, though you can find them on Amazon for as low as $14.99.

The Good:  I have been using the waffle as fueling to my pre-running routine for about six months.  I take a single one about an hour before I run.  They are gooey (apologize for the technical terminology) and oh so tasty.  I usually break them in half (while still in the package, which keeps any crumbs inside the wrapper) and then eat them in two bites.  They taste far superior to most energy bars, which some can taste like cardboard.  They seem to provide just the right amount of fueling that I need to get started into my long run or race and last me about an hour before I feel the need to refuel.  They do not upset my stomach at all, nor do they sit like a rock in my belly either.  I joked above about them going well with coffee... no joke here.  They double as a great snack in the morning with my coffee for days when I forget to eat.  They have better nutritional value than a candy bar and pack in enough energy to get me through to lunch most days.

The Bad:  There really isn't much that is bad about the waffle, but maybe areas of improvement!  The packaging at times can be tough to open.  I want to take the back flap and rip it down, keeping the crumbs inside but times you have to tear the entire package open to get inside.  Also, I really can't tell the difference between the regular and the vanilla flavors, though I have not tried them side by side.   I tried to eat them on the run, but being solid (not mashable gel) they did not fit into my hand held bottle as well as a gel.

Summary:  When have you ever found something that tastes great, can be used as a morning snack, a pre-run fueling option and comes at a great price?  The Honey Stinger Waffle has it all and I highly recommend it.