Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Athlete of the Month - November

The month of November featured quite a few races and as the weather began to cool, the times got progressively faster and the distances got progressively longer as the nearly every member of the Nike Fleet Feet Racing took to the roads or trails.

After reviewing race results and blog posts for the month of November here are the top Nike Fleet Fleet Racing Team athletes of the month. Included are the events that earned each athlete this distinction. Athletes of the month are slightly different than top performances, as these runners had great showings at multiple events in the month. The top athlete of each month will be honored at the year end Christmas Party.

The top performer of the month of November is Rob Youngren. While there were others than ran some fast times, it was Rob who the selection committee determined earned the honor. Rob ran a personal best time at the Huntsville Half Marathon in 1:19:33, placing 8th overall amongst some very good competition.  Then just one week later, Rob ran 6:25:21 at the Dizzy 50's 40 miler, taking the overall victory.

These performances have earned Rob Youngren the distinction of the Athlete of the Month for November.

Athlete of the Month - Rob Youngren
  • Dizzy 50's - 40 mile title in 6:35:21 
  • Huntsville Half Marathon 8th overall - 1:19:33 (personal record)

Other Nominees for Athlete of the Month

Eric Charette
  • Huntsville Half Marathon 5th overall - 1:16:56
  • Helpline Turkey Trot - 1st place overall 16:41.9
Dana Overton
  • Huntsville Half Marathon 6th female overall - 1:39:35
  • Dizzy 50's 50km - 1st female and 8th overall overall 4:37:27
Candace Jacobs
  • Jingle Bell 5km - 1st female overall, 2nd overall 
  • Huntsville Half Marathon 1st female overall, 17th overall, state champion - 1:21:35
Blake Thompson
  • Krispy Creme Donut Champion
  • Huntsville Half Marathon - 9th overall - 1:19:43
  • Ragnar Relay Tennessee 5th overall and 1st ultra team with a time of 24:52:49 for 195 miles
Tim Vinson
  • Dizzy 50's 50km - 4th overall 4:13:03
  • Huntsville Half Marathon 11th overall - 1:20:02
Other athletes to watch who are on the rise include Brett Wilks and Greg Reynolds.